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What's New

"What's new?" you ask.  Well, what's new is that there's a new version of the Jungle, and you can find it at  All updates from now on will be posted there and not here.

And why is there a new version?  For quite some time, I had been unhappy with everything but the content of this site, and much of that had to do with the clunky, turn-of-the-century software (KompoZer, which evolved from the 20-year old Netscape Composer, iffn you can believe that) that I'd been using.  I'll spare you the details, but suffice to say, posting updates had been tedious and laborious, taking way too much time to do, and often with inconsistent and unappealing visual results.  

And about those visuals....  The Jungle's look may have been "awesome" and "cool" many years ago, but it did not age well.  Yeah, there's "classic" and "retro" and "vintage"-- and then there's just "old" and "dated," which is what we had, and it embarrassed me.  

A complete, top-to-bottom refurbishment was out of the question: over the 17 years that it had been in existence, the original Jungle had grown to thousands -- THOUSANDS -- of webpages and images, and KompoZer is only an HTML editor, not a content management system.  If I were to have totally re-done the site (as I did on two previous occasions many years ago, when the site was much smaller), I would have had to manually, individually reformat each and every page (of which there were over 780) one at a time.  Wasn't gonna happen.

So, I didn't want the site to continue as it was, and I didn't want to re-do it, which left two options: 1) pull the plug on it and let it go dark -- which would free up a lot of my time, but wouldn't be any fun for you, Pat, or me -- or 2) go off in a new direction.  And Option #2 is exactly what I did.

Go take a look at the new Jungle, but don't worry: all of the old content is here and won't go away.  Swing by our Facebook page and let us know your thoughts and what you'd like from us in the future.  While you're at it, check out my sci-fi and fantasy blog.   And here are some features you may have missed...

The Best of 2017
Adapting to 8th Edition:  Making the switch
Be Careful What You Wish For...
 Don't let people who don't play hijack the game

Happy Newb Year, 2017: Dvergar Space Dwarves take on a combined force of Orks and Tyranids
How 40K Is Like Football (And What You Can Learn From It):  Lessons of the NFL for your gaming table
The Ongoing Narrative of War:  Astra Militarum and Eldar against an ENORMOUS foe
Why 8 is Great:  The new edition may be the best yet

The Best of 2016
The Bright Lords:  Space Marine Themed Army Idea
Culture War(hammer 40K):  What it is, what it means, and where we stand

Deployment for Dumbasses (Like Me):  Elite units
King of the Hill, Part Deux:  (proxied) Orks vs. Astra Militarum, and Khorne Daemonkin vs. Tau Empire   
The Ongoing Narrative of War:  More test-driving codices, this time in story form
Saying Nyet to "Soviet Space Marines":  No, they're not "cool," and you'll never see them here
The State of the Jungle: Where we've been, where we are, where we're going

The Best of 2015

The 'Bots Are Back, Now With More Metal:  Review of  Codex: Necrons
Counter Offensive 2015:  Fighting Tigers entertain some old friends
Deployment for Dumbasses (Like Me):  Basic lessons for the new, the inept, or those who need a refresher 
Fifty Shades of Red:  Review of Codex: Khorne Daemonkin
Happy Newb Year:  Orks vs. Tyranids
Jungle Top Ten:  Assault units
King of the Hill II:  Armies from recent codices go head-to-head
"Meet the New Eldar/Same as the Old Eldar":  Reviewing Codex: Craftworlds
Presidents Day Battle 2015:  Orks vs. Dark Eldar
Saying "No" to the New Codex:  Why a new Space Marine book?
Tau War Journal:  A new power arises
Veterans Day Violence: Orks vs. Necrons

The Best of 2014

From Idea to Reality:  The Dusk Raiders Chaos Space Marines
Hungry for Some Wolves:  Review of Codex: Space Wolves
Jungle Top 10:  Recommended fixes for Tyranids
Just in Time for Halloween:  Review of Codex: Dark Eldar
Kilgore and Eibel At the Gaming Table:  Review of Codex: Orks
Kilgore and Eibel At the Gaming Table:  Review of Codex: Tyranids
King of the Hill Campaign:  Test-driving the latest codices
Review of Codex: Astra Militarum:  You can still just call them "IG" for short
The White Tigers:  Unbound list for Fighting Tigers of Veda
An Up-Close-And-Personal Battle Report:  Orks vs. Tyranids

The Best of 2013

A Hazy Shade of Winter II:  Eldar + Imperial Guard vs. Necrons + Dvergar (proxied Orks)

