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Saga of the Wolf King--Battle #2  batrep by Kenton Kilgore with commentary by Patrick Eibel 
(“Capture and Control” with “Spearhead” Deployment, 2500 points each) 

As you might recall, the noble Space Wolves and the villainous xenos called the “Dvergar” were hunting across an icy, unnamed world for a lost techno-magical device called The Ring of the Wolf King. At the end of the last battle, the Wolves shrugged off heavy casualties and managed to seize the Ring. Falling back towards their landing zone, the Wolves find themselves harried by the indefatigable Dvergar, and are forced to turn and fight once more….

Space Wolf Land Raider Crusader, Land Speeders, and Rhinos shortly before the battle

Space Wolves (2504 points)  by Patrick Eibel
As mentioned, my army took a pounding in the last game, and several of my vehicles suffered some vicious ramming hits from Kenton’s Battlewagons. However, my list was fundamentally sound, and I managed a moral victory, even if I didn’t win the actual battle. To bump my army up to 2500 points, I added another fat pack of Blood Claws, and traded in the Dreadnought Valnir the Reaver (off to ponder his inability to stop a Battlewagon) to add some Land Speeders. I also brought another Land Raider Crusader: let’s see those Battlewagons play “demolition derby” with them! 

  • Wolf Priest Horsa Drachenbane w/ the Ring of the Wolf King
  • Wolf Guard Battle Leader Bregr Hamersmid w/ thunder hammer and storm shield
  • Wolf Guard Hrothgar w/ combi-melta and frost blade
  • Wolf Guard Modi w/ two wolf claws
  • Wolf Guard Bregir w/ power fist and bolt pistol
  • Wolf Guard Snori w/ two wolf claws
  • Grey Hunter Pack Kvasir. Ten members, including two w/ meltaguns, one w/ plasma pistol, one w/ power fist. Transported by Drop Pod
  • Grey Hunter Pack Roskva. Nine members, including one w/ flamer and one w/ power fist. Transported by Rhino  w/ extra armor
  • Grey Hunter Pack Njorer. Nine members, including one w/ power fist and one w/ flamer. Transported by Rhino  w/ extra armor
  • Blood Claw Pack Mjolnir. Fourteen members, including one w/ power fist and one w/ flamer
  • Blood Claw Pack Gungnir. Fourteen members, including one w/ power fist and one w/ flamer
  • Squadron Valkyrie. Two Land Speeders w/ multi-meltas
  • Land Speeder w/ heavy bolter
  • Fenrisian Wolves. Pack of 14
  • Long Fang Pack Venir. Five members, including three w/ missile launchers and one w/ lascannon. Transported by Razorback w/ twin-linked lascannons
  • Land Raider Crusader “Dire Wolf” w/ extra armor
  • Land Raider Crusader “Thunderwolf” w/ extra armor and multi-melta
Usually, I just run my Wolves into almost any old army and show them what weak, girly-men they are, but as I learned in the last game, Kenton’s Dvergar are a bit tougher than my usual opponents. However, with some more dakka (in the form of those Speeders) and the extra Blood Claws, I’m sure my guys will prevail. 

Normally, Kenton would consider twins a good thing, but not in this case....

Dvergar Steeljacks (2504 points)  by Kenton Kilgore
My army is not your typical greenskin army—and I don’t mean just because I use fantasy Dwarf miniatures for figures. Atypically for Orks, my army relies on several relatively small, expensive, hard-hitting units (like Nobz, Burna Boyz, and ‘Ard Boyz) to do the bulk of the fighting, and several expensive, but tough-as-nails Battlewagons to get them there. I call it an “elite Ork army,” if you can wrap your head around that. To be sure, I have quite a bit of cheap-ass cannon fodder (Gretchin, Shoota Boyz), but they don’t do the heavy lifting in battles.

So when it came time to draw up a 2504-point list (Pat went over, so I adjusted my total), it was pretty much as simple as taking the list for the last battle, adding in another Nob mob and a Battlewagon, and hitting the bar for happy hour. Because my Dvergar use the units and rules from Codex: Orks, I name each unit and the wargear they carry in the list below, then give the Ork equivalents.

