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Events and Battle Reports

Black and Blue by Patrick Eibel and Kenton Kilgore
As mentioned in our prior batrep, Pat and I had originally planned to do a game of his Chaos Space Marines against mine, but because the armies are so similar, we decided against it.  Seeing as how last time, I got to play the Spikey Marines Gone Wrong, this time, we thought we’d give Pat’s guys—the Wolf Brothers—their opportunity to excel against my proxied Orks.

Dvergar Steeljacks: 1999 points  by Kenton Kilgore
This army exists because I like: 1) dwarves, and 2) the Pittsburgh Steelers (American) football team.   Like dwarves and the Steelers, there’s nothing subtle about it: I load lots of close-combat junkies into Battlewagons, rush them towards the other side of the table, and dare my opponent to stop my dudes before they smash his right in the mouth.  Accordingly, I brought:

  • The Black Warspar. Counts as Warboss w/ bosspole, ‘eavy armor, cybork body, and power klaw
  • Engineer.  Counts as Big Mek w/ Mek’s tools, ‘eavy armor, power klaw, and kustom force field
  • Marauders.  Count as Painboy and 5 Nobz, all w/ stikkbombz.  Four Nobz w/ shoota/skorchas and big choppas; one Nob w/ slugga and power klaw, Waaaagh banner; all w/ ‘eavy armor.  Count as Troops.
  • Dvergar Crawler (for Marauders).  Counts as Battlewagon w/ armor plates, grot riggers, deff rolla, and big shoota
  • Steel Troopers.  Count as 20 ‘Ard Boyz w/ sluggas, choppas, and stikkbombs, including Nob w/ power klaw
  • Dvergar Crawler (for Steel Troopers).  Counts as Battlewagon w/ armor plates, grot riggers, deff rolla, and big shoota
  • Dvergar Troopers.  Count as 20 Boyz w/ sluggas, choppas, and stikkbombs, including Nob w/ power klaw
  • Dvergar Crawler (for Troopers).  Counts as Battlewagon w/ armor plates, grot riggers, deff rolla, and big shoota
  • Dvergar Regulars, Squad Black.  Count as 27 Boyz w/ shootas and 3 Boyz w/ big shootas
  • Dvergar Regulars, Squad Gold.  Count as 21 Boyz w/ shootas and 2 Boyz w/ big shootas
  • Flametongues.  Count as 15 Burna Boyz
  • Dvergar Crawler (for Flametongues).  Counts as Battlewagon w/ armor plates, grot riggers, deff rolla, and big shoota

That’s 116 guys, 4 tanks (AV 14 from the front!) and a kustom force field.  My army’s predictability is not a bug, it’s a feature: it’s easy for me to play, and just because my opponent knows what’s coming doesn’t mean he can handle it.  Let’s see if the Wolf Brothers can…. 

The Wolf Brothers: 2003 points  by Patrick Eibel
Back in the days before the current Space Wolf Codex was released (which now has been several years ago), I restructured my army as a Khorne-oriented Chaos warband.  The army worked remarkably similar to how a Space Wolf army would, and even after the new Wolfy Codex was released, I maintained the Chaos elements for variety.  With that in mind, I was excited to update the list with the new Chaos Space Marine Codex.  My Chaos army recycles many units from my Wolves, but adds in a few Traitor units to mark it as a renegade force.  Here is what I brought: 

  • Chaos Lord with plasma pistol, power axe, sigil of corruption, Gift of Mutation
  • 8 Chosen, including 4 w/ plasma guns, Champion w/ plasma pistol; Rhino transport
  • 5 Chaos Terminators.  One w/ heavy flamer and power fist, 3 with combi-meltas and power fists, Champion w/ combi-melta and power sword; Land Raider transport
  • Chaos Space Marine Squad #1.  Eight Marines, including one w/ flamer, Champion w/ Gift of Mutation; Rhino transport
  • Chaos Space Marine Squad #2.  As Squad #1 above
  • Chaos Space Marine Squad #3.  Eight Marines, including 1 w/ plasma gun, Champion with Gift of Mutation; Rhino transport
  • Chaos Space Marines Squad #4.  As Squad #3 above
  • Chaos Spawn w/ Mark of Khorne
  • Forgefiend
  • Predator Annihilator
  • Vindicator with Daemonic Possession

This army list is a variation of a “Rhino Rush” list I used to run back in the day.  While Rhinos tend to be easily killed, if you field enough of them, they can still get you to your destination.  Of course, I knew I would be playing (proxied) Orks, who are not known for their tank-busting ability.

