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Events and Battle Reports 

Veterans Day Violence, 2015 by Kenton Kilgore

My brother-in-law Drew and I are both criminals work with the U.S. federal government, so we were off on November 11, Veterans Day here in America; how appropriate, we thought, to celebrate with some wargaming. 


Drew is always up for something new, so never having played Necrons before, he asked to mambo with them.  I was also looking forward to test-driving my latest ‘bot configuration, aka “The Non-Dick List,” so nicknamed because it does NOT have seven Doom Scythes.


Yblis’ Centurions (2000 points)

I’ve had this army many years, and since the latest codex came out, I’ve developed three different lists for them, all based around the Necron Decurion Detachment (because I’d be a chump not to use it):   


Reclamation Legion:

  • Lucifer 1.1  Necron Overlord w/ staff of light, resurrection orb
  • Unit 2.1  Nine Immortals w/ gauss blasters; Night Scythe transport
  • Unit 2.2  Fifteen Necron Warriors; Night Scythe transport
  • Unit 2.3  Fifteen Necron Warriors
  • Unit 2.4  Fifteen Necron Warriors
  • Unit 2.5  Fifteen Necron Warriors
  • Unit 2.6  Five Tomb Blades w/ particle beamers, shieldvanes, shadowlooms

Destroyer Cult:

  • Lucifer 1.2  Destroyer Lord w/ staff of light
  • Unit 3.1  Three Destroyers
  • Unit 3.2  Three Destroyers
  • Unit 3.3  Three Destroyers
  • Unit 3.4  Two Heavy Destroyers

So, yeah, not nearly as dickish as the list I used against Pat: only two Flyers, and I knew darn well that Drew has a Flyer (besides, Orks aren’t as troubled at shooting at Flyers as other armies are: need 6’s “to hit?” Big zoggin’ deal…).  Well before the game, I gave Drew a rundown on Necrons and how they work, so he had some idea of what to do against them.  Let’s see what he brought to the party. 


Waaaagh! Nadzdrag (2000 points)

Drew first started playing 40K many years ago, in the Bad Old Days of 2nd Edition, then took a couple decades off, returning for 6th Edition (and now, 7th).  His one and only army has been Orks: winning or losing doesn’t matter to him so much as getting the chance to stomp his guys across the field and break some faces.  For this fight, he used the Ork Horde Detachment, as he is wont to do.

  • Warboss Nadzdrag (not to be confused with “Nazdreg”) w/ mega armor, big shoota, power klaw;
  • Big Mek w/ shokk attack gun;
  • Nobz w/ ‘eavy armor, kombi-skorchas, and a Trukk;
  • Six mobz of 20 Boyz each
  • Ten Lootas
  • Five Deffkoptas w/ twin-linked big shootas and bigbommz
  • Eight Warbikers
  • Burna-bommer

Setting Up

We played at my house because I wanted to use some scenery that my old friend Mel “Cambyses” Glover had mailed me (he, alas, gave up gaming).  I set up a 4' x 8' table using the sections that another longtime pal, Luis Nunez, made for me many years ago.   Drew set up the terrain, and we diced for sides.


Again, willing to try anything, Drew agreed to do one of the Maelstrom of War missions, which he had never attempted before.  We rolled and came up with Tactical Escalation, using the standard Dawn of War deployment (the dice decreed no Night Fighting, though). 


We placed our objectives and I remembered 1) that they were Mysterious, and 2) that we should roll to learn what they are during the course of the game.  As luck would have it, four of them were “Nothing of Note,” one was a grav-wave generator (which never became an issue), and the other was a targeting relay (which never had the opportunity to be useful). 


Drew's right flank, with the Nobz in the Trukk, Warbikers, the Big Mek atop that fortified building, and lots and lots of Boyz...


Dicing for my Warlord Trait from the codex, I came up with Hyperlogical Strategist, which gave me -1 to my Reserve rolls (a good thing).  From the Ork book, Drew got Bellowing Tyrant, which let the Warboss and Ork units within 12" of him re-roll failed Morale and Pinning tests. 

