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The Reliquary on Auros Minor
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The Reliquary on Auros IX: Team Game  (2000 points combined Invasion + All Around Assault missions)
(Ken's Swingin' Sisters of Battle and Kenton's Kabal of the Ozone Scorpions vs.
Bryan's Craftworld Muirythemine and Pat's Waaagh! BigHed )  by Ken Lacy

All the leaves are brown
And the sky is gray
I’d been for a walk
On a winter’s day

We’d be safe and warm
With the reliquary
Auros Minor dreaming
On such a winter’s day

After the initial “misunderstanding” in the Razorwing woods, the Dark Eldar and Sisters realized they had parallel, rather than competing, interests on Auros Minor.  The Dark Eldar were primarily interested in collecting some of the local megafauna for use in their arenas, while the Sisters were interested in retrieving the reliquary, which they suspected was being held in an intact, prefabricated Imperial drop-fortress near several Aurosian Tiger dens.

Unfortunately, it appeared as though the Craftworld Eldar were interfering in these plans – several of their grav-tanks could be seen patrolling the area, and a large contingent of Orks was encamped around both sets of objectives.  The odds of these Orks just happening to be in the area were astronomically low; it was clearly a sign of a makeshift alliance between the other two Xenos forces on-planet. 

“Mama” Cass and Sister Denny, along with several units of Seraphim and a number of Dark Eldar skimmers, took on the responsibility of tying down some of the more mobile Eldar and Orkoid forces, while a strike-team of Sisters and Kabalite warriors was quickly assembled to attack the Orks and their Eldar allies when they would be least expecting it – high noon, when the Orks would be partly blinded by the glare of Auros’ suns, and the Eldar scanner instrumentation would be least reliable.

The Dark Eldar, supported by several Exorcist guided missile carriers, would be assaulting en-masse from a temporary warp portal near the Imperial drop-fortress, while two squads of Sisters, supported by their Immolators, would directly assault the fortress and attempt to retrieve the reliquary.  Interstellar Man of Mystery Uriah “Powers” would personally lead the assault himself, aided by several ‘femme-bot’ servitor-assassins.

Kabalite/Sororitas Alliance
Uriah Jacobus “Powers” and 4 Cult Assassin ‘femme-bots’ (w/ power maul and lance)
Sister Janis and the Karma Sisters (10 Sisters w/ melta and flamer)
Sister Joni and the Mellow Sisters (10 Sisters w/ melta and flamer)
2x Immolator with twin-Multimelta
3x Exorcist tanks

3 units of 20x Kabalites (one w/ Darklances, two w/ splinter cannons)
2 units of 3x Dark Eldar jetbikes, with blasters and caltrops
Cronos Parasite Engine

Craftworld/Waaaugh Alliance
Farseer on Jetbike w/ Mantle of the Laughing God and singing spear
5x Dire Avengers in Wave Serpent (twin-scatterlaser)
10x Guardians w/ scatter-laser platform in Wave Serpent (twin-scatterlaser)
6x Jetbikes, in two units of three, with shuriken cannon in each
7x Swooping Hawks, including Exarch
Night Spinner

Big Mek w/ kustom force field
3 units of 20x Shoota Boyz
1 unit of 20x Gretchin w/ 2 Runtherdas
10x Lootas
10x Burnaboyz
3x Kannon with loads of extra Gretchin

Initial Ork and Eldar deplloyment. situated around the drop-fortress and nearby ruins

The overview of this scenario was this: the Orks started the game with 5 objective points out of 8, and had two units of greenskins comfortably ensconced within the Imperial drop-fortress, which used a set of rules similar to the Imperial Bastion – and which was worth 4 objective points (the “reliquary”) on its own.  What’s more, the Kabalite/Sororitas alliance had only five Troops selections that could hold objectives, compared to eight of the Craftworld/Waaaugh alliance.

In order to win this mission (as opposed to merely tie), the Sisters would have to find a way to break into the drop-fortress to at least contest the major objective.  The Exorcists and Dark Eldar could theoretically grab and hold a number of the minor objectives (the “Aurosian tigers”) on the other half of the field.  To complicate matters, the large wooded area terrain in the middle of the board, separating the two sets of objectives, counted as “Ironbark” (an excellent 2+ cover save for all firepower into and through the woods).  This would make it much harder to blow through the sizable number of Orks on the field.

