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The Tiger Roars
Guest Commentary: A Thousand Points of Light
Introduction <> Suggested army lists for new players

A Thousand Points of Light: Tyranids (Revised 10/2006)  by Patrick Eibel
As Games Workshop releases revised codices to incorporate the new rules changes, I am going through and changing the Thousand Points lists as well (although for once, GW may actually be faster at revisions). The new Tyranid codex has some neat new army choices (Broodlords, Raveners), some neat new powers (Synapse creatures making everyone Fearless), and throws out the confusing mutable rules from the previous edition. Here then, is a basic starter list that provides a good variety of beasties with which to consume your opponent’s army.

Remember, these lists--like all the others in this series--are meant for brand new players or for players looking to start a new army. These lists are not meant to be "killer" lists for winning tournaments or trouncing people at the local gaming shop. Rather, they're foundations that players can build upon as they desire.

What To Buy

  • Two Tyranid Warrior boxes: $70/£36
  • Three boxes of Gaunts: $105/£54
  • Two Genestealer boxes: $60/£30
  • Two Zoanthrope blisters: $34/£18
Total: $269/£138

All prices are from the Games Workshop website  as of September 2006 and may vary. Prices do not include taxes and are meant only as a guide.

You will have four Genestealers left over, which can be used to add another brood should you decide to expand the army.

Above: Hormagaunt painted by Ceci Wong Melom.
Photo used with permission

1000-point list

  • Six Warriors w/ toxin sacs, enhanced senses, leaping, scything talons, and deathspitters (246 points)
  • Twelve Genestealers w/ extended carapace (240 points)
  • Twenty-four Termagants w/ fleshborers (144 points)
  • Twenty-four Hormagaunts (240 points)
  • Two Zoanthropes w/  Synapse and Warp Blast (65 points each)
Total: 1000 points

Converted Warriors
Above: Converted Warriors with scything talons by DEGWE
Photo used with permission 

While there does not appear to be much to the army list, every unit in the list has an important role that needs to be considered when playing the army. The Warriors and the Zoanthropes provide Synapse, which in essence makes the entire army Fearless (as long as all broods stay within 12"). In particular, you will want to keep the Termagants and Hormagaunts covered by the Synapse net so that they do not revert to being instinctive. The Zoanthropes are also the best tank-hunting unit with the strength 10 Warp Blast, but its short range will mean you will have to be careful in how you deploy and move your “brain bugs.” 

Above: Termagant with fleshborer, painted by Ceci Wong Melom
Photo used with permission

The Genestealers are the best overall unit in the army and must be used carefully. They are absolute combat monsters with rending claws and have the ability to take out Space Marines, Terminators and even tanks, but don’t think your opponent won’t know that as well. Use cover wisely and close into hand-to-hand as soon as possible. 

The Warriors and Hormagaunts provide backup assault capability and the Warriors and Termagants provide backup fire support (the Warriors are a very versatile and useful unit, but with only a 5+ armor save, are very fragile). 

Tyranid Warriors
Above: Tyranid Warriors with an assortment of bioweapons, painted by Brian Layton
Photo used with permission

Next Steps
Aside from adding another squad of 12 Genestealers (making use of the spares from the first box), there are some easy additions that can be made to expand the army. A Carnifex and a Hive Tyrant (with two Tyrant Guards) will provide some big, tough units that opponents may have trouble taking down (I would equip both the Tyrant and Carnifex with venom cannons to help out with tank hunting). 

I would also add two Lictors to the list to add an element of surprise as well as to help bring units on the board in games that have Reserves. Finally, I would add five Raveners with rending claws and scything talons to provide more assault punch. This roughly works out to: 

  • Carnifex: 150 points; 
  • Hive Tyrant: 150 points; 
  • Tyrant Guard: 90 points; 
  • Lictors: 160 points; and, 
  • Raveners:  200 points. 
I will let you work out what exactly you spend the points on.

Above: A pair of Lictors can do bad things to your opponent's army...

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Originally posted March 2003. Revised October 2006. Used with permission.


Fighting Tigers:
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