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Return to Auros IX: Battle #3  by Patrick Eibel and Kenton Kilgore
After a tie in the first game, Kenton narrowly took the second. I knew that was going to have to pull off a win in Game #3, or the campaign would quickly be over. Remember, we are considering the battles of Games 2, 3 and 4 to be happening more or less simultaneously, so units used in one game cannot be used in another. The mission for Game #3 was “Seize and Destroy” from the Planetstrike book, pitting 1750 points of Orks vs. 1750 points of Marines. 

Sho-T’s Blood Axes (1750 points)   by Patrick Eibel
As the Defender in this mission, I had to split my army into two halves, and then Kenton would decide which would start out on the board. So:

Group 1:

  • Big Mek Speedo w/ kustom force field, burna, ‘eavy armor, cybork body
  • 19 Ard Boyz, including 2 Boyz with rokkit launchas; led by Nob w/ power klaw
  • 11 Tankbustas w/ cybork bodies
  • Battlewagon w/ kannon and big shoota
  • Looted Wagon w/ 2 big shootas, ‘ard case, grot riggers, and stikkbomb chukka

Group 2:

  • Mad Dok Kev Orky ‘un  (counts as Mad Dok Grotsnik)
  • 9 Trukk Boyz led by Nob w/ power klaw, all w/ cybork bodies; Trukk w/ a big shoota and red paint job
  • 9 Trukk Boyz led by Nob w/ power klaw, all w/ cybork bodies; Trukk w/ a big shoota and red paint job
  • 9 Trukk Boyz led by Nob w/ power klaw, all w/ cybork bodies; Trukk w/ a big shoota and red paint job
  • 10 Burna Boyz led by Mek w/ big shoota
  • Looted Wagon w/ 2 big shootas, armor plates, ‘ard case, grot riggers, boarding plank

Like any good Kult of Speed, there are lots of zoomy vehicles and choppy boyz.  I saw a list online built around Grotsnik, and so I wanted to try out giving all the units cybork bodies.  Since the mission called for holding the objective, I also wanted a large unit that could sustain casualties.  I think my list strikes a pretty good balance, and was really excited to see how it would play out.

Fighting Tigers of Veda (1743 points)  by Kenton Kilgore
The list I had used in the previous game was atypical for me (lots of Elite and Fast Attack units, no Troops), so this time, I went more traditional. 

  • Kshatriya Sudra Patel.  Space Marine Captain w/ storm bolter and relic blade.
  • Singh Squad.  Command Squad w/ Apothecary; Company Stardard; Veteran w/ power fist; two Veterans w/ flamers. 
  • Squad Rudra 1 (Tactical Squad).  Sergeant w/ power weapon and combi-melta; one Marine w/ flamer; eight Marines w/ boltguns
  • Squad Rudra 2 (Tactical Squad).  Sergeant w/ power weapon and combi-flamer; one Marine w/ melta gun; eight Marines w/ boltguns
  • Squad Puchan 1 (Scout Squad).  Scout Sergeant w/ combi-flamer; one Scout w/ missile launcher; eight Scouts w/ boltguns
  • Squad Puchan 2 (Scout Squad).  Scout Sergeant w/ combi-flamer; nine Scouts w/ bolt pistols and combat blades
  • Kali Squadron 1. Three Attack Bikes w/ heavy bolters
  • Kali Squadron 2. Three Attack Bikes w/ heavy bolters
  • Kali Squadron 3. Three Attack Bikes w/ multi-meltas
  • Squad Agni 1 (Devastator Squad).  Sergeant w/ storm bolter; one Marine w/ heavy bolter; three Marines w/ missile launchers
  • Squad Agni 2 (Devastator Squad).  Sergeant and one Marine w/ boltguns; one Marine w/ plasma cannon; two Marines w/ lascannons

I usually try to build balanced lists, with units that: can kill infantry (Tacticals and Scouts); can kill armor (Devs and Attack Bike Squadron #3); can move quickly (Attack Bikes); can take casualties (Tacticals); or are just fun (Captain and Command Squad). Long-time Jungle visitors may know Sudra Patel as the protagonist of The Grey Tiger: having been redeemed and promoted, let’s see what he can do!

