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Events and Battle Reports
Fall From Grace V
Introduction <> Fighting Tigers <> Ozone Scorpions <> Yblis' Marauders <> Silliness

Fall From Grace V: Battle Summaries for Yblis' Marauders
FFG gave me a perfect opportunity to continue road-testing the Necron army I bought from my pal Pat. For my third game with the army, I thought I’d try out the stonkenly huge Monolith:

  • Centurion Lucifer. Necron Lord w/ Resurrection Orb and Phase Shifter
  • Squad of 10 Immortals
  • Three squads of 20 Necron Warriors each
  • Three swarms of three Scarab bases each
  • Two Heavy Destroyers, in separate squadrons
  • Monolith
Mission: Secure and Control (Gamma level)
Opponent: Dark Angels (Steven)
Points per Player: 2000

What happened? Steven and I had enjoyed our game the day before and we were eager for some more. He tweaked his Dark Angels list, bringing:

  • Chaplain w/ Command Squad and Rhino
  • Dreadnought w/ missile launcher and twin-linked lascannon
  • Deathwing 
  • Ten-man Tactical Squad in a Rhino
  • Four five-man Tactical Squads
  • Ravenwing Land Speeder
  • Devastator Squad w/ four plasma cannons
  • Vindicator
To begin, we placed five counters on the table and deployed our forces to take them. Because I was attempting to take all three counters I placed, I was a bit more spread out than I would have preferred, with only two squads—the Immortals and a Necron Warrior unit—benefiting from Centurion Lucifer’s Resurrection Orb. Despite the toughness of my Toasters, I placed them in cover, determined to shrug off the Dark Angels’ firepower and repulse any assaults they might launch.

Steven won the roll to go first. As his Rhinos and half of his Tactical Squads on foot advanced, his Devastators moved into better firing positions, sparing me several blasts of plasma cannon hell. That was about all I was spared, though, as the Vindicator rumbled forward and unloaded a direct hit on my ‘bots, knocking down two Immortals and two Scarab bases. A plasma cannon from a Tactical Squad found three more Immortals. Hmm. The Deceiver, my army’s patron, would take a dim view of these losses, no doubt, if they were not mitigated.

But mitigated they were not: all five Immortals bricked their “We’ll Be Back!” rolls and vanished from the table. Not one die roll higher than a “3.” Man, that was enough to honk off His Holiness….

My Scarabs rocketed forward with the intent of assaulting and tying up the Devastators and that pesky Tactical Squad, but they could not reach them. No matter: the Dark Angels would have to divert some of their considerable firepower next turn or suffer robefuls of bionic beetles. In my Shooting Phase, the Immortals tagged a Devastator (one with only a bolter, alas) and one of my Heavy Destroyers nuked the Vindicator. Take that, you so-called heroes!

On Turn Two, the Dark Angel Rhinos continued their advance toward my line and the Deathwing teleported onto the board, near Necron Warrior Squad #1. The Tactical Squad in the Rhino disembarked and fired, dropping two ‘bots from Warrior Squad #2. The Devastators and other Tactical Marines fired at the Scarabs, killing four bases, but what was left of my swarms kept coming.

On my second turn, Centurion Lucifer, Warrior Squad #2, and the Immortals moved up to counter the Dark Angels arriving by Rhino. Warrior Squad #1 pulled away from the Terminators, closer to Lucifer (I had a feeling they would need his Resurrection Orb soon). In the Shooting Phase, the Immortals killed three Devastators and a Heavy Destroyer fried a Terminator. The Scarabs charged the Devastators and a Tactical Squad, inflicting no wounds, but tying them up.

Terminators arrive to kick some Toaster tail
Above: The Deathwing and the Dark Angels, determined to kick Toaster tail

On Turn Three, the Command Squad dismounted from their Rhino, near the Immortals. At this point, I was very glad that the Chaplain and his pals would not be able to assault. The Deathwing advanced, followed by two Tactical Squads. In the Shooting Phase, the Termies gunned down a Heavy Destroyer and the flamers from the two Tactical Squads doused Warrior Squad #1. Four Warriors fell, and the Tactical Squads charged in, taking down some more Warriors. Across the field, the Devastators continued to scrap with the Scarabs but could not shake them off. The Tactical Squad under attack by the Scarabs crushed the annoying metal insects and readied their guns for more firing.