Pat's army lined up for some afternoon delight brutality

We played at Pat’s house on a 4' x 8' table Pat had set up ahead of time.  We rolled up Warlord Traits and I got “Conqueror of Cities” for the Black Warspar (Dvergar do not have personal names).  Pat’s Chaos Lord got “Exalted Champion” (from Codex: Chaos Space Marines), which would let him re-roll his Chaos Boons and Gift of Mutation.

We rolled for mission (“The Emperor’s Will”—ironic, as neither of us were playing Imperial forces) and deployment (“Dawn of War,” with darkness falling later in the game).  We placed the two objectives (modeled as boulders) in our deployment zones and rolled to see what “mysterious” abilities they would have.  Pat came up with a “1”-- “Sabotaged” -- which meant that he had to test each turn someone was near his rock, lest it kersplode. 

My rock came up with “Skyfire Nexus,” which granted Skyfire—worthless, because neither of us had Flyers.  We decided that it would be more fun if my rock had the chance of kersploding, too, so we ignored the “3” I had rolled and treated it as a “1.”  In the interests of “Forging a Narrative,” we decided that both rocks were recently-fallen, radioactive meteorites that could be valuable—and lethal—in the wrong hands.  Like the hands of both our armies. 

We also diced for table side and who would set up first, and Pat won.  He put his Chaos Lord and Chosen atop a building, with a squad of Chaos Space Marines and the Rhino transports for both squads near his rock.  To the left of them went his Terminators in their Land Raider, with the Forgefiend (love that model!) as support.  On Pat’s right flank went the Chaos Spawn, three Rhinos full of Chaos Space Marines, the Predator, and the Vindicator.  Ulp!

Dvergar deployment, with a whole mess of them hidden in those trees at right

I put my guys across my Pat’s, which meant that we were playing on half the table (that frequently happens with us).  The Warspar and Engineer piled in the Marauders’ Crawler, the Troopers, Steel Troopers, and Flametongues got in theirs, and all four tanks clumped together to take advantage of the Engineer’s force field.  The Regulars Squad Gold started out surrounding my objective (inside a wood), and the Regulars Squad Black took up firing positions across three floors of a building.   

I attempted to seize the initiative, and succeeded.  Huzzah!

Turn 1
To no one’s surprise, my Crawlers rumbled forward, going flat-out to engage the Wolf Brothers ASAP.  The Regulars Squad Black fired on the Chosen, to no effect (shocker!).

Chaos Terminators hell-bent on ruining the Steel Troopers' day

Pat then proceeded to school me on how a gaming turn is to be done.  His flanking column of Rhinos and Heavy Support tanks moved up.  His Land Raider drove 6" and the Terminators dismounted.  They fired their combi-meltas at the closest Crawler—the one packed with Steel Troopers—and the Engineer’s electro-shield generator (read: kustom force field) did exactly “jack” and “squat” (puns intended, thank you) to keep said Crawler from blowing sky-high, killing 5 Steel Troopers and one Terminator with an earthshaking kaboom.  Shooting by the objective-holding Chaos Marines, the Chosen, and their Rhinos killed 5 Steel Troopers, with one plasma-gunner Chosen frying himself.    

Despite all its twin-linking, the Land Raider missed the regular Trooper’s Crawler; though the Predator hit the same, there was no damage.  The Vindicator nailed the tank, the force field failed again, but the penetrating hit only took off the “mine cannon” (read: big shoota) on my Crawler.

At first, we thought that the Forgefiend had slipped past the force field and destroyed the Flametongue’s Crawler; a look at the cover rules for vehicles said otherwise (a “4”, which I rolled, was good because the vehicle got +1 due to its position relative to the Forgefiend).

Well, that was heinous.  Oh, wait—there’s more!  Pat’s Terminators charged my remaining 10 Steel Troopers.  Overwatch fire, as expected, did nothing, though I managed three Wounds (gosh-derned 2+ Armor Save….).  The Terminator Champion challenged my Nob because he had to (the Champion of Chaos rule from the new codex), and though he stuck my guy for a Wound with his purty power sword, my guy guished him with his power klaw.  So there!

Would that my other Steel Troopers had such luck.  They struck four Wounds against the Termies, but they laughed them off, then went to work with their power fists, killing 5 more of my guys.  The five survivors lost their nerve and fell back 11", and the Terminators consolidated into the crater my Crawler had made when it had kersploded.

Speaking of kersploshions, neither rock decided to go “blooey” this turn.  Mercifully.

Turn 2: The Dvergar Strike Back

Turn 2
I’m used to my Steeljacks smashing the other guys in the mouth, not getting beat up like that.  What was left of my Steel Troopers regrouped, and the other three Crawlers moved up, the regular Troopers (aka Slugga Boyz) dismounting.  The Marauders’ Crawler attempted to run over the Terminators, but the Chaos Iron Men shrugged off the S10 hits my deff rolla dealt out.  The Flametongues’ Crawler smashed its way through some ruins and rammed Pat’s Land Raider, knocking off a Hull Point and disabling the twin-linked lascannons on the opposite side of the tank.  Go figure.

