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Codex: Fighting Tigers of Veda (pg 17)
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Other Special Characters
The characters on this page aren't what most 40K gamers would consider  "special characters" (meaning that they have no additional rules), but I've included them because they appear (or are at least mentioned) in other parts of this website, particularly the Blood Deserts of Auros IX Campaign and some of the short stories.
Zaghnal Maratha
Tiger of Brihaspati and advisor to Raja Khandar Madu
Zaghnal Maratha is the seniormost Tiger of Brihaspati (or Librarian) in the Chapter and Raja Khandar Madu's closest advisor. He is an intellectual, and despises the forces of Chaos not so much for their brutality and perfidy so much as for what he sees as their gross stupidity. Zaghnal Maratha is also an important character in the story Tigers Eternal.

Zaghnal Maratha

Zaghnal Maratha is an Epistolary. He uses a jump pack to swiftly get into battle.

“This is the main library of the Fighting Tigers, where we keep the Rigsamayajur Mahaduyana, the sacred text that records our history. So far, it consists of over 458,000 vidpages of iambic verse. As the seniormost Tiger of Brihaspati, it is my task to maintain and add to the collection. 
So you were right: I am a poet.”

Zaghnal Maratha, to the Venerable Dreadnought Ferin Ironhammer, from the story Tigers Eternal

Talwar Chakram
Tiger of Varuna and former advisor to Shamshir Talatra
Until recently, Talwar Chakram was the seniormost Tiger of Varuna (or Chaplain) in the Chapter. Her relationship with Raja Shamshir Talatra  was strained, as she believed he was the wrong choice to be Raja. She was frequently forced to rein in the stubborn, impetuous Shamshir Talatra and remind him of his responsibilities and duties to the Chapter. Talwar Chakram appeared in the Blood Deserts of Auros IX Campaign.   Talwar Chakram wore Terminator armor and was killed defending RS 19, the outermost planet in Veda's system, from Hivefleet Ravana. 

Talwar Chakram

“Got to get you up,” Shamshir said, as he reached under her arms. With her last bit of strength, she turned her head and spat, using the Betcher’s Gland. The acidic saliva missed his face, hit the collar of his armor. Sizzled and melted part of it before he wiped it off. 

“Should have shot you,” she whispered, “when we left you. Bahl will kill you…if Ravana doesn’t. She’ll be a fine Raja. Better than you. Always knew….” 

His red eyes held hers as she slipped into the dark. Gently, he lowered her to the ground. 

Talwar Chakram's death

Tigers Eternal: Surya Ashoka and Shrendi Vashtar
Former Rajas of the Fighting Tigers of Veda, regents to Maharaja Shiva Nagordarika
Tiger Eternal Surya Ashoka
Tiger Eternal Shrendi Vashtar
Left: Tiger Eternal Surya Ashoka, former Raja of Mahaduyana
Right: Tiger Eternal Shrendi Vashtar, former Raja of Ghuyarashtra

These two Rajas saved the Fighting Tigers of Veda in their darkest hour. After Shiva and most of the Chapter were lost in the surprise attack by the Warband Bloodcomet, Surya and Vashtar rallied the Tigers' allies (including the Ebon Leopards of Kente) to defend Veda while the Tigers regrouped and counterattacked. The Warband Bloodcomet was destroyed but the Chapter was not saved yet.

Surya and Vashtar defied conventional doctrine in their efforts to rebuild the Chapter, daring to forge alliances with the Space Wolves and various Eldar, instituting the practice of purusha (cloning) to provide suitable recruits, even going so far as  introducing females as Space Marines. Had conservative elements within the Administratum learned of any of these events as they occurred, Surya and Vashtar would surely have been executed as heretics and the Fighting Tigers would have been disbanded. It is a credit to both men that they were able to keep the Tigers' secrets safe until the Chapter was rebuilt. Surya and Vashtar appear in the story Dharma.

These Tigers Eternal are Dreadnoughts. Surya Ashoka's left arm is equipped with a missile launcher. Surya's right arm is equipped with a twin-linked lascannon. Surya is equipped with extra armor. Shrendi Vashtar's left arm is equipped with a Dreadnought close combat weapon and built-in heavy flamer. Vashtar's right arm is equipped with a multimelta. Vashtar  is also equipped with extra armor.

“Loath as I am to admit it, our recent setbacks—and the discovery of Hive Fleet Ravana--put our Chapter in considerable jeopardy,” said Surya.

Vashtar smiled grimly. “The Tigers,” he said, “could not stop a Gretchin scavenger hunt at the moment, let alone the Tyranids.”

from the story Dharma

Jirbu Ghosh
Tiger of Indra
Jirbu Ghosh is a Fighting Tiger Kshatriya, or Captain. She is young and brave and is the heir-apparent to Raja Khandar Madu. Jirbu Ghosh appears in the Tooth and Claw Campaign.

Jirbu Ghosh

Captain Jirbu Ghosh often uses a plasma pistol, and is often accompanied by a Singh (Command) Squad.

When the stone door to her cell finally ground open and the Dark Eldar came for her, Fighting Tiger Captain Jirbu Ghosh was ready. She had lain for a long time, perhaps days, stripped of her armor and heavily chained, on the hard granite floor, where a thin layer of gravel chafed her with every movement she attempted. She had passed the time by recalling her training and by reflecting on particular verses of the Rigsamayajur Mahaduyana, the sacred text of her Chapter. And her current incarnation was not the first to die by torture. She was ready.

From Tooth and Claw

This is the end of the special character section of Codex: Fighting Tigers of Veda. The next section discusses how--and why--I created the Fighting Tigers of Veda as I did. If you're creating your own army (even if it's not Space Marines) you'll find plenty of  valuable lessons that will save you time and effort.
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