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Eye of Terror: From the Jungle to the Gate--Battle #3 ("Endgame") 
Daemonhunters/Fighting Tigers/13th Company vs. Lost and the Damned/Red Corsairs, 
3000 points per side 
By Patrick Eibel and Kenton Kilgore

For our final game, we decided to use a modified version of the “Endgame” scenario posted on Games Workshop’s Eye of Terror website. “Endgame” pits 1000 points of Daemonhunters against 1000 points of Chaos Cultists on a 4' x 4' table cluttered with hive city terrain, using the Infiltrators, Night Fight, Victory Points, and To the Death rules. To the Death requires that the game goes on until one army leader or the other is killed. 

We decided to jack the points total up to 3000 each, which allowed us to field combined Forces of Order (Daemonhunters, Fighting Tigers, and 13th Company Space Wolves) and Disorder (Lost and the Damned and Red Corsairs Chaos Space Marines). We used the 8' x 4' “urban” table at our favorite gaming store, Borderlands, in Greenville, South Carolina, during a recent visit. Neither of us had Infiltrators, and we forgot to use the Night Fight rules. But we stuck to using the To the Death rule and named our army leaders: Inquisitor Lord Vader for the Forces of Order, Arvaal the Arch Heretic for the Forces of Disorder. The battle would go on until one them was dead!

Forces of Disorder: 
1500 point Lost and the Damned Army/1500 point Red Corsair Army 
Having played against Pat’s Space Wolves for many, many years, I was in no hurry for my army to tango up-close-and-personal with the 13th Company. I went with two “shooty” detachments, each at 1500 points. Dave, one of Borderlands’ friendly employees, was kind enough to loan me Imperial Guard figures and tanks to use as Arvaal’s Lost and the Damned army. The Red Corsairs came from my large collection of Fighting Tigers, supplemented by a few of Matt’s Black Templars. Thanks again to both gentlemen. 

Arvaal’s Lost and the Damned:

  • Arch Heretic Arvaal (equivalent to Space Marine Sorcerer) w/ Mark of Chaos Undivided, great weapon, personal icon, daemon armor, and Doombolt
  • 3 squads of 15 Traitors each, each squad including 1 autocannon and 1 grenade launcher
  • 3 Leman Russ battle tanks w/ hull-mounted lascannon, smoke launchers, and extra armor. No side sponsons
  • 3 Obliterators (allied Elite unit)
  • Allied Chaos Squad: 6 Chaos Space Marines (allied Troop unit), including 1 w/ lascannon and 1 w/ plasma gun
  • 10 Daemonettes
Rai’s Reavers (Red Corsairs):
  • Rai Nagtrishul: Chaos Space Marine Lieutenant w/ Mark of Chaos Undivided, Kai gun, Veteran Skill (Move Through Cover)
  • 5 squads of  6 Chaos Space Marines each, each squad w/ 1 missile launcher and Mark of Chaos Undivided
  • 1 squad of 6 Chaos Space Marines (1 w/ heavy bolter), w/ Mark of Chaos Undivided
  • 2 squads of 8 Havocs each, each squad w/ 2 flamers, 2 melta guns and Rhino w/ extra armor and smoke launchers
  • Chaos Predator w/ twin-linked lascannon (turret) and lascannon side sponsons, extra armor and smoke launchers
  • Aspiring Champion w/ power weapon and 4 Chaos Bikers (1 w/ melta gun, 1 w/ flamer). Squad has Furious Charge and Skilled Riders abilities
Arvaal the Arch Heretic, as interpreted by Confessor Kyrniov
Above: The part of Arvaal will be played today by Confessor Kyrinov

Forces of Order: 
3000 point Daemonhunter/Fighting Tigers/13th Company Army 
For this battle, Pat chose figures from his Daemonhunter and Space Wolf armies and asked me to loan him Fighting Tiger troops and tanks. He came up with an assault force that would br sure to tear through anything that got within reach. 


