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The Reliquary on Auros Minor
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The Reliquary on Auros Minor: Kill Team Battle #1 (200 pts Kill Team mission; Ken’s Swingin’ Sisters of Battle vs. Pat’s Waaagh! BigHed) by Ken Lacy
Oh, Cass was a vet’ran, planned to go to cloister
But she changed her mind one day
Standing by the T’hawk, openin’ up the airlock
“Take me to Auros right away”
Then Denny met Cass on the speaker stump
And Janis and Joni joined by the fifth jump
McGuinn and McGuire couldn’t get no higher
But that’s what they were aimin’ at
And no-one’s getting fat except Mama Cass
The Sisters’ first fight was a small skirmish between several advance elements of Sororitas Militant and a large number of Greenskins, taking place in a ruined Imperial settlement near the crash site.  The combatants were:

The Swingin’ Sisters
Sister Superior Cass (w/ Stubborn special rule) and 4 Celestians, including one w/ flamer (Torrent special rule), one w/ multimelta (Relentless special rule)
Sister Superior Denny and 4 Dominions, including two w/ melta guns
Waaagh! BigHed
20 Gretchin, 2 Ork Herdas, 8 Lootas

Pat's forces, arrayed for battle

The two demi-squads of Sisters deployed in dispersed formation, in cover in the ruins.  The Dominions made a wide move around some ruins on the left to flank the greenskins, while the Celestians huddled down in cover to hold off the brunt of the Ork assault.  The Sisters’ superior discipline granted them the initiative in the confrontation, and the Celestians (under Cass’ command) opened fire at near point-blank range.  The veteran technique of the flamer’s Torrent rule, backed by firepower from bolters, laid half of the Gretchin low.
The dazed greenskins rushed forward and unloaded a hail of gunfire, but the superior armor of the Celestians repelled blast after blast, and only one Sister fell.  The subsequent assault by Gretchin resulted in the deaths of two more, and in the ensuing moments, the flamer unleashed another Torrent of flaming death.  Another half-dozen greenskins were burned to a crisp or exploded by bolter rounds.
To no-one’s great surprise, the surviving handful of Gretchin turned and ran.  To everyone’s great surprise, the Orks (who had seen almost no losses thus far) followed after them, and the brief encounter was over.  “Mama” Cass had already sheathed her sword, holstered her pistol, and started treating the downed member of her squad by the time the Dominions finally cleared the heavy line of ruins on the left flank.
“Well, That was Fast” by Ken Lacy
Despite out-numbering and out-gunning the Sisters by a considerable margin, the Orks made one rather serious mistake during deployment: they set up in unit coherency, despite not needing to do so in a Kill Team game.  They persisted in remaining in coherency on the following turn as well, which resulted in them being rather easy prey for the Torrented flamer.  As a result, four of my models accounted for four times as many of theirs within the first two turns, and forced the Orks to start making Leadership tests (or lose the game).  It was a bit of bad luck that they failed on the first roll, but being forced to start making those “Bottle” checks (an old Necromunda reference) is never a good thing.
Had the Orks spread out a bit more and taken advantage of their edge in firepower, they could have proven to be quite a bit more of a threat, and really have forced my units into a very bad spot, trying to ‘dig’ all the greenskins out of cover.
Shot, busted, disgusted, intel can’t be trusted
And Denny wants to move on the lee
Cass can’t forsake ‘em, said we’ll have to face ‘em
We knew she’d come eventually
Greasin’ on some Orks that we express charred
It’s low rent, but keeping on the heat’s hard
Melta vi’brations and our imaginations
Can’t go on indefinitely
And Auros Minor dreamin’ is becoming a reality
Kill Team Battle #2 (200 pts Kill Team mission; Bryan’s Craftworld Muirythemine Eldar vs. Kenton’s Kabal of the Ozone Scorpions Dark Eldar) by Kenton Kilgore
Eldar vs. Dark Eldar: I always enjoy those matchups, even if I don't always come out on top.  For this game, we brought:

Craftworld Muirythemine
10 Eldar Jetbikes, including 3 w/ shuricannons
Kabal of the Ozone Scorpions

20 Kabalite Warriors, including two w/ splinter cannons.  Squad leader has Preferred Enemy; one splinter cannon Warrior has Relentless; one splinter cannon Warrior has Sniper

Bryan deployed behind the many, many buildings on our table and played a deadly combination of Hide-and-Seek + Tag for the rest of the game, popping out to fire on my Dark Eldar Warriors and ducking back out of sight (when possible). 

"Peek-a-boo!  We seeeeeeeee you!"

Shortly after the game began, I realized that the defensive position I had taken was doing me no favors.  I switched to advancing and shooting, advancing and shooting, moving from cover to cover as I sucked down casualties and gradually started to take out Bryan’s bikers.

*Sigh*  Crossing the board to engage's one's enemy, all the while suffering their insufferable potshots, can be so wearisome....

At last, after many turns, I was nearing assault range of several of his bikes, which hopefully would allow me to drag them down and break the survivors.  Before I could get there, I took more casualties and was forced to make a Leadership test for having lost half my army—a test which I failed by one point, and would have made had I spent 10 points to upgrade my squad leader to a Sybarite.  The Dark Eldar quit the field, and the game belonging to Bryan.  

Seven turns of this crap....  Sheesh.


“Well, That was Painful” by Kenton Kilgore

I haven’t hated Eldar since 2nd Edition, but after that game, I might remember how.  Bryan’s guys used their advantages in mobility and range to pick mine apart, while mostly staying out of harm’s way.  He sniped my splinter cannon-models early in the game, taking out my big hitters and forcing me to come closer.  Even so, I was threatening to pull out a win, but saving the 10 points for the Sybarite’s Leadership cost me the game.  


Cumulative Campaign Score

Swingin’ Sisters of Battle:  1 point

Craftworld Muirythemine Eldar: 1 point

Waaagh! BigHed: 0 points

Kabal of the Ozone Scorpions Dark Eldar: 0 points



The Reliquary on Auros Minor
Introduction <> Campaign Forces <> Kill Team Battles <> Combat Patrol Battles <> Team Game <> 1K Battles



Posted October 2013



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