Drew set up first, spreading his army across the breadth of the table, with his Trukk of Nobz and the Warbikes on his right flank; his Deffkoptas and Lootas (atop a fortified building) on the left; and the Warboss ensconced in the middle.

More of Drew's deployment" the Warboss just left of center, and more and more Boyz...


I did a refused flank (mostly), with the bulk of my forces behind the ginormous “ruined lab” piece in the center, my Destroyer Cult on my right flank, opposite Drew’s Koptas and Lootas.

Wait--are we still showing Drew's deployment?  Fine, then.  Boyz + Lootas on a bunker + Deffkoptas


I eschewed attempting to seize the initiative (I like it when Orks walk into gauss rifle range), and the game began.

My deployment: Destroyer Cult in the foreground (with a Spyder standing in for a Destroyer), Reclamation Legion in the middle, and Gandalf the Gray Cat in the background.  
Anything he knocks over takes a S10 hit with no saves of any kind allowed


Turn 1

The Orks tramped forward, firing as they came.  The Lootas dropped 5 Warriors from Unit 2.2, with the Koptas taking down another 1.  The Big Mek’s shokk attack gun rolled doubles for its Strength, resulting in a “Gah!” that hit the Warbikes and a nearby mob, waxing 2 bikers and a Boy.  “Sorry, ladz!”

On my turn, 3 members of Unit 2.2 stood up, and the Necrons advanced, returning fire where possible.  Unit 2.2 and the Immortals killed 7 Boyz from the closest mob; across the table, Unit 2.5’s Warriors shot dead an oncoming biker.  The Destroyer Cult engaged the Deffkoptas, downing 2.



Turn 2

Drew’s Burna-bommer came on from reserves as his Boyz continued to advance, many of them firing as they did.  On my left flank, the Trukk slowed and dropped off its cargo of ‘eavy-armored Nobz.  Ulp!

Here come the Orks!

The Nobz and a nearby mob of Ladz opened fire on Unit 2.4, knocking down 4 Necrons.  The Big Mek’s shokk attack gun struck true this time, a S9 blast that dropped 4 Warriors of Unit 2.5.  Warbikes added to the body count with another 2 from the same squad. 


On the other side of the battlefield, Shoota Boyz leveled 4 Warriors of Squad 2.2.  Deffkoptas fired on Destroyers, to no avail.  Lootas fared better against the Tomb Blades, forcing them to Jink and downing 2.  The Bomma unloaded its guns and a skorcha missile on the Immortals, but only managed to fell 2.


The Nobz failed their attempted charge against Unit 2.4, and it was my turn.  Rolling for reserves, one of my Night Scythes came on; Reanimation Protocols (4+, remember) revived 1 Immortal, 1 Tomb Blade, and 7 Warriors across 3 squads.

While Immortals and Warriors hold the line, proxied Tomb Blades (the figures with the long rifles, near Objective #1), zoom to the other side of the field


As swiftly as Necrons can (which isn’t all that), I shifted most of my forces to the left to deal with the oncoming Orks, led by the Nobz, that were facing token resistance from Unit 2.5.  Firing by Warriors dropped 3 Boyz, killed 0 Bikers, and wounded a Nob—hardly impressive.  The Night Scythe polished off that hurt Nob and took a Wound of another.


On my right flank, the Immortals and Unit 2.2 combined fire to kill 6 Boyz; the Destroyer Cult took out 2 Koptas and knocked a Wound off another. 


My proxied Night Scythe (from an original Battlestar Galactica toy) comes on the board


Turn 3

The Warboss called a “WAAAGH!” (which, of course, Drew delivered at window-rattling decibels, freaking out my far-too numerous pets), and the Boyz swarmed forward.  The Lootas hit 6 times and wounded 6 times against Unit 3.2, but the Destroyers’ armor saved them.  The last Deffkopta flew over the Immortals and dropped its big bomm, but the blast deviated and caught the Kopta, destroying it—First Blood to me! 

