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Events and Battle Reports 

An Up-Close-and-Personal Battle Report by Patrick Eibel and Kenton Kilgore

My Kurindans had so pleasantly surprised me in their game against Pat’s Wolf Brothers Chaos Space Marines, that I decided to use them the next day against Mr. Eibel’s Orks, recently upgraded thanks to the new codex. 


Ork List (2002 points) by Patrick Eibel  [uses Ork Horde Detachment presented in Ork Codex, p 102]

  • Warboss w/ power klaw, ‘eavy armor, attack squig, Da Finkin’ Kap
  • Big Mek w/ Shokk Attack Gun
  • Big Mek w/ Shokk Attack Gun
  • 20 Slugga Boyz, including 2 rokkit launchas and a Nob w/ power klaw and bosspole
  • 20 Slugga Boyz as above
  • 20 Slugga Boyz as above
  • 20 Slugga Boyz as above
  • 20 Gretchin w/ 2 Runtherds
  • 20 Gretchin w/ 2 Runtherds
  • 15 Kommandos including 2 big shootas and a Nob w/ power klaw and bosspole
  • 15 Kommandos including 2 burnas and a Nob w/ power klaw and bosspole
  • 18 Stormboyz including a Nob w/ power klaw and bosspole
  • 18 Stormboyz as above
  • Mek Gun Battery w/ 3 kannons

The idea of this list is simple – run forward and beat on things while the kannons and shokk attack guns target big stuff.  I erroneously rolled for two Warlord traits from the Ork Codex, missing the fact that Da Finkin’ Kap gives a bonus trait from the main rulebook. 

An ocean of Orks

Kurindans (proxied Tyranids; 1998 points)  by Kenton Kilgore

  • Troglodyte Captain w/ Mutant Dinosaur.  Counts as Tyranid Prime w/ scything talons and miasma cannon
  • Spikers.  Count as 2 Tyranid Warriors w/ deathspitters and 1 w/ barbed strangler
  • Finbacks.  Count as 6 Tyranid Warriors w/ scything talons and rending claws
  • Troglodyte Champions.  Count as Broodlord and 10 Genestealers
  • !Gmbi w/ Newtsaurian.  Counts as Tervigon (Troops) w/ adrenal glands, cluster spines, and crushing claws
  • Newts.  Count as 30 Termagants w/ fleshborers
  • Venosaurians.  Count as 3 Venomthropes
  • Shamans.  Count as 2 Zoanthropes
  • Anklyodons.  Count as 2 Carnifexes w/ adrenal glands
  • Carnosaurs.  Count as 2 Carnifexes w/ adrenal glands
  • Titanosaur.  Counts as Tyrannofex w/ rupture cannon

 This is the exactly same list I used against Pat’s Chaos Space Marines.  It has a smidge of shooting and some heavyweight assault ability in the form of the four Carnifexes.  The Warriors with scything talons and rending claws don’t suck, either.  Genestealers are nigh- worthless, but it would be difficult to use the figures for something else in my army, and they can Outflank to take objectives, so there’s that….

The Thin Green-and-Purple Line



We played at Dropzone Games in Glen Burnie, MD, on a 6' x 4' table with quite a bit of urban scenery.  We rolled randomly for mission and come up with The Scouring, with Hammer and Anvil deployment.  The dice decreed that I would set up and go first.


I rolled up Heightened Senses from the Tyranid codex for my Warlord Trait, while Pat got Might is Right and used his Warboss’ Finkin’ Kap to get Prophet of the Waaagh! (a minor screw-up there, as Pat mentioned).


We determined that there would be Night Fighting on the first turn, and we placed our objectives.  As I usually do with my proxied Nids, I lined them at the edge of my deployment zone, eager to get into the hack-n-slash part of the show.  Once Pat set up his ocean of Orks, I quickly realized that bum-rushing the Greenies was a profoundly bad idea.


