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Events and Battle Reports

Games Day 2001 (Baltimore, Maryland)
At Games Day 2000, I had tried to do everything (which was impossible) and felt overwhelmed. For Games Day 2001, I decided to play pick-up games with friends and people I met there and enter a couple pieces in the Golden Demon competition. Instead of going both days and rushing around like mad, I went just one day and relaxed.

Games Day 2001
Games Day 2001 logo © Copyright 2001 Games Workshop Ltd.

Open Gaming
The last few years, Games Workshop has been kind enough to include Open Gaming tables, where you can show up with your own minis and fight whatever missions you want. 

Usually I create lists geared to fight specific opponents (so, for example, a list meant to fight Orks would have lots of heavy bolters and blast weapons). This approach is okay if I know ahead of time whom I’m fighting, but it would be more trouble than it’s worth to come up with lists to fight every army (Orks, Dark Eldar, Chaos Marines, Tyranids, Imperial Guard, etc.) at every point total (500 points, 750 points, 1000 points, 1500 points, 2000 points, etc.). 

So this time around, I limited myself to a general list of 1000 points, ensuring short games (and fewer figure cases to carry). Here’s what I brought:
Jirbu Ghosh. Space Marine Leader w/ plasma pistol, power weapon, and purity seals
65 pts
Tiger Eternal Surya Ashoka. Dreadnought w/ missile launcher and twin-linked lascannon; extra armor and smoke launchers.
143 pts
Tigers of Rudra (Tactical Marines). Vet Sarge + 4 Tactical Marines to accompany Leader. Vet Sarge has bolter-flamer. Three Marines have bolters. One has a flamer. 
106 pts
Maneater IV. Razorback w/ plasma guns/lascannon; dozer blade, extra armor, smoke launchers. Transport for Leader and 5-man Tac Squad above. 
98 pts
Tigers of Rudra (Tactical Marines). Vet Sarge + 9 Tactical Marines. Vet Sarge has bolter-flamer and power weapon, plus purity seal. Eight Marines have bolters. One has a flamer. 
201 pts
Maneater III. Rhino w/ extra armor, pintle-mounted storm bolter, searchlight, smoke launchers. Transport for 10-man Tac Squad above. 
69 pts
Tigers of Rudra (Tactical Marines). Vet Sarge + 4 Tactical Marines. Vet Sarge has storm bolter. Three Marines have bolters. One has a missile launcher. 
105 pts
Fast Attack  
Flying Tiger. Land Speeder w/ multi-melta.
65 pts
Tiger Shark. Land Speeder w/ multi-melta.
65 pts
Heavy Support
Sabretooth. Whirlwind w/ extra armor and smoke launchers. 
83 pts
1000 pts

This list might make other people cringe (all those Veteran Sergeants!) but it fits the Fighting Tiger background and it consists of models I actually have. The leader, her 5-man Tac squad, and the 10-man Tac squad are hand-to-hand elements. The other 5-man Tac squad, the Dread, the Land Speeders and the Whirlie are shooty elements. The Razorback, the Dread, the Land Speeders, and the missile launcher in the Tac squad can take out armor. The Dread, the Tac squads and the Whirlie can take out infantry. The army is mobile (a Dread, two transports, and two Land Speeders in separate squadrons) and can take some hits.

Jirbu Ghosh
Above: Jirbu Ghosh, leader of my forces for Games Day 2001

Battle Results
Mission: Rescue (page 143 of the main rulebook)
Opponent: Sons of Eriu Space Marines (Ma’ire Allen) 
Points per Player: 1000

What happened? We distributed three counters each, following the procedures for “Rescue.” I deployed my counters as close as possible to my table edge and sent four units—the 5-man Tactical Squad, the 10-man Tactical Squad with the Rhino, and the two Land Speeders—after those three counters. I discovered on Turn 2 that the objective was the counter deployed about 15" away from my table edge. My 10-man squad grabbed it and beat a retreat for the right-hand corner of my board edge, which had a thick band of trees that would block line of sight.

Son---errr---Daughter of EriuLuck was against Ma’ire right from the beginning. Not only was the objective on my side of the board, but she had atrocious luck with the Reserve rolls. I was able to pounce on her units one by one—wiping out the Tac Squad with the Rhino first, then the Dread, then the Assault Squad, then her Hero. Her Vindicator didn’t come on the field until Turn 4, and (of course) couldn’t fire until Turn 5. On Turn 6 I nuked the Vindicator and I easily managed to hold onto the objective.

Outcome: Tigers win 

Sons of Eriu photo © Copyright 2001 New Wave Mail Order Inc.

Mission: Sabotage (page 149 of the main rulebook)
Opponent: Les Fleurs de la Mort Space Marines (Micah Allen) 
Points per Player: 1000

What happened? Micah tried to sneak on his Hero and his Devastators, but on Turn 2, he rolled well (poorly?) on his Reserve rolls and his mechanized units showed up, sounding the alarm. My good luck in the game against Micah’s mom (see above) vanished in this one. My reserves came on way too late to help my defending Troops, and Micah easily won, blowing up the objective on Turn 4.

