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Themed Army Ideas
From Idea to Reality II
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From Idea to Reality II, Part 2 by Patrick Eibel
It has been several months since the first installment, and much has changed. As with any plan, you must keep revising your army as circumstances change. Game play, advice from other gamers, and availability of models will all affect how your army takes shape.

Recently, my friend John Godfrey moved onto a boat (itís a big boat) and needed to unloaded some of his spare 40K stuff. This included nearly two full bags of bits and things from various armies he collected, including almost an entire Catachan platoon. The addition of all this booty meant that I needed to revise my starting inventory and change my army list accordingly.

After sorting through the horde of stuff, I found I had the following:

  • A Rogue Trader-era psyker figure with robes and hands raised;
  • A Vindicare Assassin (from Kenton);
  • A Preacher with club and mohawk;
  • Two Servitors and a Tarantula (also from Kenton);
  • Twelve plastic Orlock gangers;
  • A storm shield;
  • A variety of Space Marine and vehicle bits;
  • A Callidus Assassin;
  • About 60 plastic Catachan Jungle Fighters;
  • Three Catachan heavy bolters;
  • Three Catachan missile launchers;
  • Various Catachan special weapons;
  • Various other Imperial Guard, mostly Tallarn;
  • Ten Adeptus Arbites, including a leader and one with a grenade launcher;
  • Asmodai;
  • Uriah Jacobus;
  • A Preacher with book and sword;
  • A Rhino in Dark Angel Green; and
  • A Leman Russ Battle tank (new on sprue).
I had already purchased Mephiston, Kyrinov, and the Mordheim Auger, which I described previously. I added to my supply by purchasing the following:
  • Six Dark Angel Veterans;
  • A Dark Angel Standard Bearer;
  • Storm bolter bits and Grey Knight halberd arms;
  • A Chimera;
  • A Land Raider (bought assembled and painted from an online friend); 
  • Brother Captain Stern; and 
  • A Missionary.
The List
I now needed to revise my Phase One list to reflect the new additions. Phase Two would incorporate the Guard element, so I did not need to worry too much about how I would organize them (that will be in the next article, for all you Guard players). 

Phase One Daemonhunter List:

  • Inquisitor Vader w/ power weapon, psycannon, refractor field, hammerhand (115 pts)
  • Hierophant (8 pts)
  • Gun Servitor w/ multimelta (35 pts)
  • Gun Servitor w/ multimelta (35 pts)
  • Mystic (6 pts)
  • Sage (10 pts)
  • Acolyte (8 pts)
  • Acolyte (8 pts)
  • Rhino for Inquisitor and Retinue, w/ extra armor and smoke launchers (58 pts)
  • Grey Knight Hero w/ Terminator armor, nemesis force weapon, storm bolter, Word of the Emperor (71 pts)
  • Vindicare Assassin (110 pts)
  • Callidus Assassin (may not be used w/ Vindicare) (120 pts)
  • Seven Grey Knights + Justicar. Two w/ incinerators; Justicar w/ storm shield (3605 pts)
  • Nine Inquisitorial Stormtroopers + Stormtrooper veteran. Two w/ plasma guns; Vet w/ bolter-plasma gun, auspex (147 pts)
  • Chimera for Stormtroopers, w/ heavy bolters (turret and hull), extra armor and smoke launchers (93 pts)
Total (does not include Callidus): 1009 points

In addition to the list above, I have two Ordo Malleus Inquisitors and two Preachers that can be used to either lead the Stormtroopers or fill out the Lordís retinue, as necessary. Ultimately, these figures could be attached to Imperial Guard squads to help bolster their Leadership. The Imperial Guard will be organized into platoons rather than using Armored Fist squads, thus maximizing the number of heavy weapons available. I also would like to add another unit of Stormtroopers using Kasrkin figures, but that will be an addition for later (the figures arenít even out yet as of this writing).

The Elite choices for my army are the two Assassins and two Ordo Malleus Inquisitors. The Vindicare Assassin (Boba Fett) was painted using Space Wolf Gray with Elf Gray highlights. His helmet was painted Turquoise with a dark green ink wash. I added an Imperial Guard backpack and used a bit from an Ork grenade to fashion his jet pack. 

Boba Fett
Above: Vindicare Assassin Boba Fett

I painted the Callidus Assassin (Aurra, named after Aurra Sing, an obscure character in Episode I) in the same color scheme, except her hair was painted Dark Flesh with a brown ink wash.

