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Codex: Fighting Tigers of Veda (pg 3)
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The Fighting Tigers of Veda
the MaelstromThe Fighting Tigers of Veda are an old but relatively little known Space Marine Chapter stationed on the dangerous eastern side of the Maelstrom (at right), an area similar to the infamous Eye of Terror, in the Ultima Segmentum. 

The Fighting Tigers were established as Chapter 531 during the Ninth—or possibly the Nineteenth—Founding, with Maharaja Shiva Nagordarika as their Chapter Master. For thousands of years, it was assumed that Fighting Tigers were from Ultramarine geneseed stock, but recent tests have proved that they are descended from the White Scars. 

The Fighting Tigers were assigned to the Regulus Secundus system, with its large yellow star and 19 planets (11 of which are human habitable), and ordered to rid it of a large Dark Eldar pirate force, the Kabal of the Ozone Scorpions, that was preying upon the feudal-level human civilizations there. The Fighting Tigers swiftly defeated the Ozone Scorpions and claimed the ninth planet, Veda, as their own, adding its name to theirs. Shortly thereafter, the Tigers adopted Vedic names, languages, deities, customs, and traditions as their own, replacing the ones that had before. 

Shiva Nagordarika ruled Veda and the Fighting Tigers for many centuries before he and the entire Chapter were lured into a trap and ambushed by the Chaos Lord Baalzephon Zgorch and his Khornate Chaos Space Marines, the Warband Bloodcomet. Shiva was crippled by a summoned Bloodthirster and more than 800 Fighting Tigers perished before the remaining Space Marines and their allies defeated the Warband Bloodcomet and drove Zgorch into the Maelstrom.

Map of the Maelstrom area
Above: The Maelstrom and surrounding areas. 
Veda lies just east of the Maelstrom, isolated from much of the Imperium

Under Raja Surya Ashoka and Raja Shrendi Vashtar, the Fighting Tigers slowly recovered. Because Zgorch and his treacherous followers had killed so many Fighting Tigers as well as native warriors of Veda and the neighboring planets, Surya and Vashtar were forced to recruit women as Space Marines. Fortunately, their Apothecaries found the surgical processes little different from those used on men, and soon, guided by their death goddess Kali, female Fighting Tigers joined their male counterparts on the battlefields.

Shiva Nagordarika (reborn as the Dreadnought Shiva the Destroyer, below) is still officially Maharaja, or Chapter Master, but in his debilitated state, the Fighting Tigers are actually led by the two Rajas, or Caste Commanders. Each Raja rules not only their half of the Chapter but also the native people living on their respective continent of Veda. The two Rajas regularly confer on issues affecting the Chapter as a whole and together guide the Chapter until (it is hoped) Shiva resumes his duties. As the centuries pass, this becomes increasingly unlikely.

Shiva the Destroyer
Above: Shiva the Destroyer

Recent Events
After several years of fighting and hundreds of casualties, the Tigers were forced to withdraw from their campaign to claim the Blood Deserts of Auros IX for the Imperium, as their homeworld had been infiltrated by the Dark Eldar Kabal of the Ozone Scorpions. Ultimately, the Scorpions were repulsed, largely thanks to the Space Wolves under Ferin Ironhammer

The Tigers immediately began a rebuilding effort to replace their losses, and thus were only tangentially involved in the efforts to combat Abaddon the Destroyer as his 13th Black Crusade erupted from the Eye of Terror. Hive Fleet Ravana  entered the Regulus system, home to the Tigers’ base, but was--for now, anyway--repulsed.  Shamshir Talatra has been stripped of his title of Raja and command of half the Fighting Tigers. Until a new Raja can be named, Librarian Chandramatie Bahl has assumed his duties. While Bahl is certainly talented, she is inexperienced, and will be hard-pressed to held Raja Khandar Madu overcome their many foes.

As the 41st Millennium draws to a close, the future of the Fighting Tigers is in question.

Excerpt from report concerning Veda, by Inquisitor Varman Kumar

Veda is a large planet with a hot climate similar to many tropical and subtropical areas of Earth. There are two large continents, connected by several narrow land bridges, both located in the eastern hemisphere. Scattered islands dot the warm, shallow oceans that cover the rest of the planet.

Both continents are populated by feudal level agrarian humans living in small villages. Villages are bound together into tribes, but all people of Veda bow to the Maharaja, the Chapter Master of the Fighting Tigers. Through him they faithfully serve and worship the Emperor, whom they call the Brahman, the Sleeping God whose dreams shape the universe.

