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Summer in the City
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Summer in the City--Battle 2  by Patrick Eibel and Kenton Kilgore 
(“Urban Assault”; 2000 points each)

“Urban Assault” is another scenario from Codex: Cities of Death. Each player selects a building to defend and the other player tries to take it. Like most C: COD missions, it sounds much simpler than it actually is, as Pat and I learned. Like the other games in this campaign, we played this at the Omega level, meaning that the Random Game Length and Dusk and Dawn conditions would be in effect, and that each of us would have three cityfighting strategems at our disposal.

“The Empire” (1999 points of Daemonhunters)  by Patrick Eibel
In keeping with the rules of the campaign, I nominated Grey Knight Squad 3 as my Most Valuable Players from the previous battle: they had held a building and fended off two charges from Flesh Hounds and a charge from Bloodletters. We rolled randomly for their Battle Honor and wound up with them gaining the Tank Hunter ability. As Kenton fields exactly zero vehicles in his army, this result was underwhelming, to say the least. 

Again, according to the rules of the campaign, I had to bring my MVPs to the next battle: the Justicar with his auspex and four Grey Knights (two of whom packed psycannons) came to 202 points. As for the rest of my army, I brought:

  • Grey Knight Hero w/ Sacred Incense, Holy Relic, Icon of the Just, Grimoire of True Names, Destroy Daemon (161 points)
  • Grey Knight Retinue. Four Terminators, including one w/ incinerator (199 points)
  • Inquisitor Lord Vader w/ artificer armor, anointed weapon, storm shield, Emperor’s Tarot, frag grenades, psychic hood, consecrated scrolls, purity seals, Scourging, Destroy Daemon (171 points). Retinue of two Acolytes, two Mystics, one Sage, two Hierophants, one Warrior w/ plasma gun, one Warrior w/ melta gun, one Familiar (100 points)
  • Callidus Assassin Aurra Singh(120 points) 
  • Grey Knight Squad 1. Justicar w/ auspex, four Grey Knights (two have psycannons) (202 points)
  • Grey Knight Squad 2. Justicar w/ auspex, four Grey Knights (two have psycannons) (202 points)
  • Grey Knight Squad 4. Justicar w/ purity seals, seven Grey Knights (two have incinerators) (250 points)
  • Inquisitorial Storm Troopers. Sergeant w/ close combat weapon, teleport homer; seven Troopers w/ hell guns, two Troopers w/ flamers (131 points). Chimera w/ heavy bolter (turret), heavy bolter (hull), psycannon bolts, extra armor, smoke launchers (103 points)
  • Grey Knight Dreadnought w/ missile launcher, twin-linked lascannon, extra armor, smoke, blessed (158 points)
As you can see, still plenty of Grey Knights, of course, for playing Whack-a-Mole with daemons, plus a Chimera for my single squad (instead of the two I brought in the previous game) of Storm Troopers, and a Callidus Assassin instead of a Vindicare. Goodbye, Priest and Arcoflagellants (Witch Hunter allies) and goodbye, Grey Knight Land Raider (at nearly 300 points, hard to justify in smaller games, even if it was effective). 

Grey Knight Squad 3 and the Ghost Tygers, respective MVPs of the previous game 

“Fearful Symmetry” (1997 points of Chaos Space Marines)  by Kenton Kilgore
As promised in my post-game analysis after the last battle, I dropped the Havocs with missile launchers and gave my squads more Chaos Icons to summon daemons with. For my MVPs, I nominated the Ghost Tygers (Flesh Hounds), who, after a literally slow start in the last game, seemed to be everywhere and did some serious damage. We randomly rolled a Battle Honor and they received the ability to re-roll difficult terrain tests. Schweet! 

  • Shamshir Talatra. Chaos Lord w/ bike, Mark of Chaos Undivided, darkblade, personal icon, daemonic strength, one Chaos Hound (152 points)
  • Five Chosen w/ Mark of Chaos Undivided, Infiltrate veteran skill, bolt pistols and close combat weapons. One has a flamer; one is an Aspiring Champion w/ a power fist; one is an Aspiring Champion w/ power weapon, personal icon, sorcerer ability, familiar, Wind of Chaos, Doombolt (211 points)
  • Lesser Rakshasa Pack 0. Ten Daemonettes (150 points) 
  • Lesser Rakshasa Pack 1. Ten Daemonettes (150 points)
  • Lesser Rakshasa Pack 2. Ten Daemonettes (150 points)
  • Lesser Rakshasa Pack 3. Ten Daemonettes (150 points)
  • Greater Rakshasa Pack 1. Seven Bloodletters (182 points)
  • Greater Rakshasa Pack 2. Seven Bloodletters (182 points)
  • Ghost Tygers. Ten Flesh Hounds (210 points)
  • Havoc Squad 1. One has Icon; four have flamers; all have Infiltrate veteran skill and Mark of Chaos Undivided (220 points)
  • Havoc Squad 2. One has Icon; two have plasma guns; two have melta guns; all have Infiltrate veteran skill and Mark of Chaos Undivided (240 points)

Setting Up
We played at Pat’s house. Per the guidelines in Codex: Cities of Death for an Omega-level mission, we played on a 4' x 6' table with as much urban terrain as Pat had. We consulted the Dusk and Dawn condition, rolled, and determined that the battle was beginning at dusk and that the Night Fighting rule would be in effect starting on Turn 6. 

