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The Tiger Roars 

“The State of the Jungle (and 40K),” 2016 
Every January, the President of the United States reports on how well the country is doing, and a few times in the past, I’ve done the same with this website.  Now is another one of those times.  So, this isn’t a batrep or a new Themed Army Idea or another installment of one our series.  Let’s just chat, you and me.

40K: Where We’ve Been and Where We Are
I started playing Warhammer 40,000 in 1987, when the Rogue Trader rules were released (many years later, this became known as the First Edition of the game).  I didn’t really get into the game until sometime during the Second Edition era, and this site came into being not long after Third Edition debuted in late 1998.  All of which is to say that I’ve been doing this for a while.

I’m not one of those grognards who insists that the old ways were best and what we have now is crap: First and Second Editions were messes differentiated only by their temperature: one a hot mess, the other slightly less warm, and it’s debatable which was which.  I thoroughly enjoy the Seventh Edition rules, and the models only get better every year.

And yet…and yet, I do not have a warm, fuzzy feeling any more about this game.  Regular visitors have probably read elsewhere on this site about my concern at the breakneck speed with which Games Workshop was releasing new codices to replace old ones (unnecessarily so, in certain circumstances).  While I’m all for having choices, there are so many books and supplements, and they were all published so rapidly, that casual gamers like me can’t keep up.   

A new codex two years after the previous one?  That's just bullshit

I’ve also gone on record with my dismay at how unbalanced certain recent army books have been, particularly with overly-generous Formations.  How are Sisters of Battle, generic Chaos Space Marines, or Tyranids (ESPECIALLY Tyranids) supposed to compete with Craftworld Eldar, Necrons, and Dark Angels? 

They all have plasma guns, Jink (+ a re-roll), Feel No Pain (+ a reroll), and they each fire two shots on Overwatch (re-rolling misses!) that hit on a 5+ 
Totally not broken. 

How indeed, except to buy the newest supplement or codex as soon as it comes out, so that your army can stop being a punching bag.  These extra purchases, of course, further stuff the GW cash cow.  Why, it’s almost like they’re ignoring game balance just to sell more products, but of course, they wouldn’t do THAT, would they? 

TL/DR version: I love the game, but I hate what the company is doing to it.


The Jungle: Where We’ve Been and Where We Are
I launched the Jungle on February 2, 2000 because I thought there was a need for a 40K site that was different from all the others out there at the time.  A site that would try new things and present new ideas, and would “inspire, educate, and entertain.”  I think we can add “…and endure” to the Jungle’s motto.  So many other sites have come and gone since 2000, many of which I still miss.

Fortunately, these guys are still around, and they still rock

In the early days, my best friend and fellow Jungle Guide Patrick Eibel and I had more time to devote to the site.  Updates used to be weekly, but the demands of real life—family, careers, school—forced us to scale back.  Pat has a young son, he’s in graduate school, and holds down a demanding full-time job.  My kids are older and my job less stressful than Pat’s, but I’ve launched a second career as a novelist.  Making time for Jungle updates is hard to do.

And sometimes, I must admit, I wonder why I still do.  40K has changed enormously—if you’re a veteran like me, compare Third Edition to Seventh—and so has 40K on the Internet.  We’re still a two-man amateur team, we’re not always on the latest trend, and we don’t have videos.  Has the Jungle gone from “new and different” to “old school” to “irrelevant?”  Are our best days behind us? 

These guys do excellent work, so who needs us?


In light of what’s going on with the game and with our lives, should we take a bow and say, “Thank you—goodnight?”

The Jungle: Where We’re Going
It would be very easy to quit now.  We’ve accomplished a great deal, and we don’t have anything left to prove to anyone.  But I think we still have something to offer. 

Even after all this time, I enjoy 40K, and I enjoy collaborating with Pat on this site.  We might not update as often as other sites do.  We might not cover all the latest releases (Skitarri?  What the actual hell are those?).  But we still like trying new things, and we like sharing them with other players.  That works for us, and we hope it works for you.

No, we're probably never do anything with them.  Sorry, not sorry

So we’re going to continue with more “King of the Hill” campaigns (you can find the first two here and here), where we pit armies made from recent codices against each other to get an idea of how they compare.  We’re going to have more Deployment for Dumbasses (Like Me) to help new players with the tricky business of arranging one’s forces for battle.  I’m going to get back to writing fluff for the Fighting Tigers of Veda and take them in a new direction, one from which there is no return.


We’ll have more battle reports, we’ll review more army books, we’ll continue to post links to other cool stuff on our Facebook page.  We’ve been doing this for a long time, we’re not going to stop now, and they can’t make us.

Thank you for visiting and supporting the Jungle all these years.  Pat and I are truly grateful.  Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to get to work on the next update….    


--Kenton Kilgore

Posted January 2016.  Skitarri image copyright 2016 Games Workshop


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