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Events and Battle Reports
Counter Offensive 9
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Counter Offensive 9: Battle Summaries, Part 3
Our happy little gaming group followed up the Space Marine/Dark Eldar dust-em-up with lunch (Peruvian chicken…oh, so goooood) and a game of 7 Wonders, which was like Civilization in board game form.  After that, we repaired to Casa de Eibel for another mega-battle.


With the others kindly indulging my fervent wish to try out my Necron flyers, we decided to do another Xenos vs. Imperial shebang.  This time, it was the Ken Dolls (Ken Lacy and me) against the Three-Headed Pat/Bryan/Michael Monster.  Ken brought his Tau + Allied Orks; I brought Yblis’ Centurions (you can find their list for this battle here); Pat played Grey Knights (including a Vindicare Assassin); Bryan broke out his Imperial Guard again; and Michael had his Vindicator Space Marines.  Our point total was 3000 per side, and the randomly-rolled mission was “Will of the Emperor” with “Hammer and Anvil” deployment (we ignored the "Mysterious Objectives" bit, however, as a  game this large, with new rules and so many players, was complicated enought, thanks).

Yblis' Centurions, Ken's Slann (proxied Tau) and allied members of Waaagh! Unpainted

As one might expect, we put Ken’s Allied Shoota Boyz up front, protected by a Big Mek with a Kustom Force Field, while his Tau Crisis Suits, Fire Warriors, and Broadsides hung back.  I made a column of Warriors and Crypteks and had Overlord Lucifer march them along our right flank as they awaited the arrival of the Scythes (Doom- and Night-). 


On their side of the board, the Vindicator Marines were the front line, sporting two of their signature tanks with clear fire on our infantry.  Grey Knights held the middle, with the Vindicare manning a quad-gun on the Aegis Defence Line: rude.  Imperial Guard were further back, providing the long-range boom as they waited for their Vendettas to arrive.

Imperial forces deployed for battle

The Highlights

Ken and I opened the show by advancing our guys and firing, taking out a Dreadnought and an IG autocannon squad.  The Imperials fired back, dropping 5 Necrons and 2 Orks and knocking a Wound off a Crisis Suit. 

On our next turn, two Night Scythes (one with troops aboard, one without) and a Doom Scythe came on.  Bryan’s Hydra dropped the empty Night Scythe as it came in (cursed Interceptor ability), and my Doomie was out of range of one of Michael’s Vindicator tanks.  Blasts from my closest eldritch lances knocked two Hull Points off the Vindie, anyway.  A Broadside exploded the other Vindicator, and the kaboom waxed a nearby Space Marine Scout and a Grey Knight.  Other Broadsides knocked two Hull Points off the Hydra, one of its autocannons, and immobilized it.  Crisis Suits destroyed the anti-air gun that Pat had bought with his Aegis Line (and had hoped to let his Assassin use), and shot dead the lascannons Heavy Weapon Team.

Imperials began their counterattack by lanidng Assault Marines and Land Speeder Storm deep in the xenos deployment zone

On the second Imperial turn, one of Michael’s Land Speeder Storms (with 5 Scouts) came on from reserves and flew into our backfield; simultaneously, Michael’s Assault Squad Deep Struck into our rear lines as well.  Across, the table, Bryan’s Vendetta came on the board.  Even with the Big Ol’ Pie Plate o’ Death, the surviving Vindicator could only take out a single Crisis Suit, and the Vendetta stunned my Doom Scythe.    

Proxied Doom Scythe, using the Cylon Raider model from the more recent version of Battlestar Galactica

The Speeder shot dead 5 Fire Warriors sitting on our objective and the Assault Squad killed two more.  Overwatch fire from Orks killed two Scouts as they charged the greenskins, and in the melee, the Scouts managed to knife one more before they got pulled down and hacked up by the Tau’s brutish Allies. 


On Xenos Turn 3, my Night Scythes zoomed ahead and both fired on the Vendetta, wrecking it and killing four of its Veteran passengers as it crashed.  My Necron Warriors and Crypteks opened up on the last Vindicator tank, kersploding it and taking out a nearby Grey Knight.  Fire Warriors and more of my Warriors fired on the recently-arrived Assault Marines, killing one and slapping a Wound on the Chaplain they had brought with them. Ken’s Broadsides and Crisis Suits combined their shooting, taking down four Assault Marines and the Chappy.

In reply, Michael sent in another Land Speeder Storm with Scouts into our backfield.  The Hydra shot down one of my Night Scythes (the one with passengers) and Bryan’s second Vendetta, which had just come onto the board, fired on my other Night Scythe.  Fortunately, my transport was able to jink out of harm’s way. 


Shooting from the Grey Knights wiped out Unit 2.1 of my Necron Warriors.  Michael’s Land Speeders, Scouts, and Assault Squad remnants gunned down four Fire Warriors and five Warriors of Unit 2.2.  Pat’s Vindicare Assassin nailed Overlord Lucifer with a turbo penetration shot, and in the spirit of “Forging a Narrative” (and just because Assassins should be awesome), I decided to forgo rolling “Look Out, Sir!” and let my Necron leader take it.  Assault Marines charged a Broadside, but weren’t able to hurt it.