  • Black Warspar (counts as Warboss) w/ helm of obedience (bosspole), spearpoint armor (‘eavy armor), power shield (cybork body), and heavy electro-combat weapon (power klaw)
  • Gold Warspar (counts as Warboss) w/ spearpoint armor (‘eavy armor), power shield (cybork body), and heavy electro-combat weapon (power klaw)
  • Living Ancestor (counts as Painboy) and nine Marauders (count as Nobz) w/ spearpoint armor (‘eavy armor). One Marauder has heavy electro-combat weapon (power klaw) and terror banner (Waaagh! banner); all others have heavy combat weapons (big choppas). Count as Troops. Transported by Dvergar Crawler (Dedicated Transport Battlewagon) w/ ablative armor (armor plates), assault grenade launcher (stikkbomb chukka), extra power cells (red paint job), and mine cannon (big shoota)
  • Living Ancestor (counts as Painboy) and nine Marauders (count as Nobz) w/ spearpoint armor (‘eavy armor). One Marauder has heavy electro-combat weapon (power klaw) and terror banner (Waaagh! banner); all others have heavy combat weapons (big choppas). Count as Troops. Transported by Dvergar Crawler (Dedicated Transport Battlewagon) w/ ablative armor (armor plates), assault grenade launcher (stikkbomb chukka), extra power cells (red paint job), and mine cannon (big shoota)
  • 23 Cave Nomes (count as Gretchin) and 2 Overseers (Runtherds)
  • Dvergar Regulars, Squad Black (count as Boyz). Three w/ mine cannons (big shootas), 27 w/ mine guns (shootas)
  • Dvergar Regulars, Squad Gold (count as Boyz). Two w/ mine cannons (big shootas), 23 w/ mine guns (shootas)
  • Steel Troopers (count as ‘Ard Boyz). Troop Commander (Nob) w/ heavy electro-combat weapon (power klaw), 19 Troopers w/ combat weapons (choppas) and sidearms (sluggas)
  • 15 Flametongues (count as Burna Boyz)
  • 16 Warp Miners (count as Stormboyz). One is a Troop Commander (Nob) w/ spearpoint armor (‘eavy armor) and heavy electro-combat weapon (power klaw)

  • Two Dvergar Crawlers (Heavy Support Battlewagons) w/ ablative armor (armor plates), assault grenade launcher (stikkbomb chukka), extra power cells (red paint job), and mine cannon (big shoota)
In the last fight, my single Nobz mob got torn up by Pat’s Blood Claws, so I’ll give them some support this time. I also want my Stormboyz to do something besides show up, get shot, and run away.  Here we go, Steeljacks, here we go!!!

Dvergar Crawlers (proxied Battlewagons) and Warp Miners (aka Stormboyz)

Setting Up
We played at my house, on a 4' x 8' table with a winter theme. For something different, I also used the huge “waterfall” and river sections (given to me by #1 Fighting Tiger Fanboy Luis Nunez) that I normally use for “jungle” games: my rationale for a free-flowing river lined with green is that the water rises from a spring nearby after being heated deep underground by magma.

Before deployment, we agreed that rocky areas, hills, and woods were difficult terrain that gave 4+ cover saves, and that figures actually in the river or on its banks got a 5+ save. Because I set up, Pat chose what table quarter he wanted, and—unsurprisingly—he took the high ground afforded by the waterfall. “Capture and Control” requires two objectives, for which we used these skull decorations that I picked up for pennies at an after-Halloween sale. Pat placed his atop the waterfall, and I placed mine on some rocky ground. Pat put his Long Fangs on the waterfall, piled his Blood Claws and HQ into the Crusaders, and  loaded his Grey Hunters into their Rhinos and Drop Pod, with the Speeders sheltering behind some trees.

Dvergar Regulars (Shoota Boyz) take up positions by an ancient monument in the form of a skull

I plopped my skull-objective-thingie atop a rocky mound, crammed both squads of my Dvergar Regulars (Shoota Boyz by another name) around them, and arranged the Cave Nomes (Gretchin) in rear-facing defensive perimeter, anticipating infiltrating, xenos-stomping Space Wolf Scouts coming off my board edges. Little did I know that there were no such Scouts. No matter. I loaded my Warspars (Warbosses), Marauders (Nobz), Flametongues (Burna Boyz) and Steel Troopers (‘Ard Boyz) in their Dvergar Crawlers (Battlewagons), and stashed my Warp Miners (Stormboyz) behind some trees. 

