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The Reliquary on Auros Minor
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The Reliquary on Auros IX: 1K Battle #1 (Dawn Raid; Ken's Swingin' Sisters of Battle vs. Kenton's Kabal of the Ozone Scorpions) by Ken Lacy
While we’re far away from our reliquary
I know it’s hard for you, my baby
Because it’s hard for me, my baby
And the darkest hour is just before dawn

Each night before you go to bed, my baby
Whisper a little prayer to the reliquary
And tell all the stars above (yeah)
This is dedicated to the Emperor

The Sisters and surviving Kabalites immediately fell to blaming each other for their poor performance in the previous battle.  The dispute continued to nightfall, at which point the Sisters camped in another small collection of Imperial ruins to rest and care for their wounded.  The Kabalites left with curses on their lips, and simply moved off a short distance, then called most of their remaining reserves in during the cover of night to strengthen their position in the debate.

The Swinging Sisters
Uriah Jacobus “Powers” and 4 cult assassin ‘femme-bots’ (w/ power maul and lance)
Sister Janis and the Karma Sisters (10 Sisters w/ melta and flamer)
Sister Joni and the Mellow Sisters (10 Sisters w/ Melta and flamer)
2x Immolators w/ twin-Multimeltas
3x Exorcist tanks

Kabal of the Ozone Scorpions
3 units of 20x Kabalite Warriors (one w/ Darklances, two w/ splinter cannons)
2 units of 3x Dark Eldar Jetbikes, with blasters and caltrops
Cronos Parasite Engine

It was the scream of jetbikes that alerted the Sisters on watch to the arrival of the Dark Eldar.  Although not exactly a surprise, it was certainly an unpleasant way to wake up, and the auto-senses built into the Sororitas power armor struggled to compensate for the nearly pitch-black surroundings.

Fortunately, the fusillade of blaster shots from the Jetbikes destroyed only one Exorcist, and the bikers went down in a hail of bolts from the reflexive Sororitas bolter drill.  “Should have gone for the soft tails,” the disgusted Haemonculus could be heard muttering on an open channel, though none of the Sisters could make any sense of the comment.

Dark Eldar Jetbikes take out an Exorcist, but are swiftly gunned down by the Swinging Sisters

The Sisters then advanced toward better defensive positions as waves of Kabalites started appearing out of the darkness.  Well-placed shots from nearly two-score splinter rifles dropped half-a-dozen Sisters in short order, and their return fire was far less accurate in the darkness, with only a handful of Dark Eldar falling.  The second Dark Eldar volley dropped another couple Sororitas – clearly, the Dark Eldar were not in the least bit hindered by the dark.  At this rate, the Sisters were going to decisively lose the attrition battle, and lose it badly.

Dark Eldar Warriors pour onto the board as the surviving Exorcists move to engage them

The one advantage the Sisters had in this fight was their tanks – almost none of the Dark Eldar weapons could easily penetrate their armor.  The Exorcists and Immolators accordingly moved around the flanks of the Kabalite units, and applied some pressure, but were slow providing cover for exposed Sororitas infantry.  Interstellar Man of Mystery Uriah “Powers” and his femme-bots slipped through the ruins to pounce on a newly arrived Cronos Engine, one of the few elements in the force capable of hurting the Sororitas vehicles, and tore it to shreds with their power-lances.  The surviving demi-squad of sisters, led by Sister Janis, shredded a nearby unit of Kabalites with pistol and flamer fire, then charged in at the survivors. 

Dark Eldar Warriors and the Cronos are just too much for the Sisters

Sadly, the Emperor was not smiling on them, and Karma Squad quickly went down under the rifle-butts of the Kabalite warriors, whose alien reflexes were simply uncanny.  Within a few moments, “Powers” and his femme-bots were the only infantry left standing in the Sororitas force, and all three units of callous Kabalites turned their splinter rifles on him.  It was a small miracle that any of his entourage survived, but the single femme-bot left grabbed up the fallen form of Uriah “Powers” and sprinted away from the massacre.

The remaining Sororitas tanks drove back the Dark Eldar with a few tank-shocks, but they could do little more than act as a delaying force while the Immolator crews desperately retrieved the wounded.  The Drowboys were happy to let them retreat in a panic; it was clear that the pitiful humans had gotten the message.

“F*** You, Mat Ward”
To be honest, it was often quite frustrating in this game to be faced with the fact that Sisters of Battle are literally just 1 point less expensive than Chaos Space Marines, but give up a point of WS, Toughness, and Initiative.  In exchange, Sisters of Battle have a nearly useless (non-stacking) 6+ invulnerable save and an “Act of Faith” ability that was nerfed to uselessness from the underwhelming variant that they previously had.  As a result, they might be comparable to Marines in the shooting phase, but vastly inferior in the assault phase – as was graphically demonstrated to me when I assaulted into a badly damaged unit of Dark Eldar Kabalites with a squad of Sisters….and still lost, and lost badly.  Much-maligned GW designer Phil Kelly may be a cut-and-paste artist unable to create effective new units to save his life, but Mat Ward (the “designer” of the Sisters mini-dex) couldn’t find game balance if it came and sat on him.