Outcome: Les Fleurs de la Mort win 

Who knew these French guys were so tough?
Who knew French guys could be so tough? 
Micah's Fleurs de la Mort split the Fighting Tiger forces and move in on the objective, 
which for this game was the (deactivated) black and white Dreadnought on the hill. 

Mission: Recon (page 142 of the main rulebook)
Opponent: Blood Angels Space Marines (Powell)
Points per Player: 1000

What happened? I knew going into the game that I would need to take down Powell's five (!) Speeders first, then his two Dreads, all the while keeping his Death Company off me. Powell went first and my hopes rapidly began to evaporate. Right off the bat, he nailed my Razorback, whose lascannon I had been counting on. He also begin gunning down my Speeders and laying into my Leader and her Tactical Squad, seriously affecting my ability to fight back in close combat. 

I had a couple things go right for me, however. Before they went down, Jirbu Ghosh and her squad slaughtered one squad of Scouts. My Whirlwind also pummeled more Scouts. Surya Ashoka, my Dreadnought, trundled right into the Death Company and tied them up for 5 rounds. When my single surviving Land Speeder got its gun blown off, it hightailed it into Powell’s deployment zone—just because a vehicle can’t shoot doesn’t mean it can’t be useful. And I managed to get a squad of Tac Marines into Powell’s deployment zone and led one of his Dreads on a wild (and mostly futile) goose chase after them.

In the end, Powell whittled down my defensive line, taking down my Dread, my Whirlwind, and my Tac Squad with the missile launcher. He rushed a bunch of units into my deployment zone and racked up a lot of bonus points. I managed to get two units into his deployment zone, but it wasn’t enough.

Outcome: Blood Angels win (1467 Victory Points to  905 Victory Points). 

Powell's killer Blood Angel army
Above: Some of Powell's butt-kicking Blood Angels 
photograph © Copyright 2001, Matthew Hunt. Used with permission.

Mission: Cleanse (page 139 of the main rulebook)
Opponent: Harlequins (Eric) 
Points per Player: 1000

What happened? Well, I’m a player from way back in the bad old days of “Rogue Trader,” so I know all about how bad Harleys can be in close combat. My plan was to move into medium range and shoot the stuffing out of these Eldar Bozos. I also bore in mind that my objective was not to kill these Twinkie Clowns, it was to grab table quarters. 

First thing I did, I held my deployment quarter with my Whirlwind (safely stashed behind some trees) and sent 5 men to grab an adjacent table quarter. They hunkered down in a wood, didn’t fire a shot all game—and didn’t need to. Right off the bat, I had half the table. Time to mambo for the other half. 

What I didn’t know about Harleys was all the details on the nifty gear and powers they got under the 3rd Edition rules. Despite my best efforts, they got into hand-to-hand with my guys and tore them up. Eric made the mistake, however, of letting my Dreadnought get close: once my Dread charged and killed the only Harley with a power fist, it was time to dispense some close combat whoop-ass on the Skinnies. Meanwhile, one of my Land Speeders made itself comfy in his deployment quarter. The Tigers claimed 2 table quarters, the Harleys had 1 table quarter, and 1 table quarter was contested. 

Outcome: Tigers win.

Photos from Games Day 2001

Orkdung and Kurgan
You never know what kind of weird characters you'll meet at Games Day.
Here are my pals Orkdung (left) and Kurgan the Lurker, moderators at 
The Bolter & Chainsword. 

Raja Khandar Madu at Games Day 2001
Above: Raja Khandar Madu, my Golden Demon entry at Games Day 2001
photograph © Copyright  2001 New Wave Mail Order Inc.

Son---errr---Daughter of Eriu
Above: This is one of Ma'ire Allen's Sons of Eriu--
although I guess this technically would be a Daughter of Eriu, eh? 
For the heads, she used Sisters of Sigmar figures (from Warhammer fantasy).

The Sons are a Celtic Space Marine Chapter created by my pal Patrick Eibel 
and featured as a Themed Army Idea. 
photograph © Copyright  2001 New Wave Mail Order Inc.

Another look at the Sons of Eriu
Above: Ma'ire's entry in the Best 40K Squad category
photograph © Copyright 2001, Matthew Hunt. Used with permission.

Eldar VDR entry
Eldar players, are you concerned about how slow your Wraithlords are? 
Fret no more: this entry demonstrates how the Vehicle Design Rules 
can overcome such a problem.
Hmmm...yet another reason why I don't like those rules...

Tzeentch gunship
Take an old Blue Thunder helicopter model, fuse it with a Rhino chassis, 
add lots of guns, spikey bits from Chaos and Dark Eldar vehicles, more guns, 
some wings from the Lord of Change, still more guns, et voila! One Gunship o' Tzeentch. 
Coming soon to a battlefield near you. 

Games Day 2001 was my sixth or seventh Games Day (I’ve lost count) but I had more fun this year than I’ve ever had in all the previous years. Can't wait to go back!

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