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Events and Battle Reports
Fall From Grace
Intro <> Fighting Tiger Battle Summaries <> Photos

Fall From Grace: Fighting Tiger Battle Summaries
I won't bore you with tedious blow-by-blow accounts of all the games I played at Fall From Grace (FFG for short). Instead, I'll describe each scenario, tell you how I approached it, and share with you some pertinent details. 

To get warmed up, the very first game I played at Borderlands was Battle #12 of the Blood Deserts of Auros IX Campaign. After that, I got down to the REAL action! My next game was a 4-player, 2-on-2 game.

Jungle Fight
Mission: Patrol (page 141 of the main rulebook)
Combatants: Catachan Jungle Fighters (Rob and Micah) vs. Jade Dragons Space Marines (Aaron) and Fighting Tigers (me)
Points per Player: 2000 (4,000 points a side)
Special rules: Catachans may use jungle fighting rules from Codex: Catachans.

What happened? I built my army list to address the difficulties of moving and fighting in the jungle against opponents much more used to it. I knew that jungles limit my troops' sight to 6", which meant that when the fighting started, the enemy would be up close and personal. I also knew that jungle is difficult terrain, slowing down foot troops and rough on vehicles. Bearing all that in mind, I mustered this army:

  • Raja Khandar Madu and her Singh (Command) Squad
  • Five Tigers of Indra (Tactical Terminator Squad)
  • Tiger Eternal Shiva the Destroyer (Dreadnought)
  • Tiger Eternal Shrendi Vashtar (Dreadnought)
  • 40 Tigers of Rudra (Tactical Marines)
  • Ten Tigers of Kali (Assault Marines)
  • Sabretooth (Whirlwind)
Under normal game conditions I'll take several vehicles for firepower and (more important) mobility, but in this case, taking anything other than the ones listed above would have been asking for trouble. The Dreadnoughts would move as infantry and, while slower than usual, at least wouldn't become immobilized in the dense underbrush. In addition, their short-range firepower (assault cannon and heavy flamer for Shiva, multi-melta and heavy flamer for Vashtar) and Dreadnought close combat weapons would be ideal for jungle battles. The Whirlwind would be able to fire indirectly, ignoring terrain and that pesky 6" sight limitation. In addition, it's a great weapon for blowing whole squads of Guardsmen to camoflauged bits....

With all the points I saved by not taking vehicles, I could indulge myself on two expensive units good at close quarters fighting: Raja Khandar (and her bodyguards) and Terminators. 

Raja Khandar MaduTiger of Indra--Tactical Terminator--Jatis Ghuyarashtra
The Lady and the Tigers: Raja Khandar Madu (left) and Terminator (right)

My ally, Aaron, brought his Jade Dragons, Space Marines with a Chinese theme, that use the rules from Codex: Dark Angels. He too took a lot of infantry, but included bikes and Land Speeders, which (under the Ravenwing rules) would be able to reroll terrain tests. 

Aaron, Rob, and Micah
Such nice boys: Aaron (left), Rob (center), and Micah (right)

Rob and Micah took a very typical Catachan force: lots of guys (including a unit of Ogryns), a few Sentinels, and quite a few demoliton charges, booby traps, and dangerous plants (the rules for which are found in White Dwarf #242). They also had Sly Marbo and the Last Chancers on their side, but as I follow the axiom of Don't sweat the big guns, sweat the little guys, I wasn't too worried about them. I bagged old Sly with some dakka from a Tactical Squad and the Last Chancers came on the board so late in the game that they weren't a factor.

The Marine plan was fairly simple: trudge along through the underbrush until we got in close; ignore the booby traps, snipers, and man-eating plants; blast the Catachans at point-blank range; then assault them. And it worked! 

Outcome: Marines win (1785 Victory Points to 1057 Victory Points). 

