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Armies of the Jungle: Kabal of the Ozone Scorpions (updated 12/13/2014) by Kenton Kilgore
In the From Idea To Reality series, we chronicled the process of creating an army from scratch. In this series, we will showcase the finished results of our labors – the completed armies (as much as any 40K army can ever be considered “completed”). By detailing how the army was collected, how the background and color schemes were developed, and how the army is used on the battlefield, we hope that this series will provide inspiration for those interested in collecting similar armies.

With their distinctive skin, hair, and uniforms, the Ozone Scorpions aren't your typical Dark Eldar

FITR described in detail how I built up what was, at the time, my second army: the Kabal of the Ozone Scorpions.  The latest version of The Book of the Death Twinkie recently fell into my clutches, so let me present to you (or re-present to you long-time Jungle Fanboys and Fangirls) the “Callous Drowboys.”

Army List
Currently, the army consists of two detachments of 2000 points each; the first, led by Archon Syryx Lynatharr, uses lots of Warriors on foot. The other--led by Lynatharr's daughter, Dr'zzllah--uses lots of Wyches and Raiders.  You can find the latest lists here.

    This conversion (an Eldar Vyper + pieces from a DE Ravager) counts as a Venom

    I didn’t have any Mandrakes in previous versions of the army, but my friend Patrick Eibel bought and painted me a squad as a Christmas present, and they not only look cool, but they kick butt, too. I used to use Warp Beasts, but now I prefer the new-and-improved Grotesques, so those figures have been reassigned. 

    Aberration Wormwood (at left) was converted using a plastic 3e Dark Eldar torso, helmet and arm + a pewter GW
    Giant Scorpion figure from a previous range. The other scorpion is from Reaper Miniatures. Both "count as" Grotesques

    The Talos model resembles a giant mechanical scorpion, so to fit the theme, I had to have some. Because a Death Twinkie army can never have enough speed, I have some Reaver jetbikes, which are a lot better under the new codex than they used to be.

    Reaver jetbikes converted from regular Eldar versions. I've added "tails" and "claws" to make them look like scorpions

    Modeling and Painting
    Almost all of the army consists of Third Edition-era figures that I collected over several years. While the new models (especially for the Kabalite Warriors) are very cool, I need more like I need a swift kick to the oompa-loompas, so I will not be purchasing any. 

    As discussed in FITR, I’ve painted my figures to resemble the Drow, my favorite villains from Advanced Dungeons & Dragons. The “fluff,” or background, for my army says that they have been mutated by exposure to strange radiation within the Maelstrom, where they lair, hence the difference in their appearance from other Dark Eldar. 

    Ozone Scorpion Kabalite Warriors. In keeping with the "scorpion" theme, I've mounted the Raider's weapon at the rear
    of the craft, as if it were a scorpion's sting. It costs me several inches in range, but the coolness factor makes up for it

    Instead of going for the expected “black, black, and more black” look for their uniforms, I was inspired by the hated Dallas Cowboys to put them in blue and silver. Also, when possible, I try to use two visual themes for the army: “fallen Eldar” (that is, using Eldar figures for my guys) and scorpions. 

    Accordingly, the new Archon Syryx Lynatharr model is a Scorpion Man from Reaper Miniatures. It’s a fantasy figure, but I think it works perfectly well, and is appropriately menacing. The new Syryx also ties in with my Grotesques, represented by Giant Scorpion models also from Reaper.

    The new-and-uglier Archon Syryx Lynatharr, with a 3rd Edition Warrior for scale. I've learned from experience that trying
    to base scorpion figures doesn't work well (those dinky claws don't have a lot of surface area for gluing), so I didn't bother

    As I mentioned, my friend Pat painted my Mandrakes, but given as how the Scorpions are dark-skinned, he thought he’d do the reverse and paint them as albinos. Fluffwise, it doesn’t really work, as Mandrakes are supposed to be creatures of shadow, but as anyone who’s ever seen my female Space Marines knows, I happily disregard the fluff when the opportunity for a cool paint job or conversion comes along.

