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Events and Battle Reports

Year uv da Ork/Fighting Tiger Recruitment Drive: Battle #1

After investing a lot of time and energy in other armies, my pal Pat and I have returned to our “core” forces: Orks and Fighting Tiger Space Marines, respectively. Pat has declared 2004 to be the “Year uv da Ork”: he has dedicated himself to reorganizing and painting his greenskins. I have launched the “Fighting Tiger Recruitment Drive,” and will be adding 40 Scouts to the 20 I already have to make a full detachment of trainees.

As 2004 goes along, we’ll have lots of articles and features related to Orks and Scouts. To kick it all off, we thought we’d fight a battle and let you know how it turned out.

Droogies: 2000 points of Orks
Patrick EibelPat blew the dust off his ladz (left on the shelf lately in favor of his Space Wolves and Daemonhunters) and assembled a horde of ground-pounders accompanied by some speedy vehicles and some serious firepower in the form of a Looted Basilisk. Pat’s always liked Blood Axes, and tweaked his army to take advantage of the new clan rules in White Dwarf #289 and the changes to the Looted Rhino presented in the Imperial Armor update.

  • Warboss Sho-T BigHed w/ mega armor, mega boosta, iron gob, bosspole, kustom shoota, stikkbomb chukka, and attack squig
  • Big Mek Sprokkits w/ choppa, kustom force field, ‘eavy armor
  • Kommandos. Nine boyz w/ slugga and choppa, one w/ burna. All have smoke and tankbusta stikkbombz
  • Kommandos. Nine boyz w/ slugga and choppa, one w/ burna. All have smoke and tankbusta stikkbombz
  • Flash Gitz. Nob w/ big shoota, power claw, ‘eavy armor, and frag grenades; four boyz w/ big shootas; six boyz w/ shootier shootas
  • Slugga Boyz. Nob w/ slugga, power claw, ‘eavy armor and big horns; 21 boyz w/ sluggas and choppas; three boyz w/ burnas
  • Shoota Boyz. Nob w/ big shoota, ‘eavy armor, choppa, tankbusta bombz; 16 boyz w/ shootas; three boyz w/ big shootas
  • Tankbustas. Nob w/ rokkit launcha, choppa, ‘eavy armor, and iron gob; six boyz w/ sluggas and choppas; three boyz w/ rokkit launchas; all w/ frag and tankbusta bombz
  • Burna Boyz. Mekboy w/ choppa, kustom force field and iron gob; five boyz w/ sluggas and choppas; four boyz w/ burnas
  • Trukk Boyz. Nob w/ slugga, power claw, ‘eavy armor; eight boyz w/ sluggas and choppas; one boy w/ a burna; trukk w/ big shoota, red paint job, and grot riggers
  • Warbike Squadron. Five Bike Boyz
  • Da Big Booma. Looted Basilisk w/ searchlight, indirect fire, grot rigger
  • Looted Rhino w/ twin-linked big shootas, red paint job (used by Tankbustas)
  • Looted Rhino w/ twin-linked big shootas, red paint job (used by Burna Boyz)
Newbies: 2000 points of Space Marines
Kenton KilgoreKnowing ahead of time that I’d be facing greenies—and STILL smarting from the whuppings they gave me in the Blood Deserts of Auros IX Campaign—I went for a very shooty army based on Scouts, Scouts, and more Scouts, with a few supporting units thrown in. The idea behind the “Recruitment Drive” is that Tiger losses were so severe on Auros IX that they’ve had to induct a lot of “newbies” to supplement their forces.
  • Tiger of Varuna Daksha Ram. Chaplain w/ plasma pistol and purity seals
  • “Assault” Scouts. Veteran Sergeant w/ bolter-flamer; nine Scouts w/ bolt pistols and close combat weapons (ccw)
  • “Tactical” Scouts. Sergeant w/ bolt pistol and ccw; eight Scouts w/ bolters; one Scout w/ autocannon
  • “Tactical” Scouts. Sergeant w/ bolt pistol and ccw; eight Scouts w/ bolters; one Scout w/ autocannon
  • “Devastator” Scouts. Sergeant w/ bolt pistol and ccw; eight Scouts w/ sniper rifles; one Scout w/ heavy bolter
  • “Devastator” Scouts. Sergeant w/ bolt pistol and ccw; eight Scouts w/ sniper rifles; one Scout w/ heavy bolter
  • Tactical Squad. Sergeant and eight Marines w/ bolters; one Marine w/ plasma gun; one Marine w/ missile launcher
  • “Flying Tigers”Squadron. Two Land Speeders w/ heavy bolters
  • “Tiger Sharks”Squadron. Two Land Speeders w/ heavy bolters
  • “Marut” Squadron. Two Land Speeders w/ heavy bolters
  • Devastator Squad. Sergeant and one Marine w/ bolters; one Marine w/ plasma cannon; two Marines w/ missile launchers
  • Razorback w/ twin-linked lascannon, dozer blade, extra armor, smoke launchers, and searchlight
  • Devastator Squad. Sergeant w/ bolter; four Marines w/ heavy bolters
  • Razorback w/ twin-linked lascannon, dozer blade, extra armor, smoke launchers, and searchlight
  • Vindicator w/ extra armor and smoke launchers
Setting Up
We played at Pat’s house, on his 4' x 4' table, and randomly rolled up “Recon” as the mission. I tend to think that Pat’s table is a little too small for 2000 points, so we agreed to shorten the deployment zones to 12" instead of 18".