Setting Up  by Kenton Kilgore
We played at Pat’s house, on the 4' x 6' Blood Deserts boards that we used for much of the first Auros campaign.  As per the rules for the Defender in “Seize and Destroy,” Pat set up the scenery, making a large bastion (complete with automated heavy bolters and a quad gun) the objective. As the Attacker, I was allowed to pick which half of Pat’s army would deploy. Pat had conveniently divvied up his guys into a “hard” segment (‘Ard Boyz, Tankbustas w/ Big Mek, Battlewagon) and a “fast” segment, so I told him to put the “fast” guys on the board and keep the “hard” part in Reserves. 

Description: C:\Users\Keeg\Desktop\Kenton's files\The Jungle\website\auros3a.jpg
Pat's deployment. Dock Kev Orky'un and the Burna Boyz look like they're on top of the building 
(and at first, we had some confusion about that), but actually, they're inside. The Looted Wagon is behind the bastion

He put a large mob of Burna Boyz inside the bastion, three Trukk Boy mobz (inside their rides) outside, and a Looted Wagon on the other side of the bastion. We would each have one stratagem for the single objective, and as the Defender, he got two more to use on the bastion. Accordingly, Pat spent all three on Fortified Stronghold. I spent my single one on Deathstorm, hoping to catch a lot of his guys out in the open. With that, it was time to get it on….

Turn 1 by Kenton Kilgore
Planetstrike games allow the Attacker to launch a Firestorm at the beginning of the game: I dropped six templates, destroying one Trukk as well as killing four of the Boyz aboard it and pinning the rest; knocked the big shoota off another Trukk; and wrecked the bastion itself, which Pat ignored because he had taken Fortified Stronghold. He’s more than just a pretty face, you know….

Description: C:\Users\Keeg\Desktop\Kenton's files\The Jungle\website\auros3c.jpg
Kshatriya Patel and his group (left) arrive, as do the Scouts of Puchan 1 (right), and they target the Trukk Boyz

Then it was time for my guys to drop in. Planetstrike uses a sped-up Reserves rule that starts on the first turn. Needing a 3+ for each unit, Kshatriya Patel and his Singh squad came on, as did the “tactical” Scouts, Squad Agni 2, and Kali Squadrons 1 and 3. Squads Rudra 1 and 2 were supposed to come in, but both they deviated onto Pat’s Orks; Squad 1 was delayed, Squad 2 was destroyed. 


On to the shooty-shoot part of the show. Kshatriya Patel and his Command Squad fired on the closest Trukk, destroying it in an explosion that kakked three Boyz. The Scouts fired on the same squad, killing three more and wounding the Nob. The Attack Bikes with the heavy bolters destroyed the last Trukk, killing one Boy from that mob, and the other Attack Bike unit used its multi-meltas to fry the Looted Wagon. There, that felt better. 

Description: C:\Users\Keeg\Desktop\Kenton's files\The Jungle\website\auros3d.JPG
Attack Bikes make quick work of the Looted Wagon

“Seize and Destroy” has a happy rule that supposedly delays defenders coming in from reserves, but Pat shrugged it off and managed to get his ‘Ard Boyz and their Battlewagon to come in, inconveniently close (for me) to my Scouts. The Burna Boyz exited the bastion and teamed up with the surviving Trukk Boyz that Patel & Friends had shot at. The quad gun on the bastion fired at Kali 1, but did bupkiss. The kannon on the Battlewagon took a potshot at a multi-melta bike, but cover saved me.

In the choppy-chop part of the show, the ‘Ard Boyz assaulted the Scouts, wiping out everyone but the Sergeant, who voluntarily fell back (gotta love Combat Tactics) when his guys couldn’t take down a single Ork. The ‘Ard-ons then tramped forward toward the bastion.

Description: C:\Users\Keeg\Desktop\Kenton's files\The Jungle\website\auros3e.JPG
Burna Boyz, led by Dok Kev Orky'un, and Trukk Boyz prepare to drop the hammer on Kshatriya Patel and his Singh Squad

Not far away, Captain Patel and Company caught the wave of Orks headed their way, hacking down the rest of the Trukk Boyz before they could cause mayhem. Alas, the Burna Boyz did what they do best, killing all of the Veterans: Patel, like the Scout Sergeant, also decided to fall back. 

