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King of the Hill

King of the Hill: Battle #1 by Kenton Kilgore and Patrick Eibel

This, our latest campaign, will pit several armies from the most recent codices against each other to provide some sort of comparison on how well they perform.  Oh, let’s just be honest: it’s a good excuse—a GRAND excuse, actually—for some hardcore 40K brutality.  Commence au festival!  Let’s meet our first two forces.


Dusk Raiders (1,997 points) by Patrick Eibel

I had wanted to field a fully painted army for this battle, but shipping from England kept my Obliterators from arriving in time.  Still, I was super excited to try out my new Chaos army list.  Here is what I brought, including the proxied Oblits:


  • Brother Pyros (Typhus)
  • Plague Squad Scourge.  Seven Plague Marines including two w/ plasma guns, Aspiring Champion w/ plasma pistol
  • Plague Squad Affliction.  Seven Plague Marines as above
  • Chaos Space Marine Squad Pestilence.  Seven Chaos Marines, including one w/ flamer
  • The Cursed.  Fourteen Plague Zombies
  • The Punished.  Fourteen Plague Zombies
  • Chosen Squad Bane.  Seven Chosen, including four w/ plasma guns
  • Raptor Squad Blight.  Ten Raptors, including two w/ melta guns­­­­, Aspiring Champion w/ plasma pistol, power weapon
  • Heldrake w/ bale flamer
  • Two Chaos Spawn w/ Mark of Nurgle
  • Havoc Squad Torment.  Seven Havocs, including four w/ autocannons
  • Obliterator Squad Venom.  Two Obliterators w/ Mark of Nurgle
  • Obliterator Squad Poison.  Two Obliterators w/ Mark of Nurgle


This list brings a whole lot of Strength 7 firepower, but not a lot of mobility.  I am hoping my resilient Plague units will be able to hold out long enough to reach Kenton’s guys.  The Spawn, Raptors and Heldrake should be able to use their speed to target rear units, while the Obliterators and Havocs will be primarily on tank duty.





Fighting Tigers of Veda (2000 points) by Kenton Kilgore

With the arrival of the latest Space Marine codex, I’m in the process of dividing my overly-large collection of Stripeypants into several themed armies that I can use against all opponents.  This one is a WIP version of a mechanized force: let’s take it for a test drive, shall we?


  • Kshatriya Jirbu Ghosh (Space Marine Captain) w/ frag and krak grenades, melta bombs, Iron Halo, plasma pistol, and relic blade.  Singh Squad (Command Squad): Apothecary; Veteran w/ company standard; Company Champion w/ power axe and combat shield; two Veterans w/ flamers.  Man-eater I: Rhino w/ extra armor, pintle-mounted storm bolter
  • Tiger of Tvashtri Shankar Krishnam (Techmarine) w/ servo harness, Space Marine bike, and power axe
  • Squad Rudra 2 Mahaduyana.  Five Tactical Marines, including one w/ melta gun; Sergeant w/ power fist.  Man-eater IV (Razorback) w/ lascannon/twin-linked plasma guns, extra armor, dozer blade
  • Squad Rudra 2 Ghuyarashtra.  Five Tactical Marines, including one w/ melta gun; Sergeant w/ power fist, combi-flamer.  Man-eater VI (Razorback) w/ twin-linked lascannons, extra armor, dozer blade
  • Squad Rudra 3 Mahaduyana.  Five Tactical Marines, including one w/ melta gun; Sergeant w/ power fist.  Man-eater V (Razorback) w/ twin-linked lascannons, extra armor, dozer blade
  • Squad Rudra 3 Ghuyarashtra.  Five Tactical Marines, including one w/ melta gun; Sergeant w/ power fist, combi-flamer.  Man-eater X (Razorback) w/ twin-linked lascannons, extra armor, dozer blade
  • Squad Indra 2 Ghuyarashtra.  Five Sternguard Veterans: two w/ storm bolters; one w/ flamer; one w/ heavy flamer; Vet Sergeant w/ combi-flamer.  Man-eater II (Rhino) w/ extra armor, pintle-mounted storm bolter, dozer blade
  • Squad Indra 3 Mahaduyana.  Five Sternguard Veterans: two w/ storm bolters; one w/ flamer; one w/ heavy flamer; Vet Sergeant w/ combi-flamer. Man-eater VII (Rhino) w/ extra armor
  • Tyger Tyger (Predator) w/ twin-linked lascannon turret, sponsons w/ lascannons
  • Tiger Claw (Vindicator)
  • Sabretooth (Stalker)


This list has a lot of anti-tank weaponry (lascannons), a lot of anti-personnel (flamers, Demolisher cannon), some anti-Flyer (Stalker), and some mobility.  I didn’t know what Pat was bringing, but I hoped this would be able to handle it.