Tank Battle by the River
Mission: Cleanse (page 139 of the main rulebook)
Opponent: Oktober Guard Space Marines (Dwayne Powell) 
Points per Player: 2100
Special Rules: River running across table counted as difficult terrain

What happened? Dwayne's Oktober Guard Space Marines (a sort of Soviet-style variant of the White Scars) used a lot of tanks. So bearing in mind the overall toughness of Space Marines, the mission parameters, and what I knew about Dwayne's forces, I assembled the following army:

  • Raja Khandar Madu and her Singh (Command) Squad
  • Five Tigers of Indra (Assault Terminator Squad)
  • 20 Tigers of Rudra (Tactical Marines)
  • Flying Tiger Squadron (three Land Speeders with multi-meltas)
  • Tiger Sharks Squadron (three Land Speeders with multi-meltas)
  • Tyger Tyger (Predator Annihilator with lascannons)
  • The White Tiger (Land Raider; transport for Tigers of Indra)
  • Maneater I and II (Rhinos for the Tigers of Rudra)
  • Maneater IV (Razorback for Raja Khandar Madu)
Raja Khandar and her Command Squad are well-equipped to fight in close combat against Marines, as are my Assault Terminators. The Tactical Marines' primary function was to avoid combat and grab table quarters. The Land Speeders and the Predator were to hunt down enemy tanks, and the Land Raider was to deposit the Assault Terminators right into the Oktober Guard's lap before parking itself and shooting anything nearby. 

Dwayne had a monster of an army light on troops but heavy on vehicles, including two Land Raiders and a Predator Annihilator. My only comfort was that his army looked a bit "top heavy," with several small, very expensive units that I hoped I could knock out before they did any real damage. Ordinarily I say Don't sweat the big guns, sweat the little guys, but in this case there were so many "big guns" that they got top priority.

Dwayne and I slug it out
Dwayne (that big handsome fella at left) and I (that skinny runt at right) duke it out
Photo copyright 2000 Lee Loftis. Used with permission. Visit The Millenium Gate

I decided very quickly that my Predator, my Land Raider, and Raja Khandar Madu (in her Razorback) were going to move into the quarter directly across the river, secure it in the name of all that was stripey, and hopefully distract Dwayne while my Land Speeders hunted down his tanks and my Tactical Marines grabbed table quarters. 

And you know what? It worked. While Raja Khandar and her squad didn't kill as many points as they cost, they nevertheless kept five units--Dwayne's Hero (and his bodyguard), the Emperor's Champion, the Callidus, the Assault Squad, and the Scouts--busy for several turns. By the time they got done taking out her and her bodyguard, they were in no position to help out with the rest of the battle, where the real fighting was going on. 

In the flat open area on the left side of the table, the Oktober Guard stormed across the river and met the bulk of the Tiger force head-on. I concentrated my firepower, sending all six Land Speeders and both Rhinos (with their 20 Marines), and got lucky. I managed to immobilize the Oktober Guard Rhino on the other bridge, creating a traffic jam; when Dwayne tried to ford the river, one of his Land Raiders got stuck. Though his Terminators took out some of the Speeders, I had enough left to vaporize his Dreadnought and the stricken Land Raider while my Tactical Squads took out his Terminators, his Tactical Squad, and the Typhoon. I even managed to get three of my Assault Terminators into his deployment zone to contest that quarter. 

I never did take out the other Land Raider, but it turns out I didn't have to. At the end, the Tigers held three quarters and the fourth was contested. 

Outcome: Tigers win 

Battle on a Snowy Field
Mission: Bunker Assault (page 147 of the main rulebook)
Opponent: Catachan Imperial Guard (Rob Van Pelt)
Points per Player: 3000

What happened? Rob and I didn't get much of a chance to fight each other in the jungle fight we had the day before (most of his troops went after Aaron's, and Micah was determined to get his commander into hand-to-hand combat with Raja Khandar Madu--which I was more than happy to accomodate), so we had a one-on-one battle. For a change of pace, we didn't use the jungle fighting rules and played the game on Borderlands' winter scene table, which allowed us to field tanks. 