As is our usual habit, Pat set up the terrain and I picked what side I wanted. I tried to maximize my fire lanes, decided to keep my Chaplain and the “assault” Scouts in the back as a counter-attack force, and vowed to stay well out of the Orks’ clutches.

Orks and Tigers deploy
Above: Tigers and Orks deploy. Some of the Scouts are primed, not painted

Pat assembled a huge phalanx of Shoota Boyz, Flash Gitz, and Slugga Boyz, backed up by Warboss Sho-T BigHed, on his left; placed his Warbikes and his Basilisk (behind cover) in the center; and deployed the two Looted Rhinos (with Tankbustas and Burna Boyz) and the Trukk Boyz on his right. He infiltrated the two units of Kommandos (the sneaky git) and made a few practice rolls with his prized possession, The Loyal Green Die ™ , which has won many a close game for his Orks.

Unfortunately for him, my Communist Orange Tiger Dice ™ beat out TLGD for the roll to see who went first.

Turn 1

When there’s a heap of Orks right in front of you, there isn’t much need for mental calisthenics: just stand and open fire! I unloaded everything I had into Pat’s army. When the smoke cleared, I had destroyed one Looted Rhino and killed all but one of the Tankbustas that had been inside. One Kommando unit was reduced to a pair of ladz holding their ground and the other Kommando unit was reduced to three ladz falling back. I shook the other Looted Rhino (the one blocking my line of sight to the Trukk), tagged a few Shoota Boyz (at the front of Pat’s very impressive phalanx), and knocked three of the five Bike Boyz off their saddles.
The Orks move in
Above: Pat begins his turn after the Tigers finish shooting up the joint

This may come as a complete surprise to you, Gentle Visitor, but on Pat’s first turn, the Orks moved as fast as they could toward my lines. Who’dathunk, eh?

The Kommandos that had been falling back mobbed up with the Slugga Boyz and all the droogs on foot advanced 6". The surviving Looted Rhino drove 13" (thanks to their Red Paint Job) and the Burna Boyz got out to play with matches. The Trukk followed, moving 25". The pair of surviving Warbikes zipped up 12".

The Looted Basilisk lobbed a shell right on top of my Devastator Squad with the heavy bolters, killing three guys (ouch!) and two Marines from the Tactical Squad nearby. One shot, 105 points worth of Tigers down. Not too shabby, and to top it off, my Devastators failed their Pin check and would spend the next round crying for their mommies. 

Pat's Basilisk
Above: Pat's Looted Basilisk, "Da Big Booma"

Despite their snazzy guns, the Flash Gitz did nada against the Scouts atop a building near the center of my line, but the Shoota Boyz used their big shootas to bag two of those Scouts. I imagine that the Boyz indulged in some hearty trash-talking at the Gitz’s expense. As they zoomed up the field, the Warbikes took out two more Scouts from this squad (ouch!).

On my left flank, the Burna Boyz shot down one Land Speeder from the Marut Squadron, then charged the other and flambéed it. Bastards!

The Burna Boyz arrive
As the Burna Boyz (left) dismount and attack, the rest of the Orks surge forward

Turn 2

Let’s see: one of my Devastator Squads was pinned, one Scout Squad had taken 40% casualties, and I had two mobs (the Pyros and the Trukk Boyz) threatening my left flank. Well, wasn’t that just ducky? In situations like these, I’ve found that violence almost always solves the problem. So again, I resorted to large-caliber weapons. Lots of them.

I killed 8 out of 10 Burna Boyz, destroyed the Trukk Boyz’s ride, and gunned down 5 out of 10 of them. My Vindicator also stunned the Burna Boyz’s Looted Rhino.

So much for my left flank. My forces in the center tried to finish off the rapidly-approaching Warbikes, to no avail. I had run out of targets on my right, so the Tac Marines and the Devastators’ Razorback advanced up the field, intent on targeting the phalanx of Ork infantry during my next turn.

The Tigers' left flank threatens to collapse
Tigers surround and fire upon the Burna Boyz (left) as the Ork phalanx approaches

The Orks continued to surge forward. Pat’s Basilisk veered off-target but nevertheless pasted three “assault” Scouts lurking near the Devastators he had hit before. The Flash Gitz and Shoota Boyz fired again at the Scouts on top of the building, with the Gitz killing one newbie.

The wave of infantry moves in
Above: The green tide relentlessly moves in....

