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Events and Battle Reports

Furlough Day Fistfight  by Kenton Kilgore
Cast your memory back, back, baaaaack to the far-gone era that was early October, 2013, when the U.S. government was shut down due to monetary squabbles.  Because my brother-in-law Drew and I are criminals employed by the feds, we were sitting at our respective homes twiddling our respective thumbs.  Until, that is, one of us suggested that we take advantage of our unasked-for “holiday” and get in some brutality.

So it was that Drew girded up his Orks (last seen during 2012’s Columbus Day Beatdown) and brought all 2380 points of them to my house for a dance with my Fearful Symmetry Chaos Space Marines.  His happy gaggle of greenskins had:

  • Ghazghkull Thraka
  • Warphead
  • Boss Snikrot and a mob of Kommandos
  • Nobz mob + Painboy
  • Two large mobz of Boyz w/ shootas
  • A large (23-strong) mob of ‘Ard Boyz
  • Two squadrons of three Deffkoptas each
  • Two squadrons of four Warbikes each
  • Battlewagon w/ kill kannon

My Renegades consisted of:

  • Shamshir Talatra.  Counts as Chaos Lord w/ Terminator armor, power weapon, combi-bolter, Mark of Khorne, combat familiar
  • Inquisitor Varman Kumar.  Counts as Chaos Sorcerer w/ force sword, psyker level 1, sigil of corruption, and spell familiar
  • Lesser Rakshasas, Pack 1.  Counts as 20 Chaos Space Marines w/ bolt pistol and close combat weapons, Mark of Khorne, and Icon of Wrath; includes two w/ flamers and Aspiring Champion w/ power sword
  • Lesser Rakshasas, Pack 2.  As above
  • Squad Rudra 1.  Counts as 10 Chaos Space Marines, including one w/ melta gun, one w/ missile launcher; includes Aspiring Champion w/ power fist and combi-flamer
  • Squad Rudra 2.  Counts as 10 Chaos Space Marines, including one w/ flamer, one w/ missile launcher; includes Aspiring Champion w/ power fist and boltgun
  • Squad Rudra 3.  Counts as 5 Chaos Space Marines, including one w/ plasma gun; includes Aspiring Champion w/ combi-melta
  • Squad Rudra 4.  Counts as 5 Chaos Space Marines, including one w/ plasma gun; includes Aspiring Champion w/ bolter
  • Ghost Tygers, Pack 1.  Counts as 5 Warp Talons
  • Ghost Tygers, Pack 2.  As above
  • Squad Agni.  Counts as 5 Chaos Havocs, including one missile launcher, one autocannon, and two lascannons
  • Bronze Tyger 1.  Counts as Forgefiend w/ two hades autocannons and additional ectoplasmic cannon
  • Bronze Tyger 2.  As above

Setting Up
We played at my house, on an 8' x 4' table I had set up jungle-style.  Maybe this world once was held by the Fighting Tigers; maybe it was Veda itself (maybe in the past or future?  Shamshir is a time traveler, after all).  We rolled for scenario (The Scouring) and deployment (Vanguard), and we placed objective markers as follows: 

Tthe 4-point one was on the “Krashed Kopta” centerpiece; obviously, Ghaz & Co. were here to rescue to retrieve the downed Orky craft and (maybe) its crew.  The statues of Shiva and the Vedic Tiger were obviously sacred to Shamshir, and so were worth 3 and 2 points each, respectively.  A mysterious hatch in the jungle foliage no doubt held answers to secrets, and as they were actually good answers, the hatch was worth 3 points.  Bridges are always valuable (2 points), an ancient shrine to a forgotten hero less so (1 point).

We also agreed that any jungle tree bases with animal models (giant bugs, the crocodile, or the giant polar bear—yes, I was a big Lost fan) would count as Dangerous Terrain.  As I had set up the scenery, I let Drew pick what deployment zone he wanted.  

We rolled for Warlord Traits; Ghaz picked up Master of Ambush, while Shamshir used the Chaos codex and got Lord of Terror (effect: the Warlord has the Fear special rule). I won the dice roll and elected to go second, so that the Boyz could move closer into bolter range.  We rolled and determined that Night Fighting was on from the get-go.  My randomly-determined psyker ability was Warp Speed (+d3 Attacks and Initiative).

Drew set up his guys so that they started off holding the tiger statue (and thus, 2 points).  I set up mine to start with the shrine, the hatch, and the Shiva statue (7 points already).  I held both squads of Ghost Tygers/Warp Talons in reserve.   