On Turn 4, my other two Night Scythes and remaining Doom Scythe came on from Reserves, as did Unit 2.3, the Necron Warriors who had been aboard the destroyed Night Scythe.  This new squad walked onto the back end of our deployment zone, where—lo and behold—they found some Space Marine Scouts.  Several rapid-fire gauss shots later, and said Scouts were no more.  Ken’s Broadsides and Crisis Suits took out both Land Speeder Storms as well as all but one of the remaining Scouts.

Proxied Night Scythe (top) and Doom Scythe (lower right) cross the board--all 96" of it--and strike at the Imperial Guard tanks on the other side

Penetrating deep into Imperial airspace, my Doom Scythe’s heat ray destroyed the Hydra, and stunned and took a Hull Point off a nearby Chimera.  Tesla destructors from the Doom- and a Night Scythe destroyed said Chimera, killing two Guardsmen inside, and the arcs killed five more Guardsmen, causing the squad that had been holding the Imperial objective to rabbit.  In the Scrappy Phase, Michael’s Assault Marines killed the Broadside they had been boxing with.  


Grey Knight Terminators beamed into our backyard—what IS with these guys, anyway?—and the Grey Knights on the other end of the field moved towards the Imperial objective.  Incinerator fire from GKs killed 5 Necron Warriors.  The last surviving passenger (we nicknamed him “Tom Cruise”) from the crashed Vendetta throw a grenade at the Orks that had taken over the central building, but none of the greenies perished.  Autocannon fire immobilized a flyer of mine with passengers aboard, locking its velocity in place so that my craft couldn’t slow down.   

Vindicator Assault Marines do what they do best and smash into the Necron Warriors accompanying Overlord Lucifer

The remaining Assault Marines charged Lucifer and his squad: my Overwatch shots whiffed, and the Imperials took down three Necrons and only lost one.  Somehow, my Metal Men stayed in the fistfight instead of breaking and being run down, like they usually do.


On Turn 5, fire from Broadsides and Crisis Suits killed all five Grey Knight Terminators who had dropped in the turn before.  Heat rays from my Doom Scythes took out 5 Grey Knights, and tesla destructor hits shot down a Vendetta, and the accompanying arcs killed some Guardsmen and nearby Orks.  Oops!  Sorry, ladz….


Speaking of which, the Allied Orks that had been tramping forward the whole game (and who had taken the central building, because, hey, it was there) bellowed “Waaaagh!” and rushed poor “Tom Cruise” and the Vindicare Assassin, hacking them both down because, well, “dey was home.” 


Back on the xenos side of the board, Michael’s Assault Marine Sergeant challenged Lucifer to a duel, which Lucifer declined.  One doesn’t get to be Overlord of a Necron army by taking stupid risks.  The Vindicator jumpers killed four Necron Warriors, my ‘bots killed one Marine, and my guys’ nerve continued to hold.  I would have given them extra rations to reward them for their courage, but Necrons don’t eat.    


On the Imperial turn, Guardsmen clambered onto their objective to keep us filthy-but-rapidly-encroaching xenos off it.  Guardsmen and Grey Knights fired on Orks, killing all but five, and then the Knights charged them and finished them off.  Lucifer again declined to dance with the Assault Marines, and the fight continued to grind on.


Rolling to see if the game would continue, the Loyal Green Die ™ declared that we were done for the night.  Both sides held their objective, so we called it a tie, though strictly speaking, the xenos side probably won by virtue of secondary objectives.  Whatevs: it was a lot of fun!


Post-Game Analysis

I wanted the chance to use my “killer” 6-Flyer Necron list, and I got it.  As for Flyers being “broken” or “unbalanced”…well, I didn’t see it that way, but then, my opponents had a few anti-Flyer units (Hydra, Aegis gun, Vendettas), so….

I’m really happy with how the rest of the army did: the 6e rules make me take back almost every mean thing I said about the new ‘bot book (well, not the part about the fluff: new rules don’t change how horrible it is).  Me likey the return of gauss weapon happiness against vehicles, and I was pleasantly surprised at how my fat squad of 14 Warriors + Lucifer held up against the Assault Marines (bearing in mind, of course, that the Marines had been depleted in number by shooting before the fisticuffs started).


So yeah, the ‘bots are back and better than ever.  Sweetness and light!

My MVP of the game were the Doom Scythes: blisteringly fast, hard to take down, and able to dish out some serious hurt


Thus Endeth That….

And so another Counter Offensive was done, the first one under the 6th Edition rules.  Thanks to Dream Wizards and Pat for hosting our annual shindig, and let it be known that I wrote all notes for CO 9 in the spiral notebook, decorated with kitty cats, that you see below….

I await--and, indeed, welcome--your mocking....


Counter Offensive 9

Intro <> Batrep 1 <> Batrep 2 <> Batrep 3

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Posted September 2012



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