Dvergar Troopers (counting as Ork Boyz with sluggas and choppas) menace one of Pat's Chaos Space Marine squads.

Regulars Squad Gold fired at the oncoming Chaos Spawn, taking two Wounds off it.  Regulars Squad Black unloaded on the Terminators, killing one.  The Slugga Boyz charged Pat’s Chaos Space Marines by his objective, surviving Overwatch fire unscathed.  The CSM Champ challenged my Nob, and the Nob easily killed him.  The Wolfies went first, killing two of my Grey Stunties, and the Steeljacks dropped the hammer, killing six CSMs.  They fell back 8" and the Dvergar moved up a whopping 1", hugging a wall and awaiting Pat’s return fire.

(Pat’s rock did not kersplode.  Yet.)

The three Rhinos of Chaos Space Marines advanced and the passengers got out to threaten Regulars Squad Gold.  The Chaos Spawn turned and went after my regular Troopers, who had just chewed up Pat’s other CSM squad and were now squatting (I slay myself) by Pat’s objective. 

In a firefight, it's best to have a) vast numerical superiority; b) BS 4; and c) cover.  At least my guys have "cover" going for them.

The Land Raider fired at the Marauders’ Crawler, but the Engineer’s kustom force field saved it.  The same was true for the Flametongues’ Crawler when the Predator fired at it.  The Forgefiend was much more successful, penetrating and exploding the Flametongues’ tank, killing 8 Burna Boyz and pinning the rest. 

The Chaos Terminators fired on the Steel Troopers, killing 3 of them.  Rhinos and the Chosen fired at the Slugga Boyz, killing 8.  Down by the other objective, Rhinos and the dismounted CSMs shot dead 17 of Regulars Squad Gold.  The Vindicator fired on Regulars Squad Black, killing 5 of them. Yoi!

The Chaos Spawn charged my Slugga Boyz, killing two of them before they hacked him down and advanced 4" into the building, where the CSMs used to be—and two floors down from the Chosen.  My objective kersploded, killing a Shoota Boy standing near it, which I actually found exceedingly amusing.

Turn 3
All right, enough of this.  The empty Crawler that had belonging to the regular Troopers (Slugga Boyz) rammed Pat’s Predator, thoroughly wrecking its shite.  The Marauders’ Crawler turned and chugged towards the three squads of recently-disembarked CSMs, with the Warboss, Big Mek, and Nobz getting out.  The regular Troopers advanced up the building towards the Chaos Lord and the Chosen.

"Here we go, Steeljacks, here we go!  Here we go, Steeljacks, here we go!"

Shooting by the Slugga Boyz killed one Chosen; Regulars Black took down no Terminators; Regulars Gold dropped zero Chaos Space Marines.  The Marauders fired the “skorcha” part of their shoota/skorchas at the Chaos Space Marines, killing three from one squad and three from the squad behind them.  Then came the Nobz’s charge.

The Nobz survived Overwatch but lost one as the CSMs hit first.  Then all those big choppas and power klaws hacked down the enemy, and the Warboss & Friends moved to engage the next squad.

The Slugga Boyz charged the Chosen, losing one to Overwatch.  The Chaos Lord challenged the Nob and easily dispatched him, earning himself the Mechanoid boon.  The Chosen killed three Sluggas, the dwarves killed none and tried to fall back, whereupon they were caught and destroyed.

Elsewhere, the surviving Steel Troopers charged the Terminators but got themselves deaded for it.  No rocks went “boom,” which was kind of a shame….

Pat shifted the Land Raider, Forgefiend, Chosen, CSMs, and Rhinos to fire on the Marauders, dropping only two Nobz (KFF + FNP = good).  Fire from the Rhinos in the back and the Terminators killed three Burna Boyz, making them fall back….right toward the Terminators.  The Vindicator shot at Regulars Squad Black, missing them badly. 

Chaos Space Marines engage the Warboss and the other heavy hitters of the Dvergar's Steel Curtain

Two of Pat’s CSM squads charged the Marauders, but the only damage done was the Painboy took a Wound.  Three Marines died, and one squad decided to fall back, leaving their buddies to deal with some honked-off super-dwarves.  No rocks went “bang,” to my dismay.

Turn 4
At the start of my turn, the Flametongues (Burna Boyz) regrouped.  Regulars Squad Black began to move down out of their so as to reinforce the Dvergar by my objective, and I finally found a use for the Ork codex’s Waaaagh! rule (nerfed by the 6e rules) as my guys used it to run down the building. 

