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Events and Battle Reports

New Year, New Menace by Kenton Kilgore and Patrick Eibel
On or near every New Year’s Day, my buddy Pat and I get together for some 40k brutality.  This year, Pat proposed that we craft two maxxed-out, “competitive gaming” lists and have a real slobberknocker.  So that’s what we did.

Grey Knights/Imperial Guard (2000 points) by Patrick Eibel
In 5th Edition, there were several ugly Grey Knight lists dominating tournament games: Draigo/Terminator spam, Coteaz/henchmen spam, and psybolt-ammo Razorback spam.  I decided to build a Razorback list as a challenge, since vehicles got less resilient with hull points.  My idea was to construct an uber shooty force that would be supported by Imperial Guard.  Here is what I brought…

  • Ordo Malleus Inquisitor Lord Lukas Hellstrom (Psyker) w/ force sword, power armor, servo skull
  • 5-man Grey Knight Purifier Squad, including two w/ psycannons; Knight of the Flame w/ hammer.  Razorback w/ twin-linked assault cannon, psybolt ammo
  • 5-man GK Purifier Squad, including two w/ psycannons, two w/ halberds.  Razorback w/ twin-linked assault cannon, psybolt ammo
  • 5-man GK Strike Squad, including one w/ psycannon, all w/ psybolt ammo.  Razorback w/ twin-linked heavy bolter
  • 5-man GK Strike Squad, including one w/ psycannon, all w/ psybolt ammo.  Razorback w/ twin-linked heavy bolter
  • IG Company Command Squad.  Company Commander w/ power weapon; two w/ melta guns; one w/ medipack; one w/ standard; Master of the Fleet; Priest
  • Green Platoon Command Squad, including autocannon and plasma gun; Commissar w/ power fist
  • Green Platoon Infantry Squad, including autocannon and plasma gun
  • Green Platoon Infantry Squad, including autocannon and plasma gun
  • Red Platoon Command Squad, including lascannon and melta gun; Commissar w/ power fist
  • Red Platoon Infantry Squad, including missile launcher and grenade launcher
  • Red Platoon Infantry Squad, including missile launcher and grenade launcher
  • Vendetta
  • Leman Russ Punisher w/ heavy bolter sponsons, hull-mounted heavy bolter
  • Aegis Defense Line w/ quad-gun

Yblis’ Centurions (1995 points)
  by Kenton Kilgore
My Necron army used to be a bunch of chumps, but the new codex and the 6th Edition rules have made them a match for any force.  Over the past year, I’ve ditched underperforming units like my Flayed Ones and the Monolith in favor of Flyers, Flyers, and more Flyers.  My collection actually has 7 Flyers (5 Night Scythes and 2 Doom Scythes), but I thought I’d take it easy on Pat and only bring 6. 

  •  Necron Overlord Lucifer 1.1 w/ Staff of Light, Resurrection Orb
  • Royal Court of 5 Crypteks w/ eldritch lances
  • Units 2.1 and 2.1.1.  Twelve Necron Warriors w/ Night Scythe
  • Units 2.2 and 2.2.1.  Twelve Necron Warriors w/ Night Scythe
  • Units 2.3 and 2.3.1.  Twelve Necron Warriors w/ Night Scythe
  • Units 2.4 and 2.4.1.  Twelve Necron Warriors w/ Night Scythe
  • Unit 2.5.  Twelve Necron Warriors
  • Unit 3.1.  Eight Canoptek Scarab bases
  • Unit 4.1  Canoptek Spyder
  • Unit 4.2.  Doom Scythe
  • Unit 4.3.  Doom Scythe

Is this a “cookie cutter” list?  Yep.  Is it “flavor-of-the-month?”  It certainly is, Ollie.  Is it something I regularly unleash on other gamers, especially casual ones who are only looking for a good time?  Certainly not.  But for a no-holds-barred, “competitive” contest, this is probably the nastiest army I own.

 The Flyers are proxies using old-school and modern Battlestar Galactica models and toys

We played at Pat’s house, on 4' x 8' table that Pat had loaded up with buildings.  We rolled randomly for Warlord Traits; the Emperor deemed Inquisitor Hellstrom to be a Master of the Vanguard, and Overlord Lucifer received from the Jackal God the boon of Night Attacker.  We then diced for mission and deployment and got “Crusade” (with 5 objectives) and “Vanguard Strike” (the funky diagonal one).  Pat rolled up Forewarning for Hellstrom’s psychic power and won the right to set up and go first.

We plopped down the objectives and Pat deployed all his Guardsmen in cover, with most of Green Platoon behind the Aegis Line and all of Red Platoon safely ensconced in ruins nearby.  He anchored his IG with the Punisher along Green Platoon’s left flank, and put all the Grey Knights in their Razorbacks (with Inquisitor Hellstrom) along his extreme right flank.  Being a Flyer, his Vendetta began off the board.