Pat won the roll to determine who had the first turn, and decided to go second, forcing me to move my army forward into the teeth of the Wolves. As if that wasn’t my “cunning” plan anyway. 

Deployment: Dvergar Crawlers are poised to advance on the Space Wolves while Regulars and Cave Nomes hold the rear

Turn 1
The Ring is all, the order came, passed simultaneously from both Warspars—as if they shared the same mind—to each Dvergar soldier and Cave Nome slave. The Space Wolves must not crest the waterfall and escape with it. Cut them off. Kill them all. Take the Ring. The Ring is all. 

The Warp Miners activated their teleporting packs, disappearing from view and reappearing into the material universe many yards ahead. The Crawlers rumbled forward, but one of them, carrying the Gold Warspar and her Marauder troops—became stuck in the mud of the riverbed and went no further. Make sure that none of the humans attempt to encircle us, the Gold Warspar ordered, and a group of many Dvergar skirmishers and their Cave Nome attendants held back, covering the others’ advance.

The Space Wolves smashed forward, daring the Dvergar. The Land Raider Crusader Thunderwolf splashing across the steaming river, its assault ramp opening on the far side. As the Blood Claws rushed out, Wolf Priest Horsa Drachenbane reluctantly slipped the Ring—it was more like an armband, actually—of the Wolf King onto the sleeve of his armor. I had hoped to present this to Logan Grimnar, he thought, but it seems I’ll have to try it out first. No matter.

Wolf Priest Horsa Drachenbane and Blood Claw Pack disembark from the Thunderwolf

Though guided by the Machine Spirit, the Thunderwolf’s multi-melta did not hit the lead Crawler; similarly ineffectual were melta fire from the darting Land Speeders and heavy weapon blasts from the Long Fangs. But then a Drop Pod landed nearby—almost atop the alien tank—and Grey Hunter Pack Kvasir disembarked. Their melta guns were in range, and blasted gaping holes into the Crawler's side, reducing it to steaming scrap. 

Grey Hunter Pack Kvasir enters the fray and destroys the lead Crawler, forcing the Black Marauders to bail out

Horsa’s twin hearts pounded as he felt the power of the Ring seep into him. It was drawing Fenrisian Wolves from the Space Marines’ landing zone; already, they were at the river, and soon, they would be at his side—and his command. He ignored the gunfire as the other Crusader, Dire Wolf, opened up on the Warp Miners behind the trees, killing one of them. All his focus was on remaining calm, fighting the animal within that the Ring had unleashed, as the Black Warspar and his Marauders stumbled from the wreckage of their Crawler.

“NOW!” Horsa bellowed, and he and Wolf Guard Modi and the Blood Claws charged the aliens. Horsa swung his crozius arcanum again and again, finally battering down the defenses of a superb Dvergar Marauder, killing the enemy fighter. At Horsa’s side, Modi slashed with his wolf claws, wounding another. The youthful, grinning Blood Claws hacked down two more Marauders. But then the Dvergar—slower, but relentless—gained the upper hand, taking down 10 Space Wolves with nigh-unstoppable blows from their combat hammers. 

Horsa, Modi, and the Blood Claws attack the Black Warspar and his accompanying band of Marauders

“Hold! Hold!” Horsa bellowed, urging his men to stand their ground. Despite the power of the Ring, Horsa began to wonder if perhaps he and his Blood Claws had bitten off more than they could chew….

Turn 2
It had not surprised the Warspars, the Dvergar commanders, that the Space Wolves had aggressively engaged their forces; what had been surprising was the speed with which the Wolves had struck. Speed was not a Dvergar strength, but it mattered little in this case. Sensing her counterpart in peril, the Gold Warspar ordered her Marauders out of their immobilized Crawler, into the shallows of the warm river, where, not far away, Grey Hunter Pack Kvasir lurked.

Coolly fending off the frenzied attacks of the Blood Claws he was entangled with, the Black Warspar sent a mental command to the Troop Commander of the Warp Miners. They activated their personal teleporters and vanished from sight, re-appearing a heartbeat later behind Horsa’s Blood Claws. Two of them had not survived the jump—perhaps the branches of the trees they had been standing under had interfered with their teleporters’ guidance systems—but grief, like all other emotions, were unknown to the Dvergar, and in any event, lives were literally worthless to them. All that mattered was that most of them had arrived and could fulfill the task their master had demanded.

