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Inquisitor Varman Kumar
Back in the bad old days of Second Edition 40K, players had the option of choosing Allies from other armies to accompany their main army into battle. Thus, it was possible to bring along a few squads of Imperial Guardsmen with your Space Marines, or vice versa. I had a lot of Allies for my Fighting Tigers, and one of them, Inquisitor Varman Kumar, was indispensable when battling my pal Brian and his Khorne army, which was usually led by a Bloodthirster.

When Second Edition gave way to Third, I eliminated my Allied units. With the publication of Codex: Daemonhunters, Inquisitor Varman Kumar returns to aid the Tigers and the rest of the Imperium. 

In the 35th Millennium, Inquisitor Varman Kumar, acting on a tip from a Rogue Trader, traveled the eastern side of the Maelstrom (an area similar to the Eye of Terror) in search of human worlds lying outside the Imperium. He came across the Regulus Secundus system and was horrified to discover that the ninth planet, Veda, and its millions of human inhabitants were enslaved by the Ozone Scorpions, exiled renegades from the Dark Eldar city Commorragh. 

Kumar alerted his superiors and, three years later, returned to Veda with the newly-formed Fighting Tigers Space Marine Chapter. The Tigers took the planet, captured the Dark Eldar Archon, and incorporated the system into the Imperium.

Several hundred years later, Kumar reappeared on Veda during the crisis known as the Shindering of the Templars, when Khornate followers and daemons of the Warband Bloodcomet ambushed the Tigers. Kumar gathered the Tigers’ allies from several worlds and led them as a cohesive force. Thanks to him, the Tigers were able to regroup and counterattack, ultimately prevailing.

Since then, Kumar has visited Veda and other planets near the Maelstrom to warn of threats, root out heretics, and to lend assistance. In the nearly 5000 years since his first arrival on Veda, he has not seemed to age more than ten years or so, and he often makes references, with unerring accuracy, to events in the near and distant future. He has been seen on one planet and appeared moments later on another several light-years away. 

Obviously, Kumar has some ability to transverse space and time at will, but none beside him know whether this is by some psychic ability or alien technology. When asked, he frequently mumbles something about “tachyon manipulation” and ends further queries with the gruff retort, “Leave questions to the professional.”

Kumar prefers to work behind the scenes as an advisor and leaving the bulk of the fighting (if necessary) to others. To that end, he has an extensive range of contacts and maintains them through friendliness, favors, and persuasion. His motto is, “The smile often extracts more information than the rack.” Despite his friendly demeanor, Kumar is a ruthless opponent with a vengeful streak, particularly against those who have harmed people under his care. 

Kumar finds Grey Knights ponderous and insufficiently subtle (“They’re always breaking something valuable,”) and is extremely reluctant to include them in any mission he is undertaking. They may be included for special missions or scenarios, as an Inquisitor never rules out any asset, but if you mean to stay true to the spirit of this army, try to limit the frequency of their use.

Varman Kumar is an Ordo Malleus Inquisitor Lord. Throughout his thousands of years of service to the Imperium, he has used a variety of weapons, traveled with an assortment of underlings, and displayed numerous psychic powers. In game terms, he may be equipped with any items, henchmen, or powers (subject to normal limits) from the Daemonhunter Armory (page 16 of Codex: Daemonhunter). 

From time to time, Kumar has been known to work with other Inquisitors, so, if desired, they may be used, with or without their own retinue. Being a Puritan, Kumar would never employ a Daemonhost.

Kumar is almost always accompanied by an Assassin clad in dark red and given the codename of “The Crimson Rakshasa.” The Assassin may be of any temple (Callidus, Culexus, Eversor, or Vindicare). Kumar has also been known to include one or more Death-Cult Assassins in his forces.

Crimson RakshasaCrimson Rakshasa
Left: Crimson Rakshasa, Temple Callidus. Right: Temple Eversor

Kumar prefers to use Inquisitorial Stormtroopers. From time to time, he will gather together units of Ebon Leopards of Kente (inducted Imperial Guard Infantry Platoons) or Fighting Tigers of Veda (inducted Space Marine Tactical or Scout Squads) to aid him.

Fast Attack
If necessary, Kumar will induct Fighting Tiger units or perhaps a few cavalry squads from the Ebon Leopards.

Heavy Support
Kumar prefers to use Fighting Tiger units, such as a squad of Tigers of Agni (Devastators). He rarely will call down an Orbital Strike on a target.

Painting and Modeling
Kumar is a dark-skinned man who usually wears brown and yellow power armor. His retinue and any accompanying Inquisitors may be painted as desired. As previously noted, the Crimson Rakshasa should, naturally, be painted in reddish tones. Kumar’s Stormtroopers usually have at least some part of their armor painted brown and yellow. Ebon Leopards and Fighting Tigers should be painted in their respective colors.

Kente battle flagFighting Tiger
Left: Battle flag of the Ebon Leopards. Right: Fighting Tiger of Veda

General Tactics
The forces of Chaos often rush to battle, and Kumar seeks to deny them the close combat they favor. He typically assembles a very “shooty” army and waits patiently for them to enter the range of his men’s weapons. Kumar and his retinue usually serve to counterattack. 

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First posted October 2003; revised July 2008 


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