Turn 1
The Orks, of course, did what they almost always do: surge forward aggressively.  All except the Nobz, that is, who hung back on the tiger objective.  One unit of Deff Koptas swooped onto the bridge (taking 2 more points), though one of them crashed as it attempted to land on the difficult terrain.  The Warphead failed his psyker test: Drew had been hoping to teleport him and the ‘Ard Boyz across the table.  A Shoota Boy mob opened up on Rudra Squad 2 (holding the hatch), killing four and forcing Shamshir’s men to fall back 9".

Most of Drew's army isn't painted, but it helps the Koptas go into "Stealth Mode" on the bridge....

Rudra 2 regained their composure, regrouped, and moved up 3" as my Rakshasas—led by Shamshir and Varman Kumar—tramped forward to engage the greenies.  The Rudra squads provided meager support fire, with Rudra 1 killing a mere two Shoota Boyz with a frag missile and not even wounding any Orks with their boltguns.  Rudra 4 did manage to drop two big-shoota Orks from another mob (I warned Drew not to put his good guys up front), and one Bronze Tyger used its Daemonforge ability while wounding one Kopta on the bridge (with cover and Night Fighting, said Koptas were enjoying a 2+ cover save).  Despite the Battlewagon headed their way, Squad Agni’s big guns whiffed against said Orky jalopy.

Turn 2
Snikrot and the Kommandos arrived from reserve at the back of the table (Drew’s choice), moving behind some trees as they threatened Rudra 1, currently occupying the Shiva statue.  Boyz continued to advance, with the Warphead conjuring up the Warpath power this turn.  The other Koptas moved towards those on the bridge to reinforce them. 

Orks steadily advance on the Fearful Symmetry

Kommandos fired at Rudra 1, but no harm done.  ‘Ard Boyz shot dead four Rakshasas from Pack 1 and Shoota Boyz did the same to Pack 2.  Koptas (with their rokkit launchas) scored two hits on one Bronze Tyger, but it made both cover saves—thank you, Night Fighting! 

The closer Forgefiend was not as fortunate, but still made two saves and suffered only a “Crew Shaken” result (which it ignored, due to Daemonic Possession) and lost a Hull Point from a penetrating hit.  The Battlewagon moved up and fired on the same Tyger, immobilizing it (and taking off another Hull Point) with a Snap Fire shot from its rokkit launcha.  Also in the Shooting Phase, the Warbikes turbo-boosted in front of the Battlewagon to give it a cover save from the inevitable return fire.

At the start of my turn, I attempted some crucial rolls, but no, neither Ghost Tyger/Warp Talon squad would come on, nor would my stricken Bronze Tyger/Forgefiend regenerate any Hull Points despite It Will Not Die.  My Rakshasas continued to advance, to keep the Orky tide away from the objectives my other squads held. 

The Shooting Phase did not go as well as I might have hoped....

Rakshasa Pack 1 fired on the ‘Ard Boyz, killing seven, which was good.  Rak Pack 2 fired on a Shoota Boy mob, including both flamers, but only managed to kill a single greenie—and that, with a bolt pistol.  NONE of my “to wound” rolls with the flamers went above 3.  Hence, no wounds.  NONE. 

In happier news, Rudra Squads 1 and 4 moved up and combined fire on the Kommandos, dropping five of them.  Bronze Tyger 2 (unharmed) took the more sensible option of firing at the Koptas NOT on the bridge (and thus in the 2+ cover) and downed two.  Squad Agni (the ersatz Havocs) penetrated the Battlewagon, knocking off a Hull Point and a big shoota (big whoop).

Mini-squads of Stripey Chaps give those cheeky Kommandos what-for

Varman Kumar and Rak Pack 2 charged the Shoota Boyz that their flamers had whiffed against, and lost four to Overwatch fire.  Nevertheless, Kumar challenged (and killed) the Nob, earning himself the Icy Augmentation boon for the rest of the game, and the Raks killed all but five Boyz.  The survivors flubbed their return swings, lost their nerve, attempted to run, and were caught and destroyed. 

Varman Kumar (upper lefthand corner) and pseudo-daemon puddytats. The white tiger figures "count as" the flamers for the figures in base-to-base contact with them

Turn 3
The Kommandos fired back at Rudra 1, hitting twice and killing one trooper.  The ‘Ard Boyz fired on Rak Pack 1, taking out one of the flamers.  Shoota Boyz and Warbikes dropped five (total) more from the same unit.  Deffkoptas fired on my wounded Bronze Tyger, missing all three times, but the killcannon from the Battlewagon was much mo’ betta, kersploding my Forgefiend into tiny metallic pieces.  Meanwhile, the Warphead tried to conjure up something useful, but didn’t.

Kommandos about to run screaming and waving their arms into some gunfire

The Kommandos charged Rudra 1, losing two to Overwatch fire and one more to the ersatz Chaos Marines swinging first.  Snikrot engaged the squad leader, hitting and wounding 5 times, but my guy made every save.  Then his power fist went “SPLUTCH!” and Snikrot was no mo, with my dude gaining the Venomous power from the Chaos Boons table.