Warp Miners (right) appear behind the Blood Claws, while the Gold Warspar leads her Marauders (left) against Pack Kvasir

Far from the fighting, the Regulars—skirmishers in light armor and with longer-ranged weaponry—noted that a pair of Space Wolf Rhinos were advancing, behind cover and far out of range, upon them. There would be time to deal with them later. For the moment, the Regulars opened fire with their hand cannons on the Land Speeders circling the melee between Marauders and Blood Claws. Most of the shots went wide—Dvergar firearms were made for close-range shooting—but a few shots hit one Speeder, armed with a multi-melta, rattling the crew. 

Sloshing through the river, the Gold Warspar and her Marauders fell upon Grey Hunter Pack Kvasir, hacking them down and losing but one of their own. The Warp Miners charged the Blood Claws. Horsa and his suddenly-outnumbered men fought valiantly, killing two Miners and another Marauder, but they were overmatched. A heavy combat axe smashed Horsa’s knees and he crumpled; another blow to his helmet sent him reeling into the snow. No, he thought, everything growing dark as he slipped into unconsciousness. No. But the last thing he saw was a black-armored alien with a red beard looming over him. The last thing he felt was hands tugging on his arm.

The Ring! he thought, and then all was black.

Space Wolves do not know fear, but even the most brash Blood Claw paused when word came that Wolf Priest Horsa had fallen. A pause—and then the Wolves redoubled their efforts. The Land Speeders swiveled about and fired, one with a heavy bolter killing a Dvergar Regular; one with a multi-melta exploding a Dvergar Crawler into literally thousands of burning pieces of metal, killing two Steel Troopers who jumped out a second too late. 

Judging by their (ahem) all-grey armor, these Blood Claws are some REALLY new recruits....

The Land Raider Crusaders vented their fury. The Thunderwolf’s multi-melta fused the transmission of the Flametongues’ Crawler, stranding them. The anti-personnel guns of the Thunderwolf opened up on the Black Marauders, killing another of them. The assault ramp of the Dire Wolf opened and Blood Claw Pack Gungnir, with Wolf Guard Battle Leader Bregr Hamersmid, emerged, firing on the Gold Marauders, killing one. Another one was wounded by the Dire Wolf’s assault cannon. 

Blood Claw Pack Gungir and the Fenrisian Wolves vs. the Gold Marauders

Picking themselves up from the snow, the Steel Troopers were sent reeling by more explosions as the Long Fangs unleashed several frag missiles into them, killing two more. Joined by their Fenrisian Wolf allies, Blood Claw Pack Gungnir and Bregr charged the Gold Marauders, cutting down four of the steel-armored warriors. But like their counterparts, these Marauders struck back fearsome blows, killing three Blood Claws and seven Wolves, driving away the latter away.

Flametongues (left) scramble across the wreckage of a Crawler to attack Blood Claw Pack Gungnir

Turn 3
Scrambling from their immobilized vehicle, the Flametongues went around and even over the burning wreckage of the Black Marauders’ Crawler so that they could reach the enemy. As the Black Marauders moved to engage the Thunderwolf, the Warp Miners vanished, off to aid the Steel Troopers. Four of them materialized inside trees, dying horrid deaths which went largely unnoticed. 

Warp Miners and Steel Troopers (lower left corner) with the smoking remains of a Crawler. Their goal: 
get past the Long Fangs (right) and up to the top of the waterfall before the end of the game. Good luck with that.

The Black Warspar and the leader of the accompanying Marauder squad tried to smash through the Thunderwolf’s hull, but it was too thick even for their heavy electro-combat weapons. Activating their signature weapons, the Flametongues charged the Blood Claws, losing three to the blindingly-quick Marines before they could strike. The Blood Claws killed two more Gold Marauders, but once again, the Dvergar would not be denied, smashing nine of the Space Wolves and forcing them, like the Fenrisian Wolves, to flee.

Run them to ground, the Gold Warspar ordered, and the Dvergar trudged after the retreating Wolves. 

Meanwhile, the Grey Hunters are sneaking up on the Regulars--as well as anyone in Rhinos can sneak, anyway.

The Blood Claws and Fenrisian Wolves continued to fall back before the oncoming Gold Marauders. The Land Raider Crusaders and Land Speeders maneuvered to gain better firing positions. The Grey Hunter Rhinos continued to advance on the position held by the Dvergar Regulars. 

