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Tigers of a Different Stripe (Part II)
This section of the Fighting Tiger Gallery is where I display Fighting Tiger material done by guest contributors (hence the title). On this page you'll find miniatures; on the previous one, you'll find artwork. If you'd like to submit a photo of a Fighting Tiger miniature to the Jungle, please e-mail me

Liger Exiles
Visitor Max Wyatt was kind enough to e-mail me some photos of his "Liger Exiles," remnants of a Dark Angel successor chapter whose homeworld was subject to Exterminatus after a Chaos incursion.  Falsely labeled as part of the Fallen, and almost wiped out by their progenitors, the survivors drew inspiration from and swore alliegance with the Fighting Tigers of Veda, renaming themselves after the hybrid of a lion and a tiger.     

Max has blended the Dark Angel figures and insignia with the tiger stripes to forge a great new look.  He's also done up an Imperial Knight, though he's searching for a proper "tiger" head to go over the face a "helmet" for the model.  Thanks for sending these, Max, and keep up the awesome work!

Crouching Tiger Eldar
Stephen Norman's Crouching Tiger Aspect Warriors aren't Space Marines, but they are, nevertheless, very cool.  Thank you, Stephen, for posting these on the Jungle's Facebook page!

The Lady and the Tiger
Jungle visitor Simon Rafe surprised me with a custom-made Christmas present.  It might look like the Fighting Tiger version of a Space Wolf Thunderwolf Cavalry model, but Simon says it could either "count as" an Assualt Terminator (note the 40 mm base) or a Space Marine bike.  

The Marine's head is from Wargames Factory's "Amazons" line, and the torso is a resin cast by Doctor Thunder, who, like Simon, is also a big fan of female Marines (you can find Doc's conversions on Dakka Dakka).  Below are shots of the work-in-progress.

A very big public "thank you!" to Simon for making and sending me this cool mini!  

Khandar Madu in Terminator Armor
My friend Matthew Hunt and I are avid American football fans: he roots for the Cleveland Browns, while I root for their arch-rival, the Pittsburgh Steelers.  Recently, he proposed a wager: if Pittsburgh could beat Cleveland twice in the 2007 season, he'd paint me a figure. Pittsburgh crushed Cleveland 34-7 on September 9 of last year, then squeaked out a 31-28 win on November 11.  A man of his word, Matt paid off his debt with this version of Raja Khandar Madu in Terminator armor (see below).  Click on the thumbnails for closer views.

Photos by Matthew Hunt, December 2007.

More Versions of Khandar Madu
"The Redhead"  has long been a favorite of visitors to the Jungle. Two gamers have been inspired to create two very different versions of her. The first (below) is by "Lucien Darkheart"; this version is a commander in his Sons of Ares Chapter. 

The second, courtesy of James Carey, is a version of Khandar that's gone over to the service of Tzeentch (below).

Epic Fighting Tigers
Here's something I've never seen before.  Visitor Gary Clark (I can only assume he is NOT the famous Redskin wide receiver) built an Epic-scale Fighting Tiger army and was kind enough to send in some photos. Click on each thumbnail for a larger view.

Left: Assault Marines. Right: Land Raider

Left: Devastator Marines and Rhinos. Right: Tactical Marines and Rhinos

Tactical Marines and their rides, in orange and black, and yellow and brown

Fighting Tiger bikes

Left: More bikes. Right: Devastator Marines, the Tigers of Agni

Fighting Tiger Terminators in a variety of color schemes

Nice work, Gary! I'm in awe of anyone who can paint Epic-scale figures, let alone put tiny tiger stripes on them.

Salnii Ramshir
James Arnold painted and sent me this kick-ass Fighting Tiger Sergeant (below), whom he named Salnii Ramshir. This figure made its tabletop-debut at Counter Offensive 2. Thanks again, James!

Salnii Ramshir
Sergeant Salnii Ramshir (with chainsword), leads his Tigers of Rudra

"Shiva's Guard"
My friend Daniel Sellars, whose love of tigers goes even beyond mine, recently mailed me a really nice set of Terminators (including two with assault cannons!) painted in tiger stripes.  Visitors familiar with the look of my army will note that Daniel's paint scheme doesn't match mine.  However, I like these figures so much that I've not only included them in my Fighting Tigers, I've given them a place of honor. 

These suits, I have decided, were worn by the very first Marines to serve as bodyguards to Maharaja Shiva Nagordarika, founder of the Fighting Tigers.  Thus, the paint scheme looks so different because it is from the 36th Millennium.  These suits are still used, worn only by "the best of the best," Marines who excel even above other Veterans.  The select five who wear this armor are known as "Shiva's Guard." 