Birthday Spankings:  Space Wolves vs. Chaos Space Marines

Jungle Top Ten:  How to improve your gaming skill

Necrons Renewed:  Necrons in 6th Edition

Return of the Tau:  The new codex
Send in the Marines:  Reviewing the new codex

The Gate is Closed:  The end of an era 

The Good, the Bad, and the Irrelevant:  Reviewing the new Codex: Eldar

The Reliquary on Auros Minor:  Four-way summer campaign

Why Games Workshop is Doomed:  Technology trumps in the end


The Best of 2012

Back in Black:  "Science-fantasy"
Birthday Spankings 2012:  Necrons vs. Nids
Columbus Day Beatdown:  Orks vs. Nids
Counter Offensive 9:  The annual brutality
Foul Deeds Will Rise:  The third and final battle
Jungle Top Ten:  Best Allies for 500 points or less
Sisters Are Doing It For Themselves:  What to do now that the Nuns have nerfguns....
The 6th Edition Rules You Haven't Heard About:  Pay attention to these details!
The New Chaos Codex:  Review of the latest Book of the Bad Guys
Winning With Style:  The title says it all

The Best of 2011

Blatherations of a Nidiot:  A fool who don't know nothin' 'bout Nids
Counter Offensive 8:  Batreps and photos
Foul Deeds Will Rise: The Kabal of the Ozone Scorpions returns in this campaign
I Liked Them So Much, I Made My Own (UK version):  Fighting Tigers done by a Jungle visitor
Jungle Top Ten:  Models you wish you could buy (but can't)

Just Because:  Space Wolves vs. Kurindans (proxied Tyranids) 

NINO: Necrons In Name Only:  Reviewing the new Necron codex

Return to Auros IX:  The fifth and final battle

You Gotta Pay (and Pay and Pay and Pay) to Play:  Just how much does it cost to play a single game?
More About How You Gotta Pay (and Pay and Pay and Pay) to Play:  How much would it cost to replace your armies?

The Best of 2010

Back in Black:  Casting "Raise Dead" on 1st Edition AD&D
Birthday Spankings 2010:  Imperial Guard vs. Chaos Space Marines
Counter Offensive 7:  Jungle Guide Patrick Eibel sets the stage
Enough With Codex: Nonsense  Fed up with "codex creep" and useless armies? Me, too
Jungle Top Ten:  Best scoring units
Kilgore and Eibel At the Gaming Table:  Reviewing the latest Tyranid codex
Lizards vs. Bugs:  5000-point Apocalypse battle of (proxied) Nids vs. Nids
Mr. Blackwell  reviews the new Dark Eldar miniatures
Return to Auros IX:  Introduction to the new campaign
Spearpoint:  We test-drive the new rules for vehicular manslaughter
“They’re Heeeeeerrrre…”: The New Dark Eldar Codex 
What's Wrong With Winning--Revisited:  Pat lashes out at "competitive gaming"

The Best of 2009

The Aquamarines:  A new featured themed army 
Armies of the Jungle:  The Dvergar
Black and Tan:  Dvergar (Space Dwarves) vs. Tau battle report
Codex: Space Wolves review:  Long-time SW player Patrick Eibel speaks
CO6 Warm-Up:  Fighting Tigers vs. Imperial Guard
Counter Offensive 6:  The annual throwdown in Rockville, MD
Grading the Guard:  A review of the new Imperial Guard Codex
Jungle Top 10:  The most useful paints
Jungle Top Ten:  Best cheap wargear
Legionis Tacticum:  Imperial Guard
Legionis Tacticum:  Tau Empire
The Saga of the Wolf King:  The latest campaign

The Best of 2008

Armies of the Jungle:  The Kurindans
Avoiding 40K Burnout:  Chill out and enjoy yourself, already
Catch a Tiger by the Tau:  Apocalypse battle between Fighting Tigers and a Tau/Guard Alliance
Counter Offensive 5:  Batreps for the annual throwdown
Critiquing Codex: Space Marines:  A review of the latest version
Fear vs. Faith:  Chaos Space Marines take on Sisters of Battle 
Fearful Symmetry:  A look at a non-typical Chaos Marine army
Generational Conflict:  Father vs. daughter as Necrons attack Marines
A Hazy Shade of Winter:  Necrons vs. Eldar
I Liked 'Em So Much, I Built My Own:  A Jungle visitor makes her own Fighting Tiger army
Traveller of Both Time and Space:  The final episode
Why AD&D > 40K:  A look back at my favorite game
The Wolf Brothers:   Space Wolves gone very, very bad
Year uv da Ork:  A review of the new Ork codex
Year uv da Ork:
  Pat's thoughts on revising his boyz

The Best of 2007
4 Things I've Been Thinking About Lately....  Random thoughts on White Dwarf, fixed-or-fluid army lists, and more
Apocalypse Wow:  Analyzing the new supplement
Armies of the Jungle:  The series debuts with a look at Tyranids
Birthday Spankings:  Tyranids vs. Necrons
Counter Offensive 4:  Battle reports for Imperial Guard, Chaos, Orks, Marines, Sisters of Battle--you name it!
How I Found Time to Paint and Finally Attained Inner Peace:  Alas, I did not find a way to get paid to run this site
The New Chaos Codex:  A review
New Year, New Blood:  Eldar vs. Dark Eldar
On Writing "Fluff":  Things to consider when developing a background for your army
Summer in the City:  Daemonhunters vs. Chaos Marines in our annual campaign
A Tangled Web:  Dark Eldar vs. Sisters of Battle
Watching Paint Dry:
  Advice on painting from Assistant Jungle Guide Patrick Eibel