    Way-cool "albino" Mandrakes, painted by Patrick Eibel. Pat has a very natural painting style, in marked contrast to my 
    "cartoony" efforts. I really like how the faces are deliberately poorly-defined: it makes them more mysterious and creepy

    The last item I’ll mention is my Cronos Parasite Engine, which I've had for a few years. It's a Scorponok toy (based off the first Transformers movie) from a McDonald’s Happy Meal. Laugh or sneer (or both) all you want, but it was better than paying $46 for it. Plus, it was very easy to paint.

    The aforementioned Scorponok toy, which "counts as" a Cronos Parasite Engine

    Syryx Lynatharr and the Kabal of the Ozone Scorpions lost a power struggle against Asdrubael Vect’s Kabal of the Black Heart and fled Commorragh. The Ozone Scorpions wandered through the galaxy, always staying one step ahead of their many enemies, until they came to the planet Veda. Lynatharr and his followers found it ridiculously easily to enslave the primitive human population and exploit the world’s great natural wealth. 

    Their reign of terror lasted for a thousand years, until the complacent Scorpions were surprised and routed by a new Space Marine Chapter, the Fighting Tigers. Many of the Scorpions managed to flee into the nearby Maelstrom, but the Tigers imprisoned Syryx Lynatharr, alive and conscious, in a stasis chamber. Eight hundred years later, during the attack on Veda by the Warband Bloodcomet, the stasis chamber was damaged and Lynatharr escaped. His sanity had snapped under his long confinement, but he found the remnants of his kabal and reasserted his rule. 

    The Haemonculi Dr. Jheste (left), Vulnayvya (center), and Dr. Fybze (right) held the Kabal together while Lynatharr
    was imprisoned. Jheste and Fybze are rivals; Vulnayvya was Fybze's chattel before Dr'zzllah increased her authority

    Exposure to strange radiation deep within the Maelstrom has mutated the Scorpions, turning their skin jet black, their eyes burning red, and their hair silvery-white. Their eyes are sensitive to light, so they prefer to fight at night. Their very touch withers plants and drains the life from animals. 

    Hekatrix Eklavdrah (with golden agonizer) and members of the Ring of Honor Wych squad

    For a while after Lynatharr reasserted his rule, the Scorpions merely conducted raids on various  targets, with some success. Once he felt his forces were ready, Lynatharr ordered them to retake Tharalon, their ancient subterranean city on Veda, while the majority of the Fighting Tigers were off-planet during the First Crusade for Auros IX. Space Wolves under Ferin Ironhammer repelled the Dark Eldar, but Lynatharr accomplished his secret goal: to recover a crystal figurine of great but mysterious power from beneath the Scorpions’ ancient city there. 

    Using the figurine, Lynatharr escaped certain death in the final battle against the Wolves, then freed his daughter/concubine Dr’zzllah from interdimensional imprisonment inflicted upon her by Vect. Assisted by the Haemonculus Dr. Jheste, Lynatharr recently used the figurine to deliberately mutate himself into a loathsome combination of scorpion and Dark Eldar. What else the figurine can do—and what else Lynatharr will do with it—remains to be seen. 

    Succubus Dr'zzllah, second-in-command (for now) of the Scorpions

    Lynatharr and Dr’zzllah are intent on acquiring more figurines: she led her followers against the Sisters of Mercy to obtain another in the hope of gaining sufficient power to overthrow her father. Lynatharr is aware of her treachery, however, and actually seems to encourage it…. 

    Using the Army
    I've divided the army into two detachments: one is large and shooty, with LOTS of Kabalite Warriors, in addition to Mandrakes, Grotesques, and Taloses.  The other is fast-and-choppy, with Wyches aboard Raiders, as well as Reavers.  

    Silver Scorpions (Wyches), converted from Reaver jetbikers, Striking Scorpions, and Dark Eldar Warrior figures

    In the past, I made copious use of webway portals, and the latest codex makes taking them a no-brainer, especially for getting units that are slow (by DE standards, anyway) like Taloses, Grotesques, and infantry Warrior units, where they need to be.

    Ozone Scorpion Talos, one of three that I have for the army

    As of this writing (December 2014), I haven’t played with the new-and-improved Ozone Scorpions yet, but I’m hoping to get the chance soon…. (evil grin).

    The kabal's mascot, "Spike." He's just for decoration and not actually used in games. I didn't paint him that way, he 
    came like that. Which means, for whatever reason, there's a market for big, blue rubber scorpions. Go figure.

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    Posted February 2011; last updated December 2014


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