Turn 1

So then, I needed to shoot the Orks to death.  This would have been a lot easier with my Fighting Tigers instead of my ersatz Bugs, but such is life (and death) in 40K.  But first we had some Psyker action, as my Tervigon tried to cast Paroxysm on some nearby Kommandos, but Deny the Witch vetoed that.  As my Zoanthropes were out of range of any targets for their Warp Blasts, they tossed Catalyst on themselves and the Carnosaurs/Carnifexes.    


Guided by the Tyranid Prime, my Warriors could not help but inflict some serious hits on the nearest Boyz, dropping 5 (I do love me some barbed stranglers) and causing the Orks to attempt—and fail—a Pinning test.  The much-reviled Mob Rule negated the Pinning, at the cost of another Boyz’ life as the Orks scrapped amongst themselves to come to order.  My Tyrannofex took out a Big Gun, but the others in the battery made their Morale check.


All righty, then….  Pat advanced his horde, and opened fire, with rokkits from Boyz doing nada to the Anklyodon Carnifexes, thanks to their 2+ cover save (Night Fighting + screening unit of Termagants + Venomthropes’ Shrouding).  A Big Mek’s Shokk Attack Gun missed the Carnosaurs, its intended target, hitting 12 Termagants instead, and killing 2.  The other Shokk Attack Gun blast went wide as well, hitting the Tervigon and a Zoat, but did nothing.  Big shootas fired on the Termagants, with no kills recorded, thanks to cover saves.  Kannons unloaded on the Carnosaurs, and cover saves kept my Big Green Guys unscathed.

Here comes the flood of fighting fungus...


Turn 2

No more Night Fighting, and my Genestealers came on from Reserves.  I needed to blunt the wave of Boyz headed my way, so I sent the ‘Stealers into Pat’s backfield to harass the Big Meks. 


In the Psychic Phase, the Broodlord cast The Horror on some nearby Stormboyz and they failed, losing one of their number but shrugging off the effects of the power, thanks to Mob Rule.  Warp Blasts and Catalyst failed thanks to Deny the Witch (!), and Paroxysm had no effect.


Firing from the Prime and his Warriors killed 10 Storm Boyz; Termagants shot dead 4 Kommandos and the Tervigon’s cluster spines dropped another.  My Anklyodon Carnifexes charged the Stormboyz, killing 2 with Hammer of Wrath and stamping another 5.  The Carnosaurs failed their charge against the oncoming Gretchin.  

Ersatz Genestealers come onto the board


Pat called upon the Waaagh! at the start of his turn, and the Orks continued to flood forward.  Kommandos fired on Termagants, killing 11, and the Gretchin added 5 more to that total.  Shokk Attack Guns continued to do “jack” and “squat” against my Carnosaurs.  The Kannons, however, knocked a Wound off one, as did another mob of Kommandos. 


Stormboyz ran towards objectives; regular Boyz headed back to deal with the Genestealers.  The Stormboyz assaulted the Carnosaurs, knocking off another Wound and losing 4 of their own: the Mob Rule claimed another Stormie, but kept them in the fight.  Boyz charged the ‘Stealers, killing 7 and losing 8.  Gretchin rushed the Termagants, losing 1 to Overwatch and 2 more in the fracas, but killing 3 ‘Gants.  Kommandos also attacked Termagants, killing 6 and losing 1.  The Warboss and Boyz charged the Anklyodons, losing 3 but taking down my two MCs.

Boyz swarm two of my proxied Carnifexes

Boyz bum-rush the proxied Genestealers and Broodlord.  This oughta be good....


Turn 3

Whoa!  Losing two of my Carnifexes just like that was stunning.  I pulled back my forces, finally remembering to have my Tervigon spawn Termagant reinforcements (10).  Alas, I rolled doubles, so that would be the end of that.  I attempted and failed to cast The Horror and Catalyst; Warp Blasts from the Zoats popped 6 Boyz and knocked a Wound off the Warboss; Paroxysm cost the Warboss and his Boyz -3 of their Weapon Skill and -1 off their Ballistic Skill.