  • Inquisitor Lord Vader w/ power weapon, psycannon, refractor field, Hammerhand
  • Vader’s Retinue: Hierophant, Mystic, Sage, 2 Acolytes, 2 Gun Servitors w/ multimeltas
  • Inquisition Stormtroopers and Chimera
  • Gray Knight Squad, including 2 with Incinerators (Deep Strike)
Fighting Tigers of Veda:
  • Chaplain Daksha Ram w/ crozius arcanum, master-crafted plasma pistol, rosarius, purity seals and meltabombs
  • Dreadnought Surya Ashoka w/ twin lascannon and missile launcher, extra armor and smoke launchers
  • 2 Squads of 5 Tactical Marines each, each squad w/ 1 missile launcher and 1 plasma gun; each squad is mounted in a Razorback w/ twin heavy bolters, extra armor, smoke launchers, searchlight and dozer blade
  • Squadron of 3 Land Speeders, each with heavy bolters
  • 10 Assault Marines w/ jump packs, including two w/ plasma pistols
Space Wolves 13th Company:
  • Rune Priest Horsa Drachenbane w/ frost axe, bolt pistol, wolf pelt, wolf tail talisman, wolf tooth necklace and The Gate
  • Storm Claw pack w/ 2 power fists and Wolf Guard w/ power weapon
  • Gray Slayers Pack #1 w/ 2 meltaguns; Wolf Guard w/ Terminator armor, bolter/melta, power weapon
  • Gray Slayers Pack #2 w/ 2 plasma guns; Wolf Guard w/ Terminator armor, bolter/flamer, power weapon
  • Long Fang pack w/ Pack Leader, three missile launchers, and a lascannon
Inquisitor Lord Vader
Above: Inquisitor Lord Vader leads the Forces of Order into battle

Forces of Order Turn 1
Pat moved the Razorbacks “Man-eater V” and “VI” up 12" and 6" respectively, and the Fighting Tiger Tactical Squads (including Chaplain Daksha Ram, with the latter squad) disembarked, using the tanks as cover against the Chaos guns. The Stormtroopers’ Chimera moved up 12" and the Troopers disembarked, hiding behind a large stone tower. 

Grey Slayer Pack #1 moved 6" forward, also behind cover, and Grey Slayer Pack #2 joined the Stormtroopers behind the stone tower. 

The Inquisition Rhino moved up 12" and Lord Vader and his retinue disembarked. The Fighting Tiger Assault Marines used their jump packs to launch themselves 12" forward, behind the Stormtroopers’ Chimera. The Fighting Tiger Land Speeders zoomed up 12", taking firing positions, and Horsa and his Storm Claws used The Gate to appear very close to the Chaos lines, near the far right table edge. The Ruinous Powers caused them to deviate 9" closer to the table edge, but their faith in the Emperor kept them on the board. 

Forces of Order take their show on the road against Disorder....
Above: The Forces of Order (at left) begin to advance on the Traitor positions

In the Shooting Phase, Fighting Tiger Dreadnought Surya Ashoka fired at one of the Traitor tanks, destroying Leman Russ #3 with a lucky glancing hit. The Storm Claws, the Stormtroopers, and the Speeders fired at Traitor Squad #3, killing eight villains, but the squad held. Vader fired his psycannon at Traitor Squad #2, but he was out of range. The twin-linked heavy bolters of “Man-eater VI” killed three scum from Traitor Squad #1, but no Morale check was required. Finally, though the Long Fangs hit with all their weaponry against Leman Russ #2, they did nothing more than blast away the obscene Chaos slogans spray-painted across its front.

Forces of Disorder Turn 1
The Havoc Rhinos and the Chaos Bikers revved their engines and moved 12" forward to intercept Daksha Ram’s Fighting Tigers and Grey Slayer Pack #1. The rest of the Forces of Disorder held their ground and opened fire.

Leman Russ #1 had a line of sight down the long edge of the table at the Storm Claws and fired, but its battle cannon was out of range (how often are you going to read THAT in a battle report, eh?). Leman Russ #2 fired its battle cannon at Fighting Tiger Squad #2, killing two of them, immobilizing their Razorback, annihilating Vader’s Rhino, killing four members of Grey Slayer Pack #2 and the two Gun Servitors from Vader’s retinue. To add insult to injury, Traitor Squad #2 fired at Vader’s group, killing all of them but the dreaded Inquisitor Lord. 

