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What's New

Some features you may have missed...

The Best of 2016
The Bright Lords:  Space Marine Themed Army Idea
Culture War(hammer 40K):  What it is, what it means, and where we stand

Deployment for Dumbasses (Like Me):  Elite units
King of the Hill, Part Deux:  (proxied) Orks vs. Astra Militarum, and Khorne Daemonkin vs. Tau Empire   
The Ongoing Narrative of War:  More test-driving codices, this time in story form
Saying Nyet to "Soviet Space Marines":  No, they're not "cool," and you'll never see them here
The State of the Jungle: Where we've been, where we are, where we're going

The Best of 2015

The 'Bots Are Back, Now With More Metal:  Review of  Codex: Necrons
Counter Offensive 2015:  Fighting Tigers entertain some old friends
Deployment for Dumbasses (Like Me):  Basic lessons for the new, the inept, or those who need a refresher 
Fifty Shades of Red:  Review of Codex: Khorne Daemonkin
Happy Newb Year:  Orks vs. Tyranids
Jungle Top Ten:  Assault units
King of the Hill II:  Armies from recent codices go head-to-head
"Meet the New Eldar/Same as the Old Eldar":  Reviewing Codex: Craftworlds
Presidents Day Battle 2015:  Orks vs. Dark Eldar
Saying "No" to the New Codex:  Why a new Space Marine book?
Tau War Journal:  A new power arises
Veterans Day Violence: Orks vs. Necrons

The Best of 2014

From Idea to Reality:  The Dusk Raiders Chaos Space Marines
Hungry for Some Wolves:  Review of Codex: Space Wolves
Jungle Top 10:  Recommended fixes for Tyranids
Just in Time for Halloween:  Review of Codex: Dark Eldar
Kilgore and Eibel At the Gaming Table:  Review of Codex: Orks
Kilgore and Eibel At the Gaming Table:  Review of Codex: Tyranids
King of the Hill Campaign:  Test-driving the latest codices
Review of Codex: Astra Militarum:  You can still just call them "IG" for short
The White Tigers:  Unbound list for Fighting Tigers of Veda
An Up-Close-And-Personal Battle Report:  Orks vs. Tyranids

The Best of 2013

A Hazy Shade of Winter II:  Eldar + Imperial Guard vs. Necrons + Dvergar (proxied Orks)

Birthday Spankings:  Space Wolves vs. Chaos Space Marines

Jungle Top Ten:  How to improve your gaming skill

Necrons Renewed:  Necrons in 6th Edition

Return of the Tau:  The new codex
Send in the Marines:  Reviewing the new codex

The Gate is Closed:  The end of an era 

The Good, the Bad, and the Irrelevant:  Reviewing the new Codex: Eldar

The Reliquary on Auros Minor:  Four-way summer campaign

Why Games Workshop is Doomed:  Technology trumps in the end


The Best of 2012

Back in Black:  "Science-fantasy"
Birthday Spankings 2012:  Necrons vs. Nids
Columbus Day Beatdown:  Orks vs. Nids
Counter Offensive 9:  The annual brutality
Foul Deeds Will Rise:  The third and final battle
Jungle Top Ten:  Best Allies for 500 points or less
Sisters Are Doing It For Themselves:  What to do now that the Nuns have nerfguns....
The 6th Edition Rules You Haven't Heard About:  Pay attention to these details!
The New Chaos Codex:  Review of the latest Book of the Bad Guys
Winning With Style:  The title says it all

The Best of 2011

Blatherations of a Nidiot:  A fool who don't know nothin' 'bout Nids
Counter Offensive 8:  Batreps and photos
Foul Deeds Will Rise: The Kabal of the Ozone Scorpions returns in this campaign
I Liked Them So Much, I Made My Own (UK version):  Fighting Tigers done by a Jungle visitor
Jungle Top Ten:  Models you wish you could buy (but can't)

Just Because:  Space Wolves vs. Kurindans (proxied Tyranids) 

NINO: Necrons In Name Only:  Reviewing the new Necron codex

Return to Auros IX:  The fifth and final battle

You Gotta Pay (and Pay and Pay and Pay) to Play:  Just how much does it cost to play a single game?
More About How You Gotta Pay (and Pay and Pay and Pay) to Play:  How much would it cost to replace your armies?    

