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Themed Army Ideas
Other Ork Themed Army Ideas

The Stonefists by Anthony Bilotto 
Orks were my first army and so I have a soft spot in my heart for them. When the Feral Ork rules came out a few years ago, I was elated and quickly converted my army accordingly.  Though it was not a winning army, it was obscenely fun to play.  However, 5th edition seemed to make my list irrelevant, so it was no longer fun to play.  I geared my army up more as a Goff army until the new codex came out.

When the most recent Ork codex came out and it had Weirdboys in it….I got to work.  I wanted a competitive army list, but one that was still true to its roots.  So after great thought and some conversions my Stonefist Orks were born.

The Stonefist tribe was started by Bearrukk Stonefist, who rose to power through his sheer brutality and charisma.  Bearrukk was known for beating his enemies to death with nothing but a stone in hand, bashing his opposition to death with no mercy or second thought to financial gain.  It was Bearrukk’s philosophy that Orks of other tribes were corrupted by “Da Uvers,” the term he used to encompass every other prominent race in the galaxy.

The Stonefist Tribe is one that keeps its level of technology low but still believes it is a necessary gift in order to destroy those enemies who created it.  Therefore, many Goff tribes have joined up with the Stonefist tribe on their journey to purge or convert the other tribes and bring all other races under the control of the Orks.

The Stonefist tribe is unlike any tribe known to the Imperium.  The tribe operates on the selling of Wildboyz and Madboyz to passing Warlords or Rogue Traders in exchange for guns, vehicles, armor, and ammunition.  Staying true to its feral roots the Stonefist tribe relies on brute strength and Waaagh energy to defeat its foes in battle.  Being a mix between the Snakebite and the Goff klans, the Stonefist Tribe is a heavily armored and ferocious foe to take on.  They dominate the battlefield with massive assaults, wild warboars, and giant squiggoths toting big guns.

The Stonefist tribe got its name from its tradition of fighting using stones tied to the hands in a one-on-one match to settle rank disputes.  The Stonefists take combat seriously and feel that it is a thing of honor.  They believe this so much that they will not allow Gretchen to fight in battle, save for menial tasks of holding areas and digging trenches.  Stonefists will even allow for a member of an enemy race to enter their encampment under the requirement that he fight a member of the tribe of the Warbosses’ choosing.

Orks gain ranks in the tribe under the strict laws of pit fighting.  However, whenever a Stonefist Ork loses a rank battle they are either killed on the spot or have their dominant hand chopped off as a sign of their shame.  Therefore, an Ork is allowed only one loss on his rise to power and cowardly assassinations are never an option.

Overall, no kustom mega blastas or zzapp guns may be taken in the army.  No power klaws may be taken for HQ; only Brutes and Brute Bosses (i.e., Nobz) may take power klaws.

A Stonefist army is always lead by a single Warboss.  The Warboss is the charismatic and strong leader who embodies the values of the tribe.  He is undefeated in battle and has his Wyrdboy at his side to maintain direction of the tribe's vision. 

0-1 Wyrdboy.  The Wyrdboy acts as the living word of Gork and Mork, and advises the Warboss.

0-1 Boar Dok.  The ‘ead Dok of the army, the Boar Dok keeps various venoms on his person to treat the various beasts that the Stonefist army has on hand.  However, he also emanates psychic energy that protects units he accompanies as well as units nearby.  The Boar Dok is a Big Mek in all respects.  He must take ‘Ead Shaman's Blessing  (counts as kustom force field) and may not take a power klaw.

Zogwort is the only special character that may be taken in this section.

-2 Brute Mobz.  A Brute is an Ork who has ascended through sheer prowess and brutality and has shown his ability to be a leader of an army.  Brutes count as Nobz and may take any upgrades available, including Boars (Warbikes).

Madboyz (Nobs).  Madboyz are Wildboyz who have grown in size and strength, but not in wit and cunning: they count as Nobz with big choppas (to represent their great strength).  Madboyz are the biggest warriors a Stonefist army has to offer.  A Madboyz army is led by a Brute Boss (Nob with a power klaw) and must be accompanied by a Shaman (Painboy) with Shaman's Blessing (5+ Cybork Bodies) and Word of Gork (Feel no Pain).

Dread Doks are Burna Boyz with Meks.  The army may also include up to one unit of Trappas, who count as either Kommandos or Tankbustas.  A Stonefist army may not include Boss Snikrot or Lootas.

Huntas of the Stonefist Tribe

ildBoyz are Slugga Boyz who may not take special weapons.  They are always led by a Brute Boss (Nob with a power klaw).  Huntas are Shoota Boyz who may take special weaponss and whom are also led by a Brute Boss.  Black Orks are 'ard Boys with a Brute Boss.  One unit (Wildboyz, Huntas, or Black Orks) may be mounted in a Trukk.

Fast Attack
Boar Boys count as Warbikers in all respects.  Up to one unit of Chariots (Warbuggies) may also be taken.  No Deff Koptas or Stormboyz may accompany the army.

Heavy Support
Stonefist Orks ride into battle atop Squiggoths, living behemoths that count as BattleWagons with deffrollas (the better for squashing enemies).  Up to two Dreds and/or one Looted Wagon may be included in the army.  No Flash Gitz or Killa Kans may be taken.

Painting and Modeling
This army would look best using Orc figures from the Warhammer Fantasy line, particularly Savage Orcs.  Armor should be rusted, clothes should be animal hides or plain garb.


General Tactics
"Taktikz?  We don' need no bleedin' taktikz..."

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Posted January 2012.  Images are copyright 2012 Games Workshop.


Fighting Tigers:
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