The Lost and the Damned and the Red Corsairs, too!
Above: The Lost and Damned and the Red Corsairs await the Forces of Order

As Fighting Tiger Squad #2 fell back 11", the Chaos forces continued to target the Loyalists. The Predator fired at Daksha Ram’s Razorback, destroying it and killing a nearby Fighting Tiger in the explosion. Traitor Squad #1 and Red Corsair Squad #1 poured fire at Daksha Ram and his followers, but they were safe behind cover. Red Corsair Squad #2 fired on Grey Slayer Pack #1, to no effect. The Obliterators and the Allied Chaos Squad combined killed three members of Grey Slayer Pack #2, but the plasma gunner of the Allied Squad was incinerated by his own weapon. 

Red Corsair Squad #3 blew the heavy bolters off the immobilized Fighting Tiger Razorback, “Man-eater V.” Red Corsair Squad #4 failed to so much as wound a single Long Fang. Red Corsair Squads #5 and #6 and Traitor Squad #3 combined their fire but could not damage any of the Fighting Tiger Land Speeders.

Forces of Order Turn 2
In the Movement Phase, Vader joined the Stormtrooper Squad and they all embarked into the Chimera, which then moved 6" toward the Chaos lines. The Land Speeders flew 12" to the left to get better firing positions. Both Grey Slayer Packs moved forward 6", hugging cover. Fighting Tiger Dreadnought Surya Ashoka stepped 6” over, out of cover,  to get line of sight with both his weapons.

Chaplain Daksha Ram and Fighting Tiger Squad #1 moved 6" up, behind cover. Fighting Tiger Squad #2 rallied and held their position. The Assault Marines eschewed their jump packs, moving 6" up behind the cover of a large stone tower. The Storm Claws used the power of The Gate again to appear directly in front of Traitor Squad #3, and the Grey Knights teleported onto the field, deviating 13" away from Traitor Squad #2, their incinerators well out of range. 

Red Knights deviate away from the Chaos lines
Above: The Red...errr...Grey Knights teleport in but arrive way off-target

In the Shooting Phase, the Storm Claws fired past the tattered remnants of Traitor Squad #3, targeting Red Corsair Squad #6. Unfortunately, their efforts killed none of the Chaos Space Marines. The Stormtroopers’ Chimera and the Land Speeders gunned down four members of Traitor Squad #3, who nevertheless made their Morale check with a “2” on 2d6! Sometimes, rolling “snake eyes” is a good thing….

Traitor Squad #2 was not quite so lucky—or brave. The Grey Knights, the Long Fangs, and Fighting Tiger Squad #2 shot nine of them, and the rest fell back, never to regroup. Finally, Surya Ashoka brought down one of Red Corsair #5 with his lascannon. 

Fighting Tigers and 13th Company take cover
Above: Fighting Tigers and 13th Company take cover from the Red Corsairs' fire 

Forces of Disorder Turn 2
In the Movement Phase, the Chaos Bikes and the two Rhinos belonging to the Havoc Squads went 12" towards Daksha Ram and his squad, who had cleverly taken cover between a building and the remains of their transport. Reaching them would be tricky and would expose the Chaos units to counterattack from a nearby Grey Slayer Pack.

The Chaos Predator had run out of targets, so Traitor Squad #1 and Red Corsair Squad #1 moved 6" out of the tank’s way. It trundled 6" forward and swung its turret around.

Forces of Disorder mount a counterattack
Havocs in Rhinos (left) and Chaos Bikers (center) sally forth to counterattack 

In the Shooting Phase, the Predator threaded a shot between a ruined building and a large overhead pipe to blow the head off a Long Fang. But it was not the Long Fangs that worried the Chaos host—it was the Storm Claws. They had unwittingly moved into range of Leman Russ #1, which landed a battle cannon shot dead on target, killing all of them but Horsa Drachenbane, the Rune Priest. Still panicked by the 13th Company’s sudden appearance to close to them, Traitor Squad #3 missed Horsa with all their weapons, though he was standing right in front of them. Red Corsair Squad #6, however, kept their cool and gunned him down. The immediate danger was ended.