As for the game itself, the Dark Eldar made good use of their overwhelming firepower advantage; quite honestly, the Sisters’ problems go all the way back to army list construction, where they should have fielded Immolators with heavy flamers, instead of multi-meltas, to even stand a chance at matching the Dark Eldar in the Shooting Phase.  Tactically, the Sisters also chose to split their infantry on one flank, and Immolators on the other; a huge mistake, as it meant that the Sisters couldn’t use their vehicles to provide mobile cover for their infantry, and it split their forces into two rather than concentrating on one Dark Eldar flank at a time.

Finally, the Sisters made a conscious choice to advance up the more open side of the table, hoping to take advantage of their firepower and deny the Dark Eldar cover.  Because of the Night-Fighting rules, however, the Dark Eldar had plenty of inherent cover regardless, and the open LOS simply meant that their splinter rifles could be used to maximum effect against the Sisters – who had wildly underestimated the amount of firepower that these weapons could put out.

In all, a comprehensive failure for the Sisters of Battle from top to bottom, and the Dark Eldar earned a well-deserved victory for their canny and effective strategery.

Life could never be exactly like we want it to be
I could be satisfied knowing the reliquary
But there’s one thing I want you to do
Especially for me
And it’s something that everybody needs

While you’re  far away from me, my baby
Whisper a little prayer to the reliquary
Because it’s hard for me, my baby
And the darkest hour is just before dawn

The Reliquary on Auros IX: 1K Battle #2 (Bryan's Craftworld Muirythemine vs. Pat's Waaagh! BigHed ) by Bryan Layton

For the actual 1000 point mission, I was paired up with Pat again and we ended up playing another Battle Missions scenario which featured recycling Troops units.  I realized very quickly that I was in deep trouble, having small fragile Troops units.  This was compounded by the disparity in model count.  Pat made my situation worse by spreading out in a long line on the board and simply marching forward, limiting my mobility to within my deployment zone.

   Craftworld Muirythemine
Farseer on Jetbike w/ Mantle of the Laughing God and singing spear

5x Dire Avengers in Wave Serpent (twin-scatterlaser)
10x Guardians w/ scatter-laser platform in Wave Serpent (twin-scatterlaser)
6x Jetbikes, in two units of three, with shuriken cannon in each
7x Swooping Hawks, including Exarch
Night Spinner

Waaagh! BigHed
Big Mek w/ kustom force field

3 units of 20x Shoota Boyz
1 unit of 20x Gretchin w/ 2 Runtherdas
10x Lootas
10x Burnaboyz
3x Kannon with loads of extra Gretchin


I was able to wreak havoc early on with my advantage in range, and once again took down his ranged units (Lootas, Kannons) which would not be able to recycle.  Unfortunately his Kannons kept saving vs the serpent shield shots long enough to allow his huge mobs to get close enough to limit my movement, as well as having a lucky shot take down a Serpent. 


The second half of the game consisted of Pat murdering my fragile Troop squads and then murdering them again as they respawned.  I did manage to pace things enough to be able to outmaneuver the mobs on a flank and get the last Wave Serpent and the respawned (for the third time) Jetbike squad to safety.  A close game, but Pat pulled out the win aided by my forgetting just how unforgiving assaults on vehicles is in 6th Edition.  I tried getting cute with the Night Spinner and tried to use the Torrent ability prior to jump a mob of Shoota Boyz.  The Torrent mulched a fistful of Boyz, but there were too many.  Da greenies just waded in and ripped the Night Spinner to pieces on the charge, and that proved to be the difference in VP.



As an Eldar player since 3rd Edition, the biggest difference I noticed was in the quality of the Eldar shooting.  Eldar have always been mobile and could always throw out a ridiculous amount of firepower.  While there has been an increase in the number of shots from most of the weapons over the last two editions, it is the increase in BS that is the most notable difference.  Hitting on 3+ with Guardians and ALL of your vehicles is amazing and a welcome change.


A lot of folks talk about how nasty the new version of the Wave Serpent is and how its ability to ignore cover is the bomb, but in my humble opinion it is the ability to have shooting at 60" at BS4 that is what makes it devastating.  Lots of armies will get saves due to their basic armor, but in an army where your extreme range is 36" on most things, the serpent shield is an incredibly useful tool and gives welcome flexibility in an army that is almost entirely specialized.


Arguably, this is what makes the other standouts in the new codex rise to the fore.  Jetbikes, Warp Spiders, and the Wraithknight are all units that can adjust to cover multiple roles with a very reasonable degree of effectiveness.  While they may not be optimal outside the areas of their obvious focus, they can still address them and respond to threats on the fly, which is what the prior codex lacked. 

Cumulative Campaign Score

Waaagh! BigHed: 6 points
Kabal of the Ozone Scorpions Dark Eldar: 5 points

Swingin’ Sisters of Battle:  5 points

Craftworld Muirythemine Eldar: 4 points



The Reliquary on Auros Minor
Introduction <> Campaign Forces <> Kill Team Battles <> Combat Patrol Battles <> Team Game <> 1K Battles



Posted November 2013



Fighting Tigers:
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