The Bike Boyz slammed into a “tactical” Scout squad in the center of my lines, killing two of them before being dragged down and beaten to death with the butts of the Scouts’ boltguns. On the left, the surviving Trukk Boyz and Burna Boyz charged my other Devastator Squad, killing 4 out of 5 of them and causing the Marine with the plasma cannon to fall back.

Turn 3

In my Movement phase, my two Razorbacks continued to steadily roll forward 6" up the field, as they had the whole game. My surviving Land Speeders swooped around, targeting the nearest Ork units, as they had been doing. Chaplain Daksha Ram and the “assault” Scouts moved up to head off an impending Ork charge, one unit of “devastator” Scouts had no line of sight and slid left, but everyone else stood still and fired.

On the left flank, “Man-eater VI,” one of my Razors, fired its twin lascannons at the Basilisk and shook it—no noise from “da Big Booma” next round! The Land Speeders, both units of “tactical” Scouts, and the Devastator with the plasma cannon unloaded on the Trukk Boyz and the Burna Boyz. The Mekboy’s kustom force field kept him alive while everyone around him was annihilated; even so, he fell back 6" and would continue falling back in Pat’s turn. 

In the center, my Vindicator fired into the Ork phalanx, killing a Shoota Boy and three Flash Gitz. The unit of “devastator” Scouts that hadn’t moved sniped five more Shoota Boyz. My Marines on the right contributed to the carnage, with the Tactical Squad and the two heavy bolters of the Devastator Squad combining to down seven Flash Gitz. At this point, the Gitz decided they had had enough, and fell back 10".

The Tigers push back
Above: The Tigers just "keep on keepin' on" with the bolters and the big guns...

On Pat’s turn, the Orks doggedly continued their advance up the center of the board. After a few stern words from Warboss Sho-T BigHed (“Where do yoo happy jackholes tink yooze goin’?”), the Flash Gitz mobbed up with the Slugga Boyz and resumed firing on the Scouts atop the building, killing one trainee. The Burna Boyz’s Looted Rhino used its twin-linked big shootas to kill another Scout in that unit, and the squad fell back 5", abandoning the building. The Shoota Boyz popped off some caps at the “devastator” Scouts that had fired on them, bagging two newbies.

Turn 4

The Tigers continued to blaze away at the Orks, with the Vindicator spewing a shell deep into the Ork phalanx, killing six Slugga Boyz. More Boyz dropped as most of my forces concentrated on the phalanx, and Pat conceded when one of my Razorbacks destroyed his Basilisk with a shot to the side.
Postgame pondering
Above: With little left on the board, Pat decides to call it a night and try again later

Post-Game Analysis by Kenton Kilgore
Kenton KilgoreWhen the Burna Boyz and the Trukk Boyz carved up my Devastator Squad in Turn 2, I felt sure that Pat had the game in hand. What saved me, I believe, is that the Marine with the plasma cannon sensibly fell back and the Orks were unable to beat his roll and keep him locked in hand-to-hand combat. This left the Orks with no option but to consolidate, which didn’t help them much, as they were surrounded by lots of Tigers with guns. Under the old assault rules, those Mobs would have swept into the “tactical” Scouts nearby and diverted enough attention so that the infantry phalanx would have steamrolled into the center of my line.

Kudos to the Basilisk, which I could do nothing against until my Razors moved into position, and to the kustom force fields carried by the Mekboyz. A 5+ Invulnerable save for every Ork within 6" and vehicles nearby count as being “hull down?” Sweet.

Post-Game Analysis by Patrick Eibel
I think this was an unfortunate case of the facing the wrong army with the troops I had selected. Against a standard Marine force I would have fared better, as his numbers would be fewer, but with all of those darned Scouts, Kenton’s force practically outnumbered mine!

One of the hardest things to do with Orks is finding a balance with mobility. The Orks have three types of units: 

  • Slow foot troops (Slugga Boyz, Shoota Boyz, etc.);
  • Slow vehicle-mounted troops (troops in Battlewagons or Looted Rhinos, Warbikes); and
  • Fast vehicle troops (Trukk Boyz, Buggies, etc.). 
When you mix these forces together, you end up with disjointed waves of troops that move at different speeds and cannot support each other. In this battle, my right flank reached the enemy by Turn 2 while my left flank plodded along the entire game. All Kenton had to do was handle the right side, then turn his attention to the left.

To address this, I should have taken either plodders and slow vehicles or slow vehicles and fast vehicles so that the units would be more evenly paced. For instance, for this battle, having two squads of 30 Gretchin to screen the footsloggers would have helped to soak some of the enemy fire.

I am working on an article that will describe how I am arranging my army of over 300 Orks (my, that’s a lot of greenskins!) into two detachments that basically follows the criteria above. I hope to fight some more battles against Kenton’s Scouts to help gauge the validity of the changes I am making.

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© Copyright Kenton Kilgore and Patrick Eibel, March 2004


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