Red Corsair Squad #2 killed a member of Grey Slayer Pack #1 and Red Corsair Squad #5’s missile launcher missed the Chimera. The rest of the army turned their attention to the Grey Knights, but their Shrouding power ensured that all but one of them escaped unharmed. 

Forces of Order Turn 3
Lord Vader was not amused at how the battle was going, and he intended to demonstrate to someone—on either side—how displeased he was. The Chimera he was riding in moved up 12", pivoted, and the back hatch flung open. Vader drew his glowing red force weapon and led the Stormtroopers out to face Traitor Squad #3. 

Daksha Ram and Fighting Tiger Squad #1 turned to face the new threat from the Chaos Bikers and Havoc Rhinos. Grey Slayer Pack #1 clambered 5" into the ruined building, through difficult terrain. Grey Slayer Pack #2 moved up 6", following the Chimera. The Grey Knights moved 6" closer to the Chaos lines. The Assault Marines hopped 12" over and past the stone tower, landing directly before Red Corsairs Squads #4 and #5. The Land Speeders flew 12" to the right. All other Imperial units held their ground. 

Vader and Stormtroopers assault the Chaos lines
Above: Vader and the Stormtroopers arrive to unload the whoop-ass on the bad guys

The Speeders began the Shooting phase by firing into Red Corsairs Squad #5, killing two of them. Surya unleashed his weapons into them as well, but the Chaos Marines he struck made their cover saves. The Long Fangs directed everything into Leman Russ #2 and shook it; it would not fire on its next turn. Fighting Tiger Squad #2 unloaded a frag missile into the Allied Chaos Squad, hitting four of them but killing none. The Grey Knights fired into the same squad, killing two of them. 

On the left side of the Imperial line, Grey Slayer Pack #1 fired at the Chaos Bikes but missed. Daksha Ram’s Fighting Tigers fired their missile launcher at the first Havoc Rhino, blowing off its storm bolter but failing to halt its advance. 

Tigers of Kali close in on Red Corsairs
The Assault Marines (center) near their intended targets: Red Corsair squads 

In the Assault Phase, Vader and the Stormtroopers charge Traitor Squad #3, with the dark Inquisitor Lord killing two. The sole survivor failed his Morale check, threw down his weapon, and ran for his worthless life. Vader and his men consolidated into Red Corsair Squad #6.

Above: Lord Vader and the Tigers of Kali take no prisoners in hand-to-hand combat

The Fighting Tiger Assault Marines charged into Red Corsairs Squads #4 and #5. Chainswords whirling, the female devotees of the death goddess Kali hacked down three Chaos Marines. Unable to so much as harm one of the Fighting Tigers, Squad #5 fell back 4 ½ " through difficult terrain, but there was no escape for Squad #4. The woman warriors closed in on them, eager to sever the enemies’ hands as grisly trophies for the Dark Mother. 

Forces of Disorder Turn 3
Arvaal’s mouth suddenly went dry as he spotted his old nemesis, Vader. He clutched the Chaos icon dangling from his neck and ten Daemonettes of Slaanesh appeared by his side.

“Time again for love, yes?” one of them whispered, stroking Arvaal’s cheek. 

“No, not at all,” he replied. He pointed to the Tigers of Kali. “Get them first, then Vader,” he commanded, pointing to the sinister Inquisitor. The Daemonettes picked their way 5" through the rubble of the building where the Assault Marines were fighting Red Corsairs Squad #4.

Squad #5, which had fled from the female Marines, continued to fall back another 4" through difficult terrain. Worthless cowards, Arvaal thought to himself. “You,” he said, tapping an Obliterator on the shoulder. “Form up around me.” Ponderously, the three living weapons shifted themselves in front of the Arch Heretic.

Across the battlefield, the Chaos Bikes bore down on the advancing Grey Knights while attempting to stay away from Grey Slayer Pack #1. Both Havoc Rhinos moved up, with Rai Nagtrishul and the Havocs disembarking from both transports.