Ozone Scorpion Kabalite Warriors deploy around the "warp portal" (the tree-thingy there), supported by the brightly-painted Exorcists of the Swingin' Sisters

At the start of the battle, my three Exorcists, and all three units of Kabalite Warriors, moved forward from around the warp-portal exit.  The Warriors grabbed the three minor objectives still available, blasting at Ork Boyz all the while.  The Exorcists attempted to drop one of the Wave Serpents, but only managed to damage it.  The return fire was similarly ineffectual, but between Kannon, Lootas, and Wave Serpents, one of the Exorcists was destroyed.

Most of my reserves (two Immolators, Uriah, and one unit of Sisters) came in behind the Eldar at this point, destroying the Night Spinner in the process, and shooting up the Eldar Jetbikes.  The Dark Eldar Jetbikes in turn zipped in and began shredding Burnaboyz with flyover attacks, while the Cronos engine maneuvered closer to one of the mobs of Shootaz.  The return fire was scattered and rather ineffectual again; indeed, the surviving Eldar Jetbikes were all destroyed in the Overwatch and assault on the Sisters squad.  To everyone’s surprise, the Sisters absorbed a truly stupendous amount of firepower from the Wave Serpents, as well.

Sisters and Eldar slug it out at one end of the board

My last unit (a second Sisters unit) came in from reserve as well, and I was able to down a Wave Serpent and damage the other.  By this point, the Orks had lost nearly all of a Shoota unit to Dark Eldar firepower, most of the Lootas, and all of the Burnaboyz to flyover attacks.  Sadly, this was where the game started to turn a bit sideways – the Cronos Engine was dropped by Overwatch fire from a unit of Shootaz, and a full unit of Sisters ended up tied up with a tiny unit of Dire Avengers – and stayed stuck there for quite a few turns, unfortunately.

The Eldar had a much better third turn, killing both Immolators and helping to drop some of the Dark Eldar jetbikes, and the Orks took out a second Exorcist, jumping (and shredding) a unit of Kabalites in close-combat after weathering the splinter-rifle fire.  My unengaged Sisters unit shrugged off the firepower of a full Guardian squad, then drove off the unit in Overwatch, which was a bright point in a rather rough third turn for the Kabalite/Sororitas alliance.

Orks show the weedy Dark Eldar who's the baddest in the land

The other bright point was that the Ork Shootas in the base of the drop-fortress had decided to “disembark” and come out, to add their full firepower to the battle.  Interstellar Man of Mystery Uriah “Powers” realized the importance of this decision, and he and his femme-bots, disembarking from their destroyed Immolator, slipped into the back windows of the drop-fortress and “closed the door” on the startled Orks.  Horrible cries came from the upper floor of the drop-fortress as the femme-bots tore through the Gretchin Kannon crew, and then all the entrances to the building were closed.

"Fight?  Fight?  Where da fightin' at?  Let us at 'em!"

The Eldar Farseer face-palmed, but had one ace-in-the-hole yet: his Singing Spear, which had the power to cut through the AV14 drop-fortress like a hot knife through butter.  The embarrassed Shoota Boyz surrounded the drop-fortress in a fury, but the Eldar Farseer waved them off, and started cutting through the thick plasta-crete walls, causing portions of the interior reinforcement to collapse around Uriah and the femme-bots, and disabling two.  On the other flank, the Dark Eldar and Orks were both shrinking in numbers, but continued to blast into each other with a passion, the Orks managing to destroy the last Exorcist in the process.  Meanwhile the surviving Wave Serpent and Guardians tried to blow apart the unengaged Sisters squad, but again, failed to inflict much damage despite their impressive accuracy.  The sanctified armor of the Sisters kept more than half the squad active.

The Farseer attempts to carve his way inside the drop-fortress while Swingin' Sisters and Eldar keep scrapping

At this point, the last Dire Avenger was finally beat down by the yellow-armored Mellow Sisters, but Sister Superior Joni made a poor decision in the heat of battle – instead of having her unit draw their bolt-pistols and charge at the Farseer carving up the tower, she called instinctively for a bolter drill.  The Mantle of the Laughing God deflected every bolter shot, and the Farseer barely even blinked as he continued carving through the walls of the drop-fortress.

At the last minute, a unit of Swooping Hawks dropped onto the field, chasing a second unit of Kabalites off the field, leaving just one (largely intact) unit of Dark Eldar on the field on the far flank, and the Shoota Boyz around the drop-fortress were chanting “Fah-See-Yah!  Fah-See-Yah!  Fah-See-Yah!” as the Farseer continued to slice at the walls of the drop-fortress, but the issue was rendered moot as the sound of further reinforcements led the surviving leaders to break off the engagement.

