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Themed Army Ideas
From Idea to Reality II
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From Idea to Reality II, Part 3 by Patrick Eibel
Patrick EibelOver the past year, I have been chronicling my progress in assembling a themed Daemonhunter army. This series of articles has described the process of planning and collecting figures to satisfy an army idea (in this case, a Daemonhunter army themed after the Star Wars movies), and has hopefully been useful to readers who are working on similar projects. 

In this final installment, I will present my final working army list and talk a little about the figures used in the army. Rather than just present the list at the beginning, I will discuss each selection first and present the list at the end. 

A Word (Or Two) About Daemonhunters
When I began assembling the figures to create this army, I first had to decide which army list I would use. Normally, this is not too difficult a task, as your figure can only be used a certain way based on the rules GW has provided. The Daemonhunter army list, however, can be used a variety of ways, each generating vastly different lists. It is also possible to collect figures to be that can be swapped out to change the army list entirely depending on what you want to field. Below is a list, in general terms, to illustrate what I am talking about (for the purposes of this list, I am leaving out Grey Knights):

  • Daemonhunter Army 1: Inquisitor + Stormtroopers + Space Marines
  • Daemonhunter Army 2: Inquisitor + Stormtroopers + Guard
  • Witch Hunter Army: Inquisitor + Stormtroopers + Sisters
  • Imperial Guard Army: Stormtroopers + Guard + Allied Inquisitor
  • Lost And Damned: Imperial Guard + Space Marines (used as Chaos)
Even in general terms, there are a lot of choices to be made about how to use the army list. While I like the idea of the flexibility of the army, my first choice was to select only one list, to streamline the number of figures I would need to get. 

After reviewing the figures I already had at my disposal, my choice came down to using either Daemonhunter with allied Guard or Guard with allied Daemonhunters. I decided to use the Imperial Guard Codex as the main army list for several reasons: 

1. I would be able to field more than one Sentinel Squad (which I was using as AT-STs); 
2. I could use Imperial Guard doctrines; 
3. I could field more than one Leman Russ. 
I also decided to build the list to about 3500 points so that I would have some flexibility with troop selection, and it would allow me to field a Daemonhunter/Allied Guard list with some swapping of figures. The description of the army below will include all of the figures, even the ones in the optional “packages.”

Heroic Senior Officer Grand Moff Tarkin and Command Platoon. For the senior-most officer in the army, I wanted to use a cool figure to represent Tarkin. My choice came down to either the Colonel in the Cadian HQ box or Colonel Schaeffer. I opted for the Cadian Colonel because I did not like Schaeffer’s pose with the plasma pistol pulled in close in the right hand. A Standard Bearer, Medic and missile launcher crew will round out the squad. The Command Platoon will also include an Anti-tank Support Squad with three lascannons and a Sentinel Squadron with two Sentinels packing autocannons.

Inquisitor Lord Darth Vader and Retinue (Allied HQ Unit). I have discussed many of the selections for Vader’s retinue in previous articles, but I have made several changes to the retinue as I have expanded the army. First, Inquisitor Vader has now been equipped with a storm shield (taken from “Obi Wan”) instead of a psycannon. I decided that I wanted the retinue to focus more on assault and the 4+ Invulnerable save would help Vader survive. Vader’s sword will be used as an anointed weapon, mainly because it is in keeping with a light saber (neither a thunder hammer or power fist would look right, and a force weapon is just too expensive). 

I added a third Acolyte for more protection for Vader, with the new Mordheim elf mage figure to be used as young Anakin (or is it Luke?). I decided to give the other two Acolytes artificier armor so that they can better survive any wounds the Inquisitor slags off onto them. Two Stormtroopers with assault weapons have replaced the two Gun Servitors; they are much more mobile. I also added Sage Palpatine, which is based on the limited edition Storm of Chaos wizard. I had to file off the tail and strange head protrusions and replace the head with a Fantasy goblins head (odd, but it works). Mystic Leia and two Heirophants complete the retinue.

Grey Knight Hero and Retinue (Optional HQ Unit). I had already bought some figures before deciding to switch to a mainly Guard force, and the Brother Captain Stern figure was one that became a casualty of the change. Rather than get rid of the figure, I am keeping it to be used in one of my package options to provide flexibility to the army.  Besides, getting five Grey Knights in Terminator armor for one HQ slot is too tempting to pass up.

Techpriest Enginseer Kenobi. I have taken my “Obi Wan” figure and changed him to an Enginseer because they conveniently come with power armor and a power weapon. I have equipped him with a signum and two Technical Servitors and two Gun Servitors with multi-meltas. I am still trying to find a small R2D2 figure to be one of the Technical Servitors, but otherwise this unit packs quite a little punch.

Vindicare Assassin Boba Fett or Callidus Assassin Aurra Sing (Allied Elite Unit). The two assassins, Boba Fett and Aurra Sing, were described in the second article.

Independent Commissar Unit. During the course of gathering figures for this army, I ended up with two Cadian officers with power fists. At first, I was going to use these figures as officers in Command units, but as the list changed I realized that the power fists would be wasted in a static unit. I then noticed that under the IG doctrines, you could take independent Commissars and attach them to units as opposed to following the Advisors rule. The only downside will be having to explain that the officers are really Commissars, but since they will be the only figures in the army with peaked caps, it shouldn’t be too hard to sort out.

Grey Knight Terminators (Optional Elite Unit). The Grey Knight Terminator unit described in the HQ section could be used as an Elite choice instead. 