“Hello again, old man,” Rai growled, as he fired at Daksha Ram and the other Fighting Tigers. Four flamers washed over the Loyalists, four melta guns fired, eight boltguns chattered. Surely nothing could survive that. But when the smoke cleared, the indomitable Chaplain was still standing, unharmed.

“You never were anything more than mediocre,” Daksha Ram told Rai. “But had you stayed a Fighting Tiger, you might have at least found an honorable death.” 

There was an enormous THOOM and a whistling sound overhead as Leman Russ #1 fired at the Long Fangs, killing one of them. Traitor Squad #1 fired at the Stormtroopers’ Chimera, to no effect. Red Corsairs Squad #1 and #2, the Chaos Bikers and the Predator fired into Grey Slayer Pack #1, combining to kill four of the Fenrisians. The Allied Chaos Squad, Red Corsair Squad #3 and the Obliterators fired into the Grey Knights, bringing down five of them.

In the Assault Phase, Rai did not give the order to charge Daksha Ram, hoping instead that the Chaplain would not be able to negotiate the rubble and wreckage between them. If that came to pass, Rai and his Havocs would have another opportunity to fire at him, and this time, he would surely fall. 

Daemonettes, played by Dark Eldar Wyches (center), don't quite make it into combat 

On the right side of the Chaos lines, the Assault Marines cut down every one of Red Corsair Squad #4 and consolidated toward Arvaal. The Daemonettes rolled a “3” on their difficult terrain check and could not reach the Tigers of Kali. Vader and his men killed three members of Red Corsair Squad #6, but they hacked down three Stormtroopers as well, and the melee continued. Vader snarled with annoyance as he realized that the female Fighting Tigers might reach Arvaal before he did. 

Forces of Order Turn 4
Rather than trying to climb over the wreck of his Razorback, Daksha Ram went around, bearing down on the Havoc Squad between him and Rai. The Assault Marines fired their jump jets and hurtled 12" towards Red Corsair Squad #3 and the Allied Chaos Squad, who were between them and Arvaal. 

The Grey Knights moved 6" into the cover of the ruined building at the center of the battlefield. Grey Slayer Pack #1, in the same building, held their ground to fire. Grey Slayer Pack #2 moved 3" past a broken pipe at the base of the stone tower they had been using for protection. The Chimera moved 6" to the right to block line of fire to Grey Slayer Pack #2. Surya moved forward 6" to get a better shot. The Land Speeders zoomed 12" closer, with one of them striking a live power line and crashing to the street, its circuitry fried. 

Assault Marines (center) pursue while Vader (top right) is stuck in combat 

Surya and the two surviving Speeders opened fire on the Daemonettes, killing 5 of them. Grey Slayer Pack #2 and the Chimera also fired at the daemons, to no effect. The daemons failed their Instability test and two more of them vanished, leaving but three left.

The Long Fangs continued their duel with Leman Russ #2, but could not scratch its heavy front armor. Fighting Tiger Squad #2 fired its missile launcher at Red Corsairs Squad #3 but missed. The Assault Marines fired at the same squad, bringing down one of them. 

Grey Slayer Pack #1 killed two Chaos Bikers with their meltaguns and the Grey Knights killed two members of Red Corsairs Squad #2. Daksha Ram raised his plasma pistol and vaporized a Havoc blocking his way.

“Do me the courtesy of at least pretending to fight back,” the old Chaplain whispered, as he waded into them. He smashed two of them with his crozius arcanum, sending their souls to the Ruinous Powers, before the remaining five turned and ran. Patiently, Daksha Ram strode toward Rai and his Havocs. 

Arvaal cowers behind the Obliterators (center) as the Tigers of Kali attack 

Further down the field, the Assault Marines charged Red Corsair Squad #3 and the Allied Chaos Squad. Two Chaos Marines fell, as did two Fighting Tigers. The melee become more fierce as the combatants piled in. Meanwhile, Vader and his Stormtroopers could make no headway against Red Corsairs Squad #6, with neither side inflicting any casualties. 

Through it all, Vader never took his eyes off Arvaal. 