The Space Wolves unleashed their vastly superior firepower again. Ignoring the closer Warp Miners, the Long Fangs fired three more frag missiles into the Steel Troopers, killing three more of them. Fire from the Thunderwolf and the Land Speeder with the heavy bolter killed five Flametongues, despite the Dvergar using the river for cover. Multi-meltas from the Thunderwolf and the Land Speeders vaporized two Black Marauders, while the Dire Wolf’s guns wounded a Gold Marauder. 

Turn 4
Far from the bulk of the fighting, the Dvergar Regulars could only watch as two Rhinos moved on their position. The Space Wolves might fight with the ferocity of Orks, but they were vastly more cunning. It was clear that the drivers of the two transports would allow no shots on their vehicles until the Wolves were in striking range—and by then, it might be too late. Still, there were 54 Dvergar Regulars atop the rocky knoll, and over 20 Cave Nomes were stamping through the snow to intercept the anticipated Grey Hunters. 

At the other end of the field, the Steel Troopers trudged through the forest, the Long Fangs—and the crest of the waterfall—their goal. Losing three more, the Warp Miners teleported ahead. The incidental losses were troubling to their Troop Commander, but there was still plenty of ground to cover, and the Long Fangs had to be engaged to silence their guns so that the Steel Troopers could advance unhindered. The pitiless Order that the Dvergar followed considered no costs; it only demanded results. 

Warp Miners bop ahead of the Steel Troopers, intent on reaching the Long Fangs and shutting them down

Further back, the Black Warspar and his Marauders charged and hammered the Thunderwolf, shaking its crew; the Gold Warspar and her followers charged the Dire Wolf, wrenching off its tracks and disabling the assault cannons. 

Marauders attack the LRC's with heavy electro-combat weapons (aka power klaws)

The Thunderwolf retreated, and the Blood Claws and Fenrisian Wolves continued to fall back as well. At the far end of the field, the Space Wolf Rhinos halted and Grey Hunter Packs Roskva and Nyorer dismounted and fired, Roskva killing 13 Cave Nomes, Nyorer gunning down 6 members of Regular Squad Gold. The Land Speeder with the heavy bolter also shot dead another member of the same enemy unit. 

20 Space Wolves vs. 54 Regulars, 23 Nomes, and 2 Overseers. The little guys are going to need some serious help

Elsewhere, the Dire Wolf and the Drop Pod fired on the Flametongues, killing 5 of them and forcing the rest to fall back. The Land Speeders with multi-meltas killed another Black Marauder, and the Long Fang’s lascannon shot the Living Ancestor, leaving the Black Warspar the only one standing from that group. Frag missile fire from the Long Fangs deviated, missing the Steel Troopers but killing one Warp Miner.

Turn 5
Chittering in anger and prodded on by their ruthless Dvergar Overseers, the Cave Nomes advanced on Grey Hunter Pack Roskva, shooting bows and arrows and throwing stones and javelins. Amazingly, two Space Marines fell, their armor pierced at vulnerable joints. Simultaneously, both units of Dvergar Regulars fired on Pack Nyorer, but many of them had their lines of sight blocked by the rough terrain, and only two Grey Hunters dropped. 

Cane Nomes and Dvergar Regulars fire on Grey Hunter Packs Roskva and Nyorer

Activating their teleporter packs again, the Warp Miners finally reached the Long Fangs—who set down their heavy weapons and countercharged, quickly crushing the six Dvergar who had thus far survived fire, blades, and technical mishaps. Unharmed, the Long Fangs resumed their fire support duties.

The Warp Miners went a long way and to a lot of trouble, only to get bitch-slapped by the Long Fangs

Elsewhere, the Dvergar forces were faring no better. The Gold Marauders charged the Thunderwolf, but were unable to damage it. The Cave Nomes charged Squad Roskva, losing seven of their number under the knives and boots of the Space Wolves before they managed to drag down and stab to death two Space Marines. Losing their nerve, despite their Overseers’ floggings, they attempted to run, but were gunned down.

