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A Thousand Points of Light: Chaos Daemons  by Patrick Eibel
The Sixth Edition of 40k has brought changes to more than just the rules.  The ability to take Allies has given some armies a new lease on life.  Take, for instance, the Chaos Daemon Codex.  Chaos Daemons rely on a gimmick (Summoning) and do not have a lot in the way of tankbusting, which made them a less than reliable army under Fifth Edition.  However, as an Allied force in Sixth (particularly with Chaos Space Marines), Chaos Daemons are a great way to add a little flavor and a surprise punch.  Here are a couple ideas for an allied Chaos Daemon force (still using the 1,000 points and Allied FOC as guidelines.)


First, I offer a list for those who don’t want to commit to just one power.  This list features some of the tastiest choices from each available in the codex.

What to buy:

Lord of Change, Greater Daemon                                         $57.75
3 Fiends of Slaanesh                                                             $74.25
1 box of Bloodletters                                                             $29.00
1 box of Plaguebearers                                                          $29.00
2 boxes of Screamers                                                            $59.50
1 Soulgrinder                                                                         $66.00

The list is pretty easy to determine based on the items bought.  The only mystery is how to kit the Daemon Prince.  I suggest the following:

Lord of Change with instrument of Chaos                                255 pts
3 Fiends of Slaanesh                                                               120 pts
10 Bloodletters with chaos icon                                               160 pts
10 Plaguebearers with chaos icon                                            150 pts
6 Screamers of Tzeench                                                          150 pts
Soulgrinder with tongue                                                           160 pts
                                                                                               995 pts

This list makes use of several new rules changes with poison blade-wielding Plaguebearers; a flying Monstrous Creature; and the brand new, AP 2 Screamers (see White Dwarf update for rules.)  Obviously, if you were going to take this as an Allied force, the primary army should have some way to deal with tanks, as the Soulgrinder’s tongue attack probably won’t be enough to handle them alone.

For those willing to commit to a particular power, I offer my second list dedicated to Khorne. I also wrote one up dedicated to Slaanesh which used a few of the new Chariot models, but it was very similar to the one presented in White Dwarf.  Fielding a dedicated force is pretty easy to manage, as there are only so many choices to make in each slot.  You can use this Khornate list as a reference.

What to buy:

Herald of Khorne on Juggernaut                                               $40.00
1 box of Bloodcrushers                                                            $54.50
3 boxes of Bloodletters                                                            $87.00
1 box Flesh Hounds                                                                 $49.50
Daemon Prince                                                                        $41.25

This list is all about close-combat beat downs.  Khorne Daemons get an extra attack and most have Hellblades (power weapons.)  Here is the list I generated:

Herald of Khorne with Juggernaut, fury of Khorne, death strike      130 pts
3 Bloodcrushers with icon                                                              145 pts
14 Bloodletters with icon                                                                249 pts
14 Bloodletters with icon                                                                249 pts
4 Flesh Hounds                                                                                60 pts
Daemon Prince with wings, Mark of Khorne, death strike               165 pts
                                                                                                      998 pts

I hate having extra figures, but I had difficulty marrying the contents of boxes with an effective list.  I would have liked 16 Bloodletters in each group, since 8 is the number of Khorne.  As it is, you will end up with two extra Bloodletters and one extra Flesh Hound.

I hope these lists may inspire you to take a fresh look at the Chaos Daemon Codex.  I think being able to take allies will encourage people to try out new army lists.  I am going to back through some of the TPOL lists and edit them to fit with the Ally guidelines. 

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Posted August 2012.


Fighting Tigers:
Codex <> Tactics <> Gallery <> Allies and Enemies <> Tales of the Tigers

Other Pages:
Main <> What's New <> Site Index <> The Tiger Roars <> Themed Army Ideas
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