AurraAurra Sing
Left: Callidus Assassin Aurra, inspired by bounty hunter Aurra Sing (at right)
Aurra Sing photo © copyright 2003 by Lucasfilm

The first Ordo Malleus Inquisitor (Obi Wan Kenobi) was made from the old psyker figure with his hands raised. I glued the spare storm shield to his left hand and then painted the figure in brown robes. To achieve the shiny blue power sword, I primed the weapon black, painted it Mithril Silver, and then gave it a blue ink wash. You may need a couple coats of ink to make it really dark and shiny.

Inquisitor Obi Wan
Above: Inquisitor Obi Wan Kenobi, with storm shield and power sword

Inquisitor Valorum was used pretty much as the Kyrinov model comes. I painted his robes Bleached Bone with Dark Angel Green piping and purple vestments. All of the Inquisitor insignia were painted Shining Gold.

Inquisitor Valorum
Above: Inquisitor Valorum, a straight-up version of the Kyrinov figure

For Phase One, there are only two Troop choices and their transports: the Grey Knights and the Stormtroopers. Each squad presented some conversion challenges, as they would both be modeled to fit the Star Wars motif.

For the Grey Knights, I used Asmodai, the Dark Angel Veterans, and the Dark Angel Standard Bearer so that the entire squad would be in robes. The idea was to paint them to look like the Praetorian Guard, the red robed figures that act as the Emperorís bodyguard in the Star Wars films. For Asmodai (who would be used as the Justicar), I cut off his crozius and moved his sword to his other hand, then I glued one of the storm bolter bits in his right hand. 

Justicar (at left) and Standard Bearer using Dark Angel figures

The two Grey Knights with incinerators were made using two Catachan heavy flamers and a hose bit from the Ork Dreadnought accessory sprue. Although the Catachan hands were slightly small, they still worked all right with the Marine arms. The Ork hoses lined up perfectly with the heavy flamer hoses. I created an incinerator backpack by taking a Marine backpack, filing it smooth, and gluing the heavy flamer tanks from the tank accessory sprue on it. The gap between the tanks and the hoses was connected with green stuff. 

Above: Front and rear views of the Knights with converted incinerators

The four Grey Knights with halberds were pretty straightforward. The Grey Knight halberd arms were used for the right arm and Space Marine chainsword arms were used for the other side, with the chainsword filed off and replaced by a storm bolter bit. The hilt of the chain sword that remains on the hand makes a great gun grip.

Above: Robed Grey Knights, with halberds and storm bolters

The squad was primed white and then painted Blood Red, and then washed three or four times in Red Ink with a little Flesh Wash added for depth. My wife commented that the figures still looked too red, so I painted the trim of the greaves and eye lenses black, which helps to break up the monotony. I used some Eldar decal with a sword for their shoulder pad insignia, to which I may add an open book (if I feel like painting eight books freehand).

Above: Sword insignia on the shoulder of each Red...errr...Grey Knight

The Grey Knights use the Land Raider as their transport vehicle (unless they Deep Strike), so I wanted it to be painted in similar colors. Since the Land Raider arrived assembled and painted a nice shiny black, I opted to just add red accents to correlate with the squad and then use the sword insignia to help identify it.

Above: The Grey Knight Hero, using the Captain Stern model

The Stormtroopers were fashioned from the Adeptus Arbites squad. I had to convert the leader because I did not want to use the eagle helmet, so I cut it off with a Dremel and replaced it with a Space Marine head. 

Above: Converted Stormtrooper squad leader barking out orders

For the rest of the squad, I used a Dremel (the file attachment, not the cutting blade) to remove the little fist detail from their shoulders and helmets. Once the surfaces were filed smooth, I primed the figures black, then painted the armor pieces white. It took three coats to totally cover the black primer, but was still easier than trying to get black into the cracks otherwise. I painted the right shoulder armor Vomit Brown, which is more of an orange color. This was so that the models would look like the Sandtroopers that were on Tatooine in the first Star Wars film (Episode IV). 

Above: Stormtroopers, painted like the Sandtroopers from A New Hope

The Stormtroopers would use the Chimera as a transport, which I assembled, primed black, and then applied several coats of Codex and Elf Grey to achieve a faded metal look (sort of like the AT-ATís in The Empire Strikes Back). I am going to use this technique on the Leman Russ and Sentinels in the Allied Guard force as well.

Well, Phase One is mostly complete and looks pretty sharp. I have taken the army to a couple of events and always receive favorable comments. So far, the force has not performed too well on the tabletop, but I still need to get used to the army, and I think will perform better when the Allied Guard can add their firepower. So, until the final installment of this series, may the Force be with you!
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From Idea to Reality II
Part 1 <> Part 2 <> Part 3

Posted October 2003


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