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Events and Battle Reports
Birthday Spankings--A Hazy Shade of Winter 
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Birthday Spankings--A Hazy Shade of Winter: Part 1   by Kenton Kilgore and Patrick Eibel
Pat won the roll and decided to go first. 

Turn 1
Pat surprised me by advancing most of his army towards mine: both squads of Howling Banshees, the Dire Avengers, the Warp Spiders, the Harlequins, the Jetbikes, the Vypers, and the Shining Spears. Seeing as how his objective was to keep at least one guy alive by the end of the game, I had expected him to stay out of range of my weapons (easy to do, given the limits of Necron guns) and counterattack my advance. I found his strategy... interesting, to say the least. 

The Eldar take the offensive, with the Jetbikes coming over a hill to fire on the waiting Necrons

Pat’s Shooting Phase began with his Farseer casting Guide on one unit of Guardians, and again on the Dire Avengers. The shuriken catapults on the Jetbikes were out of range, but the shuriken cannon in their unit dropped one Warrior from Unit 3.1; the Warwalker and the unGuided Guardians dropped four more from the same squad. Fire from the Rangers, one squad of Dark Reapers, and the squad of Guided Guardians dropped three Warriors from Unit 3.3; the Dire Avengers fired at the same ‘bots, but were out of range. Finally, at the other end of the board, the Vypers nailed one of the Destroyers from Unit 4.1.

A good beginning for the birthday boy! I attempted “We’ll Be Back” rolls: three Warriors from Unit 3.1 stood back up, as did two Warriors from Unit 3.3; the Destroyer stayed down. As I began my turn, Pat revealed to me that his plan was to Phase Out my Toasters by inflicting massive casualties: hence, his aggressive advance. I secretly thanked him for moving so many of his troops into range of my guns, and after moving up the Monolith and sliding the Destroyers and Heavy Destroyers into position, began to get busy.

The Necron flanks maneuver, while the central phalanx holds to fire back at the aggressive Eldar

On my left flank, the Destroyers attempted (but failed) to see the oncoming Harlequins, so they contented themselves with gunning down a Shining Spear that had poked his nose out a bit too far. At the other end of the board, the Heavy Destroyers, having no better targets, had to content themselves with zapping a Warp Spider. The Pariahs fired their warscythes, killing three Banshees. Towards the center of the board, the Monolith’s particle whip somehow missed the mass of Jetbikes, but the Immortals and the Warriors gunned down eight Jetbikes. The squad bricked their Morale check, and began to fall back, to eventually tumble off the board and play no further significant part in the battle. 

On Pat's second turn, the Jetbikes continue to fall back, while the Banshees advance behind cover

Turn 2
At the beginning of Pat’s turn, the Farseer cast Guide on both Guardian squads. With the exception of the broken Jetbikes, the units that advanced in the first turn continued advancing. The Shooting Phase was much better for Pat. The Guardians dropped four Warriors from Unit 3.1; the Exarch-led Dark Reapers dropped three Warriors from Unit 3.2; the Rangers and Dire Avengers gunned down three Warriors from Unit 3.3. The Warwalker pasted an Immortal, and the Warp Spiders annihilated the Heavy Destroyers. 

 At the other end of the board, Vypers and Shining Spears attack, while Dark Reapers fire and Harlequins advance

At the other end of the battlefield, the Vypers shot down the three remaining Destroyers from Unit 4.1, and the other Dark Reapers dropped two Destroyers from Unit 4.2. The Shining Spears fired on a nearby Tomb Spyder, but failed to wound it. When the Shooting Phase was over, many Toasters were lying on the field and the Warriors of Unit 3.1 were falling back 6".

Howling Banshees charge around the trees, surprising the Necron Warriors of Unit 3.3

Pat, however, was just getting warmed up. One of his Banshee squads assaulted Unit 3.3, killing three Warriors; the good news was that Jain Zar did not make it into base-to-base contact, and my Warriors held their nerve and kept fighting. The Shining Spears assaulted the Tomb Spyder and easily destroyed it. 