On the Necrons’ third turn, three members of Warrior Squad #1 got back up, as did the Heavy Destroyer. The Monolith Deep Struck near the Deathwing, dropping a particle whip on them—which did nada. Nor did the Heavy Destroyers even heat up the Deathwings’ armor. Things were not looking good for the Toasters on that side of the board. Lucifer, Warrior Squad #2, and the Immortals opened fire on the Command Squad, killing two of them.

Lucifer and Warriors fire on the Command Squad
Above: Lucifer and his Warriors fire on the Command Squad

Turn Four saw the Dark Angels get into a close-range shoot-out with the Necrons. The Ravenwing Speeder, which had been cruising into position, combined its fire with nearby Tactical Squads to take down two ‘bots from Warrior Squad #3. The Command Squad and its accompanying Tactical Squad fired at the Warriors around Centurion Lucifer, bagging three of them. The Heavy Destroyers fell to fire from the Terminators and the Dreadnought. As the smoke cleared, Lucifer, Warrior Squad #2 and Warrior Squad #3 fell back. In the Assault Phase, Warrior Squad #1 struck down a Tactical Marine and lost two. The Devastators finally rid themselves of the Scarabs.

The Necrons’ “We’ll Be Back!” rolls were generous. Lucifer and my fleeing Warriors regrouped, while Warrior Squad #1 vanished from close combat and re-emerged from the Monolith’s portal. The Necrons returned fire, killing a handful of Tactical Marines.

On Turn Five, the Devastators opened up on the Immortals, torching three. The Command Squad assaulted Lucifer and his Warriors, inflicting only superficial damage. More effective were the Deathwing and their Tactical Squads, who charged the Monolith and Warrior Squad #1, respectively. The Termies’ thunder hammers shook the Monolith and the Warriors were wiped out.

Warriors can't get away
Above: The Warriors can't escape the Dark Angels

At the top of the Necrons’ turn, two Immortals got to their feet and returned fire on the Devastators, killing one. Warrior Squad #3 shot the assault cannon off the Ravenwing Speeder and stunned the crew as well. In the Assault Phase, Steven’s Chaplain struck down a Warrior but was then hacked apart by more of the relentless machines—a good thing, too, as Centurion Lucifer, perhaps literally rusty after eons of slumber, didn’t even score a hit in melee.

Steven’s last turn began, and he tried to seize more counters or at least deny me them. The Devastators unleashed some plasma cannon bursts on Warrior Squad #3, cooking four ‘bots. The Dreadnought charged the Monolith, but neither he nor the Deathwing hurt it. Lucifer, regaining his form (or perhaps getting a quick oil-can treatment like the Tin Woodsman from The Wizard of Oz) sliced up two members of the Command Squad, wiping them out. 

Despite Steven’s efforts, he couldn’t take all my counters from me. My Immortals shot down the Ravenwing Speeder and Lucifer and Warrior Squad #2 fired on a nearby Tactical Squad. In the end, I had two counters, Steven had two counters, and one counter wasn’t held at all.

Outcome: Tie (Necrons with 1665 Victory Points, Dark Angels with 1538 Victory Points)

Post-Game Analysis
I was surprised I was able to tie this game (and actually have a slight lead on Victory Points—under the old rules, I would have won!). As we were playing, it seemed like the Dark Angels were kicking the chips out of my ‘bots. I’m quite pleased with the outcome.

As I mentioned, my army was probably too spread out for its own good, but the large size of the Warrior Squads and the Scarabs’ dampening of the Dark Angel firepower kept me in the game. I should have used the Monolith to yank Warrior Squad #1 out of close combat a turn earlier, but I forgot that I could do that. All in all, not too shabby, but the Deceiver will not long be patient with Centurion Lucifer if he doesn’t score his first win soon!

Fall From Grace V
Introduction <> Fighting Tigers <> Ozone Scorpions <> Yblis' Marauders <> Silliness

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