In the end, this battle was an incredibly bloody draw – because of the last-minute intercession of the Swooping Hawks, both sides were left holding just a single minor objective (ironically, the Grots in the “Ironbark” forest held one for the Orks), and Uriah himself was completely unable to do more than contest (and not hold) the major objective inside the drop-fortress.  The Sisters had proven incredibly resilient, but unable to grab any objective, while the Dark Eldar had been exactly the opposite, unable to withstand five turns of pounding from an entire Ork force’s shooting.

On the other hand, the Eldar and Orks had been badly damaged, but still had numerous units left.  We adjudicated the results as such: the Dark Eldar had only had very minor success in capturing some mega-fauna; the Sisters had been unable to locate the reliquary inside the drop-fortress during all the chaos; the Orks had been largely unable to make their displeasure obvious to all the intruders; and the Eldar had won a pyrrhic victory at best, given the losses they had sustained.

The Farseer attacks and destroys and Immolator in Turn 3

“Orkses Don’t Hide in No Stinking Buildings!”
So far as the Dark Eldar and Sisters were concerned, this was going to be a very difficult game, with the Orks in a stellar defensive position and capable of very easily grabbing all of the objectives; in fact, we were worried that the Orks might choose to deploy in such a fashion to begin the game, and really make things difficult for our forces.

When the Ork Shoota Boyz in the drop-fortress stepped out and stopping guarding the four-point objective, however, the Dark Eldar and Sisters had a real shot at winning the game.  Unfortunately, the Sisters units were not able to cross the field and reach the drop-fortress before the game ended.

The Eldar/Ork alliance would have been better off if the Shoota Boyz had stayed inside the drop-fortress, but what fun is that?

Apart from the struggle over the drop-fortress, the Dark Eldar also had trouble doing more damage to the Orks with their numerous splinter rifles, largely because they had difficulty concentrating their firepower on any one unit, given the terrain and ruins.  In part, this was because the Dark Eldar chose to sit in cover on three of the objectives, rather than moving into better shooting positions.  It was always going to be a bit of a “sucker’s bet” to get into an attrition match against a larger number of Orks, and the only way the Dark Eldar had much of a shot would have been to really focus as much firepower as possible on one Ork unit at a time.  The Sisters bear a good amount of responsibility for this as well; the Exorcists were effectively mobile terrain that could have been better utilized to protect (and block LOS to) the Dark Eldar units – they certainly weren’t able to actually do much damage against the opposition, given the heavy cover and the poor rate-of-fire they achieved.

On the other hand, the Orks and Eldar could have had a much easier time of things, even apart from the unforced error in leaving the biggest objective unguarded.  The Orks were well-spread out and in cover throughout, but were too far apart from each other to easily support other units, didn’t take optimal advantage of the 2+ cover save provided by the woods, and placed the two best units for holding the drop-fortress objective onto the tabletop instead:

The optimal deployment would have been to place the Gretchin into the base of the drop-fortress instead of one of the Shoota Boy units, and never take them out of the tower; the Gretchin don’t have any effective attacks and are objective-holders anyway, and there would never have been a temptation to take them out of the building.  Shoota Boyz are far too valuable to keep one locked away and largely ineffectual; they should have been deployed forward and immediately sent to add their firepower to the other two.  Similarly, the ideal unit to place in the 3+ cover on top of the drop-fortress would have been the Lootas, who would have had ideal cover and amazing LOS to nearly all of the table from their vantage-point.  Instead, the Grot Artillery (which struggled to damage either vehicles or Dark Eldar) got the plum shooting position.

As a result of their respective deployments, neither the Orks nor Eldar could easily lend each other much support during the game, apart from a few stray Wave Serpent shots, and ended up giving the Dark Eldar and Sisters many more opportunities to keep the game closer than it really needed to be.

Stepped into a church
We passed along the way
Well, we got down on our knees
And began to pray

You know the preacher likes the cold
He knows we cannot stay
Auros Minor dreaming
On such a winter’s day

Cumulative Campaign Score

Swingin’ Sisters of Battle:  5 points

Craftworld Muirythemine Eldar: 4 points

Waaagh! BigHed: 3 points

Kabal of the Ozone Scorpions Dark Eldar: 2 points



The Reliquary on Auros Minor
Introduction <> Campaign Forces <> Kill Team Battles <> Combat Patrol Battles <> Team Game <> 1K Battles



Posted November 2013



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