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Themed Army Ideas
Other Space Marine Themed Army Ideas

Ferin Ironhammer concept and design by Patrick Eibel; text by Kenton Kilgore
Space Wolves are already a themed army: they’re Vikings in power armor! But you can make your force distinct from all other Space Wolf armies while still staying within the boundaries of the rules. How? By further refining the Viking theme.

Most people think of Vikings as bloodthirsty barbarians in horned helmets. While the Vikings were certainly not people you’d want to introduce to your mom, they were more than just raiders and killers (and they probably didn’t wear horned helmets). The Vikings were also far-ranging explorers; admittedly, they were looking for riches and territory for themselves, but so were most explorers throughout history. Taking this exploration angle, Pat has created Ferin Ironhammer and his band of adventurers, whose motto is: “To boldly go where no Wolf has gone before!”

Ferin Ironhammer was one of the finest Iron Priests the Space Wolves had ever known. Not only was he skilled in his craft and a clever inventor, he also was a natural leader, a skilled tactician, and fearless in combat. He served for many years before he was crippled at the “Battle of the Two Fangs” on the planet Bray, when the Space Wolves and Fighting Tigers were forced to concede the planet to an Eldar warhost, the Lotus Storm of Impossible Contemplation. Harald Stormwolf, the Great Wolf at that time, restored Ferin as a Dreadnought, one of the few Iron Priests so honored.

Venerable Dreadnought Ferin Ironhammer
Above: Venerable Dreadnought Ferin Ironhammer, former Iron Priest  

As the millennia have gone by, Ferin has continued to serve and has become a Venerable Dreadnought. Logan Grimnar has put Ferin in charge of a exploration mission to recover some of the fabled gold and technology of the lost realms of the dvergar, known to most as the Squats. Ferin and his men have spent over 38 years searching the area around the Galactic Core; though they have discovered some tantalizing clues (and new lifeforms and civilizations), they have not yet found the riches of the Squats. 

Ferin’s mission is not to wage war but to salvage treasures from the ruins of the supposedly-extinct Squat civilization. Thus, his army is built more for self-defense. Nevertheless, there are still times when Ferin and his men have to attack, such as to replenish their own supplies, seize an area or item that could help them locate the lost Squat realms, or just to retaliate against aliens or Traitors who have tried to attack them! See the Optional Rules below.

Ferin’s army is large (slightly over one full detachment), as it has to operate on its own in dangerous and often unexplored areas of space. It is also mobile and comprised of experienced, level-headed men—no rambunctious Blood Claws to cause trouble!

Ferin Ironhammer, Venerable Dreadnought. Ferin is equipped with twin-linked heavy bolters, a Dreadnought close combat weapon with a storm bolter, smoke launchers, and extra armor. When his band arrives at a planet, Ferin usually directs the men from the bridge of the starship Munnin, but if necessary he will descend to the surface via drop-pod. 

Rune Priest Horsa Drachenbane. He is accompanied by 5 Wolf Guards and they use a Razorback for transport. Horsa is Ferin’s second-in-command and his powers have been invaluable to the mission. Specifically, his Storm Caller ability has saved many a man from death.

Wolf Guard Battle Leader Lars Ulrik, equipped with Terminator armor and accompanied by 4 Wolf Guard Terminators. They use a Land Raider for transport. Lars usually leads any fighting operations and keeps the men in line with his sharp tongue and sarcastic wit.

Lars Ulrik
Above: Lars Ulrik, another of Ferin's most trusted warriors

In addition to the Wolf Guard who accompany the HQ and Troops units, Ferin’s army also enjoys the services of Skjall, an Iron Priest, and his 4 Thralls. Skjall is responsible for the day-to-day operations (such as maintaining the weapons and vehicles) that Ferin has no time for or would be impossible to perform due to his bulky form. Skjall usually assists Ferin aboard the Munnin while the rest of the band investigates, but if necessary he will descend to the surface by drop-pod.

Ferin is not the only Dreadnought in the army: two others sleep aboard the Munnin and can be awakened for battle in case the expedition gets in real trouble. Angus the Black, a former Long Fang, is equipped with a twin-linked lascannon and a missile launcher. Valnir the Reaver, a former member of the Wolf Guard, is equipped with twin-linked heavy bolters, a storm bolter, and a Dreadnought close combat weapon. Both Old Ones have smoke launchers and extra armor.

The army also has a band of Wolf Scouts to roam ahead of the main force and warn them of potential dangers.

Six Grey Hunter packs, each comprised of 9 Grey Hunters and a Wolf Guard leader. Each pack has a Rhino for transport. In addition to guarding the army’s surface base or conducting raids for supplies, Grey Hunters investigate ancient ruins and compete against each other to find artifacts and treasures. 

Fast Attack
No Blood Claw units, as they’re more trouble than they’re worth on an extended mission that requires intelligence and subtlety (Blood Claws are not known for their patience at poking around dusty old ruins--especially without breaking anything or stirring up hostile lifeforms). Instead, Ferin’s army uses three Land Speeders, a Land Speeder Tornado, and a Land Speeder Typhoon to scout ahead of the main force.

Heavy Support
In addition to the Land Raider that Lars and his Terminators use, Ferin’s army defends itself with a Leman Russ Exterminator (vs. infantry) and a Predator Annihilator (vs. tanks).

Modeling and Painting
As per Codex: Space Wolves. Remember that Ferin was originally an Iron Priest, so though he leads this expedition, he does not lead a Great Company. Hence, the men under him are “on loan” from a Wolf Lord and would bear that Wolf Lord’s insignia. As Iron Priests directly serve the Great Wolf, perhaps the men accompanying Ferin belong to Logan Grimnar’s Great Company, and thus will all bear his symbol. Alternatively, Logan could have asked each Wolf Lord to contribute some of their finest men, and each pack could be from a different Great Company and thus have different markings. 

This army has no Wolf Priest, so over the long haul, many of the wounded will have to rely on bionic parts manufactured by Skjall: convert as many figures as you want to have bionic limbs, eyes, etc. The army has been deliberately designed the army this way to emphasize its “techno” aspect. 

General Tactics
Though built more around self-defense than all-out attack, Ferin’s army can nevertheless deal with any threat. In general, Ferin’s army would slowly advance on the enemy, whittling them down with firepower while the Wolf Scouts and Speeders harry the enemy’s flanks. Ferin, Horsa, and Lars would then lead the Grey Hunters in a charge to finish off the enemy.

Optional Rules
Loot: Ferin’s army is meant to travel very long distances across harsh landscapes to find and haul away ancient treasures. With your opponent’s permission, the army could include up to three  additional Rhinos, which are used for carrying supplies and riches. These additional Rhinos would make good objectives for missions: imagine Dark Eldar or Orks attacking Ferin’s army to steal the loot, or Eldar trying to destroy deadly artifacts before the Space Wolves figure out how to use them…

“We Don’t Want to Have to Hurt You…”: Despite being Space Wolves, Ferin and his men are usually not looking for a fight: they’re on a long-term mission very far from home and can’t afford to take too many casualties. Sometimes, however, they are forced to attack for a variety of reasons. For any mission, roll a d6: on a 1-5, Ferin and his men are the defenders; on a 6, Ferin and his men are the attackers (unless fighting Dark Eldar or Necrons, who are always the attackers).

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© Copyright Patrick Eibel and Kenton Kilgore, May 2000. 


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