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Description: Description: meFor a 40K player, I'm pretty lucky. I don't mean that I make all my dice rolls or I win all my games: I mean that I started playing soon after "Rogue Trader" arrived in the U.S. and that I live in the Baltimore area, near Games Workshop's U.S. Headquarters. I've been to Games Day several times and spoken with a number of the U.S. and U.K. staff. And, of course, I've gone to dozens of independent and GW stores, met hundreds of players, and played an innumerable amount of games. 

This part of the website is where, if you want, you can read about my experiences, observations, and opinions. You'll also find guest commentaries here. Feel free to e-mail me your comments.

Warhammer 40K is a constantly-evolving game, with Games Workshop publishing new rules and army books every few years. Many of the articles in this section were written during the 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th Editions of the game. Some references might not be relevant under the current rules.

--Kenton Kilgore

Apocalypse Wow: Analyzing a New Way to Play
A Thousand Points of Light
Back in Black 
Behind the List

Building Your Own 40K Site
Da Orcboy Pays Up (guest series)
Da Year uv da Ork 
Deployment for Dumbasses (Like Me)
Legionis Tacticum
Master-crafted 40K (guest series)
The Jungle Top Ten 

8 is Great
Adapting to 8th Edition
Be Careful What You Wish For...

How Football is Like 40K

Culture War(hammer 40K)
Saying Nyet to "Soviet Space Marines"

The ‘Bots Are Back, Now With More Metal: Reviewing the New Codex: Necrons
Fifty Shades of Red: A Codex: Khorne Daemonkin Review
Meet the New Eldar, Same as the Old Eldar--A Review of Codex: Craftworlds
Saying "No" to the New Codex

A Review of Codex: Astra Militarum
Codex Rankings (3/29/2014)
Hungry for Some Wolves: Reviewing the New Codex: Space Wolves
Just in Time for Halloween, the new Dark Eldar Codex
"Kilgore and Eibel at the Gaming Table": the 6e Codex: Tyranids
"Kilgore and Eibel at the Gaming Table": the New Ork Codex
A Red Waaagh! Review

Necrons Renewed: An Overdue Addendum
Return of the Tau
(guest commentary)
Send in the Marines: Reviewing the New Codex
The Book of the Unforgiven: A Review of the Dark Angels Codex (guest commentary)
The Gate is Closed
The Good, the Bad, and the Irrelevant: An Eldar Codex Review

The Secrets of the Warp: Chaos Daemons Unleashed (guest commentary)
Why Games Workshop is Doomed (guest commentary)


How Do You Solve a Problem Like the Necrons?

"Let's Get Small"

Sisters Are Doing It For Themselves

The 6th Edition Rules You Haven't Heard About

The New Chaos Codex, 6e

Winning With Style


Blatherations of a Nidiot

I Liked 'Em So Much, I Built My Own (UK Version) (guest commentary)

NINO: Necrons In Name Only

What's Up with the Updates?

You Gotta Pay (and Pay and Pay and Pay) to Play

More About How You Gotta Pay (and Pay and Pay and Pay) to Play

Enough With Codex: Nonsense
Kilgore and Eibel At the Gaming Table: Reviewing the New Tyranid Codex
Mr. Blackwell Reviews the Dark Eldar Miniatures
More About What's Wrong With Winning
The State of the Jungle
Tanks 'R' Us: a Spearhead Primer
"They're Heeeeeerrrre...": The New Dark Eldar Codex
What's Wrong With Winning--Revisited

An Analysis of the Tau Empire XV8 Crisis Battlesuit Weapon and Wargear Options  (guest commentary)
Grading the Guard: A Review of the New Codex: Imperial Guard 
The Wolftime is NOW!  Reviewing Codex: Space Wolves 

Avoiding 40K Burnout
Critiquing Codex: Space Marines
I Liked 'Em So Much, I Built My Own!  (guest commentary)
Why AD&D > 40K

4 Things I've Been Thinking About Lately...(December 2007)
The New Chaos Codex: The Book of Bad Guys Got Better
How I Found Time to Paint and Finally Attained Inner Peace
On Writing "Fluff"
Watching Paint Dry  

3 Things I've Been Thinking About Lately... (January 2006)
Bikes Aren't So Bad   (guest commentary)
Don't Overlook Sniper Rifles   (guest commentary)
Economics of Warhammer 40K  (guest commentary) 
In Praise of Patrick
Memorandum from the Jungle
Sportsmanship: Would You Play Against Yourself?   (guest commentary)
The Emperor's Gridiron  (guest commentary)

5 Things I've Been Thinking About Lately... (August 2005)
40K at 40
King For A Day: If I Ran White Dwarf
<> It Ain't Easy Being the "King": a rebuttal (guest commentary)  <>
What's Wrong With Winning?
What to Do About Bikes

40K Withdrawl  (guest commentary)
"Dipping" for Space Marines (guest commentary)
In the Grim Darkness of the Far Future, There is Only Plastic
Perspectives on Painting
Regarding Female Marines  (guest commentary)
Teaching Kids 40K
The Name Game

Sticking Up for the Girls: In Defense of Female Space Marines
The Battle Plan Sheet
The Death of the Dark Eldar?

10 Elements of an Excellent Gaming Store
Building a "Balanced" Army 
Master-crafted 40K (guest commentaries)
Vanilla, My Favorite Flavor

When "Mini" Isn't Enough 

Free-for-All Rules (Three-Way Battles)  (guest commentary)
Gaming Etiquette
Principles of War Applied to Warhammer 40K  (guest commentary)
The Kids Are Alright

5 Suggestions for Your 40K website
8 Tips to Help You Finish Painting Your Army 
Assembling an Army from Odds and Ends  (guest commentary)
Best and Worst Moments I've had Playing 40K 
Making Your Army Distinct
Putting an End to "Cheesiness"
The Mini-Army

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Fighting Tigers:
Codex <> Tactics <> Gallery <> Allies and Enemies <> Tales of the Tigers

Other Pages:
Main <> What's New <> Site Index <> The Tiger Roars <> Themed Army Ideas
Events and Battle Reports <> Campaigns <> Terrain <> FAQ <> Beyond the Jungle