Still falling back, the Blood Claws fired, killing one of the Gold Marauders. The Fenrisian Wolves regained their nerve and ran through the river to engage the Steel Troopers. Fire from the Drop Pod wounded a Black Marauder, and more fire from the Dire Wolf wounded the Gold Warspar. A multi-melta shot from the Machine Spirit of the Thunderwolf killed the Living Ancestor of the Gold Marauders; more firing from the Thunderwolf and the Long Fangs slew five Steel Troopers. 

Fenrisian Wolves, Long Fangs, and the Thunderwolf go after the Steel Troopers

Pack Roskva fired on the Gold squad of Regulars, killing one; Nyorer fired on the Black squad, killing four. Then both Grey Hunter units charged, with Roskva wiping out the remnants of the Gold squad and Nyorer killing seven of the Black and losing one of their own. The Regulars held their ground as Roskva converged on them.

Grey Hunters crash into the Dvergar Regulars in a furious mass melee

At the other end of the field, the Fenrisian Wolves charged the Steel Troopers, who killed four beasts and lost a warrior. Their confidence shaken again, the Wolves ran off, tails between their legs. Crestfallen, Bregr Hamersmid sounded the retreat, and the Steeljacks were too battered to pursue. Many had fought, many had died, but neither side could claim victory.

Post-Game Analysis  by Patrick Eibel

“The charm of history and its enigmatic lesson consist in the fact that … 
nothing changes and yet everything is completely different.”
Aldous Huxley

The Space Wolves was one of the first armies I ever owned and I like to play them in true Viking fashion, rushing headlong into battle, consequences be damned. For the second game in a row, I am reminded that this tactic may not always be the most prudent. Kenton’s Dvergar are not your typical Ork army (which is good, since they don’t actually look like Orks), and I should stop expecting them to act like one. 

My nominal plan was to send the two large Blood Claw units into the center to tie up the bulk of his forces while my two Rhinos of Grey Hunters snuck around the side to claim the objectives. My plan almost worked, but it was painful to watch my Blood Claws crash into Kenton’s forces and break like waves on a jetty. Still, had I killed a couple more of the buggers on the objective, they might’ve ran off, leaving me with the victory. 

Heroic Space Wolf Lord Patrick Eibel

I have to give MVP honors to the Long Fangs this battle. Not only did the missile launchers make up for their lack of accuracy last game, but the squad rebuffed an assault from Stormboys. Kenton was apoplectic, to say the least, about how easily his guys were brushed aside.

The Dvergar now get control of the Ring and, by the same token, the pack of Wolves. I have one game in which to reclaim the Ring and win a game, else all—and by all, I mean the Ring and the campaign—will be lost.

Post-Game Analysis  by Kenton Kilgore

“Don’t talk to me about moral victories and things of that nature. We didn't get the job done.”
Mike Tomlin, head coach of the Pittsburgh Steelers

I certainly enjoyed going toe-to-toe (again) with the Space Wolves and beating them at the close combat game (except for the epic FAIL of the sucktastic Warp Miners vs. the Long Fangs), but the point was to capture Pat’s objective. Once he had destroyed or immobilized all my Crawlers, I had little hope of doing so. Purchasing grot riggers for my tanks from here on out will help.

Speaking of the aforementioned Miners/Stormboyz, I lost nine, over half the squad, by having them bop in and out of difficult terrain. Though I knew it was dangerous to do so, I had to move them quickly to bail out the Black Marauders/Nobz and to take pressure off the Steel Troopers/’Ard Boyz: they didn’t have time to walk anywhere, which again, relates to two of my Crawlers being immobilized. 

For several turns, I forgot to fire the guns on the stuck Crawlers, which, given my BS 2, probably wouldn’t have made much difference, but was still a mistake. My Cave Nomes/Gretchin were way out of position at the beginning of the battle, expecting Wolf Scouts that never came, but I managed to get them in front of Grey Hunter Pack Roskva and bloody their pointy, furry snouts by killing four of them. 

The terrain around my objective gave my Regulars/Shooty Boyz cover saves, but also hindered their shooting. Pat’s objective (atop the waterfall at the opposite corner of the board) was too far away for me to get to in a 5-turn game when all my transports were knocked out by Turn 2. Whatever: the final game is a kill-or-be killed mission, and when it’s over, I intend for my guys to have their steel boots on the Space Wolves’ necks. 

Saga of the Wolf King
Introduction <> Battle #1 <> Battle #2 <> Battle #3


Posted December 2009


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