Forces of Disorder Turn 4
As Red Corsair Squad #5 ran away, never to return, Arvaal ordered the Daemonettes, the Bikers, and the Obliterators to converge on the Assault Marines. He himself moved 6" away from the fight, into the safety of a ruined building. 

Meanwhile, Rai and Havoc Squad #1 moved 3" around the wreckage of “Man-eater VI” to get better shots at Daksha Ram. Havoc Squad #2 fell back another 5" and their Rhino, trying to follow them, immobilized itself on some rubble. 

“I’m not afraid of you anymore!” Rai shouted, and he and his squad fired again. For a moment, the Fighting Tiger Chaplain was lost from sight, disappearing in the flames of the Chaos weaponry. But then he appeared again, wounded but alive. 

Rai spat out a curse that was drowned out by the thunder of both Leman Russes firing simultaneously. The first missed the Chimera but the second crippled the engine of a Land Speeder and wrenched the heavy bolter off the other. Traitor Squad #1 fired on the Chimera and blew its right track off, immobilizing it. Red Corsair Squads #1 and #2 and the Chaos Predator fired on Grey Slayer Pack #1, but only managed to kill one Loyalist. 

In the Assault Phase, the Obliterators, the Chaos Bikers, and the Daemonettes charged the Assault Marines, killing five of them as the Tigers struck down one member of Corsairs Squad #3. The Assault Marines fell back 12" and Arvaal breathed a small sigh of relief. 

 The bad guys drive off the Assault Marines (left), but Vader is closing in (right)

He grinned as, peeping through a crack in the wall, he watched a Red Corsair stab Vader in the chest. Wheezing heavily, the Inquisitor Lord slashed the Chaos Marine from crown to crotch with his sword, then knelt for a moment to recover. Meanwhile, his Stormtroopers clubbed another Corsair with their weapons and the last deserter decided to flee rather than fight to the death. 

“Let him go,” Vader rasped. His eyes found Arvaal’s. The Inquisitor stood, hefted his sword, and strode relentlessly forward. 

Forces of Order Turn 5
Grey Slayer Pack #1 moved up 6" through the ruins of the building where they had spent most of the battle. Across the field, the other Grey Slayers moved forward, as did the Grey Knights. Surya stepped to the right, choosing a new target. The sole Land Speeder zipped 24" across the field and fishtailed, throwing up a huge cloud of dust and gravel and blocking line of sight for Traitor Squad #1. 

The Tigers of Kali regrouped and rocketed back towards Arvaal, landing on the shattered roof of the building where he was hiding. He turned and saw Vader and his men closing in from his right. His own troops would not be able to save him from what happened next. In fact, he had the feeling that nothing would....

Above: The Assault Marines regroup for another shot at the cowardly Arvaal

In the Shooting Phase, Surya, the Long Fangs, even Vader and his psycannon fired at Leman Russ #2. The Fenrisians managed to shake its crew, so it would not fire next turn. The Chimera emptied hundreds of shots from its multi-laser into the Daemonettes, killing two of them. Fighting Tiger Squad #2 launched a krak missile at the Obliterators, which did nothing. Both Grey Slayer units fired at the Chaos Bikers, wiping them out. 

The Grey Knights unloaded on Arvaal, but his armor saved him. The Assault Marines fired, their plasma pistol wounding but not killing him. The bolt knocked him to the floor and he stood hurriedly, ignoring the pain in his side, and hefted his club for the inevitable charge.

The charge never came. The Assault Marines rolled a “3” on their difficult terrain check and were unable to reach Arvaal. Vader assaulted the back of Leman Russ #2; using Hammerhand, he smashed through its armor, hitting a fuel cell. The resulting explosion killed two of Vader’s Stormtroopers and one member of Red Corsairs Squad #3. Vader himself was unharmed. Glancing over at the shattered bodies of the two troopers, he shrugged. “Acceptable losses,” he murmured.

Meanwhile, Daksha Ram charged Rai’s Havoc Squad, killing two of them and warding off their ineffectual blows. The rest of them swarmed on him, but he had faith in the Emperor that he would prevail.