Drew’s Flyer dropped its own ordnance on Immortals and Unit 2.2, taking out 1 from each.  The Big Mek’s shokk attack gun (S9 again) kersploded 5 Warriors of Unit 2.5, and the Nobz’ skorchas took out 3 more.   Warbikes blasted 4 ‘bots from Unit 2.3 into scrap.


In the Assault Phase, the Nobz again failed to charge Unit 2.5, but a nearby unit of Boyz made it, taking out the 2 remaining.  The Warbikers charged Unit 2.3, dropping 3 Toasters while losing 1 of their own.  Boyz charged Unit 2.2, taking down 6 and forcing them to fall back.

On my turn, the other Night Scythe came on, and 18 Warriors (!) stood back up, including those in Units 2.2 and 2.5.  I pulled back my troops and continued firing at “too-close

-for-comfort” range, with Tomb Blades killing 15 Boyz, and Unit 2.5 finishing off the mob.  Units 2.3 and 2.4 gunned down all four Bikers.  On my right, Unit 2.2 shot dead 4 Boyz, and the Destroyers killed all but 3 from the same mob.


My newly-arrived ‘Scythe took a Hull Point off Drew’s Burna-bommer, as did the Immortals.  The other ‘Scythe vaporized the Big Mek.  It was a good turn for bad robots!


Turn 4

Drew’s Ladz kept coming.  Ignoring the Night Scythe on its tail, the Burna-bommer fired on the first one, knocking off a Hull Point, but the Living Metal of the craft sparing it from being shaken. 


Determined to slay Lucifer 1.1, Lootas and nearby Boyz dropped 5 Immortals.  Other Boyz fired on Unit 2.4, taking out 4 and causing the remainder to fall back. 


Boyz tried to charge the Immortals, lost 3 to Overwatch, and then were out of charge range.  Nertz!  Similarly, Boyz tried to charge Unit 2.4, lost 2 to the regrouping Warriors, and failed their charge.  Double nertz!


At the start of my turn, 3 Immortals stood back up.  I rewarded the ‘Scythe that had nuked the Big Mek with some well-earned leave, flying it off the table.  Then the warmachine got back to work, with the Immortals and Unit 2.2 killing the rest of the Boyz in their zip code.  Destroyers fired in vain at the Lootas—curse that 3+ cover save that Drew’s boys were getting from their fortified building.

Elsewhere, Tomb Blades, and Warriors of Units 2.3, 2.4, and 2.5 combined fire to kill 14 of the closest Boyz, driving the survivors to fall back 7".  The remaining Night Scythe shot down Drew’s Burna-bommer, and gained me a Victory Point for doing so, as that was an objective card I was currently holding.


Turn 5

The game was turning as the Green Tide began shindering, but we were still tied for Victory Points, as we had been for most of the game; the Boyz had been taking objectives here and there, including a full mob that was squatting on Objective #4, much too far from any of my forces except the ‘Scythes.  Drew kept pressing his remaining forces forward



Alas, there wasn’t much the Orks were able to actually do.  Lootas gunned down one Immortal, and the Trukk’s big shoota took a Hull Point off my Night Scythe.  With that, it was back to me.

My first Scythe returned to play.  Because I needed the Victory Points a card I was holding would give me if I took it, I advanced my forces towards the ruined lab at the center of the table, where Objective #5 waited—as did the Warboss and a large mob of Boyz.  I had to make sure that my shooting severely weakened the entrenched Orks, or my Metal Men were sure to be engulfed by the Greenies’ counterattack.

It turns out, I didn’t do too badly.  Despite the 4+ cover the Orks enjoyed, the Tomb Blades’ particle blasters killed 11 of them, and the freshly-returned Scythe fried two more.  Destroyers also took out 1.  But thanks to the Warboss’ Bellowing Tyrant re-roll, the Orks stood fast.


Finally recalling what had worked so well against Pat’s nigh-invulnerable Dark Reapers in my previous game, I had my Heavy Destroyers fire at the Lootas—or rather, at the building they were ensconced atop.  Eight Lootas perished when the walls came a-tumblin’ down, and the last two were Pinned. 


