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Events and Battle Reports
El Tigre's Scorecard

This section of the Jungle is devoted to gaming events and battle reports. Here you'll find articles about events sponsored by Games Workshop (like Games Day or Rogue Trader Tournaments) as well as informal gatherings of gamers from across the United States. You'll also find battle reports that will hopefully be entertaining and educational.

Warhammer 40K is a constantly-evolving game, with Games Workshop publishing new rules and army books every few years. Many of the battle reports in this section were written during the 3rd, 4th, and 5th Editions of the game. Some references might not be relevant under the current rules. 

Conflict: Baltimore 2004  Necrons and Orks in Charm City
Conflict: Baltimore 2005  Fighting Tigers return to Baltimore 

Counter Offensive: Rampage in Rockville
Countdown to Counter Offensive 2: Preparing for more brutality
Counter Offensive 2: Carnage returns to Rockville
Counter Offensive 3:  Necrons and Dark Eldar descend on Dream Wizards
Counter Offensive 4:  ...And the hits just keep on comin'
Counter Offensive 5:  Armies with a different sort of "theme," plus more
Counter Offensive 6 Warm-UpGearing up for the annual throwdown
Counter Offensive 6:  Tigers, Aquamarines and more
Counter Offensive 7:  Assistant Jungle Guide Patrick Eibel brings you the details

Counter Offensive 8:  “Winning with Style”

Counter Offensive 9:  Testing the 6e rules

Counter Offensive 10:  See the Reliquary on Auros Minor campaign

Counter Offensive 2015:  Fighting Tigers go on walkabout

"For the Sword!" Tournament: A challenge with a unique prize
Iron Halo Tournament: Time for cruel revenge! 
Open Day at the Battle Bunker: Tigers invade Games Workshop
The Texas Chainsword Massacre: Battles in the Lone Star State
VROOM! DAKKA DAKKA! SCREECH!...CRASH? Tigers return to Area 31 

Rogue Trader Tournament, 11/17/01: Competing at Dream Wizards
Rogue Trader Tournament, 01/12/02: Gunning for the top prize
Rogue Trader Tournament, 01/18/03: The Stripey Phalanx of Death
Rogue Trader Tournament, 01/17/04: Dark Eldar and Space Wolves
Rogue Trader Tournament, 01/2007: Take The Coneheads Bowling

Battles at Borderlands
Fall From Grace: An informal gathering of gamers from across the United States
Fall From Grace II: The sequel
Fall From Grace III: The annual tradition continues in Greenville, South Carolina
Fall From Grace IV: Return to the Mecca of Gaming
Fall From Grace V: One last time
Spring Offensive: The follow-up to FFG

Games Day Baltimore
Games Day 2000: Photos
Games Day 2001: Army list and photos
Games Day 2002: Battle Summaries, Part 1
Games Day 2002: Battle Summaries, Part 2
Games Day 2002: Photos
Games Day 2003: Battle summaries
Games Day 2003: Photos

Battle Reports
The Battle of the Webmasters:  Lee Loftis (Millenium Gate) vs. Kenton Kilgore (the Jungle)
Battle with a Black Gobbo:  Kenton takes on Games Workshop's Ross Watson 

Birthday Butt-Kickings: Warhammer 40Kenton:  Turning 40 in style
Birthday Spankings:  Don't worry--it's work-friendly
Birthday Spankings 2010Imperial Guard vs. Chaos Space Marines 

Birthday Spankings 2012--Monsters vs. the Machine II:  Tyranids and Necrons

Birthday Spankings 2013: Wolves and Tigers and Bears--Oh My!  Space Wolves vs. Chaos Space Marines

Birthday Spankings--A Hazy Shade of Winter:  Eldar vs. Necrons
Birthday Spankings--Black and Tan:  Dvergar (proxied Orks) vs. Tau
Birthday Spankings--Monsters vs. the Machine:  Tyranids vs. Necrons
Belated Birthday Spankings--Night of the Living Metal:  Necrons vs. Space Wolves 

Black and Blue:  Dvergars (proxied Orks) vs. Chaos Space Marines

Catch a Tiger by the Tau:  The Jungle's first Apocalypse battle 

Columbus Day Beatdown:  Kurindans vs. Orks

DAWGfight at Dream Wizards:  Fighting Tigers vs. Orks

Fear vs. Faith:  Sisters of Battle try to take down Chaos Space Marines 

Furlough Day Fistfight:  Orks vs. Chaos Space Marines

Generational Conflict:  Dad vs. daughter, and Marines vs. Necrons 

Happy Newb Year!  Orks vs. Tyranids, with new players

Happy Newb Year, 2017:  Dvergar vs. Orks and Tyranids

A Hazy Shade of Winter II:  Eldar + IG vs Necrons + (proxied) Orks

"Hulloooo, Zeeba Neighba..."  Lizardmen (Tyranids) vs. Imperial Guard

Just Because:  Kurindans vs. Space Wolves
Lizards vs. Bugs:  Kurindans vs. Hive Fleet Ravana in an Apocalyptic Assault-Phasefest 

New Year, New Blood:  Eldar vs. Dark Eldar
New Year, New Enemy:  Necrons vs. Fighting Tigers
New Year, New Enemy, 2006Tyranids vs. Fighting Tigers 

New Year, New Menace:  Grey Knights/Imperial Guard vs. Necrons

New Year, Old Friends:  Space Wolves vs. Fighting Tigers in an annual "training exercise" 

Old Guys' Night Out:  A batrep in photos 

Presidents Day Battle 2015:  Orks vs. Dark Eldar

Star Wars vs. Battlestar Galactica:  Imperial Guard and Daemonhunters take on Necrons
A Tangled Web:  Dark Eldar vs. Sisters of Battle 

Test Driving the New Rules:  Dvergar vs. Eldar and Allies

An Up-Close-and-Personal Battle Report:  Orks vs. Tyranids

Veterans Day Violence, 2015:  Necrons vs. Orks

Women's Work:  Dark Eldar vs. Eldar

Year uv da Ork/Fighting Tiger Recruitment Drive:  Battle #1 

Year uv da Ork/Fighting Tiger Recruitment Drive:  Battle #2

El Tigre's Scorecard: Keeping track of the wins and losses

Last updated: January 2017



Fighting Tigers:
Codex <> Tactics <> Gallery <> Allies and Enemies <> Tales of the Tigers

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