Infantry Platoon. The new Cadian plastics pass amazingly well for the Imperial soldiers from Star Wars. After initially toying with the idea of multiple platoons, I finally settled on one platoon with four squads (two with autocannons and plasma guns, two with missile launchers and grenade launchers). 

Conscript Platoon. One of the problems I had while creating this army was that I had been given a large number of Catachan figures for free and seemingly had no way to use them in the army. After watching the Star Wars films on DVD, I was struck with the idea of using the Catachan bodies (preferably only the ones with vests, but definitely not the ones with bare torsos), but using Cadian heads. Paint the pants and shirts Kommando Khaki, the vests and boots black, and the helmet white and you have suitable Rebel Alliance figures. 

It did not seem right from a fluff standpoint to use the Rebels/Catachans as equals to the Imperials/Cadians, but by making them Conscripts, I can field almost all of the models I have and still stay within the loose theme I am following. And, since the entire platoon counts as one unit, I can attach my independent Commissars to them and use their Leadership instead of the paltry 5 that Conscripts get.

Inquisitorial Stormtroopers (Allied Troop Unit). I the first article, I was using converted Adeptus Arbites for Stormtroopers. While they looked okay, they certainly did not compare to the excellent Kasrkin Stormtroopers GW put out this summer. I snapped up a box and traded away the old figures, and the squad looks much better for the change. I have given the leader of the squad a power weapon and teleport homer to summon Grey Knights without the perils of deviating. The Squad may take a Chimera transport if it needs to be mobile. 

Inquisitorial Stormtroopers (Optional Troop Unit). Currently, I only have one unit of Stormtroopers and one Chimera, but I am thinking of getting another of each to provide some flexibility. Besides, there were always a bunch of Stormtroopers hanging out with Darth Vader.

Fast Attack
Sentinel Squadron. I love the plastic Sentinels and they make great AT-STs. This squad will have two or three Sentinels (depending on points) with multi-lasers. I am also toying with the idea of getting the armored top bits for all the Sentinels to make them look even more like AT-STs.

Hellhound. The new Hellhound rules just rock and since I have an open Fast Attack slot, I cannot resist including one in the army.

Grey Knight Squad (Allied Fast Attack Unit). On their own, Grey Knights can be expensive. But, when you teleport them into battle, their points are comparable to an Assault Squad (with storm bolters and Strength 6 Nemesis Force Weapons, no less). 

Heavy Support
Leman Russ I. I got a free Leman Russ from the Guard stuff my friend John gave me, and I equipped it simply with a battle cannon and hull-mounted lascannon for anti-tank duty.

Leman Russ II. I had an Exterminator attached to my Space Wolf army, but I decided the tank would make more sense in the Guard army. I stripped off the autocannon bits and retro-fitted the original battlecannon into the turret. Since the Exterminator was already equipped with heavy bolters in the hull and sponsons, I only need to add a pintle mounted heavy stubber for maximum shootiness.

Demolisher. I had the bits for a demolisher cannon from my treasure trove of Guard stuff, so all I needed was a couple of bits and another Leman Russ kit to complete the tank (still cheaper than buying one new).

The Final List
So, there you have it. I hope to continue receiving favorable comments on the look of the army (everybody gets the Star Wars theme right off the bat). So far, the army has had mixed success, but hopefully once everything gets painted, people will learn to fear “the power of this fully operational battle station.” 

Errrr, maybe I watched the DVD a few too many times....

Imperial Strikeforce Devastator

  • Command Platoon. Grand Moff Tarkin w/ power weapon, las pistol; Standard Bearer, Medic, missile launcher team (115 pts); Anti-Tank Support Squad w/ lascannon (110 pts); Sentinel Support Squadron (two w/ autocannons) (130 pts)
  • Inquisitor Lord Vader w/ anointed weapon, storm shield (75 pts); Acolyte Luke Skywalker w/ power weapon (23 pts); Acolyte Darth Maul w/ artificier armor (23 pts); Acolyte Darth Sidious w/ artificier armor (23 pts); two Stormtrooper Veterans w/ flamers (15 pts each); Sage Palpatine (10 pts); Mystic Leia Organa (6 pts); two Hierophants (8 pts each)
  • Techpriest Enginseer Kenobi (45 pts); Technical Servitor Lobot (10 pts); Technical Servitor R2D2 (10 pts); Gun Servitor C3P0 (35 pts); Gun Servitor w/ multi-melta (35 pts)
  • Vindicare Assassin Boba Fett (110 pts) or Callidus Assassin Aurra Sing (120 pts)
  • Two Independent Commissars w/ power fists (70 pts each)
  • Infantry Platoon. Command Squad w/ autocannon and meltagun (85 pts); two Infantry Squads w/ missile launcher and grenade launcher (83 pts each); two Infantry Squads w/ heavy bolter and plasma gun (80 pts each)
  • Conscript Platoon. Two Infantry Squads w/  missile launcher and grenade launcher (72 pts each); three Infantry Squads w/ heavy bolter and flamer (64 pts each)
  • Two squads of Inquisitorial Stormtroopers (155 pts each) w/ Chimeras (95 pts each)
  • Grey Knight Squad. Justicar and seven Grey Knights (two w/ incinerators) (245 pts)
  • Sentinel Squadron. Two Sentinels w/ multi-laser, armored crew (180 pts)
  • Hellhound w/ extra armor (125 pts)
  • Leman Russ w/ lascannon in hull (165 pts)
  • Leman Russ w/ heavy bolter hull and sponsons (170 pts)
  • Demolisher w/ lascannon in hull (180 pts)
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From Idea to Reality II
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© Copyright Patrick Eibel, November 2004. Used with permission. 


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