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The Jungle Book: An A-Z Guide  by Patrick Eibel

What of the hunting, hunter bold?
Brother, the watch was long and cold.
What of the quarry ye went to kill?
Brother, he crops in the jungle still.
Where is the power that made your pride?
Brother, it ebbs from my flank and side.
Where is the haste that ye hurry by?
Brother, I go to my lair to die!

--Rudyard Kipling, The Jungle Books

Since the Jungle has been around, we have generated a lot of background material for our armies and have created a fairly rich sub-set—call it the “Jungle-verse”—within the Warhammer 40,000 universe.  While the Site Index does a great job of pointing you to specific articles, and the Glossary gives you a guide to the Fighting Tigers, there is no comprehensive guide to all of the background material presented on the website. 

Here then is a handy guidebook listing some of the key places and characters that make up the background of the Jungle.  I am including some information that is presented elsewhere, the Fighting Tiger characters for instance, so that there is one list with all of the major characters. As we create more fiction in support of the site, look for the backstory to become more interwoven amongst our armies and more items to be added to this guide.

Abrynn – Imperial planet raided by Yblis’ Bzrkx (before they attained that name). Site of battle between Necrons and the Fighting Tigers.

Acosta – Imperial Commissar who led the raising of the First Vedic Regiment. Captured and tortured by Dark Eldar of the Kabal of the Ozone Scorpions. Rescued by Fighting Tiger Sudra Patel (The Gray Tiger).

Arvaal The Heretic – former Imperial preacher, worked in the service of Abaddon during Eye of Terror campaign.  Current whereabouts unknown.

Auros IX – desert planet held by the Ork Warlord Sho T. BigHed.  Site of a prolonged campaign between the Orks and the Fighting Tigers.  The Orks eventually drove the Marines from the planet, but matters between the armies were far from resolved…

Aun’ui Elsy’eir Kor – Ethereal of the D’yanoi sept.  Brilliant tactician and motivator, has developed a fighting cadre that extensively relies on superior mobility of Tau vehicles.  Encountered Shamshir Talatra at the remains of Red Corsair camp. Has published several treatises in the Tau language on negotiating with the “gue’la.”

Azkadar – former Forge World, home of the Dvergar race (sometime derogatorily called Squats). It is believed that either the extensive mining of the Dvergar breached an ancient chamber that activated a large number of Necrons, or that the Necrons came to the world and exterminated the previous inhabitants.  Necron force, now known as Yblis’ Bzrkx, battled Keric Quicbrand’s Space Wolves as they explored the planet

Baalzephon Zgorch – Chaos Lord in service of Khorne.  Leader of Warband Bloodcomet and the Saracens Chaos Warband.  Formerly Space Marine Commander Hermann Weiss, leader of Knights Templar Space Marine Chapter.  Current whereabouts unknown, possibly deceased or now a Greater Daemon.

Balder – Space Wolf Battle Leader, fell in defense of Veda against incursion of the Ozone Scorpions.

Bray – agro-world, site of the Battle of Twin Fangs, which pitted Fighting Tigers and Space Wolves against a large contingent of Eldar.  Although both Space Marine armies were defeated, their pacts of friendship survive to this day.

Canoness Marian Tressant – leader of the Preceptory of the Sisters of Mercy Order of Witch Hunters.  Her relative inexperience and recent lack of success in battle have led her to question her ability to successfully lead her Order.

Canoness Marian Tressant has struggled against the Kurindans and the Ozone Scorpions

Chandramatie Bahl – Acting Raja of Ghuyarashtra and co-leader of the Fighting Tigers. Assumed title after former Raja Shamshir Talatra was removed from office.  Bahl is the first Librarian to hold the title of Raja.

Chult – jungle planet held by the Kurindans. Site of a prolonged battle between Kurindans and the Sisters of Mercy. 

Clavius – former Blood Angel who converted to the worship of Khorne. Leader of a pack of Red Corsairs, killed by Shamshir Talatra.

Commander Tarkin – Leader of small Imperial Guard regiment sometimes used in support of either Inquisitor Lord Vader or the Sisters of Mercy or both.

Dr. Fybze – Dark Eldar Haemonculus, sometime ally of Vulnayva, rival of Dr. Jheste.

Dr. Jheste – Dark Eldar Haemonculus and primary advisor to Archon Syryx Lynatharr.

Dr’zzlahDracon< of the Kabal of the Ozone Scorpions.  Daughter/lover to the Archon Syryx Lynatharr.  Currently fomenting an overthrow of the Archon.

The always-treacherous, always dangerous Dr'zzlah

Eklavdrah -  Succubus in the Kabal of the Ozoone Scorpions. Sometime ally of Dr. Jheste.

Eriu – verdant Imperial world, home of the Sons of Eriu Space Marine Chapter. Pronounced “air-yoo”.