On the other flank, my other Scythe and Unit 2.5 fired on the Nobz, killing 2 and taking a Wound off another.  The Nobz lost their nerve and fell back 11".  Whew!    


We rolled to see if the game would continue, and it did.  

Turn 6

The Nobz regrouped and moved 3" closer to the Necrons, but would not be a threat this turn.  To seize an objective for which he had a card, Drew had the Trukk attempt to mount the hill where Objective #6 was located, only to have the vehicle immobilize itself on the difficult terrain as soon as its front end hit it.  No matter: close enough (i.e., within 3"). 


In the center of the board, Warboss Nadzdrag and his remaining Boyz moved up within the ruins of the lab, eager to bring some pain to the Destroyers and Warriors that had dared challenge him for Objective #5. 


Shooting by the Warboss and the Ladz at Lucifer 1.2 (the Destroyer Lord) and his accompanying Destroyers resulted in no takedowns, despite hitting 7 times and wounding twice.  No matter: the Orks charged, losing 1 to Overwatch, with the Boyz knocking a Wound off a Destroyer. 

Lucifer and Friends killed 4 Boyz, with Nadzdrag and his trusty, rusty power klaw taking out 3 Destroyers.  Despite the odds against him (and what I would want), Lucifer 1.2 made his Morale test and stayed in the fight.


To fulfill the Tactical Objective on a card in my hand, the Heavy Destroyers took Objective #2; the Tomb Blades took Objective #3; and Warrior Unit 2.5 advanced on Objective #6.  To clear the way for them, the Night Scythe shot and wrecked the Trukk recently parked there; Unit 2.5 than ran the rest of the way.


Unable to shoot the Warboss (the only sensible way to kill such a monster), I moved more Destroyers towards him, and in the Assault Phase, I doubled down, charging him.  When the dust cleared, 2 Boyz were killed and Nadzdrag suffered 2 Wounds; 2 Destroyers went down, and Lucifer 2.1 also took 2 Wounds.  Nevertheless, the Destroyers held.



We rolled to see if the game would continue, but the die decreed that we were finished.   


Final Score

Yblis’ Centurions: 8 Victory Points (6 for Tactical Objectives + First Blood + Linebreaker)

Waaaagh! Nadzdrag: 6 Victory Points (Tactical Objectives)


Post-Game Analysis

I was happy to learn that Necrons don’t need Flyer spam to succeed.  The Warriors and Immortals held back the Green Tide by getting into difficult terrain (-2" off those charge attempts) and having good Overwatch shooting to negate the Boyz’s hand-to-hand superiority. 


I lucked out in that three times, I pulled cards that gave me Victory Points for taking Objective #1, which was handily in my deployment zone: the Immortals camped out there and laid down fire. 


The Tomb Blades were outstanding, zipping to where I needed them, blasting Orks to pieces.  I struggled to use the Destroyers, many times forgetting the bonus Assault Phase move that Jet Pack units enjoy.  I also wasted time shooting at the Lootas instead of the building they were standing on, despite having used that tactic in two other games. 


Night Scythes are okay (and won’t lose you friends in casual games), but for 30 points more, Doom Scythes are much, much better.


It was a close game—I only ever took the lead there at the end, on my Turn 6.  Drew was simultaneously in awe and annoyed by the resilience of Necrons with the enhanced Reanimation Protocols that my Formations gave them.  Perhaps a rematch is in order….


Kenton Kilgore is forging a new direction in young adult science-fiction and fantasy.  His latest work-in-progress is In Lonely Lands, a modern-fantasy/horror novel, to be published in fall 2016.

Kenton is the author of Dragontamer’s Daughters, based on Navajo culture and belief.  He also wrote Lost Dogs, the story of a German Shepherd and a Beagle-mix who survive the end of the human world, only to find that their struggles have just begun. With Patrick Eibel, he created Our Wild Place, a children’s book about the joy to be found in exploring Nature.  

Follow Kenton on Facebook for daily posts on sci-fi, fantasy, and other speculative fiction. 


Posted December 2015



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