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Themed Army Ideas
Other Dark Eldar Themed Army Ideas

The Kabal of the Ozone Scorpions
Recently, I underwent out-patient surgery (nothing serious, thank you). Something about all those needles and scalpels and mind-altering drugs always reminds me of the Dark Eldar--and how dull I find them. The Dark Eldar army lists I've seen on other websites seem tediously familiar: Archon with Incubi, Wyches, Scourges, some Ravagers and special characters thrown in for good measure. 

This Themed Army Idea is an example of what I call the the cult of personality army. That is, it's centered around a specific, well-defined leader; the rest of the army is chosen to reflect this leader's character. The Kabal of the Ozone Scorpions features lots of Raider Squads, lots of Reavers, and up to three Taloses. It also features an unusual color scheme.

Symbol of the Ozone ScorpionsSyryx Lynatharr and the Kabal of the Ozone Scorpions (symbol at right) lost a power struggle against Asdrubael Vect and the Kabal of the Black Heart and fled Commorragh. Settling on the planet Veda, the Dark Eldar found it ridiculously easily to enslave the primitive humans of the Regulus Secundus system and exploit its great natural wealth. In their first action as a new Space Marine Chapter, the Fighting Tigers defeated the Ozone Scorpions, captured Syryx Lynatharr, and imprisoned him, alive and conscious, in a stasis chamber. Eight hundred years later, during the attack on Veda by the Warband Bloodcomet, Lynatharr’s stasis chamber was damaged and he managed to escape and rebuild his Kabal.

Since its exile from Commorragh, the Kabal has had to stay one step ahead of its enemies; the army is fast even by Dark Eldar standards. In addition, Syryx Lynatharr is completely paranoid and will not allow any individuals to grow powerful enough to threaten his hold over the Kabal. Therefore, an Ozone Scorpions army would consist of ONLY the units listed below.

Syryx Lynatharr, Dark Eldar Archon, who spent 800 years incarcerated alive but conscious inside a stasis field and now burns for revenge against the Fighting Tigers (see Optional Rules below). His wargear varies, but always includes a shadow field and a Reaver jetbike.

Syryx is aided by the Haemonculus Dr. Jheste, who keeps him supplied with a steady stream of anti-psychotic drugs (all those centuries in confinement drove Syryx mad as hatter). In battle, Dr. Jheste plays an important role, accompanying a nine-member Raider squad and--at a strategic moment--opening a webway portal that allows the Warrior Squads and Taloses to pounce upon the Kabal's prey.

None--Syryx doesn't trust any of them!

Warrior squads, each with 20 members, and Raider squads, each with 10 Warriors (save for Dr. Jheste's squad, which has 9 members).

Fast Attack
Reaver jetbike squads, each with 10 riders. 

Heavy Support 
Taloses (each one's a big metal scorpion, after all!)

Modeling and Painting
Similar to the villainous Dallas Cowboys, the Ozone Scorpions wear Ice Blue and Mithril Silver. The Kabal has recently been exposed to bizarre radiation and each has been horrifically altered: paint their skin Chaos Black and their hair Skull White (anyone remember the Drow from AD&D?).

General Tactics
The Ozone Scorpions are fast even by Dark Eldar standards. To make up for the fact that the Scorpions don't have Elite units, their army should be large (I recommend taking a full detachment, including 3 full Raider squads, 3 full Warriors Squads, and 3 full Reaver squads) and will rely on shooting instead of close combat. When hand-to-hand combat is inevitable, Syryx Lynatharr and the Reavers do the bulk of the fighting. 

The Kabal's general battle plan is for Syryx to lead the Reavers into an assault against the enemy's flank while the Raider squads move into a supporting position near the enemy. Dr. Jheste will then open the webway portal and summon overwhelming numbers of Warriors and Taloses. 

Optional rules
Screaming for Vengeance: So fierce is Lynatharr’s hatred for the Fighting Tigers that each captured Fighting Tiger (see the "Capturing Prisoners" rule in Codex: Dark Eldar) is worth 2 Victory Points in missions where Victory Points are used.

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© Copyright Kenton Kilgore, May 2000. 


Fighting Tigers:
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