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The Tiger Roars
Guest Commentary: A Year's Worth of Glue
Articles in this series

A Year's Worth of Glue: Part 1  by Duncan Hargreaves
Here at the Jungle, you'll find an article called 8 Tips to Help You Finish Painting Your Army, which not only helps get an army painted, but also helps you get an army made too (you have to make it before you paint it, right?). If, however, you ignore all the free advice thrown at you and get into the mess Iím in, then here are six further tips to getting your armies on the table.

1. Donít Build Another Army
I was stupid for getting this many Ďin-productioní armies. But that doesnít mean I canít learn from my mistakes. The main problem here is I have so many ideas that I love and would love to see in my collection.

Throughout this year, however, all my ideas with no models bought yet will be forced to the wayside. If I still feel that way after these ones are made, Iíll get a 500-point force and try them out.

There is an exception to this. If one of the armies I was making that has very little models (like my Angelis Mortis 4th Company) falls by the wayside before I get anything else for them, Iíll fill the void with another army from my ĎPit of Ideasí (I promised 11 armies, after all).

2. Gauge Your Pressure
People have different reactions to pressure. I love it: it helps me work smarter and faster. Some people donít handle it well at all. I have a friend who falls to pieces at the first sight of a deadline.

Regardless of whichever type you are, you need to keep a close eye on the pressure youíre putting on yourself. If youíre like me, enter a tourney and try to get an army done in time. Web logs are an excellent idea if you are a member of a forum (and if the forum moderators will allow it).

If you donít like pressure, then just make sure you have a set time each week to put on some music and make/paint your army.

Myself? Iíve already piled on the pressure. In starting this article, Iíve got something more to work for than just finishing the armies, I have to have enough work done on them each month for a reasonable sized article.

3. Do What You Want
At the moment Iím very enthused about Space Marines. It just so happens that three of the armies I want to build are Marine variants, so naturally Iíll be devoting most of my time to these three armies right now (youíll see why there are three armies soon enough).

Youíll find that the more enthusiastic you are about an army, the quicker youíll get it done. Now I really like all of the armies Iím doing (otherwise I wouldnít be doing them), but I have favourites that vary from time to time, so Iíll concentrate on those.

4. Do You Want the Army?
Playtesting an army before you commit to it is an excellent idea. All of the armies I have right now, except two (Undead Goblins and Goblin Wolf Riders) have been extensively playtested. And all of them are armies I love using on the tabletop.

Now the Undead Goblins and Wolf Riders have so few models in them, and so little time invested, that I wouldnít think twice about pulling the plug on either of them if I found out I didnít like the play style. So as a priority, amongst the making of things, Iím going to find time to playtest these guys extensively and decide if I want them in my collection or not.

5. Donít Overstretch Yourself
ĎWhat?í I hear you cry (or at least suspect youíre thinking) ĎArenít you trying to do 11 armies?í

Yes I am. But not from scratch.

As Iíve said before, all my armies have at least one model made, and some of them are quite far along. My Imperial Guard just need a little more paint to be a 1000-point force, which is all I want them to be. My Gobbonids (donít ask, Iíll explain about them when I get to working on them) just need a couple of units to get to 2000 points.

Iím not making 11 armies from scratch, Iím just finishing off 11 armies. And Iím not doing it all at once, Iím focusing on various parts at separate times (doing it in small doses, if you will)

None of my armies will end up over 2000 points. Some of my armies will be nothing more than 1000 points or 1500 points.

Finished doesnít mean Ď5000-point customisable fully painted armies,í finished means Ďan army built to take on all comers, that Iíve made through playtesting, and painted to three-colours minimumí

Sure, I may extend the armies a little down the way, but thatís only once these bits are done and Iíve playtested the extensions.

6. Know Your Limits
This may seem like Tip 5 rehashed, but it isnít.

Iíve set myself some tough goals. True, by not stretching myself (i.e. by taking my armies bit by bit, and not all together) these goals will be that bit easier to achieve but itíll still be a lot of work.

But in the end of it all, this is a game. Iím not going to kill myself over getting these done. If I donít have the money, I donít have the money. If I donít have the time, I donít have the time (but I will try). If a girlfriend pops into my life, then I wonít think twice about slowing down production time on my armies to spend time with her. This stuff isnít real life, but it will be overruled by real life.

I fully expect not to finish this all in time, but Iíll have a good go at it. I know my own limits. That said, with this article applying some pressure, by focusing on what I want to do and by not overstretching myself, I expect to make a large amount of headway into this mammoth task. Who knows, maybe Iíll surprise myself.

Each month I will be including a list showing what I need to do with each army, and what I have done, so you guys can keep track of what kind of progress Iím making. 

Warhammer 40K Armies to be done

Space Marines (Angelis Mortis 9th Company)
Done (but unpainted): one Commander
Needed: a 2000-point army

Space Marines (Angelis Mortis Ďtypical battle forceí)
Done (but unpainted): one Razorback, one six-man Tactical Squad
Needed: a 2000-point army

Space Marines (Angelis Mortis 4th Company)
Done (but unpainted): three troopers, one Rhino
Needed: a 1500-point army. I have the stuff to finish this squad already. Real life kicked in and stopped this army in its early days

Imperial Guard (Kytherian 31st and Last)
Done: a 1000-point army, mostly painted to tournament standard
Needed: some models need more base colours, drybrushing needs doing

Tyranids (Gobbonids)
Done: 1500-point army
Needed: Repainting; make 500 points of units 

Dark Eldar 
Done (but unpainted): Four Raiders, 20 Warriors
Needed: a 1500-point army

Warhammer Fantasy Armies to be done
Done (but unpainted): a 1500-point force, some models only partially assembled
Needed: models need finishing and painting

Night Goblins
Done: a 3 colours, 1000-point horde; 500-points of unpainted Gobbos
Needed: 500 points need painting, Giant needs fixing, need new Fanatics (some of the old ones met with an unfortunate accident)

Undead Bretonnians
Done (but unpainted): two Necromancers, two Banshees, 15 Skeleton Warriors
Needed: a 1500-point army. I have the bits on order to make 10 Black Knights at the moment, and they should arrive any time 

Undead Gobbos
Done (but unpainted): five Gobbos
Needed: Playtesting, a 1000-point army. I have the stuff to make a full unit of 40, but converting is taking longer than Iíd hoped

Goblin Wolf Riders
Done (but unpainted): 10 Riders, one Chariot
Needed: a 1500-point army. I have a second box of Wolf Riders ready to make, and the bits for a Boss conversion. Real life again stopped this army early on.

Thatís it for now. My current target is to make as many Space Marines as possible in the coming month while Iím still hyped about them. Tune in next month for a detailed look at one of my Space Marine armies (as well as why Iím making three).

A Year's Worth of Glue
Articles in this series

Posted: May 2006


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