The northern continent, Mahaduyana, has huge expanses of jungle broken occasionally by wide stretches of grassy plains. In the extreme north are several high mountain ranges, where snow falls year round. In Mahaduyana can be found titanium, adamantium, coal, and natural gas.

The southern continent, Ghuyarashtra, is roughly twice as large as Mahaduyana. Like Mahaduyana, there are some mountains and jungles, but most of Ghuyarashtra is covered by plains. Because of the rich, black soil and annual summer monsoons, these plains are very fertile. In addition, gold, silver, copper, and diamonds are found here. Roughly 65% of Veda’s human population lives in Ghuyarashtra.

Fighting Tiger Timeline
Here's where the Tigers fit in with the history of the 40K universe....

9000 BC Birth of the Emperor
3rd Millennium Tigers (Panthera tigris) become extinct on Terra. Mars settled
4th Millennium The Warp is discovered
16th Millennium Mankind begins to colonize solar systems near Terra. Dark Age of Technology begins
21st Millennium Veda settled. Colonists clone Terran fauna--including tigers--using frozen DNA.
26th Millennium Age of Strife begins. Veda society degenerates to a feudal level. 
29th Millennium The Emperor conquers Terra.
30th Millennium The Emperor creates the Space Marines and Primarchs, embarks on the Great Crusade. The Imperium begins.
31st Millennium Horus Heresy. Horus is defeated and the Emperor ascends the Golden Throne. Codex Astartes re-organizes Space Marines into Chapters. 
36th Millennium Age of Apostasy.

Veda captured by Kabal of the Ozone Scorpions, who enslave the populace. Fighting Tigers Chapter (#531) established under Chapter Master Shiva Nagordarika. Tigers defeat Ozone Scorpions, imprison Archon, assume rule of Veda, and set up permanent home on planet surface.

Tigers begin explorations of new worlds near Maelstrom and Galactic Core.  Discover alien and lost human technology. Develop the Vedic Siege Gun. Exterminate the dvergar of the Angrboda Nebula.

First Kentean Regiment raised.

37th Millennium Shindering of the Templars: Warband Bloodcomet cripples Fighting Tigers, ravages Veda before exhausting their strength and succumbing to counterattack. Shiva becomes a Dreadnought. Syryx Lynatharr, Archon of the Ozone Scorpions, escapes.

Tigers temporarily taken over by Ultramarines. Surya and Vashtar assume command, begin recruitment of female Marines and establish practice of purusha. Pacts of Friendship are established with the Space Wolves. The Rigsamayajur, the holy verses and history of the Tigers, is written. 

Battle of the Twin Fangs pits Tigers and Space Wolves against Eldar Warhost "The Lotus Storm of Impossible Contemplation" (translation). Ferin Ironhammer falls and is revived as a Dreadnought.

38th Millennium Reign of Raja Rajeesh Kumar, "the Exalted Prince." Fighting Tigers exterminate Blood Axe tribe "Da Sonz of Dix-E" and Goff Klan Fuguden. Tigers first begin (and later abandon) explorations of the planet Ghaatti. Baalzephon Zgorch returns with the Saracens.
39th Millennium Development of the Apex Predator variant. Tigers battle Church of the Poisoned Mind (Genestealer Cult) and Godfrey's Desert Vipers (rebel Armored Company) on Qellizarr. Tigers suffer the Choudhury Incident but ultimately prevail. 
40th Millennium Fighting Tigers first spot Hive Fleet Ravana, but do not engage. Tigers land on Kurinda, suffer heavy casualties, cease explorations of new worlds. Tigers clash with Sisters of Battle. Kavita Chavan, hero of the Dakr Conflict, rescues Raja Amar Vedantam from the Sii-gesh hordes at the cost of his own life. 
41st Millennium Solar Macharius conquers over 1000 worlds. First Armageddon War. Battle of Macragge: Ultramarines defeat Hive Fleet Behemoth. Badab War: Fighting Tigers ordered not to engage Astral Claws, their sister Chapter. Shamshir Talatra succeeds Sabeer Ansari as Raja of Ghuyarashtra.

Second Armageddon War. Fighting Tigers battle Saracens, annihilate them. Khandar Madu appointed first female Raja--she keeps the masculine form of the title over the feminine rani out of deference to tradition. 

Tigers begin campaign for the Blood Deserts of Auros IX. Third Armageddon War. Ozone Scorpions return to Veda and battle Space Wolves guarding planet while Tigers on Auros IX. Shamshir Talatra removed from office.

The Fighting Tigers have sworn to destroy Former Raja Shamshir Talatra and the Fearful Symmetry, his army of renegades

This is the end of the introduction section of Codex: Fighting Tigers of Veda. The next section discusses elements of the army.
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