Ferin Ironhammer – Venerable Dreadnought in the Great Company of Keric Quicbrand.  Former Iron Priest (Techmarine), hence his name and unusual close combat weapon.

Ferin Ironhammer led the Space Wolves to victory in the Tooth and Claw campaign

Fighting Tigers of Veda -- Space Marine Chapter #531, established to help secure the area around the Maelstrom. Their first action was to liberate the planet Veda, whose human population had been enslaved by the Dark Eldar. The Fighting Tigers took the planet as their base, adopted the native culture as their own, and have remained active for the past 5,000 years. The Fighting Tigers are known for their color scheme and their heretical use of cloning and female warriors. Though steadfastly loyal to the Emperor, the Tigers are hostile towards the Administratum and several other Space Marine Chapters. 

Ghaatii – uninhabited planet, believed to be source of Eldar artifacts of great mystical power.  Site of skirmishes between Fighting Tigers and Ulthwe Eldar and the Ozone Scorpions and Biel-Tan Eldar.  Called “Shar-Akummn” in the Eldar tongue.

Godfrey’s Desert Vipers – rebel Imperial Guard Armored Company under the command of Lieutenant Colonel Armand Godfrey.  Godfrey’s use of brilliant, but callous, tactics is legendary, and his disregard for the casualties of his men over preserving the functionality of his tanks led to many desertions.  Suffered severe defeat at the hands of the Saracens and Ork mercenaries. Killed by his own men after a battle in which Godfrey instructed a Leman Russ to fire at point blank range at a Lictor, trusting the tank’s armor to withstand any damage.

Hafdan – Space Wolf Battle Leader who participated in a Joint Exercises training event vs. the Fighting Tigers, led by then-Kshatriya Khandar Madu.

Haven’s Rest – Imperial planet, site of monastery and battle between Ozone Scorpions and the Sisters of Mercy.

Hengist Alfirbane – Space Wolf Battle Leader who participated in a Joint Exercises training event vs. the Fighting Tigers, led by then-Kshatriya Khandar Madu.

Hivefleet Azhdarcoid – Tyranid Hivefleet, believed to be a mutated offshoot from Hivefleet Leviathan.  Active in the Regulus Secundus system.  Originally called Hivefleet Ravana by the Fighting Tigers because of the demonic appearance of their winged Hive Tyrant and warriors.  Also referred to as “the Blue Bugs” by some Imperial Guard regiments.

Inquisitor Lord Vader – Imperial Inquisitor, known to employ Daemonhunters and Imperial Guard units in the service of the Emperor.  Occasionally allies with the Sister of Mercy.

Inquisitor Lord Vader

Jirbu Ghosh – Khandar Madu’s named successor.  Held captive on Veda by the Ozone Scorpions before being rescued by Space Wolves led by Ferin Ironhammer.

Kabal of the Ozone Scorpions – Dark Eldar Kabal, forced to flee Commorragh after losing a power struggle against Asdrubel Vect. Former residents of the planet Veda.  Abandoned Veda after being defeated by the Fighting Tigers Chapter.  Currently use several secret lairs as bases of operations for their raids and enigmatic schemes.

Kente – Eighth planet in the Regulus system.  Home of the Ebon Leopards Imperial Guard regiments.

Keric Quicbrand – Wolf Lord of Space Wolf Great Company.  Spent thousands of years lost in warp space, but returned to “real time” without having aged more than a few hundred years.  Bonds of friendship exist between the Fighting Tigers Chapter and his Great Company.

Khandar Madu – Current Raja of Mahaduyana and co-leader of the Fighting Tigers.  Sometimes referred to as “the Redhead” due to her striking hair color.

Khandar Madu always uses lightning claws 

Khrell – Planet where Rashna Marga and Ramon Cruz battled the former Dark Angel and Chaos Sorcerer/Dreadnought Zechariah.

!Klrt – tyrant-king of the Kurindans

Kurindans – warm-blooded, lizard-like aliens who have fallen into barbarism. Utterly feral and ruthless, Kurindans seek to literally destroy the universe by invoking their deity, “The Slayer of the Gods.”

The xenophobic Kurindans frequently make use of dinosaur-like creatures

Lars Ulrik – Space Wolf Jarl, severely wounded during campaign to thwart the Ozone Scorpions from returning to Veda.

Loganson – Sardonic Space Wolf Scout Sergeant. Rescued Jirbu Ghosh from Ozone Scorpions.

Lotus Storm of Impossible Contemplation – translation of name given to Eldar Warhost that fought at Bray.  Lote Arma en’Callanta in the Eldar tongue. While the warhost broke up shortly after the battle, remnants still survive to this day and rumors have been heard of its reuniting to wreak havoc once again.