Khandar the Damned
Raja Khandar MaduMy pal Yann Folange always seems to be working on a new army. His latest (as of this writing) is a Legion of the Damned, spectral Space Marines who appear to battle the Emperor's foes and then vanish without a trace as soon as victory is attained. Yann asked me if he could create an earlier incarnation of Khandar Madu (at right) and include her in his army, and of course, I agreed. Here's what Yann came up with:

Khandar the Damned
Above: Khandar the Damned, a ghostly Space Marine
Photo by Yann Folange, December 2004. Used with permission.

Khandar has certainly seen better days, eh? Yann deliberately sculpted her to look as if she sustained terrible facial injuries. One wonders what would happen if this Khandar and the current one were to meet on the battlefield....

More Legion of the Damned
Above: Khandar and more members of the ghoulish Legion of the Damned
Photo by Yann Folange, December 2004. Used with permission.

Tiger of Varuna Daksha Ram
Daksha Ram is a Tiger of Varuna, or Fighting Tiger Chaplain, and he first appeared in the short story The Gray Tiger. Recently, two gamers have been inspired by that story (and Ram's appearances in the Tooth and Claw Campaign) and have created separate versions of him. 

Daksha Ram by Robert Gutkowski
Above: Tiger of Varuna Daksha Ram, painted by Robert "Tankbusta" Gutkowski

Robert Gutkowski's Daksha Ram (above) uses the traditional Chaplain black for most of the armor and has vertical brown tiger stripes on the greaves, backpack, and shoulder pads. Robert has also painted stripes on the bolt pistol and given Ram a nifty white turban.

Patrick Eibel's Daksha Ram (below) is a conversion from a Blood Angel Chaplain. Pat has also used the traditional black Chaplain armor (and lots of tiger stripes) and equipped his Daksha Ram with a plasma pistol. 

Daksha Ram by Patrick Eibel
Above: Daksha Ram, by Assistant Jungle Guide Patrick Eibel 

Desecration of the Shrine
During the 2001 season, I won a footbell bet with my friend Matthew Hunt. To pay off his bet, Matt painted up this diorama for me. 

Side viewFront view
Photos by Matthew Hunt, February 2003. Used with permission.

The diorama depicts one of the Dark Eldar of the Kabal of the Ozone Scorpions. Having gunned down the Fighting Tiger, the vile alien will continue desecrating the ancient Vedic shrine (see the gun blast in the idol's turban?). 

Side view
Photo by Matthew Hunt, February 2003. 
Used with permission.

Raja Khandar Madu ("Ork-Hunter")
My pal Thomas Prince created this version of Raja Khandar Madu. Thomas has equipped her for a return to the Blood Deserts of Auros IX, replacing one of her lightning claws with a bolter-flamer and tweaking her armor's paint scheme to give it more of a "desert" look. 

Raja Khandar MaduRaja Khandar from the back
Left: Raja Khandar Madu, ready to hunt the Orks that infest Auros IX. Right: Rear view
Photos by Thomas Prince, May 2002. Used with permission.

Thomas has mounted a bit from a Tau model onto Raja Khandar's backpack to uniquely represent an  Iron Halo--cool, isn't it? 

Veteran Sergeant Rashna Marga
My best friend Patrick Eibel converted the figure below to be Huron Blackheart, renegade Master of the Red Corsairs (Astral Claws), for a future campaign. But I liked it so much that I had to incorporate it into my army. If you've read the story Reconciliation, you'll be familiar with the vengeful Rashna Marga, who was abducted, interrogated, and mind-wiped by the Dark Angels for reasons known only to them. In my opinion, this figure makes an excellent Rashna Marga.

Rashna Marga, by Patrick Eibel
Above: Rashna Marga, by Patrick Eibel

Pat used the old 2nd Edition Blood Angel Captain Tycho figure. Pat converted Tycho's combi-weapon into a bolter-flamer and gave the miniature a lightning claw on the left hand. 

A closer look at the lightning claw
Above: A closer look at the lightning claw

Rashna Marga will lead squads of Tigers of Rudra, Tactical Marines. Ironically, the guy who'll be on the receiving end of most of this miniature's attacks will be its creator, as Pat is my most frequent opponent. 

If you'd like to submit a photo of a Fighting Tiger miniature to the Jungle, please e-mail me
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