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Events and Battle Reports
Star Wars vs. Battlestar Galactica
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Star Wars vs. Battlestar Galactica: Part 2
Mission: Cleanse (Gamma Level) 
Points per Player: 2150

Imperial Guard/Daemonhunter Turn 4
In Pat’s Movement Phase, the Grey Knights advanced on Centurion Lucifer and Warrior Squad #1 while Vader turned and pursued Warrior Squad #3. The Grey Knights fired their storm bolters at Lucifer and his ‘bots, to no effect. The immobilized Leman Russ fired its battle cannon at Lucifer, but the shot deviated badly. Two Infantry Squads fired at the same target, dropping two Necrons. 

Meanwhile, the other Leman Russ and the Command Sentinels combined their fire against Warrior Squad #2, killing 12 of them (10 from a battle cannon shot—ouch!). The Anti-Tank Squad immobilized the Monolith, which came to rest in the river. In the Assault Phase, the Scarabs ate two Guardsmen, leaving a single Guardsmen alive. He passed his Morale test and stood his ground.

Necron Turn 4
The Heavy Destroyer that had failed its Dangerous Terrain test in the previous turn bricked its We’ll Be Back! roll—quick, some math major out there: tell me what are the odds of spooging both those rolls, eh? In happier news, two ‘bots from Warrior Squad #2 got back on their feet—those would be the ones that were tagged by the Command Sentinels, because the 10 that were pasted by the battle cannon had no chance. Making my Reserve roll, I deliberated for a bit and then put my Flayed Ones down near the remains of the Conscript Platoon, which also happened to be near (but hopefully not too near) the Grey Knights. 

The Shooting Phase did not start off well, with my two remaining Heavy Destroyers moving out of the protective jungle cover to fire at the Leman Russ atop the waterfall (you know, the one that had taken out the ten Toasters from Warrior Squad #2). They were out of range, and were now just hovering there waiting for return fire that would surely whack them. I was not pleased. 

The remains of Warrior Squad #2, meanwhile, slogged forward and fired on the immobilized Leman Russ, destroying it with a Glancing “6”—gotta love those gauss weapons! Lucifer and the other two Warrior Squads fired into Infantry Squads, wiping out one and breaking another. Booyah!

Imperial Guard/Daemonhunter Turn 5
As I had hoped, the Grey Knights that had been advancing on Lucifer and his squad turned their attention to the Flayed Ones behind them. The Knights gunned down three Flayed Ones, then rolled sufficiently high enough to charge, taking down another five while losing one of their own. The Flayed Ones made their Leadership roll and stayed in the fight.

Pat wiped out the Heavy Destroyers, using the Anti-Tank squad’s lascannons. The surviving Leman Russ missed the Monolith with its own lascannon, but the Callidus shook the Monolith with her neural shredder (Did you know she could do that? I didn’t). The rest of Pat’s firing did exactly nothing.

In the Assault Phase, the Sentinel that had been stunned in Necron Turn 3 assaulted Warrior Squad #3, killing a ‘bot. The Conscripts rushed the Scarabs that were on the lone Guardsmen, who died before the Commissar could squash the robot bugs with his power fist. 

Necron Turn 5
Four Flayed Ones made their We’ll Be Back! roll and stood up to challenge the Grey Knights. Lucifer and Warrior Squad #1 rolled poorly to advance through the foliage, so not enough of them made it into rapid-fire range to hurt their target, the Command Sentinels. In the Assault Phase, the Flayed Ones killed a Grey Knight and Warrior Squad #3 shook the Sentinel that had charged them.

Lucifer and Necrons advance
Above: Lucifer and his Warriors advance on the Imperial positions

Imperial Guard/Daemonhunter Turn 6
Intent on wiping out Lucifer and his entourage, Pat moved Guardsmen into rapid-fire range. Vader also closed in on Warrior Squad #3, which was stuck fighting the Sentinel. The Callidus again used her neural shredder to shake the Monolith, and the Anti-Tank Squad fired on the Monolith as well, only to shake it some more. The Command Sentinels and the nearby Guardsmen fired on Lucifer and his ‘bots, taking down two total.

The Command Sentinels then charged Lucifer’s group, killing two Necrons. Simultaneously, Vader and his retinue charged Warrior Squad #3; combined with the Sentinel’s attacks, they dismantled three ‘bots, but Vader lost one member of his retinue and the Sentinel was destroyed. Nevertheless, Warrior Squad #3 failed its Morale test and began to fall back. On the other side of the field, the Grey Knights cut down another Flayed One. 

Above: Vader and crew attack Warrior Squad #3

Necron Turn 6
One member of Warrior Squad #3 made its We’ll Be Back roll and the unit continued to fall back because there were enemies within 6". Lucifer used his Veil of Darkness to ‘port atop the waterfall, right behind the Anti-Tank Squad. Unfortunately, there wasn’t a lot of space up there, so three Necrons were destroyed as they appeared too close (within 1") to the Guardsmen. The surviving Warriors rapid-fired and easily wiped out the Anti-Tank Squad. Warrior Squad #3 rapid-fired on Vader’s crew, killing all of his retinue but not the Inquisitor Lord himself. The Flayed Ones sliced up a Grey Knight but lost two of their own and failed their Break test. The battle was over and the field belonged to the Imperial Guard. 

Star Wars vs. Battlestar Galactica
Intro and Army Lists <> Part 1 <> Part 2 <> Lessons Learned

© Copyright Kenton Kilgore, February 2005


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