My Spikers/Tyranid Warriors fired on that same mob, killing, as we say in the batrep-writing business, “A Whole Bunch” of Boyz.  Cluster spines from my Tervigon took two Wounds off the Warboss.  My TFex—mostly ineffectual without any vehicles to shoot at—contented itself with knocking another Wound off a Kannon: wheee.

The Thin Green-and-Purple Line gets a lot thinner


In the Assault Phase, my Finback/T-Warriors charged the nearby Stormboyz who were already tussling with my Carnosaurs.  Finbacks swatted down 9 Stormies; the Flying Greenies killed one Carnosaur and took a Wound off the other; and the surviving ‘Fex mulched the rest of the Stormboyz.  I was rapidly running out of MCs…



Not far away, my Tervigons killed three Gretchin, in the Battle of the PeeWees, and then the Kommandos and Grots finished them off.  At the other end of the field, my Genestealers killed two Boyz and lost two of their own.


At the start of his turn, Pat’s Warboss Waaaghed! again, thanks to the formation Pat was using, and the Greenskins advanced.  Kannons missed the last Carnosaur, as did a Shokk Attack Gun, deviating onto the Gretchin and killing 9 of them.  Kommandos and Gretchin fired on the Finback/T-Warriors, killing one and gunning a Wound off another.  The other Kommandos shot dead 4 of the Termagants that had been spawned on my turn.

That was all well and good, but the Assault Phase is where da Ladz make their teef, and they did so here and now.  Kommandos charged the Finbacks, killing three ersatz Warriors and losing three of their own.  The other Kommandos charged the Termagants, losing one to Overwatch and another in the melee, but dropping 5 of 6 of the Li’l Guys. 


The Warboss and his Boyz charged the Prime and his Spikers/T-Warriors, losing four and killing two.  On the other end of the table, the Broodlord killed a Boy, but he and the last Genestealer were wiped out.


It was apparent to me that my Lizardfolk were rapidly running out of steam, while the Orks had plenty left, and so I conceded.


Post-Game Analysis  by Patrick Eibel

Go Team Green!  This army list was lots of fun to play.   I lucked out getting the Ork Warlord trait that made the Boyz near the‘boss Fearless, but it helped I was (wrongly) rolling for two traits from the Ork Codex with a re-roll.  Not having both traits come from the same codex is silly, but I guess the game designers want the chart in the rulebook to get used for something.


Some games of 40k hinge on a one decision during the battle.  This game was basically decided in a turn where Kenton dropped some wounds on the unit with the Warboss.  Without thinking too much, I had the ‘boss suck the wounds and he promptly bit the turf.  After thinking a minute, I realized what a colossally stupid move that was (Kenton helped point out the repercussions), and Kenton graciously allowed me to do some “Look-Out-Sirs” to spare the ‘boss’s life.  ­­­The Warboss had the trait that made the Boyz Fearless and was calling Waaaghs! each turn.  Without him, Team Green would have been lizard food tout de suite.


One thing I did learn from this battle is just how utterly unreliable Shokk Attack Guns are.  They didn’t just do nothing in the game, they actually killed some friendlies – way to go hot shots!  I immediately revised the list to trade them out for some Lootas.


Post-Game Analysis  by Kenton Kilgore

When Pat set up King of the Hill for us to test-drive the recent codices against each other, the Ork book was not out, so there are no Greenskins in that campaign.  After this battle, it’s fairly obvious that Tyranids are no longer the premiere close-combat army, a position they’ve held since 2nd Edition.  No, Orks are now the go-to choice if you like your fighting up-close-and-personal. 


I certainly did myself no favors with this list, which, in retrospect, is unfocused, trying to do all sorts of things and not succeeding at much.  It would have been far better for me to have go all-shooty, bringing my three proxied Harpies, and given the Carnifexes twin devourers with brainleech worms, and the Tyrannofex a fleshborer hive.


I am massively impressed with the Orks, and kudos to Pat for showing us all how to do them right.

Posted October 2014



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