Boyz moving in on Shamshir and crew.  I had misplaced my templates so I photocopied the ones out of the back of the book, so that's what that white blob is

The ‘Ard Boyz charged Rak Pack 1 and lost two to Overwatch (hmmm….where have I heard that before?).  Shamshir killed three ‘Ard Onz before they could strike, and his pseudo-daemon Rakshasa friends killed two more.  The Orks whiffed but stayed in the fight.

On my turn, both units of Ghost Tygers/Warp Talons appeared, plopping down close to my lines to stave off the arrival of kinds of Orky ugliness.  As they bamfed in with a burst of light, the ‘Ard Boyz, one unit of Warbikes, and Koptas were Blinded—niiiiice! 

Warp Tygers decide to stop farkling around and show up for the game...


My surviving Bronze Tyger/Forgefiend fired on the Koptas, killing one of them.  Squad Agni’s weapons penetrated the Battlewagon, shaking the crew and knocking another Hull Point off it.  Rudra 3 wiped out the Kommandos in hand-to-hand combat, and Shamshir & Friends killed three more ‘Ard Boyz while losing none.  The ‘Ardy Boyz stayed in the fight.

Turn 4
The blinded Warbikes moved into the river, losing one of their number to a failed Dangerous Terrain test.  The Battlewagon moved up, as did the Nobz.  The Warphead rolled up the Frazzle power and let one unit of Warp Talons have it, killing four and a nearby Ork Boy from the mob accompanying the Warphead and Ghaz.  A rokkit launcha from said Boyz polished off the last Talon. 

Here comes "da Boom"

Warbikes fired on Squad Agni, to no avail.  Koptas and the Battlewagon whiffed against the Bronze Tyger/Forgefiend.  The Nobz and the other (non-blinded) Warbikes fired on the other unit of Ghost Tygers/Warp Talons, with the Nobz able to kill one.  Said Nobz then charged, with the Painboy going up against the Talon leader, killing him.  The way-faster Talons killed two Nobz and lost one of their own, and the fight continued.

Over on the other side of the field, Shamshir killed one ‘Ard Boy and his spooky friends killed five more.  The last greenie lost his nerve and tried to run, only to get an ectoplasmic spear through the back from one of my Rakshasas.

On my turn, I moved guys to grab objectives and used some combined firepower from Bronze Tyger and Squad Agni to blow the Koptas off the bridge.  Looking to hold off the looming Ghazghull, Shamshir and pals charged him and his group, with the two Warlords going mano-e-orko.  Shamshir took two Wounds off Ghaz, which was not enough.  I fully expected Ghaz to squish him, but the great El Thraka totally whiffed, not hitting a single time.  Meanwhile, in our “Who-Really-Cares?” Department, the Rakshasas killed four Boyz and the Warphead while losing none.

At that point, Drew had to go, but we couldn’t leave the Shamshir/Ghaz fistfight unresolved.  We ran an overtime combat round between them, and—of course—the Mean Green Machine came out on top.  “Proppa!”

Final Score
Fearful Symmetry: 13 points
Orks: 4 points

Post-Game Analysis
Despite having not played for literally a year (since our last game—Drew’s even more busy than I am) AND being a newbie, Drew did fairly well.  Plopping the Koptas (who counted as scoring units) onto the bridge, where they could get a 2+ Invulnerable Save, was smart playing.  His main problem was that he started out Ghaz, the Warphead, and their Boyz towards the rear of his deployment, so that it took them a considerable while to get into hand-to-hand.  At first, he also unwisely had the Nobz hold an objective: they’re much too expensive and valuable in a fight to do the work that a cheap unit like regular Boyz should do.  Fortunately, he quickly realized that error and moved up the Nobz so that they could get in the fun.

I had refused to buy the $50 Codex: Chaos Daemons to run my Rakshasas as Allies for my army, so in this game, I was experimenting with what to treat them as.  I like what I came up with: Chaos Space Marines + bolt pistols + close combat weapons + flamers + Mark of Khorne + Icon of Wrath makes them Berzerkers Lite (hit great, less expensive). 

I had hoped to get the Ghost Tygers/Warp Talons to the other side of the board to harass Drew’s Orks from the back, but the Reserve rolls were not with me.  Ah, well.  I still like how they Blinded a bunch of Drew’s guys.

My only real complaint was that Shamshir didn’t hit very hard in assaults, a problem I learned in his last game and forgot to rectify for this one.  Lesson learned: next time, he gets an Axe of Blind Fury, a kickass daemon weapon.  Oh, YEAH!       

Drew and I are looking forward to a rematch soon, maybe over Christmas break....

Posted  December 2013


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