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Themed Army Ideas
Other Chaos Space Marine Themed Army Ideas

Vastator, Slave of the Eldritch Gods
This themed army idea takes its inspiration from H.P. Lovecraft’s “Cthulhu mythos” stories. Lovecraft envisioned that long ago, alien beings of immense power and limitless evil visited Earth, enslaving the primitive humans and receiving worship as gods. Something happened, however, and these gods were exiled from Earth or “locked away” in crypts, their power diminished but not negated. In Lovecraft’s stories, these beings—Cthulhu, Yog-Sothoth, Hastur—always seek to return, often through the use of horrific minions.

Lovecraft’s influence on Warhammer 40K is most obviously noticed when reading the background material presented in Codex: Necrons. Lovecraft’s ideas can also be applied to the forces of Chaos….

The army that follows uses the rules from the Lost and the Damned list found in Codex: Eye of Terror, with the notable exception that allied units from Codex: Chaos Space Marines may NOT be taken. Any characters in the army are restricted to the Mark of Chaos Undivided.

The man who would take the name “Vastator,” the Imperial Gothic word for “destroyer,” was born under mysterious and sinister circumstances in a small settlement on an agri-world far from Terra. For untold thousands of years, the local populace—uneducated, isolationist, and increasingly inbred—have paid lip service to the state-sanctioned worship of the Emperor while preserving the pre-Imperial traditions of submission to a pantheon of older, darker beings called the Eldritch Gods. 

Even as a small child, the man who would become Vastator exhibited genius-level intelligence and frightening psychic abilities. He grew swiftly—far more rapidly than a normal human child should—and began to display grotesque physical mutations that necessitated his being hidden from Imperial Witch Hunters. Braver souls in his community whispered that the child’s father was one of the Eldritch Gods.

Upon attaining physical adulthood a mere 13 years after being born, the child claimed his new name and set off, traveling to many worlds to study sorcery and to summon other secret worshippers of the Eldritch Gods. Invariably, these worshippers are hideous mutants or loathsome crossbreeds of humans and the vile minions of the Eldritch Gods. 

Though Khorne, Nurgle, Tzeentch, and Slaanesh are the mightiest and best-known Chaos entities, they are not the only ones. Other malevolent beings lurk in the Warp, some of them quite old, very powerful, and desirous of human worship. The Eldritch Gods have lost much of their original potency but nevertheless have numerous plans to gain ascendancy over the Imperium of Man, all those who follow the “upstart” Chaos gods, and indeed, the entire galaxy. Soon, the stars shall align in ancient, pre-ordained patterns that will allow the Eldritch Ones to enter the physical universe and begin an unending reign of terror. Vastator shall be their high priest, and his followers shall be the most favored slaves of the Eldritch Gods.

Vastator is an Arch Heretic, which counts as a Chaos Sorcerer from Codex: Chaos Space Marines. You are free to choose powers and equipment for him as you like, except that the only Mark he may bear is the Mark of Chaos Undivided, as he does not serve any of the four major Ruinous Powers. 

Vastator may be accompanied by a Chaos Space Marine Aspiring Champion or a retinue of Chosen who serve the Eldritch Gods. Greater Daemons may not be used in the army.
Vastator’s army may include no more than one unit of Possessed Chaos Space Marines. Big Mutants and Daemon Packs of “Saurian Terrors” (treated as Bloodletters) are welcome.

The scum that make up the ranks of Vastator’s army are Mutants and Gibbering Hordes (treated as Nurglings). Vastator has made little inroads in corrupting the Imperial Guard or in hiring mercenaries, so no Traitors may be taken.

Fast Attack
Vastator’s army may use Chaos Hounds or packs of Furies.

Heavy Support
At least one unit of Chaos Spawn—most likely underlings who have failed Vastator—must be included in the army. Chaos Defilers provide firepower as Vastator’s mutant horde advances.

Modeling and Painting
Vastator has gathered a mighty horde of mutants, monstrous crossbreeds, and sickening abominations that can only vaguely be considered human. Enterprising modelers may want to use bits from Tyranid and Kroot figures and from the Warhammer Fantasy Lizardman and Skaven lines to build Lovecraftian Mutants, Gibbering Hordes, Daemon Packs, Daemonic Beasts, and Chaos Space Marines. Conversions should have a “naturalistic” look, as if the unfortunate subject was some vile combination of human and various animals. For this reason, avoid using bits from “regular” Chaos models, as they tend to have a more “diabolical” look. 

General Tactics
Vastator usually directs his tide of mutant scum against Imperial Guard, Daemonhunters, Witch Hunters, and the forces of Chaos. His followers surge toward the enemy, overwhelming them by sure weight of numbers and a few key elite forces like Space Marines and Daemons.  

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Fighting Tigers:
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