I was happy to be able to use a larger force than I normally do (about half my total army), but not really wild about the amount of firepower that 3000 points would buy Rob. Still, I stuck to the axiom of Don't sweat the big guns (getting tired of reading that yet?) and concentrated on my objective, which was destroying the bunker in his deployment zone. I set up my army list to deal with the numerous Imperial Guard I anticipated.

  • Raja Shamshir Talatra
  • Ten Tigers of Indra (Veteran Space Marines)
  • 40 Tigers of Rudra (Tactical Marines)
  • Ten Tigers of Puchan (Scouts)
  • Six Tigers of Kali (five Bikes and one Attack Bike)
  • Three Attack Bikes
  • Flying Tiger Squadron (three Land Speeders with multi-meltas)
  • Five Tigers of Agni (Devastator Marines)
  • The White Tiger (Land Raider)
  • Sabretooth (Whirlwind)
  • Maneaters I and II (Rhinos for two Tactical Squads)
  • Maneater III (Rhino for Veterans)
While I had some units (the Land Speeders, the Devastator Squad, and the Land Raider) dedicated to taking out armor, everything else was meant to blast or hack through infantry. 

Fighting Tigers in the snow
Above: Fighting Tigers of Veda deploy against Imperial Guard on a snowy field 

Despite some setbacks, my plan worked fairly well. My Marines moved across the board, engaged the Catachans at close range and assaulted them, wiping out most of them by the end of Turn 4. The Land Speeders vaporized the bunker on Turn 2, but I still had some serious fighting to do to hang on. 

Outcome: Tigers win (1318 Victory Points to 998 Victory Points). However, I feel I owe Rob a rematch. The table we were playing on was a bit small for such a large battle (meaning that it was fairly easy to get my troops into hand-to-hand combat) and we only got to play four turns instead of the usual six. Rob also had a bit of bad luck with his Reserve rolls: none of his big tanks  came on the board until Turn 3. 

Rob measures range at the beginning of the game

Why did we stop playing? Because the mega-battle was starting!

Urban Mega-Battle
Our host Lee Loftis organized a multi-player mega-battle for the last event of Fall From Grace. Each player took 500 points of Troops and tried to occupy sections of a ruined city to gain points for their team. I took 20 Tigers of Rudra (Tactical Marines) and a Rhino to transport half of them. The sides were:

Ulthwe Eldar (Lee)
Alaitoc Rangers (Rylen)
Catachan Guard (Rob)
Eldar (John)
Space Wolves (Stan)
Fighting Tigers (me)
Speed Freek Orks (Pat)
Catachan Guard (Ted)
Catachan Guard (Micah)
Jade Dragon Marines (Aaron)
Sons of Eriu Marines (Ma'ire)
Oktober Guard Marines (Dwayne)

Tigers beat down Oktober Guard again
Species invasion: the Tigers move in and take over, winning the rematch 
against Dwayne's Oktober Guard Space Marines
photo copyright 2000 by XpashaX. Used with permission.

Our team won handily! For their part, the Tigers boldly occupied a central building and repulsed the Oktober Guard, breaking them in close combat and forcing them to flee the building. With some help from John's Eldar, the Tigers also kicked out Ted's Catachans--the lads from Veda had had enough of those jungle boys for one weekend!

Tigers get their stripey hats handed to them
Yipe! Sons of Eriu (in green) administer an old-fashioned, Celtic-style beating to the Tigers
photo copyright 2000 by XpashaX. Used with permission

Yes, all was going well for our heroes--until they were jumped by Ma'ire's Sons of Eriu. Ma'ire had read Pat's Themed Army Idea and given it a try--and they certainly gave my Tigers a kick in the stripey pants! The Sons whacked about half of my Tigers in hand-to-hand combat and showed no signs of slowing down--fortunately, the game ended before my boys became extinct.

And that was Fall From Grace! I went back to Greenville in April 2001 for Borderlands' Spring Offensive, and FFG itself became an annual tradition. If you can make it, you owe it to yourself to go, because Pat and I had a blast! 

Fall From Grace
Intro <> Fighting Tiger Battle Summaries <> Photos

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