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Themed Army Ideas
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Da Blood Orks Chapta by Jennifer Burdoo
Jennifer Burdoo is the creator of the Vedic Tiger Warriors,an Imperial Guard force based on the 19th century British Indian Army. This time, she's created the first Themed Army Idea for Orks, mixing their fascination with the color red with their penchant for close combat and their imitative nature. These Orks haven't just looted a vehicle--they've practically looted a whole Space Marine Chapter! 

When a minor Ork Warboss named Karkar Blood Axe appeared in the Armageddon sector, it was no surprise. Hundreds of warbands were ravaging the area, but Karkar's was different. The Imperial Guard units that met him reported at first that they were being attacked by Blood Angels Space Marines. This was baffling, particularly after the Blood Angels' Librarians inspected the aftermath and found numerous pieces of left-over Blood Angels equipment. Often marked with crude Ork glyphs, it nevertheless retained the colors, codex markings and serial numbers of Blood Angel and Fleshtearer armor and weapons lost on Armageddon. Even more surprisingly, Blood Angel motifs such as the blood drop and chalice were found chalked onto undeniably Ork equipment.

After some research, it seems that Karkar's warband was heavily involved with fighting the Blood Angels and Fleshtearers on Armageddon Prime. The shared proclivity of Orks and Angels to vicious close combat and the color red clearly sparked in Karkar a sense of similarity (as well as, surprisingly, a deep and abiding respect) with the sons of Sanguinius. Already a devoted Blood Axe, Karkar began to collect Blood Angels equipment in earnest, even going so far as to paint his own and captured arms and armor in Blood Angels markings. The crash of a fully-loaded Thunderhawk in his vicinity provided much of his first pile of loot. 

Karkar is still on Armageddon, now at the head of his "Chapta." He is not a particularly dangerous opponent, but his "intelleckshul theiv-- uh, er, borrowing" has infuriated the Blood Angels and their successor chapters, who have sworn to destroy him and end this desecration of their sacred name and emblems.

Karkar Bloodaxe is fiercely imitative, and has deliberately organized his warband along Imperial lines, complete with Marine markings and equipment (often cribbed from the Blood Angels). Space Marines, particularly "Red 'Uns," are his favorite subject, and he often makes long, boring speeches to his Nobz about the need "ta do more Marine stuff."

Karkar's army is a jumble of clans, armed with an eclectic mix of Space Marine and Ork equipment. All armor is painted red, with codex unit markings, and many boyz are equipped with looted weapons, armor, and vehicles. 

Fitting with Blood Angels (and Ork) philosophy, the army is designed for close combat, with few heavy weapons and many fast vehicles and assault troops. Interestingly, there are few Gretchin slaves in the army--Karkar says, "Dey're too weedy ta be Marines." The former Grot population, however, was as stoutly Blood Axe as the Orks (before being kicked out by Karkar), and rumors abound of a Imperial Guard Grot regiment. This causes much amusement among local Guard garrisons.

Note:All equipment in this army should be treated as normal stuff from Codex: Orks, regardless of whether it is Ork or Marine-made. All looted Blood Angels equipment has been extensively converted and "doktored" by the Blood Axe Meks and is treated as its Orky equivalent.

As Codex: Orks. Karkar himself wears looted Terminator (i.e. mega) armor with a powerfist (powerclaw) and totes a "'Eavy Bolta" (big shoota). His Nobz wear the ornate Death Company shoulderpads as a mark of their rank, and his Doks and Meks have crude codex markings and colors on their armor to match Apothecaries and Techmarines.

As Codex: Orks. These boyz carry the lion's share of captured equipment. Karkar's pride and joy is his unit of trained "Ussault Boyz," a Stormboyz mob equipped with looted Space Marine jumppacks, pistols and close combat weapons. 'Ard Boys and Skarboys are armed and armored with Marine equipment, and Flash Gitz are often seen with storm bolters or plasma weapons (treat these as More Dakka and Blasta upgrades). There is also a squad of Kommandos; Karkar calls them "Scoutz."

As Codex: Orks, but no Gretchin mobs are present. The bulk of the warband lies in its "Tacktikul Boyz" --masses of Slugga, Shoota and Stikkbomb Boys, equipped with a mix of Ork and Marine weaponry, including "boltas" (treated as shootas), chainswords (choppas), bolt pistols (sluggas) and meltabombs (tankbusta bombs). There are also small units of Tankbustas and Burna Boys, partially armed with missile launchers, meltaguns and other Marine gear.

Fast Attack
As Codex: Orks.Trukk Boys are mounted in open topped Rhinos (taken as trukks). Bikers ride captured Space Marine bikes (usually upgunned with big shootas or captured heavy bolters), and some have converted Marine Attack Bikes into serviceable buggies.

Heavy Support
As Codex: Orks.However, no Big Gunz are allowed, as the Gretchin normally crewing them have absconded. There are no Killa Kans either, though the "IG Grots" are reported to be involved with a missing shipment of Sentinels. Dreadnoughts are usually based on captured Space Marine chassises. Looters and Looted Vehicles abound (Marine choices only) and Karkar's favorite ride is the massive Battlewagon his Meks built from the wreck of a Land Raider Crusader.

Painting and Modeling
This army is for the rabid conversion artist. It should be clear that no special rules are involved; the theme shines through in the modeling, not the rules. Just substitute Space Marine equipment on the model for its Orky effect in the game, and you won't go far wrong.

The guiding principle of this army is that it should look like a Blood Angels army at first glance. Many of the above notes will give you ideas, but almost any Space Marine wargear or vehicle will find a (crude) counterpart somewhere in Codex: Orks. Not every Ork needs be given Marine equipment (after all, this concept could be monetarily expensive to model), but try to give a majority of each unit looted equipment. The fact that both model lines are  done mostly in plastic will help with the converting, and the result should be unique and fun to look at.

Painting should be based loosely on the Blood Angels and their successor chapters--it helps that red is already the Ork's favorite color. Marine and BA decals and markings will give an imitative look to even ordinary Orks.

General Tactics
Blood Angels and Orks have the same basic strategy: charge and beat up on everything in sight. After all, here do you think I got the idea?

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© Copyright Jennifer Burdoo, November 2000. Used with permission.


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