Also per Codex: CoD, we declared our cityfighting strategems. I chose Infiltrate, Ammo Store, and Booby Traps. My plan was to infiltrate all my Chaos Space Marines, hold up in my building, and use the extra ammo and the booby traps to keep Pat’s guys out. Pat chose Deep Strike (for the Grey Knight Terminators and Grey Knight Squad 4), Combat Engineers, and Fortifications (for his main building).

We had left the terrain the same as the previous game. Pat won the roll to pick deployment quarters and set up the Inquisitor (and crew), Grey Knight Squads 1 and 2, and the Dreadnought in the building he chose to defend. He put Grey Knight Squad 3 (with the useless Tank-Hunter skill) in the building next door. He also put the Chimera and the Storm Troopers near the center of the board. He kept his Grey Knight Hero, Terminators, Callidus, and Squad 4 in reserve.

Deployment. Vader, Grey Knights, and Dreadnought cluster in the building to be held, while Fearful Symmetry Marines infiltrate

I deployed all of my Marines on his right flank, as close as possible while still staying in cover. He used the Callidus’ A Word in Your Ear ability to move my Havocs with flamers back 6", but they were still in cover. 

None of Pat’s auspexes spotted my guys, so there was no pre-game shooting. The Emperor’s Tarot gave Pat +1 on his roll to see who went first or second, but I rolled a “6” and went first. 

Deployment. Havoc Squad 1 is closest to the enemy. Havoc Squad 2 is on the top floor of the building in the foreground.
The Chosen are on the bottom floor, and Shamshir Talatra is behind a tower. White tiger figures with the Havocs are Chaos Icons.

Turn 1
Shamshir Talatra, the Chosen, and Havoc Squad 1 (with the flamers) advanced; Havoc Squad 2 stayed put to fire on Inquisitor Lord Vader and his retinue. I managed to score some Wounds, despite both plasma guns missing (with “2’s”), but Pat’s guys made their 3+ saves (thanks to the Fortifications stratagem).

Pat’s forces shifted for better firing positions: Grey Knight Squad 3 moving over inside their building, the Chimera backing up 6", and the Dreadnought moving away from the Chaos Marine advance. The Dread’s twin-linked lascannon missed the Chosen, but its missile launcher hit: alas for Pat, my guy made his cover save. Vader attempted to use Scourging on them, but the Chosen were juuuuuuust (perhaps ¼ of an inch) out of range. Grey Knight Squads 1 and 2 inflicted a total of 8 Wounds on the Chosen, but I made all my saves. Just when I was feeling cocky, however, the Chimera’s heavy bolters dropped two members of Havoc Squad 1.

Good thing for the bad guys that the Chosen are just a hair out of range of Vader's Scourging power

Turn 2
Rolling for my daemonic reserves, I was pleased to see that Lesser Rakshasa Pack 3, Greater Rakshasa Pack 2, and the Ghost Tygers came on. Inquisitor Vader, however, called upon the power of his two Mystics to allow Grey Knight Squads 1 and 2 to open fire, dropping three Daemonettes and two Bloodletters. Swine!

Determined not to let this go unavenged, the Lesser Rakshasas (Daemonettes) and Ghost Tygers (Flesh Hounds) charged Vader’s retinue. Vader’s flunkies went first (because they were in cover), killing four Daemonettes and one Flesh Hound. The daemons then slew eight of Vader’s retinue, and the Inquisitor Lord opted to automatically pass his Morale check and stay in the fight with his two remaining henchmen.

Lesser Rakshasas (Daemonettes) and Ghost Tygers (Flesh Hounds) charge Vader and his retinue 

On Pat’s turn, the Grey Knight Hero, his Terminator retinue, Grey Knight Squad 4, and the Callidus all come in from reserves. The Grey Knights teleported in to confront the oncoming squads of Chosen, Havocs, and Bloodletters; the Callidus appeared behind the Chosen. The Chimera backed up another 12" and the Storm Troopers dismounted.

