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Themed Army Ideas
Jungle Juice

Jungle Juice: November 2008  by Patrick Eibel
I was going through some past submissions when I came across this one:

Hey guys,

I regularly check out the Jungle, as I am invariably drawn to the expertly written fiction and the backgrounds. I love the idea of themed armies, but whenever I set my mind to it, the idea seems flawed or I really don't have the money (I was going to make an entire Terminator Dark Angels company for the opening of Apocalypse).  But here's the biggest problem for me: I recently started collecting a Chaos Space Marine army with the new codex, and I cannot for the life of me think up any decent fluff. The army is themed as being Undivided, so I have a range of models dedicated to the four powers. I also have a load of general units to fill things out.  I haven't yet created a paint scheme as I figured it should go along with the 'fluff', and I really want to avoid a usual 'black and dreary' Chaos approach. 

I have based this army on a chapter of Space Marines that have turned from the word of the Emperor. Not a few Space Marines or a faction, the entire chapter. This is based on the belief that the Emperor is really dead, a version of events brought to light by the young Chapter Master, now known as Caernifus. The Loyalist Chaplains thrown out and the vehicles of the supposed 'Machine-God' left burning, the chapter fled to the Eye of Terror. 

The name of the army has been an issue of discussion between my friends and I, of which I like the name 'Lords of Carnage'.


Josh Nevill

Josh sent me his army list as well, but this has been in my mailbox so long that an even newer Chaos Codex has come out.  It is long over due that we give the bad boys of Chaos some “juice,” so let’s see what we can do to help Josh out.

The Army List
I have taken the army list Josh sent me and applied it to the latest codex.  Fortunately for Josh, he had not planned on using any demons.

Chaos Lord: w/ Terminator armour, power fist + personal icon

Chaos Sorceror with Mark of Slaanesh and Lash of Submission (yeah, yeah, yeah, stop whining about it)
Possessed Squad w/ 15 Possessed Space Marines; one has Icon of Khorne (the entire squad will have 3 Attacks + charging bonus)

Chaos Terminators. Five Terminators, one has Icon of Nurgle; one chainfist; one reaper autocannon; two combi-weapons

Chosen Squad w/ 10 members, including Aspiring Champion; 10 meltabombs; heavy bolter;  four plasma guns (talk about a mini Havoc squad)

Chaos Space Marine Squad w/ 10 members, including Aspiring Champion w/ power fist; Icon of Chaos Glory; one plasma gun; one lascannon 
Plague Marines Squad w/ 7 members, including Aspiring Champion w/ power weapon; two w/ plasma guns 
Noise Marine Squad w/ 8 members, including Noise Marine Champion w/ power weapon; 6 w/ sonic blasters; 1 w/ blastmaster

Khorne Berzerker Squad w/ 20 members, including Skull Champion w/ power weapon and plasma  pistol; two plasma pistols in the squad 
Two squads of Thousand Sons, each w/ 9 members + Aspiring Sorcerer w/ Bolt of Change

Fast Attack
Two Chaos Spawn 

Heavy Support
Defiler w/ Havoc missile launcher and twin-linked lascannon upgrade

Three Obliterators

The list does a nice job of spreading things among the four different powers with each faction being represented twice.  The Sorcerer with the Lash will be useful in moving enemy units closer so that the Possessed and Berserkers can charge them.  The Obliterators and Defiler are on tank duty, while everything else softens up the troops.

Background and Painting
Josh has already gotten a pretty good start to the background, so I won’t add too much here.  Suffice it to say that the leader of the Chapter had some “revelation” that turned the entire chapter away for the Emperor.  Each of the units that carry a Mark should be painted in the colors associated with that faction – blues and yellows for Tzeentch, reds and brass for Khorne, purple and pink for Slaanesh, and green and brown for Nurgle.  For the other units, I suggest a color scheme with Red Gore faded to Blazing Orange with Sunburst Yellow accents.  The bright colors will certainly be different than the typical doom-and-gloom black and brass you usually see, and with Carnage in the Chapter name, you have to use red somewhere. 

Well, that all for this time, hopefully it won’t take so long for me to go through my mailbox again. If you would like me to develop some ideas for you, check the introduction page of this series for the e-mail address.

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Posted November 2008. Used with permission.


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