Pat and I played at Drop Zone games in Glen-By-God-Burnie, MD, midway (and about an hour’s drive) from each of our houses.  Our table was 4' x 6', with a mix of ruins and woods.  We rolled randomly for mission and deployment, coming up with Purge the Alien and Dawn of War (with Night Fighting on Turn 1).  I won the rolls to choose sides, and also to set up and go first.

Fighting Tiger deployment, with figures by each tank to remind me which squad was aboard
(except for the Techmarine by the Predator, at the top of the photo)

I deployed with all my infantry in their tanks, all of them lined up across 2/3rds of the board, the Heavy Support units sheltered in some ruins, Rhinos before Razorbacks to give them cover.  Pat spread out parallel to my forces, but out of line of sight of my Heavy Support, with Chaos Plague Zombies out front, Plague- and regular Chaos Marines behind them, Obliterators and Havocs in the back, with Typhus and a good chunk of his guys in some ruins.  The two Chaos Spawn were on his left flank, and the Heldrake started off the board, of course.

Dusk Raider Chaos Space Marine deployment.  The giant bat figures on the right count as Chaos Spawn.  

 Being the perfidious and unrepentant swine he is, Pat stole the initiative and got this party started.

Dusk Raiders stamp towards the waiting Fighting Tigers


Turn 1

Pat advanced most of his army (except for the heavy weapon-toting Oblits and Havocs), and began shooting, leading off with the plasma guns of his Plague Marines (which shook the Razorback Man-eater VI) and Chosen (glancing hits took two Hull Points off Jirbu Ghosh’s Rhino, though one Chosen fried himself).  The Havocs shook and took two Hull Points off Man-eater V (a Razorback), but both units of Obliterators whiffed against their tank targets.

Fighting Tiger Razorbacks and Rhinos advance, firing smoke grenades (indicated by those white templates)


Determined to get my Tactical and Sternguard units into the fight, I drove my transports forward, launching smoke grenades.  Stymied by the terrain that I had hoped to protect my Heavy Support units, I moved them up and got some shots on the Chosen. That, combined with fire from Razorbacks, took out the Chosen’s remaining plasma guns.

"Tiger Claw" Vindicator, "Tyger Tyger" Predator, "Sabretooth" Stalker (proxied by a Whirlwind) and Techmarine Shankar Krishnam


Turn 2

At the start of Pat’s turn, the Heldrake came on from reserves and the Chaos Spawn moved up to engage the Rhino Man-eater VII, the closest target.  His footstompers continued to advance, of course, firing as they went.  Plague Marines knocked two Hull Points off Man-eater VII, and then one unit of Oblits penetrated it, causing it to kersplode, exposing Squad Indra 3, one of my Sternguard units.  Puff the Black Magic Dragon then swooped in and hit them with its bale flamer, killing them all—RUDE!

Heldrake and Chaos Spawn endure the harsh glare of the paparazzi's camera flashes...


Havocs shook and immobilized Rhino Man-eater II, carrying my other Sternguard squad.  The other Oblit unit exploded the Razorback Man-eater VI, killing two of Squad Rudra 2 (Gh) that were aboard.  Pat’s closest Chaos Marines fired on them, killing one, and then tried (but mercifully failed) to charge.

"Oh. Hi."


Well, that was all kinds of suck.  On my turn, I moved up Man-eater I and had Captain Jirbu Ghosh and her posse dismount.  Despite its dozer blade, Man-eater V immobilized itself on difficult terrain (that right there should tell you what kind of game this was turning out to be for me), and Squad Rudra 2 Mahaduyana got out to engage the enemy.  Ditto for my sole surviving Sternguard unit. 

"'Hi,' yourself...."


My Stalker finally had the Heldrake in its sights—the moment I had been waiting for—and fired, hitting twice…with no Wounds.  Sternguard shot 6 Plague Zombies (big whoop).  The storm bolter from Jirbu’s Rhino polished off the last Chosen.  The Predator whiffed against the Obliterators, and the Vindicator took out one of them.