Forces of Disorder Turn 5
Arvaal moved 6" towards the Obliterators, calling them to come closer and shield him from attack. The lone Daemonette moved 6" towards Vader in the hope of tearing him to pieces in the Assault Phase. The crew of the Chaos Predator, realizing that Vader was out in the open, moved their tank 6" back towards the table edge.

In the Shooting Phase, the Obliterators fired autocannons at Vader’s remaining Stormtroopers, killing four of them. Arvaal summed a Doombolt that slew the last one. The Predator fired its turret-mounted lascannon at Vader, but he held up a hand and deflected its shot with his refractor field. Red Corsair Squad #3 opened up at point-blank range, wounding Vader in the leg. Still he did not fall. Red Corsair Squad #2 ignored the nearby Assault Marines and fired their heavy bolter at Vader. Cursing, the Inquisitor Lord fell at last, and the Forces of Disorder fled while they could. 

Above: Vader is gunned down, securing victory for the Forces of Disorder

“After them,” Vader growled, but it was no use. He was already losing too much blood, and it would take all his psychic abilities to keep himself alive until a med-team found him. Arvaal would live to see another day. But so would Vader. And the hunt would go on. 

Winner: Forces of Disorder

Post-Game Analysis by Kenton Kilgore
Win or lose, any game in which you can keep the Space Wolves—particularly the 13th Company—out of hand-to-hand combat is a good game. Recognizing them as the biggest threat, I gave them top priority. Moving the Storm Claws into battle cannon range was a fatal mistake for Pat. Once I was able to paste them (in Turn 2), I knew the rest of the game was going to go pretty much the way I wanted it to. 

Another mistake Pat made was disembarking from the transports on Turn 1. This slowed down his army’s assault and allowed Leman Russ #2 to wipe out a good chunk of Imperials in my first turn. Had I gotten a smidge luckier, I might have taken Vader out with that shot. 

I had a good time putting together the two detachments. I was largely able to overcome the hideously low Leadership of the Traitor Squads by taking large units, and each squad of them allowed me to take a Leman Russ. The Obliterators and the Allied Chaos Marines rounded out the list nicely. It was a pity the Daemonettes didn’t do squat, but that’s mostly due to the difficult terrain they were forced to run through.

Red Corsairs are supposed to be recent deserters from loyal Marine Chapters, so I configured their list to reflect that. Hence, no daemons or Defilers or Chaos Dreadnoughts, just lots of shooty squads, some Bikers, and a Predator. I really liked the two mobile Havoc Squads with the heaps of flamers and meltaguns. They made for an interesting counterattack force, but like the Daemonettes, they were hindered by terrain. It’s a good thing the game didn’t go on much further, though, because Daksha Ram would have torn Rai and his squad to pieces. 

The “Endgame” scenario was fun but I can see why it’s supposed to be played at 1000 points on a 4' x 4' table and not the way we did it. Though the game went “only” five turns, it took a good chunk of a day and left both of us pretty beat. 

Over to Pat….

Post-Game Analysis by Patrick Eibel
Some football coach once said, “It's not whether you win or lose, it’s how you play the game.” As far as this battle is concerned, I played poorly on all accounts.

I knew going into the battle that I was going to have problems, as I was fielding an assault-oriented army with few vehicles versus a shooty army with several ordinance weapons. I tried to maximize my survivability by sacrificing my Rhinos to act as cover, but that only worked for so long. 

The real problem was that I failed to get the Space Wolves and the Gray Knights into close combat. While Gray Knights are a pretty neat unit, their Shrouding ability is pretty useless. Rolling 3D6 times 3 generally puts you in range of most weapons, especially if you are advancing to assault.

But losing the battle was not my greatest failure. Throughout the battle, I behaved poorly as time after time my units were shot up. In fact, it was brought to my attention that I am a poor loser in just about every game I play. While everybody loves to win (otherwise there is no point in keeping score), I really must work at being a better sport about losing.  Every now and then you will get outplayed or face an opponent you cannot beat; how you handle that will determine what kind of player you are.

So, kudos to Kenton for playing a good game. The Forces of Disorder prevailed, but the Forces of Order won the campaign two games to one. Kenton takes the campaign as the winning general in two of the three battles.
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Eye of Terror: From the Jungle to the Gate
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