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Events and Battle Reports

Just Because….  by Patrick Eibel and Kenton Kilgore
I know, I know: we really ought to be playing our latest campaign, Foul Deeds Will Rise.  We’ll get to it, but before we do, Pat and I thought we’d have, for no particular reason, a one-off game over the long 4th of July weekend.  Pat hadn’t used his Space Wolves for a while, and I wanted to try out my revamped Kurindans, so I brought the Lizzies to Casa de Eibel and we threw down….


Keric Quicbrand’s Great Company (1995 points)  by Patrick Eibel

Kenton was itching to give his “Tyranids” a proper shakedown, so I geared my army specifically to take out his, with plenty of shooting, some vehicles, and a few nasty surprises for him and his “Purple People Eaters.”  I brought:


·         Wolf Lord Keric Quicbrand (counts as Ragnar Blackmane)

·         Rune Priest w/ Jaws of the World Wolf, Tempest’s Wrath, and Saga of the Beastslayer

·         Pack Thunder.  Sergeant w/ bolter, 6 Wolf Scouts w/ sniper rifles, 1 Scout w/ heavy bolter

·         Pack Njorer.  Nine Grey Hunters, including 1 w/ flamer and 1 w/ power fist.  Mounted in Rhino w/ extra armor

·         Pack Roskva.  Nine Grey Hunters, including 1 w/ flamer and 1 w/ power fist. 

·         Pack Skrymir.  Ten Grey Hunters, including 2 w/ plasma guns , 1 w/ plasma pistol, and 1 w/ Mark of the Wulfen

·         Pack Sleipnir.   Ten Grey Hunters, including 2 w/ plasma guns , 1 w/ plasma pistol, and 1 w/ power fist.  Mounted in Drop Pod

·         14 Fenrisian Wolves

·         Land Speeder Tornado w/ heavy bolter and assault cannon

·         Pack Venir.  Five Long Fangs, including 3 w/ missile launchers and 1 w/ lascannon

·         Pack Aesir.  Five Long Fangs, including 3 w/ heavy bolters and 1 w/ plasma cannon

·         Thunderwolf 2.  Land Raider Crusader w/ extra armor


That’s a whole lot of dakka for Kenton’s Kurindans to wade through, and even if they make it, then they’ll have to fight my guys in close combat.  Even for Nids, that isn’t easy.


Kurindans (2001 points)  by Kenton Kilgore

I wanted to test-drive a number of units in this game, so I eschewed some of my favorite units (Hive Tyrant, Zoanthropes, Raveners) and brought:


·         !Gmbi.  Counts as Tervigon w/ Dominion and Catalyst

·         Troglodytes on Dracosaurs (“Spitters”).  Counts as 6 Tyranid Warriors: 5 w/ deathspitters and 1 w/ barbed strangler

·         Troglodyte Rampage 1.  Counts as Broodlord and 15 Genestealers

·         Troglodyte Rampage 2.  Counts as 16 Genestealers

·         Troglodyte Rampage 3.  Counts as 16 Genestealers

·         Venosaurian.  Counts as Venomthrope

·         Troglodytes on Dracosaurs (“Jumpers”).  Counts as 5 Tyranid Shrikes, all of them w/ adrenal glands and pairs of boneswords

·         Newt “Hoppers”.  Counts as 22 Gargoyles w/ toxin sacs

·         Carnodon.  Counts as Carnifex w/ adrenal glands and stranglethorn cannon.  Accompanied by Anklyopterosaur.  Counts as Mycetic Spore w/ twin-linked deathspitter

·         Megasaur.  Counts as Trygon w/ adrenal glands


Let’s see how that flies/infiltrates/deep strikes, eh?


Setting Up and Deployment  by Kenton Kilgore

As mentioned, we played at Pat’s house, on a 4′ by 8′ “green board” decorated with some ruins.  By agreement, Pat had picked his side and so I set up first and would have the first turn.  I rolled randomly to determine our mission (“Annihilation”) and deployment (“Dawn of War”).  Accordingly, I set up my Tervigon in the center of the board (inexplicably in cover, though I would get first turn unless Pat stole the initiative) and decided to infiltrate the first two Genestealer units (including the one with the Broodlord).