Jirbu Ghosh, her Command Squad, and both Rudra 2 squads (the orange/black ones and the mustard/brown ones) fired on Pat’s closest unit of Plague Marines.  Nada.  Zip. Zilch.  Nuffin.


At times like this, the only thing to say is, “PHUK.”


Turn 3

Pat’s Raptors dropped down behind the Stalker, while the Heldrake swung into my deployment zone to continue its merriment and the rest of Pat’s army (except for the Oblits and Havocs) moved up. 


In a “Was-This-What-You-Were-Trying-To-Do?” sort of moment, the Raptors shot the Stalker in the butt, exploding it.  Oblits fired on the Vindicator with lascannons and multi-melta and did skadoosh.  Havocs wrecked the Razorback Man-eater IV, and the Tac Boyz inside dismounted. 

"Don't mind us.  We're just dropping in to take care of a few little things."


The Heldrake fired (literally) on my Command Squad and Sternguard, wounding Jirbu Ghosh, taking out two of her pals (including my Apothecary), and two Sterners.  Plague Marines fired on the Command Squad, killing everyone but Jirbu, though also wounding her.  Another PM squad used its plasma guns to toast the rest of my Sternguard.  Regular Chaos Space Marines killed two from Rudra 2 Mahaduyana, causing them to fall back. 


I continued to move guys, where possible, to avoid the Heldrake and to get shots at the swarming Plague Pals.  Shooting dropped one Chaos Spawn, and the Vindicator’s Big Ol’ Pie Plate o’ Death went off target, hitting a lone Obliterator…and then I rolled a “1” when trying to wound him.




Shooting from here and there dropped some Plague Marines (I wasn’t paying too much attention) and then Jirbu Ghosh charged them, intent on wrecking their [excrement] in close combat the way a Space Marine Captain with a relic blade should.  Except that when she was hit and wounded from Overwatch fire, she (of course) rolled a “1” on her armor save, losing her last Wound.




My Techmarine charged the Raptors, intent on wrecking THEIR [excrement] with his servo-harness happiness, or at least keeping them busy so that they couldn’t shoot next turn.  Except that he, too, was shot on Overwatch, bricked his Armor Save of 2+ with a “1” and hit the dirt before he could swing.




Turn 4

With the game well in hand, Pat was now in mop-up mode, as the Heldrake flew off the board.  The Raptors fired on the rear of the Vindicator, kersploding it (and nixing one of their own, but the Nurglers were not pressed).  The Obliterators fired on the Predator, shaking it.  Havocs glanced the Razorback Man-eater X, and Plague Marines’ gunfire wiped out the Tac Squad R3GH (not to be confused with the Washington Redskins’ QB), who had some really crappy saving throws.  The Chaos Spawn charged Rudra 2 Mh, and they all tussled.


On my turn, firing took out a Plague Marine squad and, Rudra 2 Mh wounded the Spawn.  Pat had to go, and we both knew where this game had been heading a long time ago: a resounding win for Team Mucous over Team Stripey.


Final Score

Dusk Raiders: 13

Fighting Tigers of Veda: 2   


Post-Game Analysis by Patrick Eibel

My most valuable player of this game was … Kenton’s dice!  The sheer number of ones that were rolled at critical times was staggering.  Of course, it helped that my army did what it was supposed to, as well.  The gameplan for the Dudes of Spooge was simple: inflict pain early and often, and keep the pressure on by benefit of their resiliency.  I was pleased with just about every unit except the Obliterators, who seemed to brick more than their fair share of “to-hit” rolls.  With an 11 point differential, I cannot complain too much.


Post-Game Analysis by Kenton Kilgore

Stupid-ass deployment: I should have taken the other side of the table, or at least not stashed my Heavy Support in the building ruins, halving their line of sight.  Stupid-ass game strategy: I should have used my superior range, stayed put, and let the Plague Boyz wade through fire instead of moving my forces towards them and their many, many plasma guns.  I vastly overestimated the prowess of my Tactical and Sternguard squads. 


And, finally, stupid-ass dice rolls: whenever I needed something to happen, it usually did not.  But let’s be clear: my gaming skills have seriously eroded through lack of play, while Pat has increased his through more practice.  I used to think that we were evenly matched, but he is now clearly the better player, and I need to catch up in a hurry, or this campaign will be over long before the final battle.

King of the Hill
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Posted March 2014



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