Shining Spears easily skewer a Tomb Spyder, like matadors at a bullfight

At the start of my turn, Unit 3.1 failed to regroup, fell back another 12", and went off the board. One Warrior from Unit 3.2 hauled itself back to its feet; five Warriors from Unit 3.3 got back up; the stricken Immortal stayed down; two Destroyers from Unit 4.1 and both Destroyers from Unit 4.2 got back up. Phew!

Being in close combat with Howling Banshees is almost never a good thing, so Centurion Lucifer 1.1 used his Veil of Darkness to teleport himself and Unit 3.3 away from that fight and towards the Warp Spiders. Unit 3.2, the Immortals, and the other Tomb Spyder moved in on the Banshees that had attacked Unit 3.3; the Pariahs and Unit 3.4 advanced on the other squad of Banshees. With Centurion Lucifer 1.2, both squads of Destroyers moved up.

Centurion Lucifer 1.1 and his Warriors escape the Banshees and target the Warp Spiders

Warriors from Unit 3.2 shot dead five Banshees; the Immortals killed the other five and tagged a Wound on Jain Zar. Unit 3.4 rapid-fired 30 times at Jain Zar, hitting her 20 times, and wounding her 11 times, but the Phoenix Lord made EVERY SINGLE SAVE. I vented my considerable frustration by having the Pariahs shoot dead all of the second Banshee Squad, and for Lucifer 1.1 and his crew to gun down four Warp Spiders. The Monolith’s particle whip nuked the Shining Spears, but the Destroyers, though they hit many times, could not penetrate the Vypers. 

Warriors, Immortals, and Pariahs form up around Jain Zar and her girlfriends, but Phoenix Lords are forever!

Turn 3
At the start of Pat’s turn, the Jetbikes fell off the board (well, not literally), and the Farseer Guided the Dire Avengers and Doomed Warrior Unit 3.3. Not liking what they saw in the oncoming Destroyers, the Vypers and Harlequins retreated. Jain Zar advanced boldly on Lucifer 1.1 and Unit 3.3.

Shining Spears reconsider whether they really want to mess with Lucifer 1.2 (in gold) and the Destroyers

Pat directed most of his firing at Lucifer 1.1 and his Doomed friends, with the Warp Spiders, Rangers, Dire Avengers, Warwalker, one squad of Guardians, and Jain Zar shooting dead all the Warriors and wounding my Necron Lord twice. The Dire Avengers, by themselves, took out nine Warriors. 

Jain Zar and the Eldar methodically take down Lucifer 1.1 and his buddies

The rest of Pat’s shooting didn’t suck, either. The Exarch-led Dark Reapers dropped three Warriors from Unit 3.2; the other Dark Reapers dropped three Destroyers from Unit 4.2; and the Vypers tagged both Destroyers from Unit 4.1. Jain Zar charged Centurion Lucifer 1.1 and, not surprisingly, elegantly cut him down. 

Surely Lucifer’s Resurrection Orb would save him, wouldn’t it? Well, no, the Orb did not: Lucifer stayed down. However, three Warriors from Unit 3.2, six Warriors from the previously-Doomed Unit 3.3, both Destroyers from Unit 4.1, and one Destroyer from Unit 4.2 made their “We’ll Be Back” rolls. 

Unit 3.1, which had fallen off the board, recycled onto the board as per the Sustained Attack rule that the Attacker in “Meatgrinder” enjoys, and went after the Dark Reapers—the ones without an Exarch—who had been taking potshots at the Destroyers. The Destroyers swung out to go after the Vypers and Harlequins. The Immortals and Warriors advanced on Jain Zar.

Having chased off the Spears, Centurion Lucifer 1.2 and his flying circus go after the Vypers 

In the Shooting Phase, the Monolith missed the Vypers with its particle whip, but the Destroyers shot down one and shook the other. The recycled Unit 3.1 killed two Dark Reapers and the Pariahs gunned down the Dire Avengers. The Immortals shot another Wound off Jain Zar, and the Warriors of Unit 3.2 finished her off. Units 3.3 and 3.4 wiped out the Warp Spiders. Huzzah!

Tiring of her noise, the Necrons gun down Jain Zar and the Warp Spiders at last, but it's a bit late...

Birthday Spankings--A Hazy Shade of Winter 
Intro and Army Lists <> Part 1 <> Part 2 <> Post Game

Posted June 2008


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