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Introduction <> City Terrain

City Terrain
As I mentioned in the introduction, what you're going to see here is not meant to be high-quality, “realistic,” or “artistic.” It's stuff that's good enough for your garage or rec room, something you can slap together fairly quickly and set your beer bottle or can of soda on when you invite the guys over for some brutality. Pretty it ain't, but it is functional, durable, and cheap to make. 

Ruined Archeotech Lab (WIP)
The first piece I'm doing is a big stonkin' one.  Whenever I buy electronic gear, it seems a shame to throw out the way-cool Stryofoam packaging that comes with.  The piece below said "research laboratory" to me, so that's what it will be.  As this is 40K, the lab, will of course, be suitably destroyed.  

So, I simply started tearing hunks off the piece and used a pencil to poke many, many, "bullet holes" inside and outside it.  I made some of the holes quite large, as if fired by autocannons or similar weaponry, and some of them I tore right through the "walls."  It's not done yet, but take a look at what I have so far:

This will be the front of the lab, with the open space being where a door once was

You're not supposed to spray-paint Styrofoam, because doing so melts the surface.  If you know that, though, you can use that to your advantage.  
I deliberately sprayed this portion to make it look like it had taken a multi-melta hit

I then painted the piece by hand to put down a basecoat of grey

It needs another coat of grey, and some black wash.  Then I can start "decorating" the inside with debris, including ruined "equipment"

Ruined Archeotech Lab (completed)
After basecoating the Styrofoam structure, I rooted through my bits box and came up with all kinds of odds and ends and bric-a-brac to glue on.  The theme for this terrain piece was that it was once a laboratory used to examine and conduct experiments on archeotech that might have been recovered by Rogue Traders, the Adeptus Mechanicus, Space Marines, or other agents of the Imperium.  It has since been mostly destroyed in one or more battles, but valuable items might remain.  

I have no idea what most of the pieces are supposed to be: I just picked them because they looked cool and I wanted to use them.  Some of them I had cannabilized from other model kits, some were parts from household items.   

The whole thing is 22" across, 14" from front to back, and the "walls" are 3 1/2" high.  The cylinders on top of the walls are plastic capsules that held tiny toys; it's the sort of thing you might find in a candy machine for 25 or so.  Are they supports for a destroyed upper floor?  Energy pods?  Something else?  Don't know/don't care. 

A close-up of one corner.  The round pieces are unneded footbases from a Wii Fitness balance board.  They could be stasis containment areas, they could be teleportation pads.  A hatch from an old-school Rhino goes down to a subterranean level.

I made the centerpiece of the lab out of a clear plastic dice box stuffed with cottonballs, attached to a base of some kind, and adorned with other bits.  It could be an energy device or it could be something to keep a trapped Warp entity inside.

I could have put more stuff inside and on the walls, but I wanted to leave room for figures to be placed inside.  I could have also used other materials to make all or part of a roof, but that would make it more difficult to use and get line-of-sight to during game play.

I glued some of the broken chunks of Stryofoam to the floor (and on top of one of the circular pieces) to represent rubble from the shattered walls.  I added another coat of grey to the walls and floors and such, then blackwashed them few times.  Despite my best efforts, little of the grey or black made it into most of the "bullet holes," so they appear white in the photos and in real life.  As this is just terrain I intend to use at home and not something I'd exhibit at a Golden Demon contest, I didn't worry too much about it.

The rear view, with the "multi-melta blast" I showed you before on an outside wall, made by spraypainting the bare Styrofoam to make a melted effect. Ordinarily, I spray-varnish all my models (figures, vehicles, and terrain) to maintain the paint, but I don't think I will with this one, just in case.

Amongst the rubble of the ruin, Fighting Tigers of Veda confront some of Yblis's Centurions.

Now that I'm done with the lab, it's time to build some cityscape to go around it.  More about that some other time....

First posted April 2013.  Latest update June 2013


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