Lucifer 1.0 and 2.0 – Necron Lords, leaders of Yblis’ Bzrkx. Lucifer is one personality and one mind inhabiting two bodies, to better serve the Deceiver.

Madrac IV – independent Forge World on the fringe of Tau-held space.

Rai Nagtrishul – former Fighting Tiger of Veda Marine, now in the service of the Red Corsairs and leader of warband known as Rai’s Reavers.  Current whereabouts unknown.

Ramon Cruz – Deathwing Master who fought against—and reconciled with—Kshatriya Rashna Marga before battling the Chaos Dreadnought Zechariah.

Rashna Marga – Fighting Tiger Captain who was abducted and interrogated by Dark Angels to learn whereabouts of the Chaos Sorcerer/Dreadnought Zechariah, himself a former Dark Angel. 

Regulus Secundus system – area of space near the Maelstrom.  There are 19 planets in the system, 11 of which are inhabited, including Veda and Kente.  RS 19 was an inhabited mining world until being overrun by Tyranids.

Roary Tolman – Ratling sniper, notable for defeating a Space Wolf Blood Claw in hand-to-hand combat and claiming his opponent’s helmet as a trophy (the Blood Claw insists that he slipped in the mud). 

Roary Tolman, Ratling sniper extraordinaire

RS 19 – a mining world. Site of major battle between Fighting Tigers and Hivefleet Azhdarcoid.

Saracens – Chaos warband in the service of Khorne.  Made successful invasion of the planet Veda and dealt Fighting Tigers a severe blow, including critically wound Shiva Nagordarika, the Tiger’s founder.  Current whereabouts unknown.

Shamshir Talatra – Former Raja of Ghuyarashtra and leader of the Fighting Tigers.  Removed from office for gross negligence in performing his duties.  Advised by Inquisitor Varman Kumar to pursue a different path, the current whereabouts and motivations of Shamshir Talatra are unknown, but seem to be entwined with a group known as the Fearful Symmetry.

Shas’el Sa’cea Shi Varkoo – Former Tau commander. Like his antagonist, Shamshir Talatra, Varkoo was removed from office and exiled for leadership failures that resulted in unnecessary deaths of subordinates. Killed by Shamshir Talatra.

Sho T. BigHed – Ork Warlord and ruler of Auros IX.  Led successful defense of planet against Fighting Tigers.  Member of Blood Axe Clan and has a great fondness for Imperial uniforms, tactics and weaponry, while still embracing all things Orky. His name is a contraction of an Ork insult (“shorty bighead”).

Sisters Of Mercy – Order of Sister Sororitas led by Canoness Marian Tressant.  The Sisters have taken a vow to find, preserve and defend sacred artifacts of the Order and the Ecclesiarchy.

Speedo – Ork Big Mek and sometime ally of Sho T. BigHed.  Speedo and Sho T. had a falling out during the Auros IX campaign against the Fighting Tigers.  His current whereabouts, as well as that of his Kult of Speed, are unknown.

Sudra Patel – Fighting Tiger. Assigned to the Grey Tigers division after undisclosed infraction. Restored to active service after single-handedly rescuing Commissar Acosta and killing over a dozen Dark Eldar. 

Syryx Lynatharr – Archon the the Kabal of the Ozone Scorpions.  Driven mad by years of imprisonment in a stasis chamber by the Fighting Tigers of Veda.

Talwar Chakram – Former Fighting Tiger Chaplain, recently killed in battle.

Tam – Planet within the Regulus Secundus system, notable for its large population of Ratlings. Birthplace of the famous Ratling sniper Roary Tolman.

Tharalon – Subterranean Dark Eldar city found under the mountains of Veda known as the Sleeping Brahman.  Former home to the Ozone Scorpions.

Varman Kumar – Inquisitor and occasional advisor to the Fighting Tigers of Veda.  Has mysterious ability to know the future and can seemingly travel through time.

Veda – home planet of the Fighting Tigers. Veda has two continents--Mahaduyana and Ghuyarashtra--and is known for being very hot and having wide expanses of jungle. Site of campaign between Ozone Scorpion Dark Eldar and Space Wolves while Fighting Tigers away on Auros IX.

Vulnayvya – Haemonculus of the Kabal of the Ozone Scorpions, loyal to Dracon Dr’zzlah.

Yblis –Named used by the Deceiver when interacting with a Necron warband called the Bzrkx.

Zaghnal Maratha – Fighting Tiger Librarian and chief advisor to Khandar Madu.

Zechariah – Former Darker, former Chaos Sorcerer, eventually transformed into a Dreadnought while still maintaining his magical powers. Fought Dark Angels and Fighting Tigers on Khrell, destroyed by fire from Fighting Tiger starship The Garuda.

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Last updated December 2008


Fighting Tigers:
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