In the Shooting Phase, the Storm Troopers lit up Havoc Squad 1, killing four of them. The Dreadnought also fired at them, killing another one. The Grey Knight Hero and his bodyguard fired at the Bloodletters, killing two. Grey Knight Squad 3 also fired on those daemons, but didn’t bring down any. Grey Knight Squads 1 and 2 fired at Shamshir Talatra (who was the closest target), and managed to kill his Chaos Hound (poor Panja the Tiger!) and wound him once. Grey Knight Squad 4 and the Callidus fired on the Chosen, with no success: the Chosen made their saves against the incinerators and storm bolters, and the neural shredder failed to wound. strong. Must...not make...cheesy "Empire"...striking back...

The Callidus then charged the Chosen, killing two of them before they hacked her down. Vader used his Destroy Daemon power, but managed no kills. The Daemonettes killed the last remaining henchmen, and, because none of them were actually in base-to-base contact with Vader, consolidated towards the Storm Troopers*

*We found out later that this was incorrect: the Daemonettes should have formed in around Vader.

Turn 3
The rest of my daemons came on the board, manifesting off Icons carried by each Chaos Marine unit. Havoc Squad 1 returned the favor on the Storm Troopers, shooting 8 dead; the two survivors failed their Morale check, began falling back, and would take no further significant part in the game. Havoc Squad 2 fired on Grey Knight Squad 4, killing two of them. 

In the Assault Phase, the Chosen and a whole bunch of daemons charged a whole bunch of Grey Knights. Grey Knight Squad 1 killed four Lesser Rakshasas (Daemonettes) that had stormed their building, but then lost three of their own and held on (being Fearless, and all) to continue the fight. Daemonettes killed all four Grey Knight Termie bodyguards, but before they went, the Good Guys (including the GK Hero) pasted two Daemonettes and four Bloodletters. Grey Knight Squad 4 wiped out the Chosen but got hammered by the Bloodletters, losing three guys. Back at Pat’s fortified building, Vader killed a Ghost Tyger (Flesh Hound), but lost a Wound.

Daemons dogpile on the Grey Knights, but Shamshir Talatra (at the base of the building) fails to get into hand-to-hand combat

On my turn, Shamshir Talatra had bricked a difficult terrain test to reach the Grey Knights in the building, and now Pat made him pay for it. Grey Knight Squad 2 moved to the edge of the building and shot him dead. The Dreadnought and Grey Knight Squad 3 combined their fire to shoot dead six Daemonettes from Lesser Rakshasa Pack 2, and the daemons lost another one to a failed Instability check. The Chimera drove into the building that Havoc Squad 1 was in and fired, killing two and leaving only one Chaos Space Marine from that squad. 

In the Assault Phase, the Ghost Tygers wounded Vader again, but the Inquisitor Lord hacked down two of them. Rakshasas whaled on the Grey Knight Hero, but he survived, only losing a single Wound. The forces of Chaos had better luck against the rest of the Grey Knights, killing the rest of Squad 1 and Squad 4. Lesser Rakshasa Pack 1 swept into Grey Knight Squad 2.

The Good Guys keep hanging in there against the Mean Ol' Puddytats from the Warp

Turn 4
Continuing with the dogpile in the middle of the board, the daemons dropped one Knight from GK Squad 2, took down the Grey Knight Hero, and finally brought down Inquisitor Lord Vader as well, at the loss of three Lesser Rakshasas: not too shabby! On his turn, Pat’s Dreadnought waddled into his building to hold it. The Chimera gunned down six Daemonettes with those cursed psycannon bolts, and Grey Knight Squad 3 shot three Flesh Hounds dead. The  Dreadnought charged the rest of the Ghost Tygers, killing one and causing the other two to go “poof” into the Warp after they botched an Instability test. Grey Knight Squad 2 struck down another Daemonette, and the melee continued. 

Grey Knight Squad 2 vs. Lesser Rakshasa Pack 1 (which use the rules for Daemonettes)

Turn 5
Havoc Squad 2 (the one with the plasma guns and melta guns) moved into the building I meant to defend. The Ghost Tygers took advantage of the Sustained Attack ability vs. Grey Knights to come onto the board again and charge back into Pat’s building. Lesser Rakshasas charged the Dreadnought (I was hoping the Daemonettes would be able to rend him), but whiffed, and the Dread responded by killing two of them: the rest went “poof” to failed Instability, much as the Ghost Tygers (Flesh Hounds) had the turn before. The Daemonettes fighting Grey Knight Squad 2, however, were more successful, wiping out their enemies.

Ghost Tygers (Flesh Hounds) get back into the fight, and the Grey Knights are finally overwhelmed

Pat pulled back his Chimera, firing as it retreated, killing a Daemonette. Grey Knight Squad 3 fired again on Ghost Tygers, killing four and costing them another one from a botched Instability test. 