Turn 2
The rest of my units (except, of course, for the destroyed Tactical Squad) came on from reserves, and Kshatriya Patel and the Scout Sergeant continued to fall back, as there were enemies within 6". The Sarge ignited his combi-flamer on the third bunch of Trukk Boyz (the ones who had been involuntarily dismounted by the Attack Bikes), and then I learned an ugly truth: all of Pat’s guys had cybork bodies, courtesy of Pat’s Painboy, Dr. Kev Orky ‘un (Mad Doc Grotsnik by another name). What should have been a fungal cookout became a flame out instead, as only one mushroom myrmidon went up. Swell.

Description: C:\Users\Keeg\Desktop\Kenton's files\The Jungle\website\auros3g.JPG
Squad Rudra appears to bail out the Scout Sergeant, and a squadron of Attack Bikes moves in as well

Trying to make the best of this situation, Kali 1 moved in closer and let the same mob have it, taking down the rest of the Boyz and wounding the Nob. That was much more like it. Rudra 1 fired at the second Trukk Boy lot (the fellows who had been pinned during the Firestorm), taking down everyone but the Nob. Elsewhere, Patel shot a Burna Boy and Kali 2 and 3 and Agni 2 combined their fire to wax 6 more Pyros, who, of course, made their Morale check. Meanwhile, the “assault” Scouts ran towards the bastion, and linked up with Patel.

The rest of Pat’s army came on from reserves and I kissed that supposed-advantage goodbye. The Boyz continued their advance. The automated guns on the bastion fired, with only the quad gun doing anything, taking out an “assault” Scout. The Battlewagon’s kannon wounded an Attack Bike from Kali 2, while the Tankbustas took out two multi-melta bikes from Kali 3. Ouch!

Description: C:\Users\Keeg\Desktop\Kenton's files\The Jungle\website\auros3h.JPG
Tankbustas arrive on the scene much sooner than expected

The two last Trukk Boy Nobz assaulted Kali 1, killing all three with their power klaws. The ‘Ard Boyz assaulted Rudra 1, who tagged one Boy before losing 7 and voluntarily falling back. The situation was getting ugly quick for Team Stripeypants.

Description: C:\Users\Keeg\Desktop\Kenton's files\The Jungle\website\auros3i.JPG
'Ard Boyz assault Rudra Squad 1, while Nobz deal with the Attack Bikes

Turn 3
The Scout Sergeant and Rudra 1 continued to fall back. Most of my guys and girls moved to better firing positions, while the Devs held steady and the Scouts (with Captain Patel) continued moving towards the bastion.

The Deathstorm arrived, and Pat and I interpreted this as a squall of sand that swiftly passed through the area, blinding and biting both armies. When it was gone, the Scout Sergeant and the Devastator Marine Sergeant from Squad Agni 1 had perished, as had both remaining Trukk Boy Nobz and an ‘Ard Boy. Continuing the carnage, the Attack Bikes of Kali 2 took out a Tankbusta, and the Devastator Squads combined their fire to drop 9 ‘Ard Boyz, who nevertheless, after some gentle persuasion by their Nob’s bosspole, decided to see the fight through.

On Pat’s turn, the Orks continued to plod towards my guys. A heavy bolter from the bastion killed a Scout, and the Tankbusta’s Looted Wagon shot another. The Boyz went “WAAAAUGH!”, but some of the ‘Ard Boyz got a little too rambunctious, one of them smacking their Nob upside the head and giving him a Wound. 

Description: C:\Users\Keeg\Desktop\Kenton's files\The Jungle\website\auros3j.JPG
Mad Dok Kev Orky'un duels Kshatriya Sudra Patel while Burna Boyz and Scouts throw down

Assisted by the Burna Boyz, Dr. Kev Orky ’un charged Kshatriya Patel and the “assault” Scouts. The newbies killed a Torcher but lost two of their own; Patel stuck Kev-Orky ‘un with his relic blade, but was knocked out of the fight by the Bad Dok’s power klaw, his Iron Halo failing to save him (naturally--apparently, only Pat could make Invulnerable Saves in this game). What was left of the Scouts voluntarily fell back 8" and the merriment continued.

Turn 4
I moved the remaining Scouts into a line to screen the surviving Attack Bikes behind them. The Scouts shot at the nearby Burna Boyz: nada, thanks to Grotsnik/Kev Orkyun’s Feel No Pain ability. Squad Rudra and Attack Bikes took out three Pyros and wounded the Good Doktor again. Elsewhere, my Devastator Squads fired again on the ‘Ard Boyz, bagging only two of them. Splendid.