Description: C:\Users\Keeg\Desktop\Kenton's files\The Jungle\website\100_2780.jpg

Deployment, with the ersatz Genestealers creeping on the Space Wolves


Pat put down Pack Njorer + the Rune Priest in the Rhino, then put Pack Skrymir in some ruins in the same corner.  I deployed the two Stealer broods 18″ away, out in the open to get a good running start at the Grey Hunters.  In many games between me and Pat, all the action is on one side of the board, and it was already looking like this would be another one.


Turn 1

On my turn, the Tervigon burped out 11 Termagants and moved towards the Grey Hunters, running in the Shooting Phase.  The two Gargoyle units also moved towards the Wolves, but even with running, they didn’t get into charge range.  


On Pat’s turn, the Rhino moved forward and Pack Njorer got out to engage Troglodyte Rampage 1; Pack Skrymir held their ground.  The Rune Priest used Tempest’s Wrath but didn’t kill any of my guys.  However, shooting from Pack Njorer took down 8 Lizzies.  Skrymir dropped 10 (!) Kurindans from Trog Rampage 2. 


Pat’s Wolves bringing on the heartbreak to my Kurindans


That was bad, but I was confident that my remaining guys were going to get Pat’s dudes next round and put a whole new planet of hurt on them.  First, however, there were those mandatory Morale checks to make, but Genestealers have a LD of 10.  I rolled for both broods and got an “11” for each: my normally unbreakable ‘stealers ran faster than Patriot fans heading for the exits after their team’s latest playoff choke.


I already had the feeling it was going to be one of those games….


Description: C:\Users\Keeg\Desktop\Kenton's files\The Jungle\website\100_2783.jpg

My Tervigon (that big thing) is joined by Warriors and a Venomthrope at the beginning of Turn 2


Turn 2

At the start of my turn, my dice-rolling became considerably better: all of my reserves except for Trog Rampage #3 came on.  Eager to avenge their scaly brethren, the Mycetic Spore carrying my Carnifex and my Trygon Deep Struck right by Pack Njorer.  Pat, who is normally pretty confident when playing his Wolves, suddenly got very worried.


Trygon (that Godzilla figure) and Carnifex (green dino-thingy by the green winged-thingy)

appear on the field waaaaaaay too close to the Wolves for Pat’s comfort


He needn’t have.  In the Shooting Phase, the Trygon and the Spore combined to drop two Njorer Wolves and the Carnifex pasted one guy from Skrymir (I didn’t fire the Carni’s stranglethorn at Njorer because I didn’t want it to deviate onto my Trygon).  Meanwhile, my Tervigon casted Catalyst on the Warriors, granting them “Feel No Pain.”


Having fallen back and rallied from the embarrassing and momentary lack of nerve, Trog Rampage 1 charged Pack Njorer, with the Broodlord lining up against the Rune Priest and trying to psych him out with Hypnotic Gaze.  The Rune Priest easily beat Herr Broody on the LD roll, and the Grey Hunters killed three ‘Stealers while only losing one of their own.  My guys lost their nerve and fell back 4″.


Trog Rampage #1 (Genestealers) slams into Pack Njorer while the Anklyopterosaur (Mycetic Spore) stupidly ignores everyone


On Pat’s turn, the Land Raider Crusader carrying Keric/Ragnar and Pack Roskva arrived from reserves, as did the Wolf Scouts, the Pod with Pack Sleipnir, and both sets of Long Fangs.  All these units came on at the end of the board where the fracas was in full force, leaving me to wonder why Pat and I even bother to set up full-sized tables….


As Pack Njorer and their Rhino get out of Dodge, more Space Wolves arrive on the scene


While Keric and friends dismounted from their ride, Pack Njorer and their friend Mr. Wizard, having fought off my ‘Stealers, mounted up in the Rhino and drove away.  They didn’t go far, though: the Rune Priest did what everyone except me saw coming and opened up Jaws of the World Wolf on my slow-as-a Ravens-fan-at-a-Mensa-convention Carnifex, wiping 195 points off the board without so much as a reach-around.


More annoying as all get-out was how the Grey Hunter packs with plasma guns casually turned said “unlicensed nuclear accelerators” on my Trygon and vaporized it.  At that point, I didn’t even care when the Drop Pod’s storm bolter shot dead two fleeing Genestealers or that the assault cannon on the LRC took out another ‘Stealer running for its worthless reptilian life.