The Best of 2010
Back in Black:  Casting "Raise Dead" on 1st Edition AD&D
Birthday Spankings 2010:  Imperial Guard vs. Chaos Space Marines
Counter Offensive 7:  Jungle Guide Patrick Eibel sets the stage
Enough With Codex: Nonsense  Fed up with "codex creep" and useless armies? Me, too
Jungle Top Ten:  Best scoring units
Kilgore and Eibel At the Gaming Table:  Reviewing the latest Tyranid codex
Lizards vs. Bugs:  5000-point Apocalypse battle of (proxied) Nids vs. Nids
Mr. Blackwell  reviews the new Dark Eldar miniatures
Return to Auros IX:  Introduction to the new campaign
Spearpoint:  We test-drive the new rules for vehicular manslaughter
“They’re Heeeeeerrrre…”: The New Dark Eldar Codex 
What's Wrong With Winning--Revisited:  Pat lashes out at "competitive gaming"

The Best of 2009
The Aquamarines:  A new featured themed army 
Armies of the Jungle:  The Dvergar
Black and Tan:  Dvergar (Space Dwarves) vs. Tau battle report
Codex: Space Wolves review:  Long-time SW player Patrick Eibel speaks
CO6 Warm-Up:  Fighting Tigers vs. Imperial Guard
Counter Offensive 6:  The annual throwdown in Rockville, MD
Grading the Guard:  A review of the new Imperial Guard Codex
Jungle Top 10:  The most useful paints
Jungle Top Ten:  Best cheap wargear
Legionis Tacticum:  Imperial Guard
Legionis Tacticum:  Tau Empire
The Saga of the Wolf King:  The latest campaign

The Best of 2008
Armies of the Jungle:  The Kurindans
Avoiding 40K Burnout:  Chill out and enjoy yourself, already
Catch a Tiger by the Tau:  Apocalypse battle between Fighting Tigers and a Tau/Guard Alliance
Counter Offensive 5:  Batreps for the annual throwdown
Critiquing Codex: Space Marines:  A review of the latest version
Fear vs. Faith:  Chaos Space Marines take on Sisters of Battle 
Fearful Symmetry:  A look at a non-typical Chaos Marine army
Generational Conflict:  Father vs. daughter as Necrons attack Marines
A Hazy Shade of Winter:  Necrons vs. Eldar
I Liked 'Em So Much, I Built My Own:  A Jungle visitor makes her own Fighting Tiger army
Traveller of Both Time and Space:  The final episode
Why AD&D > 40K:  A look back at my favorite game
The Wolf Brothers:   Space Wolves gone very, very bad
Year uv da Ork:  A review of the new Ork codex
Year uv da Ork:  Pat's thoughts on revising his boyz

The Best of 2007
4 Things I've Been Thinking About Lately....  Random thoughts on White Dwarf, fixed-or-fluid army lists, and more
Apocalypse Wow:  Analyzing the new supplement
Armies of the Jungle:  The series debuts with a look at Tyranids
Birthday Spankings:  Tyranids vs. Necrons
Counter Offensive 4:  Battle reports for Imperial Guard, Chaos, Orks, Marines, Sisters of Battle--you name it!
How I Found Time to Paint and Finally Attained Inner Peace:  Alas, I did not find a way to get paid to run this site
The New Chaos Codex:  A review
New Year, New Blood:  Eldar vs. Dark Eldar
On Writing "Fluff":  Things to consider when developing a background for your army
Summer in the City:  Daemonhunters vs. Chaos Marines in our annual campaign
A Tangled Web:  Dark Eldar vs. Sisters of Battle
Watching Paint Dry:  Advice on painting from Assistant Jungle Guide Patrick Eibel

The Best of 2006
3 Things I've Been Thinking About Lately...  Black Templars, model prices, and Space Dwarves (don't call them Squats!)
Counter Offensive 3:  Battle results for Dark Eldar and Necrons
Da Orcboy Pays Up:  A "Consumer Reports"-style look at 40K armies 
Economics of Warhammer 40K:  How much does it really cost to make that Land Raider?
Fighting Tiger Black Ops:  A new elite unit for the Fighting Tigers
Goth Girls Gone Wild!  Campaign pittingthe Sisters of Battle against the Kurindans
In Praise of Patrick:  A public "thank you" to the Assistant Jungle Guide
Jungle Juice:  Patrick Eibel starts a new series to help gamers
Sportsmanship: Would You Play Against Yourself?  Tips on being a better player
Twelve Types of 40K Gamers:  Da Orcboy looks at what makes gamers tick

