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Events and Battle Reports
Counter Offensive
Battle #1 <> Battle #2 <> Battle #3 

Counter Offensive: Battle #2
Several years ago, at the very first Fall From Grace, I had the pleasure of playing against Rob Van Pelt and his Imperial Guard (a game that Our Stripey Heroes won mostly because time elapsed). Since then, Rob and I have been meaning to play again, but hadn’t gotten around to it—Rob lives in Ohio and I live in Maryland. However, Rob was able to come to Counter Offensive.

“Like Scouts—But With Better Vehicles”
Mission: Night Fight
Opponent: Mechanized Stormtrooper Imperial Guard (Rob Van Pelt)
Points per player: 2000

What happened? Rob brought an army remarkably like mine, in that it was an all-Stormtrooper IG. The crucial difference, however, was that Rob actually had quite a few tanks, too, which mine did not:

  • HQ squad in Chimera
  • Blue Platoon: three squads of Grenadiers in Chimeras
  • White Platoon: Squad of Inquisitorial Stormtroopers in a Rhino (Daemonhunter allies)
  • Green Platoon: Two squads of Stormtroopers, one on foot, the other in a Chimera
  • Demolisher w/ plasma cannon sponsons
  • Leman Russ
  • Hellhound
As in the game against Brian, we were using the “old” rules with the newer Assault and vehicle rules. I won the roll to go first, but either didn’t have range (in the case of the Land Speeders and Vindicator) or couldn’t see far enough in the darkness (in the case of everyone else, including the Predator—which had a searchlight, thank you). I had to content myself with Daksha Ram leading the “assault” Scouts forward to seize the ruins in the center of the board. On his turn, Rob began advancing his army, his Chimeras teaming to kill four Scouts (two of them “assault” Scouts) and his Hellhound frying five of my “assault” Scouts. 

Rob goes on a roll
Above: Rob's mechanized Stormtroopers go to work

On Turn Two, Daksha Ram and the “assault” Scouts moved forward, my Land Speeders went after Rob’s tanks, and the rest of my army stood and returned fire. I shook some of his Chimeras and killed three Stormtroopers on foot, but was unable to do squat against his Leman Russ or his Hellhound. On Rob’s turn, one Chimera shot down a Land Speeder and shook the other one in the squadron and his Hellhound shook a Speeder in another squadron. His Demolisher missed its target (my Scouts), but other firing (from his Leman Russ, if I recall correctly) immobilized my Predator. The rest of his firing went into my “assault” Scouts, killing four more. Daksha Ram and the surviving Scouts started to fall back.

Who says Imperial Guard just stand back and shoot?
Above: Who says that IG just "stand back and shoot?"

On Turn Three, my forces nuked a Chimera (killing three Stormtroopers inside) and the Hellhound. I also managed to shake another Chimera. But that was about it, as I my troops had terrible luck trying to see in the dark, despite the fact that Rob’s tanks were parked in my deployment zone. 

The Guard keeps on keeping on
Above: The Guard confronts the "assault Scouts"

Rob showed me how the Shooting Phase is supposed to be done, shaking two Speeders, blowing the multi-melta off another, and destroying another. His Leman Russ got a Glancing “6” on my Vindicator, blowing it to bits. A Demolisher round that missed the Devastator Squad wound up immobilizing their Razorback, and a fusillade from a Chimera shook the Razorback, too. Miscellaneous firing brought down four Scouts, and a Stormtrooper Veteran Sergeant with a power fist ripped the multi-melta off one of my Speeders. Sheesh….

My shooting was better on Turn Four, as I bagged the Leman Russ and a Chimera (killing three Stormtroopers inside) and shook two more Chimeras (how many of these damn things did he have, anyway?). My “snipers” Scouts went to work, killing seven Stormtroopers. 

Tigers attempt to fight back
Above: The Tigers attempt to fight back...

Rob was not done, however. His firing shook a Land Speeder, immobilized (and thus destroyed) another Speeder, and killed four Scouts. A Stormtrooper squad and the Command Squad assaulted and immobilized another Land Speeder. 

On Turn Five, Daksha Ram and the remaining “assault” Scouts fell back off the table. My “snipers” shot up two squads of Stormtroopers. I knocked the Demolisher cannon off his tank and shook a Chimera. Rob continued firing on my Land Speeders, stunning one and destroying the weapon on another. His Stormtrooper squads tried to assault my Speeders, to no effect.

Rob racks up another win
Above: The Stormtroopers relentlessly roll forward

On Turn Six, I managed to immobilize one of his numerous Chimeras, but my firing was again hampered by poor rolls to see the targets—geez, aren’t Tigers cats? And can’t cats see well in the dark? Rob had no problems spotting my guys, however: he destroyed a Land Speeder, killed a sniper, and vaporized four Devastators with a volley from the plasma cannons on the Demolisher. His Stormtroopers again assaulted a Land Speeder and destroyed—my only consolation being that some of Rob’s guys died in the ensuing explosion. And thus endeth that. The Guard held two quarters and two were contested.

Outcome: Imperial Guard win

Counter Offensive
Battle #1 <> Battle #2 <> Battle #3

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© Copyright Kenton Kilgore, November 2004


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