Now you see him, now you don’t: in a second, 210 points worth of proxied Trygon is going to vaporized by several plasma guns


Turn 3

On my turn, my last unit of Genestealers came on the board.  I deliberated having the ‘Stealers attempt to outflank, but decided against it in case they came in on the opposite side of the table.  My Tervigon squeezed out 7 more Termagants but failed to successfully re-cast “Feel No Pain” on the Warriors.  More fortunately, Trog Rampage 1, which had been falling back (again) was in Synapse range of the Shrikes and auto-rallied. 


There wasn’t much more to be done on my end as my Kurindans hopped or ran towards the Space Wolves.  The Gargoyles fired their fleshborers into Pack Sleipnir, huddled around their Drop Pod, and they killed one.  Then it was Pat’s turn to continue the jocularities.


Shrugging off the unpleasantness of losing two very expensive HS units in a single turn, the Kurindans keep on coming


The Fenrisian Wolves and the Tornado came on, the latter deviating well into the midst of my guys.  Facing a wall of purple aliens headed their way, Keric/Ragnar and crew got back in their ride and the LRC backed up, its assault cannon wounding a Shrike. 


The sniper Scouts fired at the Shrikes as well, but cover saves from the Gargoyles spared the bigger guys.  The Tornado wounded a Shrike, GH Pack Sleipnir wounded another, so I pulled one figure off the board.  The Long Fangs were mostly blocked by the Drop Pod, but they managed to wound another Shrike.  The Rune Priest tried his gimmicky Jaws act again, only taking down a single Gargoyle. 


In a bit of bad luck for Pat, the Tornado deep strikes a little too close to the oncoming aliens….


Turn 4

Well, that last turn wound up better than I thought it would be.  Having run out of models to use for Termagants, I contented myself with having my Tervert successfully chuck “Re-roll Those Saves If You Got ‘Em” on the Shrikes.  The Warriors opened fire with Deathspitters at the Tornado, taking off the assault cannon.  Then it was the part of the show that Nid players like best.


The Shrikes charged Pack Sleipnir, killing 7 guys and taking 2 Wounds, which, combined with the Wound that one Shrike took last turn, meant that they lost one Kurindan.  The Grey Hunters failed their Morale check and rolled some more armor saves, and both remaining guys bought the Daisy Hill Puppy Farm.  The Warriors charged the Tornado, shaking and stunning it, which was mere gravy.


The reinvigorated Kurindans crash into the Space Wolves again


On Pat’s turn, the Rhino and the LRC maneuvered, with their passengers dismounting again as the Fenris Wolves moved up swiftly.  Sniper fire on Trog Rampage 1 killed two ‘Stealers, and shooting from Pack Njorer took out 5 Gargoyles.  The Long Fangs killed three ‘Stealers from Trog Rampage 2, and shooting from the remaining Grey Hunter packs took down two Shrikes and pasted two Wounds on another. 


The Broodlord—the last survivor of Trog Rampage 1—used cover to evade the multi-melta of the Crusader, but took two Wounds from the assault cannon.  The LRC’s Machine Spirit fired the hurricane bolters into the Gargoyles, but only one died.


The Space Wolves begin their counterattack, with Fenrisian Wolves emerging from behind the Drop Pod


Callously sending in extraterrestrial dogs to do a superhuman warrior’s job, Pat sicced the Fenrisian Wolves on the Shrikes and Gargoyles.  The Shrikes—obviously members of PETA—botched their rolls, killing none, while the Gargs took out three.  The Wolves, however, made chew toys out of 7 Gargies, and I lost 2 more from “No Retreat” due to them being in Synapse range.    


Turn 5

Because the models I use for Gargoyles are the same ones I use for Termagants, I now had figures available, so my Tervigon spawned 9 more kiddies as my Kurindans continued to surge forward.  To provide a distraction, I had two Termagant broods start moving through some ruins towards the Long Fangs. 


My Warriors shot off the heavy bolter of Pat’s stricken Tornado, then charged it and destroyed it.  Elsewhere, Troglodyte Rampage #3 and the Broodlord slammed into the Fenrisian Wolves, killing them all and not losing any of their own.  As the Kool-Aid Man exclaims, “Oh, YEAAAHHH!”


Genestealers and Gargoyles fight off Fenrisian Wolves


Pat’s guys are not the type to roll over and die, however.  Keric and Grey Hunter Pack Roskva stamped forward to put an end to the Kurindans’ noise.  Sniper fire from the Scouts took out three members of Trog Rampage 3, and shooting from Packs Njorer and Roskva dropped five more.  Happy to have targets, both Long Fang units fired on my Termagants, taking down 10 and cover saves sparing the rest.  The Land Raider Crusader slapped two wounds on a Warrior. 


