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Events and Battle Reports
A Tangled Web
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A Tangled Web: Part 1
And thus the brutality began.

Turn 1
The Dark Eldar came onto the board from my table edge, the Raiders arriving sans passengers and moving 12" to position themselves to fire on the Sisters’ vehicles. My Reavers sped ahead to target the closest Rhino, with the Taloses leading the Warriors, Wyches, and Warp Beasts. Poor difficult terrain rolls and crowding slowed my Dark Eldar, and I brought on the Warp Beasts too far away from the Sisters to attempt any characteristic long charges. 

The Shooting Phase was better. The dark lances on the Raiders shook both Exorcists and the Immolator, negating any fire from them for a turn. The disintegrators on the other Raiders dropped half of the Retributors—not the ones with the heavy bolters, of course, but nothing to sneer at, either. The Reavers used their blasters on the closest Rhino, in the hope of destroying it and making the Sisters inside disembark, whereupon they could be assaulted by other units in my army. Fortunately for the Sisters, the Reavers could only manage to immobilize the Rhino on a glancing hit, which meant the women warriors inside would be free to unleash righteous fury on their turn.

The Sisters weather the initial Dark Eldar onslaught and respond

As Pat began his turn, he moved his Exorcists and Immolator away from the fray; disembarked Squads Croyance, Esperance, and Clemance; and moved Squad Piete’s Rhino up as the top hatch opened and two Sisters with storm bolters stood up and readied themselves. Pat’s firing was brutal, killing all six members of Reaver Squads 1 and 2, destroying the Silver Scorpions’ Raider, and killing four members of Squad 5, my Warriors with two dark lances (this last bit of violence was courtesy of the Retributors, by the way). Squad 5 failed its Morale check and fell right back off the table, without ever firing a shot. In one turn, Pat had taken out three dark lances and four blasters, which I had been counting on to take out armor. 

The Reavers fail to take out a Rhino loaded with Sisters...

...and the Sisters save Dr'zzlah the trouble of having to kill the Reavers for their incompetence

Turn 2
On my Movement Phase, my infantry continued to surge forward, while my Raiders re-positioned themselves to continue firing on important targets. The only downside was some of my Taloses botching their move through difficult terrain and taking wounds. 

Disintegrators zapped two more Retributors, despite the squad invoking Spirit of the Martyr. The Retributors failed their Morale test and fell back 10". Dark lances immobilized and shook the Croix d’Mort Exorcist, and a horrorfex pinned Squad Esperance. 

Getting one’s Taloses into close combat on Turn 2 is almost always a good thing: Talos 1 teamed up with Dr’zzlah to charge Squad Clemance, with the mechanical beastie killing three Sisters (the Dracon whiffed and was wounded in the Sisters’ counterattack). Taloses 2 and 3 double-teamed Squad Croyance, who successfully invoked Hand of the Emperor. The Taloses killed six Sisters; the rest attempted to fall back, but were caught and destroyed. Talos 4 charged the Rhino belonging to Squad Croyance and destroyed it. 

Dr'zzlah (at right) and all four Taloses hit the Sisters' line, while Silver Scorpions and the Ring of Honor follow

The Ring of Honor Wych Squad bricked their difficult terrain roll and failed to charge Squad Esperance. I forgot to charge my Warp Beasts, but just to see what would have happened, I rolled their difficult terrain check and found that they wouldn’t have reached their target (the fleeing Retributors), anyway.

At the start of Pat’s turn, Canoness Marian Tressant, her retinue, the Seraphim, and the Dominions came onto the board off of reserves. Alas, Tressant’s Rhino tried to move at top speed though a patch of difficult terrain and crashed (Pat rolled two “1’s” on the dice), killing three Celestians and entangling the survivors. 

Canoness Marian Tressant and her bodyguards have car trouble and will have to walk to the battle

The Retributors invoked Light of the Emperor to halt their fleeing and re-group. The Exorcist that I had shaken and immobilized fired its smoke launchers, and the second Exorcist advanced, alongside the Immolator. Squad Piete’s Rhino moved up, and the Sisters disembarked to take on the Ring of Honor; Clemance’s Rhino positioned itself between Squad Piete and my nearby Taloses to shield the Sisters from any charges on my next turn. 

Reinforcements arrive for the Sisters and take up firing positions: can they drive off the Dark Eldar?

Pat’s troops opened fire, with the Retributors hitting Talos 2 four times and wounding it once, but the mechanical scorpion made its save. It was not so fortunate against the Exorcist, which knocked a wound off it with a well-placed missile. Storm bolters from Rhino gunned down three Wyches from the Ring of Honor and Squad Piete shot dead the rest. Pat’s Immolator used its multi-melta to nuke Squad 4’s Raider. 

In the Assault Phase, Squad Clemance—still fighting Dr’zzlah and Talos 1—failed to invoke Spirit of the Martyr and Hand of the Emperor, and lost two of their members to the Dracon and two to the Talos. The survivors concentrated their attacks on Dr’zzlah, “killing” her, then made their Morale check to stay in the fight with the Talos.

Turn 3
Assuming command, the mute Haemonculus Vulnayvya used sign language to direct the Dark Eldar advance. Warriors swarmed towards the chapel, while the Taloses and Wyches went after the Sisters of Mercy. Dark lances shook the Immolator and the immobilized Croix d’Mort Exorcist, again limiting return fire from the enemy. Raider-mounted disintegrators killed two members of Squad Esperance and five of Squad Piete. Wildfire from a Talos’ sting slew a Retributor, but the rapidly-approaching Seraphim shrugged off splinter cannon rounds from Squad 0. 

A tide of silver and blue as the "Callous Drowboys" sweep around the chapel and threaten to overrun the Sisters of Mercy

Talos 1 and the Silver Scorpions Wych squad charged Squad Esperance, who invoked Hand of the Emperor; the Sisters lost five to the Wyches, and Pat cannily pulled off casualties so as to deny the relatively-slow Talos the opportunity to slay more. 

The Handmaidens Wych squad joined Talos 2 against Squad Clemance, who bravely invoked Spirit of the Martyr, but fell anyway. The Handmaidens swept 4" forward; Talos 2 swept 6" into Squad Piete. Taloses 3 and 4 attacked a nearby Rhino, destroying it, and the Warp Beasts again failed a charge.

Wyches + Taloses = carnage as the Dark Eldar slice and smash their way through the Sisters

Palatine Phillipa Maracher and her retinue came on the board for Pat, and the Seraphim and the Dominions crossed the river, bearing down on Taloses 3 and 4. Canoness Marian Tressant and her Celestians began, on foot, to advance on the Dark Eldar.

A Rhino’s storm bolter shot down Squad 2’s Raider. The Dominions dismounted and unleashed their melta guns on Talos 3, destroying it. The second Exorcist unleashed a vicious salvo against Talos 4, also destroying it. The Retributors opened fire on the Handmaidens, killing three Wyches. 

At the beginning of the Assault Phase, Squad Piete successfully invoked Spirit of the Martyr, but failed to gain the Hand of the Emperor. Talos 2 killed a member of Squad Piete, and the fight continued, the Sisters’ will strong. The Silver Scorpions sliced down the last of Squad Esperance, and the Wyches moved on to other targets.

A Tangled Web
Intro and Army Lists <> Part 1 <> Part 2 <> Lessons Learned

Posted November 2007


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