Likewise, my Flyers did not deploy.  I clumped my 60 Necron Warriors behind copious amounts of building-provided cover, with Lucifer near the center, attached to Unit 2.5.  The Scarabs and Spyder began the battle amidst some ruins on my left flank to minimize the shooting they would be subjected to.  I halfheartedly attempted to steal the initiative, and was not at all surprised or displeased to fail this, as I wanted to keep my tin men out of range of most of Pat’s uber-shooty IG.

Turn 1
Thanks to Lucifer’s Warlord Trait, the Night Fighting rules would be in effect for the first turn.  Pat advanced his convoy of Razorbacks and a Purifier Squad got out, onto an objective.  Rolling to see what sort of Mysterious Objective it was, Pat came up with “Targeting Relay,” which certainly doesn’t suck.

Would that the Targeting Relay could have aided his Imperial Guardsmen.  While one missile launcher did manage to wound the Spyder, the rest of Pat’s shooting was mostly ineffectual, with generous saves from cover and Night Fighting negating hits and wounds from autocannons, the quad-gun, even all but one shot from the many, many fired from the Punisher (whose main gun rolls 20 dice).  After the smoke cleared, one Necron Warrior had fallen—and at the start of my turn, he made his Reanimation Protocol roll and stood back up.

As my Warriors advanced, the Scarabs scampered towards the Razorbacks, the Spyder following after and hurting itself (losing another Wound) while forming another Scarab base.  Lucifer and Unit 2.5 took the closest objective to me, and found that it was a “Grav Wave Generator,” which would prove helpful if enemy attempted to charge their position.  In less happy news, my shooting was just as unimpressive as Pat’s, with multiple shots from eldritch lances doing exactly skadoosh against the Leman Russ Punisher.

Turn 2
Pat rolled for Reserves, but the Vendetta refused to arrive—don’t you hate it when you’re traveling and your flight’s delayed?  Pat moved up his Razorbacks and they and the Imperial Guard fired on my mass of ‘bots, dropping seven Warriors and killing two Scarab bases with insta-kill hits from krak missiles.  Ow!

Lots and lots of Necron Warriors and Flyers advance on the Imperials

On my turn, four Toasters reanimated; in addition, two Night Scythes and both Doom Scythes came on, despite interference from Pat’s Master of the Fleet.  The quad-gun used its Interceptor ability to full effect, blasting one of my Night Scythes out of the sky as my transport botched its Jink rolls. 

Proxied Doom Scythes threaten the Grey Knight Razorbacks

Warriors and Scarabs pressed forward, with Unit 2.4 taking another objective (revealed to also be a Grav Wave Generator), and the Spyder creating Scarab reinforcements.  Unit 2.2 opened up on Green Platoon, killing eight.  The surviving Night Scythe fired on the quad-gun, knocking a Wound off it despite its 4+ cover save from being behind the Aegis Line.  Doom Scythe weaponry wrecked or destroyed three Razorbacks, with the resulting explosion pinning one of the embarked Strike Squads. 

In the Assault Phase, Scarabs charged the last Razorback and quickly consumed it.  NOM NOM NOM NOM NOM!


Turn 3
The Vendetta came on from Reserves, and Inquisitor Hellstrom suffered a Wound from Perils of the Warp while attempting a psychic power.  Pat concentrated his firing on my Flyers, with his non-pinned Strike Squad knocking a Hull Point off Doom Scythe 4.2, and the Punisher drilling the Night Scythe for 2 Hull Points.  Fire from the Green and Red Platoons and the Vendetta at my Doom Scythes were ineffective or were saved by successful Jink rolls. 


On my turn, my remaining two Night Scythes came on, and once again, Pat’s quad-gun proved itself worth every point spent, as it blasted one of the incoming transports out of the air.  Nertz!  I moved one Doom Scythe off the board (Ongoing Reserves) as my Warriors moved up, firing gauss weapons on Green Platoon (killing two) and the Punisher (wrecking it).  One of my Night Scythes unloaded on the quad-gun, finally putting an end to its noise.

That puff of smoke atop the building is where an oncoming Night Scythe USED to be before the quad-gun tagged it

To keep the Grey Knights busy, I charged the Scarabs into some Purifiers and the Spyder into a Strike Squad.  The latter never made it, as Overwatch snap fire from the Strikers gunned it down before it could get into slow-dance range with them.  The former lost two bases to Overwatch fire, and then four more (without inflicting any casualties) when in melee.  As Scarabs are Fearless, they stuck around for more, which would prevent the Purifiers from moving or shooting on their next turn, which was all I really wanted. 

A Night Scythe tries to distract the Grey Knights while Scarabs attack from behind

Turn 4
One of Pat’s Strike Squads moved up to take an objective, but the die said that it had no special ability.  Pat’s unengaged Purifier Squad fired on a Night Scythe, forcing it to Jink; Green Platoon forced the other Night Scythe to do the same.  Red Platoon fired missiles at the Doom Scythe on the board, and it, too, was forced to Jink.  The Vendetta fired on Unit 2.3, dropping a single Warrior.  In the Assault Phase, the other Purifiers easily rid themselves of the Scarabs.