The Best of 2005
Countdown to Counter Offensive 2:  Army list examples for actual game-playing
Counter Offensive 2: Battle reports for Marines, IG, Nids, 'bots, Sisters, and more
"Hulloooo Zeeba Neighba..."  40K Lizardmen vs. Imperial Guard
Iron Halo Tournament: Dark Eldar rampage through Rockville
King for a Day: What I'd do if I ran White Dwarf
It Ain't Easy Being the "King":  A rebuttal to King for a Day
Night of the Living Metal: Space Wolves vs. Necrons battle report
The Greater Waauugh!  Themed Army Idea
What to Do About Bikes: They just aren't worth it
What's Wrong With Winning? When did "playing to win" become a bad thing?
Women's Work: Eldar vs. Dark Eldar

The Best of 2004
A Thousand Points of Light: Lists for Blood Angels, Chaos, and Daemonhunters
Battle with a Black Gobbo: Dark Eldar vs. Imperial Guard
Da Orcboy Pays Up: A veteran gamer discusses several topics
Fall From Grace V: Marine Scouts, Dark Eldar and Necrons take on all comers
Perspectives on Painting: A satirical look at a subject I love to hate
Regarding Female Marines: A rebuttal against the girls
Teaching Kids 40K: One approach to teaching pre-teens
Traveller of Both Time and Space: New Fighting Tiger fiction
Year uv da Ork/Fighting Tiger Recruitment Drive: Battle #1 of Greenies vs. Scouts
Year uv da Ork/Fighting Tiger Recruitment Drive: Battle #2 

The Best of 2003
A Thousand Points of Light: Lists for Tau, Tyranids, Chaos, and Eldar 
Building Your Own 40K Site: A how-to guide
DAWGfight at Dream Wizards: Fierce fighting against the Orks
Eye of Terror--From the Jungle to the Gate: Unofficial tie-in to GW's campaign
From Idea to Reality II: Building a Daemonhunter army
Legionis Tacticum: A new series on making the best of your army
Sticking Up for the Girls: In Defense of Female Space Marines
Traveller of Both Time and Space: New Fighting Tiger fiction

The Best of 2002
A Thousand Points of Light: Lists for Space Wolves, Necrons, and more 
Building a Balanced Army: What's that supposed to mean?
Fall From Grace III: Fighting Tigers and Ozone Scorpions battle at Borderlands
Games Day 2002: Fighting Tigers invade Baltimore again
Master-crafted 40K: Winning is good 
New Year, Old Friends: Fighting Tigers vs. Space Wolves in a "training session"
Return to the Rogue Trader Tournament: Tips on winning the top prize
Tooth and Claw: Campaign of Space Wolves against Dark Eldar
Vanilla, My Favorite Flavor: For DIY armies, you can't beat the basic codex
When "Mini" Isn't Enough: Collecting more than one detachment

The Best of 2001
A Thousand Points of Light: Advice for new players on collecting an army
All the Marbles: The penultimate battle in the Blood Deserts of Auros IX
"Armies with Character":  A new approach to building lists
Fall From Grace II: "Poseur Armies" at South Carolina gaming convention
From Idea to Reality: Assembling a themed army
Gaming Etiquette: War with a friendly face
Principles of War applied to Warhammer 40K: Advice from a real soldier
The Gray Tiger: Fighting Tiger fiction
The Kids Are Alright: Don't hassle the newbies

The Best of 2000
8 tips to help you finish painting your army
Fall From Grace: Battles reports and photos from Borderlands
For the Sword! Tournament at Area 31
Making Your Army Distinct: 10 suggestions for you to try
Midnight at the Oasis: Alternate scenario for the Blood Deserts of Auros IX
Putting an End to Cheesiness: Rethinking what every player loves to hate
Raja Khandar Madu: How I converted "the Redhead"
Reconciliation:  Fighting Tiger fiction
Tigers Eternal: Ferin Ironhammer visits Veda in this short story

02/07/2000:  the Jungle goes online

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Fighting Tigers:
Codex<> Tactics <> Gallery <> Allies and Enemies <> Tales of the Tigers

Other Pages:
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Events and Battle Reports <> Campaigns <> Terrain <> FAQ <> Beyond the Jungle