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The Tiger Roars
Guest Commentary: A Year's Worth of Glue
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A Year's Worth of Glue: Part 3  by Duncan Hargreaves
I’ve managed to make a lot of additions to my armies this month. One of the things I absolutely love about making this many different armies is the ability to walk into my local Games Workshop store and just pick up a load of different models that I think look cool.

First of all, I have some news concerning my Imperial Guard. I’ve been disillusioned with this army for some time now. The “stand-and-shoot” ethic really didn’t work well with me; I have had this army on a shelf for a long time now, and just haven’t had the urge to game with it. Recently a friend of mine showed an interest in a guard army, and he made me a nice offer for it. I decided that the money would do better towards my objective than the actual army would. So now I’m an army down to 10 armies on this project. 

Then again, I did say I’d make 11 armies, and I have a ton of ideas in my head that I haven’t revealed yet, so I may just pick up another army. I’ll probably be trawling ideas at the Millenium Gate forum (my home on the Internet), so if you want a preview on possible armies (and also on my progress) then drop in and look around (my screen name is the chosen gobbo).

I’ve been experimenting with my Marine colour scheme lately. The blue didn’t turn out the way I expected it to once it was on the model, so I went back and tried the other two colours I liked. You can see the results below.

Test models

I’ve chosen the grey. All three of my Marine armies will be in this scheme.

One of the bonuses of using the same scheme across several armies is I can save money. My Undead Marines are made using Chaos rules (Nurgle without any daemons, specifically) and the story behind them is they were the 4th Company of my Angelis Mortis Chapter, who went missing during the Eye of Terror campaign. They are still loyal, but they are rejected by the Imperium; in modeling terms, they use no Chaos symbols.

My Undead Marines and my normal Marines use heavy amounts of transport and small squads. As they use the same colour scheme, I can afford to cut corners with vehicle production. By leaving off any symbols, and by leaving the top hatch unglued, I can switch the tanks between Razorbacks and Rhinos in an instant. This could go further. If I start a Sisters of Battle army using the same colour scheme, I can use the Rhinos for them as well.

This may not be useful for large armies, but for different armies that won’t be played together, it’s a very nice money-saving plan. So far I’ve saved £75 on Rhinos. If only my loyalist army used Predators instead of Vindicators….

By sharing vehicles, I can also save on carry cases. As I use quite a large case, and very few actual troops in each army, I can fit both armies into the same carry case. Which is something I wouldn’t be able to do normally, as half of the case is taken up by tanks.

Orks are another good example of this ‘cost efficient army’ scheme. If you wished to upgrade to having a Speed Freek army, you need only buy the Trukks and keep them in the same box as your Ork horde. A little fluff twist, and the ‘Freeks’ are part of your tribe (this would present problems if you had large battles from time to time, but as I don’t, the idea would work for me).

This month I’ve managed to get quite a bit of work done. My Dwarf army has acquired a new Stone Thrower after the old one fell apart for the last time (the new model is sturdier than the old one, if a little more expensive). It is also at the ‘nearly-all-done’ stage, which means I’m about to start painting. All I need now, model-wise, is a Slayer, another Runesmith, and to finish the Stone Thrower, and the army is done.

My Gobbonids have also had an upgrade this month. I acquired two Carnifex equivalents, as well as enough bits to make three Zoanthropes and several Ravener equivalents, which means the army is nearing the “all- bought” stage. A little conversion work, and the modeling side of things is done.

"To Do" List
Now, my progress list looks like this: (again, I’ve only shown the things that have changed).

Guard: Gone. Stricken off the list.

Space Marines (Angelis Mortis ‘typical battle force’)
Done: One squad, minus the detail paints 
Done (but unpainted): Three Razorbacks, Two 6-man Tactical Squads, one Commander, two Attack Bikes
Needed: a 2000-point army (need two Vindicators and two Razorbacks)

Tyranids (Gobbonids)
Done: 1500-point army, all undercoated; 10 Warriors made
Needed: Repainting; making 500 points of units

Done (but unpainted): a 1500-point force of fully-made, half-undercoated models

That’s it!
I’m getting off my computer and going back to my modeling table for another month. And while I’m there I’m going to ponder the ‘niceties of gaming.’ More about that some other time….

A Year's Worth of Glue
Articles in this series

Posted: July 2006. Used with permission.


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