Description: C:\Users\Keeg\Desktop\Kenton's files\The Jungle\website\auros3k.JPG
The Fighting Tiger forces are rapidly wearing thin as the Orks keep on coming

On his turn, Pat moved up his Burna Boyz and moved the ‘Ard Boyz out of line of sight of the Devastators. The Tankbustas’ Looted Wagon shot dead a Tactical Marine from Squad Rudra, and the automated guns on the bastion took down two Scouts. The ‘bustas were more successful, waxing all three heavy-bolter Attack Bikes from Kali Squadron 2. 

Joining up with Kev Orky ‘un, the ‘Ardboyz charged the Scouts, easily killing them, then--because of Grotsknik’s Bloodthirty rule--tramped forward back into line of sight of the Devastators.

Turn 5
The two remaining members of Squad Rudra moved up into cover, and the lone Attack Bike retreated. The flamerman for Squad Rudra doused the ‘Ard Boyz, but none were killed. The Attack Bike’s multi-melta did take one down, though, and then the Devastator Squads took out four more. Still, the Bad Dok’s FNP was paying excellent dividends for Team Fungus.

Fire from the bastion took out the heavy bolter-guy from Agni 1, and the ‘busta’s Looted Wagon waxed a missile launcher from the same squad. The Tankbustas dropped the last Attack Bike. Dok Kev Orky ‘un and the ‘Ard Boyz charged Squad Rudra, killing both of them.

Pat rolled the Loyal Green Die ™ to see if the game would end, and mercifully, it did, with the Orks holding the objective.

Post-Game Analysis  by Patrick Eibel
Wow! That was brutal. The rules for Grotsnik really helped with the Kult of Speed, whose main liability is the small squad size. After a couple of miscues at the beginning of the game that Kenton graciously allowed me to undo, I got into the swing of things and the Kult really got rolling (ironically, not literally, as most of their transports got blown up). It was nice to play a small battle that didn’t take forever to play (who made the next two battles huge point values?). I have to give my MVP awards to Grotsnik and the ‘Ard Boyz, who really pulled their weight throughout the game. 

Description: C:\Users\Keeg\Desktop\Kenton's files\The Jungle\website\auros3b.jpg
Some of the new scenery that Pat brought out for the game. The graffiti reads, "Speedo wuz here"

I also want to mention the new scenery that we got to use for the battle. Kenton got me the bastion and landing platform as presents, and I picked up the Battlescape at Counter Offensive. The new scenery helped to make the board feel like a different part of the planet. I will have to mix things up for the next battle.

Post-Game Analysis  by Kenton Kilgore
In his weekly (American) football column Tuesday Morning Quarterback, Gregg Easterbrook will often write “game over” in his notebook if one particular play is unsuccessful. TMQ could have written “game over” when Squad Rudra 2 deviated onto an Ork mob and was destroyed: for the rest of the battle, I was low on manpower and firepower, desperately trying to avoid casualties and kill Orks before they swamped my guys. 

I could have ditched the Scouts (not nearly as good vs. Orks as they used to be under previous versions of the Space Marine codex) and brought more Tactical Marines, but I was saving them for the next battle (remember, Pat and I are not allowed to re-use units for Battles 2 through 4). I don’t think it would have changed the outcome, though. 

Why not? Luck simply favored Pat in this game. As an example, consider that the mission is designed with the Defender starting with only half their army on the board and the other half slow to arrive from reserves (-2 on Reserve dice rolls, meaning that Pat needed a 5+ in Turn 1 and a 4+ in Turn 2). Yet by the start of Turn 2, his entire army was on the board. He also made a lot of 5+ Invulnerable Saves and Morale checks, which kept his guys keepin’’on. Conversely, when I needed a roll to go my way (Rudra 2’s Deep Striking, Sudra Patel’s Iron Halo save), it often did not. 40K players like to brag about their playing skills and cunning strategery, but in any game where you have to roll dice, luck will always be a factor. In this game, it was significant.

This is not to say that Pat didn’t play well--he almost always does. Congratz to him! I’m looking forward to our next game, when, I think, the Redhead will take matters into her own hands lightning claws.

Results as of Game #3
Campaign Points for Kenton: 4
Campaign Points for Pat: 4



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Posted November 2010



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