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Saga of the Wolf King
Introduction <> Battle #1 <> Battle #2 <> Battle #3

Saga of the Wolf King: Introduction  by Patrick Eibel 

The Wolf King sat
On his throne, he sat
Looking over his great hall, his land, his people
He had tamed all that was wild
The wind, the ice, the wolf
To provide a save place for his people to dwell

Still he was ever vigilant 
Against any threat
He was prepared to fight any foe
His axe was sharp, his mind strong

One day a crone, shriveled and bent came to his hall
She said her home was in the mountains
Stone cold, rock hard
But it was her family home and she could not leave

Deep in the mountain a wyrm had come
Scaled horror, fang sharp
Had come to claim the mountain and the riches that were buried there
The hag held forth her hand, revealing a silver, etched ring
Cold fire shine!
"I give this boon to you, my lord
A ring of power, of prowess
Help me in my need and rid the mountain of this menace"

The Wolf King laughed and snatched the ring from her claw
Vice-like talon, venomous grip
Placing it on his finger, he felt the power, howled
"I will slay this creature for you, my loyal subject
And no thing will harm you as I yet live"
And the Wolf King called for his axe and mount
And left his great hall

As he journeyed to the mountain
Wolves fell in behind him, drawn to the power of the ring
Drawn to their leader
Howling in the night

And so after a time, 
The King and his wolves came to the lair of the wyrm
Hideous serpent, ancient beast
And there was a great battle
One by one, the wolves were slain, but each delivering a ferocious bite ere falling

The Wolf King cleaved his axe with all his hideous might
Even as the maw of the creature closed around his waist
The Wolf King buried the head of his axe in the creature’s skull
Rent in two, torn asunder
Then pried the jaws of the slain beast from around him
Wounded and spent, he knelt to the ground
To catch his breath, to regain his strength

And there was the old woman
Spectral image, false visage
Throwing off the disguise, the villain revealed himself
Trickster he, nefarious Dvergar King

"I thank you for you service
You are truly a noble king and care for even the least of your people
This I counted on, this I knew
And now you have rid me of the foe I could not defeat
The brazen beast that threatened my home
But I can let none know of my deception
To seem less to my people, to appear weak
So I must finish you, noble Wolf King,
And take the head of the fell beast back to my people 
As proof of my heroism"

And even as the Wolf King rose to respond
Did the trickster bring his smiting hammer down
A crushing blow, a forceful defeat
The treacherous one used the Wolf King’s own axe
To sever the villainous wyrm’s head, 
And before he left he reached down and took back the cursed ring
 Took it back into his cold grasp

Fare thee well
My dear friend, Wolf King
May you keep watch on my mountain for evermore

The skald-singer finished and the hall was silent.  Logan Grimnar, the Great Wolf and spiritual leader of the Space Wolves Chapter, looked around the room at every man assembled.  He finally rested his gaze on the Wolf Lord, Keric Quicbrand.  “I understand that you have learned where the Ring of the Wolf King can be found.  That, even as we speak, you are planning an expedition to recover it.”

It was the Rune Priest Horsa Drachenbane who spoke next. “My lord, we are indeed forming a raiding party that leaves within a month’s time.  You would do us great honor were you to accompany our expedition.  Should the legend be true, I am sure you would personally want to see the recovery of the mythical ring.”

“Make it so,” Logan Grimnar rose and nodded to his hosts, “I await word of your departure.” 

Keric Quicbrand sighed. He was not all that surprised that the Great Wolf had learned of the success his Company had in finding the Dvergar, but was surprised that Grimnar was taking such a personal interest.  He drained his pint and looked toward Horsa Drachenbane.  “I hope that all goes well on your mission…for all our sakes.”

The Ring of the Wolf King Campaign
It is hard to believe that it has been over two years since we have run a campaign here at the Jungle.  To make up for lost time, we are going to be presenting two campaigns nearly back to back.  Next year will mark the 10 year anniversary of  the Jungle, and to celebrate, we will feature the Return to Auros IX campaign, which continues the storylines set forth in the original campaign as well as some of the fiction on the site.  However, two events have occurred that have prompted us to start a new storyline for two of our armies. 

The first was that Kenton has collected and painted a new army that uses Fantasy Dwarf figures to represent an Ork army (you can read more about that here).  The second event was the release of Codex: Space Wolves, which meant that I could bring out my Marine army that has been in mothballs for the last four years (not counting a brief stint as a Chaos army).  So basically, you have Vikings versus Dwarves, which just lends itself to an epic campaign full of heroic deeds and arcane prose. 

Since this campaign is meant to be the start of ongoing hostilities between the two armies, I thought that we would keep things simple this time out. The campaign would consist of three battles, all missions taken directly from the main rulebook.  The only spicy addition would be the creation of the “magic” item of the Ring of the Wolf King, which could actually be acquired and used by a character in either army at a cost of 25 points.  The ring has the following abilities: 

  • +1 to Weapon Skill;
  • Berserk Charge (+ 2 Attacks on charge); and,
  • All Fenrisian Wolves get + 1 Initiative and use the character's LD for Morale checks (does not stack with Saga of the Wolfkin: use one or the other). 
Time to go a-viking! 

Saga of the Wolf King
Introduction <> Battle #1 <> Battle #2 <> Battle #3

Posted November 2009


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