Keric/Ragnar and Pack Roskva charged Trog Rampage 3 and the Gargoyles, with Keric taking on the Broodlord.  Stupidly, I forgot to have the Broodlord try his Hypnotic Gaze, and Keric easily jacked him up without suffering so much as a scratch himself.  My proxied ‘Stealers hit like Girl Scouts, taking down one Grey Hunter and losing six of their own, while Pack Roskva easily polished off the Gargoyles.


Keric and Pack Roskva put the beat down on the remaining Troglodytes, and the Kurindans are cooked


Pat rolled the Loyal Green Die ™ to see if the game would end, and, of course, it did.



Kill Points Earned, Space Wolves: 6

Kill Points Earned, Kurindans: 3

Winner: Space Wolves



Post-Game Analysis by Patrick Eibel

It is much easier to plan for a game when you are familiar with what your opponent will be bringing.  In this game, I had the luxury of knowing that Kenton was going to try out the changes he made to his Kurindans – which meant lots of deep-striking and some new big beasties.  Being no dummy, I decided to field a highly shooty army that could still stand up in an assault.


Consequently, the choices I made for the army had to either be able to take out large numbers of swarm dudes, or be able to handle themselves in close combat with ‘nids.  Grey Hunters can fulfill both requirements, and to make sure I had plenty of scoring units I brought four Packs.  I have plenty of Blood Claws, but they did not fit the requirements I had set for the battle.  The Tornado and both Long Fang packs were to provide fire support, though thanks to the mission deployment their effectiveness was somewhat blunted. 


I brought the Fenrisian Wolves to be a cheap assault unit.  I thought they would be able to hold up against most ‘nids other than Monstrous critters, which would allow the blue-grey boys to shoot a round longer.  A Rune Priest with Jaws of the World Wolf is nigh-ubiquitous, but I knew that it would be very effective against low Initiative creatures (like, say, a Carnifex).  I chose Tempest’s Wrath as a second power to try and mess with Kenton’s deep striking, but would have been better off with Lightning Arc or Stormcaller. 


Grey Hunters by their Rhino and in a building, backed up by Wolf Scout snipers


I usually don’t bother with special characters for the Wolves (other than using Grimnar occasionally), but my models can used to represent Ragnar, Ulrik, or most of the others except Canis as needed.  For this battle, I decided to use Ragnar because he would make the Grey Hunters he was with even nastier in close combat, which would be handy against the superior combat skills of Tyranids.  To even further facilitate that unit’s ability to get into combat, I dumped the points for a Land Raider. 


Although my plan was not earth-shatteringly brilliant (sit back and shoot), everything nearly went pear-shaped when we rolled the mission.  Not having the Long Fangs start on the board really created a challenge, which was compounded when they walked on and found themselves with poor lanes of fire.  Fortunately for me, I was able to focus on whatever Kurindans were up in my grill, and time ran out before I was inundated by the main force.


Because time is precious to both Kenton and I with our family obligations, we don’t get to play one-off games all too often.  It was nice to get together and throw dice with no greater purpose than having fun.  That being said, I need to get off my sorry behind and write up the next campaign or we will find ourselves running out of summer and on the way into next year.


Post-Game Analysis by Kenton Kilgore

Well, what to say?  While I mostly enjoyed the game, my army did not perform nearly as well as I would have liked it to.  I was happy with how the Tervigon, the Warriors, the Shrikes, and the Gargoyles did, but I was not enthralled with the Genestealers, and the Carnifex and Trygon were complete wastes of points.  I could whine endlessly about how unbalanced Jaws of the (“Your Monstrous Creature Just Flat-Out Dies 66% of the Time”) World Wolf is, but no one likes excuses, least of all me.   


So, once again, I am re-thinking how I’ll configure this army.  Genestealers are not the kick-ass unit they used to be, seeing as how 5e toned down Rending and the new Nid codex doesn’t give them a save vs. bolters.  You would think that the lack of Invulnerable Saves for huge beasties like Carnies and Trygons would have been noticed by the playtesters for Codex: Tyranids, but that assumes there were said playtesters to begin with….



Posted July 2011



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