The Best of 2006
3 Things I've Been Thinking About Lately...  Black Templars, model prices, and Space Dwarves (don't call them Squats!)
Counter Offensive 3:  Battle results for Dark Eldar and Necrons
Da Orcboy Pays Up:  A "Consumer Reports"-style look at 40K armies 
Economics of Warhammer 40K:  How much does it really cost to make that Land Raider?
Fighting Tiger Black Ops:  A new elite unit for the Fighting Tigers
Goth Girls Gone Wild!  Campaign pittingthe Sisters of Battle against the Kurindans
In Praise of Patrick:  A public "thank you" to the Assistant Jungle Guide
Jungle Juice:  Patrick Eibel starts a new series to help gamers
Sportsmanship: Would You Play Against Yourself?  Tips on being a better player
Twelve Types of 40K Gamers:
  Da Orcboy looks at what makes gamers tick

The Best of 2005

Countdown to Counter Offensive 2:  Army list examples for actual game-playing
Counter Offensive 2: Battle reports for Marines, IG, Nids, 'bots, Sisters, and more
"Hulloooo Zeeba Neighba..."  40K Lizardmen vs. Imperial Guard
Iron Halo Tournament: Dark Eldar rampage through Rockville
King for a Day: What I'd do if I ran White Dwarf
It Ain't Easy Being the "King":  A rebuttal to King for a Day
Night of the Living Metal: Space Wolves vs. Necrons battle report
The Greater Waauugh!  Themed Army Idea
What to Do About Bikes: They just aren't worth it
What's Wrong With Winning? When did "playing to win" become a bad thing?
Women's Work: Eldar vs. Dark Eldar

The Best of 2004
A Thousand Points of Light: Lists for Blood Angels, Chaos, and Daemonhunters
Battle with a Black Gobbo: Dark Eldar vs. Imperial Guard
Da Orcboy Pays Up: A veteran gamer discusses several topics
Fall From Grace V: Marine Scouts, Dark Eldar and Necrons take on all comers
Perspectives on Painting: A satirical look at a subject I love to hate
Regarding Female Marines: A rebuttal against the girls
Teaching Kids 40K: One approach to teaching pre-teens
Traveller of Both Time and Space: New Fighting Tiger fiction
Year uv da Ork/Fighting Tiger Recruitment Drive: Battle #1 of Greenies vs. Scouts
Year uv da Ork/Fighting Tiger Recruitment Drive:
Battle #2 

The Best of 2003

A Thousand Points of Light: Lists for Tau, Tyranids, Chaos, and Eldar 
Building Your Own 40K Site: A how-to guide
DAWGfight at Dream Wizards: Fierce fighting against the Orks
Eye of Terror--From the Jungle to the Gate: Unofficial tie-in to GW's campaign
From Idea to Reality II: Building a Daemonhunter army
Legionis Tacticum: A new series on making the best of your army
Sticking Up for the Girls: In Defense of Female Space Marines
Traveller of Both Time and Space:
New Fighting Tiger fiction

The Best of 2002

A Thousand Points of Light: Lists for Space Wolves, Necrons, and more 
Building a Balanced Army: What's that supposed to mean?
Fall From Grace III: Fighting Tigers and Ozone Scorpions battle at Borderlands
Games Day 2002: Fighting Tigers invade Baltimore again
Master-crafted 40K: Winning is good 
New Year, Old Friends: Fighting Tigers vs. Space Wolves in a "training session"
Return to the Rogue Trader Tournament: Tips on winning the top prize
Tooth and Claw: Campaign of Space Wolves against Dark Eldar
Vanilla, My Favorite Flavor: For DIY armies, you can't beat the basic codex
When "Mini" Isn't Enough: Collecting more than one detachment

The Best of 2001
A Thousand Points of Light: Advice for new players on collecting an army
All the Marbles: The penultimate battle in the Blood Deserts of Auros IX
"Armies with Character":  A new approach to building lists
Fall From Grace II: "Poseur Armies" at South Carolina gaming convention
From Idea to Reality: Assembling a themed army
Gaming Etiquette: War with a friendly face
Principles of War applied to Warhammer 40K: Advice from a real soldier
The Gray Tiger: Fighting Tiger fiction
The Kids Are Alright: Don't hassle the newbies

The Best of 2000
8 tips to help you finish painting your army
Fall From Grace: Battles reports and photos from Borderlands
For the Sword! Tournament at Area 31
Making Your Army Distinct: 10 suggestions for you to try
Midnight at the Oasis: Alternate scenario for the Blood Deserts of Auros IX
Putting an End to Cheesiness: Rethinking what every player loves to hate
Raja Khandar Madu: How I converted "the Redhead"
Reconciliation:  Fighting Tiger fiction
Tigers Eternal: Ferin Ironhammer visits Veda in this short story


02/07/2000:  the Jungle goes online

Last updated February 2018


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