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Fighting Tiger Gallery (pg 16)
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Tigers of a Different Stripe (Part I)
This section of the Fighting Tiger Gallery is where I display Fighting Tiger material done by guest contributors (hence the title). On this page you'll find artwork; on the next, you'll find actual miniatures.

Fighting Tiger Marines
I've been lucky enough to become friends with the uber-talented James Arnold, a professional artist (you can find his site here) who did the covers to my books Dragontamer's Daughters. James has always been a big fan of the Tigers (he wrote a story about them) and lately, just for fun, he did this image, a Fighting Tiger of Agni (Devastator Marine).

Artwork copyright June 2012 by James Arnold. Used with permission

If you've been living under a rock (or been lost in the Warp) and are one of the three or four Space Marine players who hasn't heard about the Bolter and Chainsword's way-cool Marine color-scheme painting tool, go visit fast. With this free, easy-to-use online tool, you can quickly design color schemes for your own army. Stratokhan from the B&C was kind enough to make this image (below) for me: 

Nice, eh? 

This one below is from a fellow who calls himself Apemantus:

Fighting Tiger

Next, check out this way-cool image, done by another artist (below):

Fighting Tiger

This entry below is by mad scuzzy from The Bolter & Chainsword forum. Schweeet, eh? You can find more of mad scuzzy's stuff at his website.

Fighting Tiger by mad scuzzy
Above: mad scuzzy has the mad art skills, nicht wahr?

A fellow named Niklas sent me the images below, which he fashioned in the style of the artwork you see in those cool "Index Astartes" articles in White Dwarf. 

Tiger of RudraTiger of AgniThumbnail
Left: Tiger of Rudra, Jatis Mahaduyana Center: Tiger of Agni, Jatis Ghuyarashtra 
Right: Thumbnail of "Index Astartes"-style poster (click on it for full-size version)

You'll notice that the two next versions don't conform to the painting guide I posted in Codex: Fighting Tigers of Veda, but they look good and that's all that really matters. The one on the left is by Jason Foley; the one on the right was created by one of the regulars of the Millenium Gate forum.

Fighting Tiger by Jason FoleyFighting Tiger
Left: Jason Foley's Tiger Right: Tiger from The Millenium Gate forum
Artwork  by Jason Foley. Used with permission

Raja Khandar Madu: The Redhead
"The Redhead" (below) has captured the imagination of gamers around the world. Frequently, I receive e-mails from people wanting to know how I created the figure or asking for a game against her. 

The actual miniature
Raja Khandar Madu, "the Redhead"

She's also inspired some very talented artists. First up is Scott Smith, a Golden Demon winner. Here's his version of her:

Mastiff's version of Raja Khandar Madu
 Artwork copyright July 2001 by Scott Smith. Used with permission

Scott has straightened Raja Khandar's hair and pulled it back into a no-nonsense, ready-for-battle ponytail. Instead of the "sabretooth" backpack, he's adorned her shoulder pad with a tiger head. But she still has those distinctive, steely eyes. Calm and confident, she is ready to face any foe of the Brahman, the Sleeping Emperor whose dreaming shapes the universe. 

Scott's work has been featured in White Dwarf and he was kind enough to create a banner (below) for this site:

Banner for the Jungle by Scott Smith
Banner copyright 2000 by Scott Smith. Used with permission

Scott also created some killer graphics as part of an earlier site re-design that (alas) didn't come to pass. Here are some examples: 

Themed Army image by Scott Smith
Images copyright 2000 by Scott Smith. Used with permission

The pencil drawing below right is from Greg Fougere.

Raja Khandar Madu: the little redhaired girl
Above: Greg's version, with friend
 Artwork copyright April 2001 by Greg Fougere. 
Used with permission

If you look closely, you'll see that Greg has given Raja Khandar a shorter hairdo, re-done her shoulder pads, and added a few new details (like the Hindu-style dot on her forehead). 

Greg has nicknamed her "The Little Red-haired Girl." Hmmm...given what Raja Khandar is capable of doing with those claws, maybe Charlie Brown had good reason to be nervous around her. 

Other Fighting Tiger Characters
Greg Fougere did the next two drawings (below). Captain Rama is named after the greatest hero of Hindu myth. Talwar Chakram is the seniormost Chaplain (or Tiger of Varuna) and appears in the Blood Deserts of Auros IX Campaign.

Rama, the Emperor's Champion
Above: Captain Rama

Below: Tiger of Varuna Talwar Chakram
Talwar Chakram, Tiger of Varuna
Artwork copyright April 2001 by Greg Fougere. Used with permission

If you'd like to submit some Fighting Tiger artwork to the Jungle, please e-mail me. 
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