Meanwhile, masses of Necron Warriors keep plodding forward to take objectives

On my turn, I brought back the Doom Scythe that had flown off the turn before, and moved my other three Flyers (all unable to fire because they had recently Jinked) off the table.  My Warriors continued forward, with Lucifer and Unit 2.5 taking the Necrons’ third objective, revealed to be generating a Scatterfield (+1 to cover saves).  Firing by the Doom Scythe (on Green Platoon) and Units 2.3 and 2.5 (on the Vendetta) did zip and not much (respectively), except forcing the IG Flyer to Jink.

A Doom Scythe that's taken a Hull Point re-engages the Imperial forces

Turn 5
One of Pat’s Strike Squads moved onto the Targeting Relay objective.  Firing from that squad, both Purifier units, and Red Platoon managed to knock a Hull Point off the Doom Scythe.  A fierce burst from Green Platoon (operating under the order 1st Rank Fire, 2nd Rank Fire!) dropped six Warriors from Unit 2.5, four of whom got back up on my turn, thanks to Lucifer’s Resurrection Orb.

Necron Warriors take the last objective (that upside-down counter that reads "1").  Can they keep it?

Also on my turn, my three other Flyers came back and set to work, with the recently-returned Doom Scythe shooting down the Vendetta.  Warriors returned fire on Green Platoon, killing their Command Squad and forcing the rest of them to Go to Ground: they would not be heard from in Turn 6, if the game continued.  Pat’s Loyal Green Die ™, determined to keep its master in the contest, decreed that the battle would continue.

Turn 6
Both Purifier Squads, one Strike Squad, and Red Platoon concentrated their fire on Unit 2.5, intent on blasting them off the objective and forcing a tie: all but Lucifer fell (thanks to Look Out, Sir!).  The other Strike Squad fired on a Night Scythe, to no effect. 

Two Grey Knights--members of a Strike Squad--hold an objective against a Necron counterattack

On my turn, Lucifer successfully reanimated each fallen Warrior from Unit 2.5, and the mass of ‘bots around him formed up to screen their Overlord from further harm, firing on the Strike Squad holding Pat’s second objective.  They did not succeed in killing the Grey Knights there, and the Loyal Green Die ™ decided that the game would go on another turn.


Turn 7
Pat’s only hope to secure a tie was to somehow drop three squads of Necrons around my third objective.  Fire from the Grey Knights, Red and Green Platoons brought down 11 of 12 Warriors from Unit 2.2, but it was not enough.  Pat conceded that my return fire would probably kill the two Grey Knight Strikers he had on his second objective, noting that the nearby Purifiers (being Elite units) could not hold that objective.  With that, the game was over.

Final Score
10 Victory Points (3 objectives + Linebreaker)
Grey Knights/Imperial Guard: 4 Victory Points (1 objective + First Blood)



Post-Game Analysis by Patrick Eibel

“They are what we thought they were”…former Arizona Cardinal head coach Dennis Green

 Warhammer 40K is a complex game, which is what makes it rewarding when you win and maddening when you lose.  It would be nice if you could get a little 40K angel (like the traditional shoulder-perched tempter- or conscience ones), probably resembling Ken “Fabulous Orcboy” Lacy, that would tell you when you are about to do something that is guaranteed to lose you the game.  In this game, my “Orcboy Angel” would tell me that putting my Grey Knight on my far right flank was not a stellar idea.  The close combat ability of the Knights was totally wasted and I ended up in a shootout with Necrons.  The Flyers were annoying, but could have been mitigated if I had deployed properly.  Kenton’s real brilliance was to deploy his ‘bots from the start and maximize their shooting. 

My MVP of the game was my son Thomas.  Although he napped through most of the proceedings, he did get to check out the beginning and end of the  game.  Most parents of small children can tell you that finding time to play a game can be challenging.  I was happy to get a full game in, and at least make those Flyers work for the win.

Post-Game Analysis by Kenton Kilgore
I continue to be amazed at how well Yblis’ Centurions do under the new codex and the 6th Edition rules.  I won’t claim that spamming Flyers takes genius—far from it—but it works awfully well.  The Doom Scythes were my MVPs: in one turn, they dispatched 3 of Pat’s 4 Razorbacks (Scarabs got the other one), taking away Pat’s mobility and a good chunk of his firepower (those heavy bolters were hurtful).  The Night Scythes aren’t nearly as destructive as the Doom Scythes, but an opponent simply can’t ignore four twin-linked Strength 7 shots per turn from each transport.  I overestimated my Flyers’ ability to survive the quad-gun, and paid dearly for it; fortunately for me, Pat chose to target Night Scythes instead of Doom Scythes.  

I made a rule error in Turn 6: Unit 2.5 should not have gotten back up after Pat knocked all of the Warriors down, despite Lucifer and his Orb being attached to the unit.  Re-reading the rules for Reanimation Protocols in Codex: Necrons has set me straight.  Not that the loss of a handful of Toasters made a shred of difference, as I still had plenty of other ‘bots nearby to take the third objective.  My Flyers had worn away at Pat’s forces and kept him busy while my mass of Warriors had seized objectives while suffering minor losses.  That was, of course, the plan all along, and it worked well.        



Posted  January 2013


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