Turn 6
Dusk fell, but there wasn’t much shooting to be had anyway, for my part. Havoc Squad 2 entrenched themselves in my chosen building, and three packs of Daemonettes (Lesser Rakshasas 0, 1, and 3) came back on the board thanks to Sustained Attack. The Ghost Tygers attempted to charge Grey Knight Squad 3, but could not reach them. Lesser Rakshasa Pack 1 was much more successful, charging the Dreadnought, rending his armor, and destroying him in a huge explosion that took out two Daemonettes. 
Pat attempted to move his last unit of Grey Knights out of the building they were in and into his building of choice, but rolled poorly for difficult terrain. They contented themselves with firing on the Flesh Hounds, killing three. The Chimera also fired on them, nixing the last two.

We rolled the Loyal Green Die™ to see if the game would go on, but Fate demanded that the game ended there. Because neither of us held the other fellow’s building,* the game was a draw.

*Daemons that return to play by the Sustained Attack rule do not count as scoring units and cannot hold objectives. Thus, though Lesser Rakshasa Pack 1 was in Pat’s building, they did not count as holding it. 

Grey Knight Squad 3 cannot reach the fortified building, but the Ghost Tygers cannot reach them, either

Campaign Points Earned, Game 2
Fearful Symmetry: 11
The Empire: 9

Campaign Points Earned, Games 1-2
The Empire: 26
Fearful Symmetry: 16

Post-Game Analysis  by Patrick Eibel
Looking over the game summary, I am pleased that I managed to eke out a tie. If Kenton had gotten any of his surviving original units (I think there was a unit of two Bloodletters left) into my building, he would have won. While I played fairly well, I made some huge tactical errors that contributed to nearly losing.

First, I chose poorly when selecting a building. I chose a building that had a wide platform underneath to accommodate the Inquisitor and retinue, but the building was right on the edge of my deployment zone. I totally spaced on the fact that this meant that daemon units that were recycled could end up charging right into the building with a good terrain roll. Coupled with Kenton’s infiltrating units starting 18" away from the start, and I knew I was in for a long day.

My initial plan was to hold my building with the psycannon units and the Inquisitor, and have the Storm Troopers move toward the target building and have the teleporting units home in there to claim it. However, my poor deployment meant that I was going to be overwhelmed in my building far too quickly, which would leave it empty for Kenton to claim. Just bad all the way round, and it resulted in the much-too-expensive Terminators getting wiped in two rounds, just like the last game.

The only thing that saved me (quite literally) was all of the toys the Daemonhunters get to play with. The GK Hero and Vader each had lots of stuff to help them go toe-to-toe with the daemons (although I got confused who had what at times), which helped to prolong the combats long enough that supporting units could get into position. Normally, I am against spending a lot of points on one figure, but in this case it was warranted. 

However, spending 120 points on the Callidus was a plain waste. The “Word In Your Ear” ability really had no effect, and a 4+ invulnerable save just doesn’t last long against a squad of Chosen. A Daemonhunter army is usually outnumbered because of how expensive they are, and bringing expensive individuals just makes it worse. Next battle: no Assassins!

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to think of a cunning plan that can get totally botched for the next battle.

A shot from Turn 4, as the Dreadnought prepares to stave off waves of daemons

Post-Game Analysis  by Kenton Kilgore
I played better than I did in the last game, but still not good enough for a win. My fundamental error was in misreading the victory conditions for the mission. I had believed that I had to occupy my own building and knock Pat out of his: actually, I had to occupy his and keep him out of mine. While I had Pat on the defensive the entire game and his forces never threatened to take my building, I failed to get a scoring unit into his building by the end of the game. What I should have done was had the Havoc Squad with the plasma guns and melta guns follow the daemons in. 

I had some smaller mistakes which also contributed to not winning. Once again, I stuck the Chosen out front where Pat could shoot at them. I forgot to use any of the Aspiring Champion Sorcerer’s psychic powers. I also managed to get Shamshir Talatra killed, this time by making him the closest target and by failing to move him into close combat (where he is a beast) as soon as possible. 

I somewhat console myself with the thought that this was only my second real game with this army (I’ve played a practice game before with my daughter, Beth), my first time playing “Urban Assault,” and the second time I’ve played using the Cities of Death rules. But I’m going to have to improve dramatically if I hope to have any shot at winning this campaign. I’m down by 10 campaign points with one game left to go: I’m going to have to beat Pat in the next game (no easy task) and rack up some bonus points by killing Vader, waxing most of his Troops, and getting into his deployment zone. This won’t be easy. 

Summer in the City
Introduction <> Battle #1 <> Battle #2 <> Battle #3 <> Final Thoughts

Posted: July 2007


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