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Introduction <> Stand-Alone Pieces 

Stand-Alone Pieces: Fighting Tiger Bunker #1 (“Chaos” Bunker)
Bunkers are handy fortifications used to protect your troops. In 3rd Edition, you use them in the Bunker Assault, Strongpoint, and Blitz missions. You can find rules for using them on page 133 of the main rulebook: basically, they're considered an immobile vehicle with an Armor Value of 13 on each side. Troops on the roof count as having a 4+ cover save.

My motto concerning terrain is that terrain doesn't have to be boring, and of course this applies to bunkers as well. I built the bunkers you see here and on the next page using plans originally published several years ago in White Dwarf magazine. Instead of using cardboard, like they suggested, I used wood, because if I'm going to take the trouble to build a piece of terrain I want it to be durable.

Bunker Specifications
Each bunker is a cube, 3 1/2" on each side. I made the main structure of each bunker by gluing together wooden blocks--yes, plain wooden blocks like the type a toddler might play with (my daughter had outgrown hers). The main structure was 3 blocks wide, 3 blocks long, and 2 blocks high. Then I glued strips of balsa wood along the top to make a wall that would protect troops on the roof. 

I glued several sheets of stiff cardboard together and attached them to the bottom of the structure for a base. I painted the bunker Codex Grey, to resemble stone, and the base Chaos Black, to look like asphalt.

Then it was time to get creative.

The “Chaos” Bunker
I could have just left this bunker as it was, a plain gray lump, but what fun is that? Taking the approach that these bunkers were built by Fighting Tigers (they were MY bunkers, after all), it seemed quite reasonable that the Tigers might decorate them. The first bunker I have to show is one I call the “Chaos” bunker, not because it's used by Chaos Marines, but because it's been decorated as a monument to an episode in Fighting Tiger history.

Thousands of years before the present time in the 40K universe, the Tigers were lured into a trap and nearly destroyed by the Warband Bloodcomet, a Khorne army led by Lord Baalzephon Zgorch. This bunker, then, not only protects current Fighting Tigers, but it remembers Fighting Tigers who fell in battle against the forces of Chaos.

Front view 
To me, Chaos Marines have a very Gothic feel to them, so in decorating the bunker, I tried to go for a style reminiscent of Gothic cathedrals, including gargoyles, large buttresses, and spikey bits. The firing slits are Games Workshop slottabases, the gargoyles are devil figures taken from a non-GW fantasy range, and the spikey bits are accessories from Space Marine and Ork vehicles. I could have made the bunker more ornate, but I prefer pieces that are simple and durable--I don't have a lot of free time to make extravagant terrain.

Front view of bunkerClose-up of banner
Left: The view from the front. 
Right: A close-up of the banner hanging from the front. It reads:
In memory of the 812 Fighting Tigers--and their founder, Maharaja Shiva Nagordarika--
who sacrificed themselves to defeat the Chaos Warband Bloodcomet 
during the Shindering of the Templars

Above: Close-up of a gargoyle

Side views 
Cathedrals frequently have statues, so I added some to the sides of the bunker. The first is a statue of Maharaja Shiva Nagordarika, Founder and first Chapter Master of the Fighting Tigers, who was mortally wounded in the initial ambush by the Warband Bloodcomet and was later reborn as the Dreadnought Shiva the Destroyer.

Side viewClose-up of Shiva statue
Left: Statue of Maharaja Shiva Nagordarika, Founder of the Fighting Tigers
Right: Close-up of Shiva 

The Shiva figure is an out-of-production Marine commander figure from the Rogue Trader days. I actually used this figure as my Chapter Master figure for many years.

Side view of bunkerClose-up fo Zgorch
Left: Statue of Baalzephon Zgorch, Lord of the Warband Bloodcomet
Right: Close-up of Zgorch

A statue of Lord Baalzephon Zgorch, the nemesis of the Fighting Tigers, is on the side of the bunker opposite Shiva. I modeled Zgorch's statue using a plastic RTB01 Space Marine figure (circa 1987), adding the head from an old Grenadier AD&D minotaur and several additional Marine arms sprouting from Zgorch's chest and back. 

Rear view 
Though the Fighting Tigers suffered terrible losses during the initial onslaught of the Warband Bloodcomet, they ultimately prevailed. Zgorch was a true disciple of Khorne and had no interest in holding back his forces. In pursuing the Tigers back to Veda, the Bloodcomet overextended themselves and were annihilated by the surviving Tigers and their allies.

The Tigers managed to capture the Bloodcomet's battle standard, and display it as a trophy. I made the standard out of paper, painted a fiery comet across it, then tore some holes in it and painted on simulated dirt and grime to make it appear properly battleworn. 

Captured Chaos battleflagClose-up of Chaos flag
Left: The tattered battle standard of the Warband Bloodcomet
Right: Close-up; note the symbol of Khorne in the upper right hand corner 

Introduction <> Stand-Alone Pieces 

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