Elsewhere, the Crawler that had rammed and wrecked Pat’s Predator slammed into the rear of the Vindicator and wrecked it as well.  The Flametongues fired on the Chaos Terminators, fooping one of them.  The Warspar & Friends continued to smash Chaos Space Marines, three this time, causing the rest of the Bad Doggies to flee 9".  No rocks blew up.  Nertz!

On his turn, Pat moved in his forces to get better shots at the Warspar & Friends, who had butchered or driven back the 30 CSMs who had arrived to take my objective.  Fire from the Forgefiend killed a Marauder (Nob) and the Engineer (Big Mek).  Bolters from Rhinos kakked two Flametongues and three from Regulars Squad Gold; another Regular dropped from the Land Raider’s heavy bolter.  The plaz guns of the Chosen took revenge for the Vindicator by destroying the Crawler from behind.  The lone Chaos Terminator charged the Flametongues, killing one of them.

Again, no kersploding objectives.  Booooooooooooorrrrrrrring!

Turn 5
We rolled to see if the Night Fighting rules would take effect, but the die decreed that daylight should hold.  Regulars Squad Black ran for the objective, the lone surviving Crawler positioning itself to block most of them from fire.  The Warspar charged some nearby Chaos Space Marines, remnants of a squad that had previously fallen back, and killed two of them.  Rock no go boom.

Regulars Squad Black comes to hold down the objective, as a Dvergar Crawler blocks them from fire

Pat’s army again advanced towards my objective, firing if they could.  The Land Raider took down another Gold Regular; the Forgefiend and Rhinos killed three Black Regulars.  The lone Terminator killed the last Flametongue and tramped towards my objective.  The Warspar struck down the Chaos Space Marines he was fighting.  No rocks exploded, and we rolled to see if the game would continue.  Why, of course it would!  

Turn 6
…and the die also decreed that it would stay light.  On my turn, Regular Squad Black swarmed over my objective, cementing it in my clutches.  The Warspar charged and destroyed a Chaos Rhino, because there was nothing else close to attack.

Dvergar start to run out the clock....

To win the game, Pat had to somehow get rid of the very numerous members of Regular Squad Black.  He continued to move up, firing if he could.  The Land Raider had no effect on my Crawler, which continued to block for the Regulars.  The Forgefiend managed only to shake it.  Three Rhinos fired on Regular Black, killing only one of them, thanks to cover.  The Chosen shot and killed my Warspar, who was out in the open after Pat’s Rhinos had driven away from him, so there was a Victory Point for Pat.

No rocks went “bang.”  Would the game go on?  Pat rolled…


Turn 7
…and yes, it would.  Darkness finally fell, as well.  My Regulars “kneeled down with the ball,” so to speak, like the team who’s ahead in American football usually does at the end of the game.  On Pat’s turn, the Land Raider again could not hurt my Crawler, but the Forgefiend’s Hades autocannons exploded it, killing two Black Regulars.  Fire from the Chosen, a Rhino, and the Terminator (remember him?) downed four more, but it was not nearly enough as time expired.   

Final Score
Dvergar Steeljacks: 3 Victory Points (for one primary objective held)
Wolf Brothers: 2 Victory Points (for achieving First Blood and Slay the Warlord objectives)

Post-Game Analysis  by Patrick Eibel
I think I would have fared better in this game had I put the Lord and Chosen with the group advance to Kenton’s side of the board, and kept another scoring unit near my objective.  I keep waffling on whether to get a Heldrake.  It seems to be the only thing in the Chaos Codex with any sizzle, and it would have been useful in this battle.  I knew that Battlewagons were a bear to take down from the front.  I really needed to have a better comprehensive strategy to deal with the Dvergar onslaught.  Well, maybe Kenton and I can sneak another game in soon.  At this rate, we are putting up battle reports as quickly as GW is putting out Codexes.  Sayyyyy, aren’t the Eldar getting a new book next month…….?

Post-Game Analysis  by Kenton Kilgore
I was pleasantly surprised that Pat hadn’t brought Khorne Berzerkers, but I suppose he, like I, think that “fighting fire with fire” is stupid; thus, he brought all kinds of shooty goodness.  My Steeljacks used to be very top-heavy, with lots of points sunk into Nobz (I often used to field two mobs at a time), but I recently reconfigured the army so that I have more Boyz.  It paid off in this battle, as I had lots of Shoota Boyz to hold my objective even if Pat’s Terminators and Chosen kept my ‘Ard Boyz and Slugga Boyz (respectively) from taking his.

Not, mind you, that the Nobz were ineffective: Warboss + Nobz w/ skorchas + Painboy + Big Mek w/ kustom force field completely blunted the Wolf Brothers’ attack, killing or driving back three squads of Chaos Space Marines sent to take my objective.  Extra rations for them! 


Posted  May 2013


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